Home Coffee Knowledge How to Make Strong Coffee: 11+ Simple Tips & Tricks

How to Make Strong Coffee: 11+ Simple Tips & Tricks

How to Make Strong Coffee: 11+ Simple Tips & Tricks

If you want your cup of joe stronger than a regular strength coffee, you’re not alone.

We do, too. Sure, you want a big and bold flavor from your brew, but how can you get it done right without getting burnt or bitter-tasting coffee? 

Here are some tips on how to make bolder and richer coffee.

Strong Coffee

Choose roasted coffee beans with a rich flavor

If you want to get strong coffee, you might as well go for a French roast or other dark roasts.

Both Arabica and Colombian beans are perfect for rich and strong coffee; however, they are more expensive than regular Robusta beans.

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Always use fresh coffee beans

The highest quality coffee beans won’t count if they are not fresh. Old and stale beans won’t give out a strong aroma and flavor even if they contain high caffeine content. 

To produce strong coffee, go for fresh coffee beans, which have been newly roasted and grounded. Ideally, beans can give out the most flavor and taste only within two weeks of roasting but will start losing flavor after a month.

When buying your coffee bags, check for the roast date. You might also want to buy from a roaster that can roast and ship your coffee beans fast. If you like, you can also try roasting your beans.


Use automatic drip machine

Another simple way of making strong coffee is by using automatic drip machines and then adding salt to the coffee grounds before the brewing cycle. 

Will it make your coffee salty?  No, it won’t. Adding a pinch of salt can make a smooth and not bitter coffee.

Choose whole coffee beans but consider their type

Coffee freshness and richness rely heavily on the beans. As you want strong coffee, you must opt for whole beans for a more concentrated brewing result.

Arabica and Robusta are the two primary types of coffee beans. The prior is more difficult to grow and more expensive, too, than the latter.  They offer a better flavor and less bitterness.

The latter, on the other hand, is less pleasant and has more caffeine – resulting in a higher bitterness level.  For rich, bold, and strong coffee taste, you might as well go for Arabica coffee beans.  For a mix of higher caffeine and richer flavor, opt for a mix of both coffee bean types.

Use a burr grinder

Either an electric or automatic burr grinder can help you grind the beans consistently and at the right sizes.

But then, ensure you’re grinding just enough for what you need to ensure that the rest of the beans remain fresh.

Are you using an automatic drip brewer? Choose a regular grind, a bit finer if you’re using an espresso machine, and coarse for a French press.

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Use popcorn popper to roast the whole beans

Add unroasted green coffee beans into your popper, and then switch it on.

Once done with the popping, pour the beans into a colander to cool them faster. Wait until the beans are cooled thoroughly before grinding.

Add more coffee

The simplest way to make a strong coffee is to add more coffee. For brewed coffee, use two tablespoons of coffee for six ounces of water. 

Use about one tablespoon of coffee grounds for an espresso shot per two ounces of water.

You can also experiment and alter the amount of coffee depending on your preference. If you have a kitchen scale, you might also want to use it to measure the beans.

For any brewing method, you can add more coffee. For example, you can brew a double shot espresso, or try brewing two small Keurig cups into a mug.

Others also want to fill their coffee percolator with less water than usual to come up with a strong coffee.

Nevertheless, there is always a way of making a strong cup of joe no matter the method you’re using.


Try customizing your French press coffee

It is one of the simplest methods to make a strong coffee. 

More oils and flavors will be extracted if you would let the grounds sit on the hot water for a longer time.

To quickly make a strong French press coffee, you can use a ground size that you’d normally use for an automatic drip machine, while not changing the brewing time.

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Use an espresso maker or Moka pot

Start with dark roasted ground Arabica coffee beans.  Grind them yourself with a burr grinder. 

Using a Moka pot or stove-top espresso maker, fill your basket to the top with your coffee grounds to produce strong coffee.

If you want your coffee stronger, add more grounds, and then press them down.

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Consider the coffee to water ratio regardless of the brewing method used

For instance, you do not have to add more coffee grounds in every cup of water than usual if you’re using dark roast. Use about 1/3 more coffee than usual, but don’t add more water.

Here’s a good calculator to use.


Go for a bit of trial and error until you come up with your perfect tasting strong coffee

No two people are alike in the coffee strength that they are looking for, so do not be afraid to do a little trial and error.

So, if you think your brew isn’t that strong for your taste, consider a longer brewing cycle or adding more coffee. 

Too strong coffee? Consider scaling back on the measurement of your grounds or try a shorter brewing time.


Use Dark & Coarse Arabica Beans

Add two tablespoons of dark and coarse arabica beans to eight ounces of water.  Strain out the grounds thoroughly, and you’ll pretty much get the same results as with a French press.

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