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10 Best Coffee Storage Container in 2023 (Reviews & Guide)

10 Best Coffee Storage Container in 2023 (Reviews & Guide)

Coffee quality and freshness impact the taste and flavor of your coffee. Hence, it’s necessary to get the best coffee storage container – the one that will lock the freshness of your coffee beans.

There are so many storage containers available in the market — some are made of plastic, others stainless, and others are vacuum-sealed. But, do you think all containers can be used to store your coffee beans?

This article will help you find the best coffee storage and the best containers in the market. Below, you can also find the things that make one storage container a great choice. Our recommendation will be revealed at the end of this roundup.

The Best Coffee Storage Containers To Keep Your Beans Fresh

  • Coffee Gator Coffee Storage Canister
  • Primica Stainless Steel Coffee Canister
  • Tightpac Coffeevac
  • Bean Envy Airtight Coffee Canister
  • Friis 75051 Coffee Vault Canister
  • Planetary Design Airscape Coffee Canister
  • OXO Good Grips POP Container
  • Lovffee Ceramic Premium Coffee Container
  • Culinary Prestige Coffee Canister
  • BeanSafe Coffee Storage Solution

Coffee Gator Coffee Storage Canister

We Recommend
Coffee Gator Coffee Storage Canister
A premium-quality BPA-free rubber seal combines with a tight-fitting lid and a bail clasp mechanism to give this container an airtight construction to keep coffee fresh. The convenient date tracker also helps keep tabs with coffee shelf life.
  • Durable, easy to open/close and seals faster
  • Pricey, better with a measuring scoop to put inside
Product: Coffee Gator Coffee Storage Canister
Feature: Best Efficient Coffee Storage Container
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You know it’s a great coffee storage container if it has a very reliable locking mechanism.

The Coffee Gator Coffee Storage Canister has an airtight steel clasp seal lid you can easily lock in place. Additionally, the lid has a 100% BPA-free rubber seal and has a date tracker on top to set the purchase or expiration date.

The purpose of the date tracker is to remind you when your coffee needs to be consumed before to minimize waste and wasting your money. You can also find a small CO2 release valve to keep out harmful CO2, but keeping out the oxygen, as well.

The quick-release and easy-seal bail clasp make the opening and closing of the container a breeze. This coffee container is made of surgical-grade stainless steel measuring 5.71 × 5.59 × 4.69 inches. It weighs 1.1 lbs. with a maximum capacity of 30.4 fl oz water, 11.1 oz whole beans, and 9.2 oz ground coffee.


  • You can smell the freshness each time you open the lid
  • Good-looking and sturdy, appear to be of high-quality
  • Has a small valve to keep harmful CO2 away, yet keeping the oxygen out


  • Could be better with measuring spoon you can put inside
  • Can’t immerse in water when cleaning, just wipe with a damp cloth
  • You can find cheaper alternatives

Primica Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

Also Great
Primica Stainless Steel Coffee Canister
The Primica is a modern-looking container designed to retain all the coffee goodness until it is time for the perfect cup. It has a carbon dioxide-releasing valve that keeps robust coffee flavors and aromas.
  • Made of premium product parts with a scoop that fits inside
  • Not airtight and the scoop is flimsy
Product: Primica Stainless Steel Coffee Canister
Feature: Best Inexpensive Coffee Container
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You don’t need to grind your coffee beans every day since you can now store coffee grounds efficiently with Primica Stainless Steel Coffee Canister. The best container for coffee storage is made of top-notched stainless steel and BPA-free rubber seal. You can count on this canister to lock in the freshness and aroma of your freshly ground coffee.

Like our first product, this too has a durable valve that naturally releases CO2 which is known to be the most flavor-robbing element. What it has that the Coffee Gator doesn’t is the smell-proof scoop, to measure your coffee with consistency. It comes with a date wheel, too, to help you track the expiry date of your coffee.

This container measures 4.72 × 6.69 inches with an ideal capacity of 1.4 lb whole beans and 1.2 lb. of ground coffee. It’s a handy and stylish coffee canister weighing only 1.23 lbs — you can easily carry it around.


  • Affordable coffee canister with measuring scoop you can put inside
  • Premium and BPA-free parts — build to last and healthy to use
  • Gorgeous container with an attractive price


  • This isn’t really airtight — freshness escapes
  • Measuring scoop included easily breaks
  • No other flaws found

Tightpac Coffeevac

Tightpac Coffeevac
With its vacuum-sealing design, one can expect only the best coffee aromas with each opening of this storage solution. A unique two-way valve system eliminates coffee ground oxidation while allowing the slow process of degassing for more robust coffee goodness.
  • Lid stays in place, but still easily open and close
  • Not good for frequent use, doesn’t seem to last long
Product: Tightpac Coffeevac
Feature: Best Long-Term Coffee Bean Container
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05/18/2024 11:39 am GMT

Claimed to be Europe’s No. 1 coffee canister, Tightpac Coffeevac might have some great things to put on the table. The ultimate 1 lb. container, this 4.88 × 4.88 × 7.75 inches container can also hold 10 to 16 oz of green tea. Using its patented vacuum closure system, this coffee storage is interesting.

This canister can be opened with a press of a button, then pull the cap off. If you need to close the lid, you don’t need to do anything than press the button. As the cap is pushed towards the body, a volume of air is eliminated — thus, creating a vacuum seal.

It has a two-way valve that allows the harmful CO2 to slowly escape into the air without letting the oxygen go inside. It’s solid and tends to keep the beans, coffee grounds, or teas from exposure to light. This multi-use container can be used to keep any wet and dry goods.


  • Tight, even if you lift the whole canister by the lid
  • Easy to open and close with just a press of a button
  • Well-designed and has added freshness protection without added cost


  • Doesn’t seem to be long-lasting, plastic seems flimsy
  • Not a vacuum seal, but it just stops airflow from outside
  • Perfect for storing for a long time, but not ideal if you’re opening it every day

Bean Envy Airtight Coffee Canister

Bean Envy Airtight Coffee Canister
This coffee canister has some of the most innovative technologies one can find in a top-notch storage solution. The canister has a silicone grip, an airtight cantilever lid, and a secure stainless steel clasp to ensure long-lasting coffee freshness.
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05/18/2024 08:18 am GMT

Some manufacturers designed and built their products to last. And, if you are looking for a coffee canister that you can hand down to the next generation, get a Bean Envy Airtight Coffee Canister. It’s made of rust-resistant stainless steel with an airtight vacuum seal that can store anything you need to keep dry and fresh.

It’s a complete package that also comes with a steel coffee scoop with a silicone grip — consistent measure without the need to get a scoop every time. Whether you put whole beans or freshly ground coffee, you can be assured of its aromatic smell and full-flavor several weeks after.

With a dimension of 7.5 × 5.5 × 5.5 inches and a weight of 1 lb, it can store up to 22.5 oz of whole beans or 19 oz of ground coffee. Its airtight cantilever lid secured in place by stainless steel clasp is just reliable. You can also see the coffee tracker on the lid, as well as the CO2 gas release Wicovalve.


  • Comes with extra CO2 filters, so you keep your coffee bean fresh for long
  • Canister has a great design and offers extra freshness protection
  • Well-crafted and the easy flip up and close scoop is a great add-on


  • Stainless steel easily gets stained, though easily cleaned as well
  • Quality build, but has small capacity — many prefer it to be bigger
  • If you’re in a hurry, the spoon might be jammed into the slot

Friis 75051 Coffee Vault Canister

Friis 16oz Stainless Steel Coffee Vault Canister
The Friis Coffee Vault has a straightforward design and an airtight mechanism for locking the exciting aromas and flavors of fresh coffee grounds. Its Freshness Valves work in tandem with its airtight seal to prolong coffee ground shelf life.
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05/16/2024 01:02 pm GMT

A reliable coffee storage container helps you achieve a great-tasting aromatic coffee, cup after cup. Friis 75051 Coffee Vault Canister not only locks in freshness, but it also helps retain the natural taste of your coffee. This storage canister has a BPA-free polymer lid featuring Friis Freshness Valves to vent away CO2.

It has 16 oz capacity (of whole beans or ground coffee) and it’s made of stainless steel base — sturdy and durable. It also includes a measuring scoop for a consistent shot each time you prepare your favorite coffee in the morning. This vault canister also blocks out light and air to seal its natural flavor and taste.

Store the Friis 75051 in a cool, dry place so your coffee will stay fresh for longer. This is a small and compact container with measurements of 5.5 × 5.5 × 8.2 inches. It has free supplies of Friis freshness valves for one year.


  • The vault effectively blocks out light and air for prolonged freshness
  • Effectively vents away from the CO2 and avoid entrance of oxygen
  • Wide opening — you can fill coffee grounds/beans without spilling


  • Will take a while to clean it all since you only have to use a damp cloth
  • Not that sturdy, you need to handle this with care
  • Filter needs to be replaced often

Planetary Design Airscape Coffee Canister

Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister
Capable of holding up to half a pound of choice coffee beans, the Airscape is a coffee enthusiast’s best friend for ensuring coffee’s remarkable flavor characteristics. It is an elegant and versatile carbon dioxide-removing storage solution for the modern household.
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The Planetary Design Airscape Coffee Canister could be a great choice for those who are serious coffee lovers. Although the price is a bit (but not as high as the Coffee Gator), it boasts more features.

It has its very own patented plunger lid that locks out both air and humidity. The two-way CO2 valve is also present to let CO2 move out of the container without the chance to get back.

Ideally, it’s designed to remove all air inside the canister to create airless storage — more like a vacuum container. Not only is it a good storage for coffee, but it can also keep sugar, tea, seeds, herbs, etc. Though it doesn’t have a date tracker as most storage has, this one has a clear airtight top lid so you can see how much left inside.

This container is made of 18/8 stainless steel and BPA-free components with a nice enamel paint finish. It is available in different colors, but unfortunately, it’s not dishwasher safe.


  • Holds up to 0.5 lb. of whole coffee beans
  • Nice design with enough space
  • Simple, straightforward to use, and clean


  • Labels on container and lid just come off easily
  • Not worthy of its price because of poor quality
  • Better if the container is a bit bigger

OXO Good Grips POP Container

New OXO Good Grips POP Container
With a transparent and stackable canister, the POP is perfect for anyone who wants a little organization in their kitchen. This storage solution is dishwasher-safe and features a dedicated button for making an airtight seal.
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05/17/2024 11:00 am GMT

So much for the round coffee storage, we have a small and stackable rectangular storage from OXO, the OXO Good Grips POP Container. It’s made of plastic, but it’s still airtight, space-efficient, and BPA-free. The good news is, it’s completely dishwasher safe and with its design, you can just fit it in anywhere.

Measuring 1.11 × 0.73 × 1.16 inches and weighing 7 oz, it’s indeed good storage easy to tidy up. It has a handy fill line as your guide, curved corners for smooth dispensing, and seems very sturdy. It belongs to a pop container in the kitchen with its lid designed to attach solution-based accessories like leveler, labels, scoop, etc.

The lid design is interesting. It has a button wherein you can engage the airtight seal, at the same time, it also has a wonderful handle for the lid. To open or close, simply use this mighty button. Note: Don’t carry around this container by the lid.


  • Small, stackable and can fit in any space because of its rectangular shape
  • Dishwasher safe and you can wash everything with water
  • Good sugar, salt, and other staples, but not ideal for coffee


  • For its price, it could be better if a few accessories (mentioned) are included
  • Lid slips off easily when you grab the container by the lid
  • The newly designed lid isn’t as efficient as the previous curved lid

Lovffee Ceramic Premium Coffee Container

Lovffee Ceramic Premium Coffee Container
Keeping the freshness and full flavor profile is easy with the Lovfee because of its CO2-removing one-way valve and airtight seal. It is also one of the few coffee containers that can enhance a kitchen’s elegant aesthetics.
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Show your love for coffee by keeping it dry and tight inside the Lovffee Ceramic Premium Coffee Container. It’s made of ceramic and capable of storing 1 lb. of whole coffee beans or 16 oz of ground coffee. With either pink or red color finish, this canister exudes elegance and cuteness in your kitchen.

Like all storage containers best for coffee, it has a one-way valve built into the lid to keep out the carbon dioxide (CO2) that is generally known to be a flavor-grabber. In this way, your whole beans or coffee beans can still taste and smell fresh and aromatic.

This 5 × 5 × 8.5 inch coffee canister has a silicone base so you won’t scratch your lovely countertop as you prepare your coffee. It comes with a coffee scoop you can easily store inside, serving 9-10 mg of coffee per scoop. This is completely dishwasher safe.


  • Very stylish and functional, dishwasher safe, too
  • Coffee stays fresh and dry
  • Provides a slot to hold the spoon outside if this is full of coffee


  • Seal was great at first, but it didn’t last long
  • Kind of hard to open when it’s all vacuum sealed
  • It’s ceramic and many people love it, but it’s easily chipped

Culinary Prestige Coffee Canister

Culinary Prestige Coffee Canister
This coffee storage solution can accommodate 14 ounces of freshly ground coffee or 16 ounces of the best coffee beans. The lid features a calendar for monitoring coffee shelf life, ensuring freshness in every cup of coffee made and served.
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Culinary Prestige does a great job in making this wonderful 16oz canister with free steel scoop included. The Culinary Prestige Coffee Canister is made of high-quality stainless steel and measures 5 × 5 × 8.5 inches. This canister boosts a completely airtight seal with a one-way valve to vent out all flavor-grabbing elements like CO2.

It’s a round container weight 1.15 lb that can contain 16oz of whole beans and 14 oz of ground coffee at one time. This is a huge advantage, and the measuring scoop also seems sturdy with its stainless handle. Although you can’t put the spoon inside when it’s full, you can easily stack it to the side.

The lid has a handy calendar to help you track the freshness of your beans. No more expired beans thrown into the garbage. With its elegant look and multiple-use, it’s a perfect gift for your coffee connoisseur friends out there.


  • Spoon included has a stainless handle long enough to reach to the bottom
  • Lid is very easy to clean without any crevices where things can build-up
  • Freshness and aroma fill the room when you open the lid


  • Spoon can’t be stored inside when the canister is full
  • Some coffee users want a square/rectangular canister, rather than round
  • Has some inconsistent quality of the dial, some are tight, some are not

BeanSafe Coffee Storage Solution

BeanSafe The Coffee Storage Solution, Black Stainless
BeanSafe ditched the usual stainless steel clasp for four ingenious snaps to form an airtight seal for one’s coffee beans or grounds. It also features a vent that keeps moisture, heat, air, light, and flavor-grabbing substances from ruining stored coffee.
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While most of the coffee containers we had have steel clasp, the BeanSafe Coffee Storage Solution has four snaps. It’s made of stainless steel with BPA-free polypropylene lid and a coffee scoop to easily get a measure of your favorite coffee. It’s like a k-cup spoon, you can get a measure of ground coffee and use it for the day.

The valve works on its own – vents out CO2 and then keeps out light, air heat, and moisture to keep your bean dry and fresh. Unlike previously mentioned products, the valve of this canister is completely dishwasher safe and never needs replacement. The lid has a press-release valve to keep out the harmful CO2 buildup in your coffee beans.

It’s kind of small and compact as it measures only 5.00 × 6.00 × 5.00 inches. BeanSafe canister has 16 oz capacity and effectively stores whole beans, roasted beans, etc. Although the snaps on the lid could be unreliable through time, still it’s a great product.


  • Easy to open/close, it looks good on the counter
  • Does a great job venting out the off-gassing of roasted beans inside
  • Nice Keurig-type scoop is a great add-on


  • Not ideal for those who consume coffee on a daily manner
  • The lid is prone to breakage and the snaps aren’t of good quality
  • Great for whole beans, but not for ground coffee

Buying Guide

You already have known some of the best coffee storage containers in the market, but the question now would be, ‘what makes these products the best?’ There are also tons of reasons why a container is great – durability, easy to clean, and seals perfectly. But, when a storage container is used to keep coffee beans, the following are the things you should look into:

best coffee storage container

Container size

As you can see, we include the volume capacity of the containers we mentioned above, so you will have an idea. There’s no general rule on what size of the canister you need to have to store your whole coffee beans. However, we suggest you get a smaller canister — as you might be storing a lot of coffee at home.

Getting a smaller container gives little space for air. The little air inside the coffee storage container, the better because it’ll cause the coffee to become oxidized.

Air Tightness

Not all storage containers labeled as airtight are one. You must check and see it yourself. A double airtight lid is more beneficial since you are assured of the safety of your coffee beans. If you’ll use an airtight container, you can preserve the flavor and natural taste of your coffee.

Keep Moist Out/Heat and Light

You should know that you can’t just put your roasted coffee anywhere in any containers. When the coffee is roasted, the sugar inside will turn into carbon and then starts releasing CO2. If the carbon dioxide won’t be released outside the container, it’ll damage the taste of your coffee.

Hence, you might have observed that all containers here have a valve to vent out this harmful carbon dioxide, and also keep the oxygen away. This one-way valve also prevents air and other elements to keep your coffee dry.

Lastly, if possible, your coffee container shouldn’t absorb light (tinted) because roasted coffee beans or coffee grounds are very sensitive to light.

Here’s a very useful guide that explains a little further what we’ve discussed here. You should be wise when you buy coffee beans and buy only what you need. Furthermore, it’s important to know the enemies of your roasted coffee so you can store it before it becomes completely useless.

How to Store Coffee | 3 Tips

Our Top Pick

You want to keep your coffee beans fresh and flavorful, right? This means you need the Coffee Gator Coffee Storage Canister. It’s a reliable coffee canister made of stainless steel with a reliable stainless steel clasp to keep the container airtight. This means, if you keep your favorite coffee beans using this container, you are more likely to enjoy great-tasting coffee even after two weeks.

The airtight lid comes with a BPA-free rubber seal and a date tracker on top. Who wouldn’t want to know when your coffee will expire? Aside from that, it also has a small CO2 release valve — a shared feature of the best coffee storage containers on the market.

Aside from an efficient airtight feature, it has a quick-release and easy-seal ball clasp so you can open and close the container without any problem. Although it’s a bit expensive, it is a great investment. It’s never a waste of money to spend more on a product that outperforms its promises — like this coffee storage container from Coffee Gator.

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