Home Espresso Machines Best Commercial Espresso Machines in 2023 (Reviews)

Best Commercial Espresso Machines in 2023 (Reviews)

Best Commercial Espresso Machines in 2023 (Reviews)

Establishing a coffee shop makes perfect since more than 150 million Americans drink caffeinated beverages every day.

Success in this business means getting the right business plan and the right equipment to deliver phenomenal coffee products to your customers.

One of the most important tools you need to succeed as a new coffee shop owner is an espresso machine.

If you are not sure how to choose the correct appliance for your café, we have 10 of the best commercial espresso machines you can buy.

The best commercial-grade espresso machines

  • Nuova Simonelli Appia II
  • La Pavoni Bar-Star 2-VR
  • La Pavoni Bar 3L-B
  • Bezzera Magica E61
  • Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II
  • La Pavoni BAR-T-2V-R
  • Rancillo CLASSE 7 E2
  • La Pavoni Bar T 3L-B

Nuova Simonelli Appia II

Any restaurant or food establishment wanting to serve delicious coffee to its customers should seriously consider the Nuova Simonelli Appia II. This coffee maker comes with everything you need to make the most flavorful and most aromatic espressos and espresso-based drinks your customers will love.

Featuring an automatic volumetric 2-group dosing system, creating the perfect cup is a breeze. The machine’s thermally-compensated soft infusion system delivers perfect coffee extraction. Its cool-touch swivel steam arm guarantees effortless latte production.

It features an 11-liter boiler capacity, an automatic boiler fill system, and an integrated rotary pump to ensure higher efficiency espresso-making. The machine connects to your water line, and never worry about additional filtration because it is already built-in.

The Appia II makes for an excellent commercial espresso machine. It is reliable, easy to use and maintain, and offers superior coffee every time.


  • A complete coffee house starter set for aspiring business owners
  • Produces consistent superior quality coffee
  • Reliable and durable components


  • Push-button, analog controls
  • A bit expensive

La Pavoni Bar-Star 2-VR

La Pavoni Bar-Star 2-VR Espresso Machine
With its programmable dosing and dual pressure gauge, making fantastic espressos is a cinch with the Bar-Star. This espresso machine has enough features that other brands can only wish they have.
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07/07/2024 05:29 am GMT

Like the espresso machines of the 1960s, the La Pavoni Bar-Star 2-VR commands respect and admiration the moment you lay your eyes on it. This machine has both the looks and the capacity to deliver coffee that wows the crowd.

It features automatic and programmable dosing and hot water delivery, complete with a water softener to ensure the best-tasting coffee. There are two pressure gauges for more efficient pressure monitoring and four espresso volume settings for more precise dosing.

The La Pavoni Bar-Star is perfect for wannabe coffee shop owners who want to make a name for themselves. It is efficient, reliable, and a true workhorse in delivering world-class quality caffeinated beverages.


  • Automatic and fully programmable dosing
  • Dual pressure gauge for efficient brewing monitoring
  • Includes a water softener


  • Non-digital user interface
  • A bit pricey

La Pavoni Bar 3L-B

La Pavoni Bar 3L-B Lever Espresso Coffee Machine

Stylish and elegant, the Bar 3L-B combines advanced boiler technology with a reliable coffee extraction system to deliver a splendid cup every time. Its large-capacity boiler ensures everyone gets served before refilling.

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The La Pavoni Bar 3L-B’s classic and elegant styling should easily complement your coffee shop’s aesthetics without undermining its remarkable espresso-making capabilities. It has a superb design that guarantees exceptional coffee drinks. Wowing your customers is never a problem.

Inside this machine’s sleek styling is a powerhouse of a boiler, capable of heating 22.5 liters of water for more cups. There is a manual boiler water charge mechanism and a dedicated manometer for efficient boiler pressure control. The telescopic handles double as a reliable machine carriage system.

Adding the La Pavoni Bar 3L-B to your growing array of coffee shop appliances makes perfect sense. After all, you only want the best-tasting and most aromatic coffee for your customers to keep them coming back.


  • Durable and efficient, high-capacity boiler
  • Three-group boiler system for espresso-making efficiency
  • Makes consistently superior-tasting espresso beverages


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Bezzera Magica E61

Bezzera Magica Commercial Espresso Machine E61

The time-tested E61 group head is at the heart of this phenomenal espresso maker. It optimizes the machine’s espresso-making capabilities to provide coffee lovers everywhere with the drink they deserve.

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With its state-of-the-art joystick-style knobs, making splendid espressos for your customers is a breeze with the Magica E61. This espresso machine features the time-tested E61 group head that ensures world-class espressos with every fill.

The machine has professional-grade manometers for optimum coffee extraction pressure and ideal boiler pressure. It also comes with an automatic water refill, hot water and steam wands, a three-way solenoid valve, a built-in cup warmer, and a durable vibratory pump for fantastic coffee. Its exchanging boiler allows you to steam milk and extract espresso simultaneously.

The Bezzera Magic E61 marries 21st-century espresso-making innovation with timeless functions to give your business the edge among coffee lovers everywhere. It is what starting coffee shop owners need to grow their business.


  • Dependable, high-performance thermosiphon system
  • Professional-grade manometers for precision espresso-making
  • Excellent combination of modern innovation and classic functions


  • A bit expensive
  • Modest 2-liter boiler capacity

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine

It is the official coffee maker in the “World Barista Championship.” It is perfect for making high-quality espressos in large volumes. It offers more consistent shots, automatic backflushing, and a professionally certified ergonomic design.

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Customers of medium to large coffee houses, restaurants, and specialty coffee shops demand espresso perfection in every shot they order. That is why many of these establishments choose only the Aurelia II Volumetric.

This espresso machine makes quick work of any espresso order, churning out two shots at a time. It has a soft infusion system that works well with its reliable copper heat exchange boiler to ensure the most aromatic and flavorful espresso one can serve to customers. The espresso maker has power-saving options, a push-pull steam trigger, cool-touch wands, and a manual dosing button for greater precision.

The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II is the perfect solution for business owners who want to serve large numbers of caffeine addicts at a time. It is efficient, reliable, and magical in making world-class espressos.


  • Dual boiler design for two simultaneous espressos
  • Barista-grade temperature and pressure controls
  • Consistent creamy and soft espressos


  • Pricey
  • Maintenance can be tedious

La Pavoni BAR-T-2V-R

La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-R Commercial 2 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine

The La Pavoni BAR-T-2V-R is small in size but big in espresso-making performance. It delivers hundreds of high-quality espressos every day, thanks to its efficient boiler and dependable flavor extraction technology.

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The La Pavoni BAR-T-2V-R may have a small footprint, but its espresso-making performance can outclass other espresso machines on the market. Capable of producing more than 500 espresso shots day and night, this venerable workhorse is a large restaurant’s best bet for satisfying its customers’ coffee cravings.

This machine has a 14-liter boiler, programmable dosing, and two group heads for faster espresso servings. It also has multiple brewing options, giving you exceptional coffee extraction control and flavor customization. The appliance’s pre-infusion technology guarantees flavorful, vibrant, and clean espressos with a nice crema.

It may be small, but the BAR-T-2V-R packs a massive punch, allowing large food establishments to deliver high-quality espressos to caffeine-thirsty customers. It has high-quality components, durable construction, and consistent espresso-making performance that will spur incredible business growth.


  • Consistently produces more than 500 cups of barista-quality coffee daily
  • Durable and reliable construction, ideal for large coffee shops
  • Smaller footprint than other commercial espresso machines


  • A bit expensive
  • Feature set not as robust as other commercial espresso machines

Rancillo CLASSE 7 E2

Rancilio CLASSE 7 E2 Espresso Machine

Beautiful and reliable, the Rancillo CLASSE 7 E2 delivers phenomenal espressos in a flash. It is straightforward to use, easy to clean, and never compromises its espresso-making capabilities.

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The Rancillo CLASSE 7 E2 is the perfect marriage of convenience and elegance. Its stainless steel finish and black accents can complement any modern café or coffee shop’s aesthetics.

At the core of this machine is a 2-group brewing system that guarantees hundreds of excellent espresso shots every day. It has an automatic volumetric dosing technology that ensures the best-tasting espresso every time. The 32-cup warmer tray lets business establishments serve coffee at the most ideal temperature possible. Operating the machine is as effortless as pressing a few dedicated buttons.

With its stunning looks and dependable performance, delivering world-class espressos and espresso-based drinks is a cinch with the Rancillo CLASSE 7 E2.


  • Perfect for high-volume food establishments and coffee houses
  • High-performance 2-group brewing system
  • User-friendly interface for ease of operation


  • Expensive
  • Modest boiler capacity

La Pavoni Bar T 3L-B

Upgrade Pick
La Pavoni Bar T 3L-B Lever Espresso Coffee Machine

The La Pavoni Bar T 3L-B transports coffee shop owners to the golden days of the espresso while leaving enough 21st-century innovations for convenience. This machine is perfect for large food establishments, thanks to its large capacity boiler and three-group brew system.

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With its three-group brewing system, serving delicious espressos to tens of customers simultaneously is easy with the La Pavoni Bar T 3L-B. This machine is a workhorse, perfect for large food establishments that do not want their customers to go caffeine thirsty.

This espresso maker features a classic lever system for ensuring optimum espresso extraction while allowing for drink customization. It has excellent-quality components, allowing any coffee shop to continue serving its customers for many decades using only this machine. Its 22-liter boiler and flexible jet can keep espresso-making more convenient.

The La Pavoni Bar T 3L-B is a heavyweight among commercial espresso makers. Its unparalleled reliability, unquestionable espresso-making performance, and elegant design make it an excellent choice for any aspiring coffee shop owner.


  • Three-group system for greater coffee production
  • Manual levers for optimum extraction control
  • Sturdy, premium-quality components


  • Heavy and large footprint
  • Lever system can slow down espresso production at first

Buying Guide

For beginners, it might be confusing to choose which, among the commercial espresso machines is fit for your needs. Even just by looks, these coffee machines seem complicated to use. However, in general, you should look at the following in your prospect commercial espresso machine:

Best Commercial Espresso Machine

Dual Boiler

The machine you need has to meet commercial demands. Hence, it’s important to have a dual boiler – one for water at around 212 degrees and the other for the steam wand for lattes and others at 200 degrees.


Since you have to meet the demands of your customers in your business, manual commercial espresso machine might not be an option. Or if it is, look for a barista with vast experience. But, if you wanna to simplify things, just go to their semi automatic or super automatic.

Number of Group Heads

If your business is very busy, consider a commercial espresso machine that can accommodate more than one user at the same time. Two group heads can for four drinks, 3 for 6, and 4 for 8 drinks.

You might want to check out this YouTube video if you are still unsure of your criteria for choosing a commercial espresso machine.

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Editor’s Choice

The Nuova Simonelli Appia II is the best commercial espresso machine for medium to large coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and specialty cafes. It includes everything you need to start delivering excellent espresso to your customers from the get-go.

The Appia II connects to your water line, allowing you to produce hundreds of espressos every day. It has a reliable and durable pump and boiler system, revolutionary flavor extraction technology, and a straightforward user interface to ensure quick and delicious cups of espressos.

Your customers will love the fast service times and the full flavors of premium-quality espressos from this machine.

Get the Nuova Simonelli Appia II here.

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