Home Espresso Machines Saeco Xelsis Review 2023 – An Espresso Machine Worth Buying?

Saeco Xelsis Review 2023 – An Espresso Machine Worth Buying?

Saeco Xelsis Review 2023 – An Espresso Machine Worth Buying?

Need a coffee with just a press of a button? The Saeco Xelsis super-automatic espresso machine can do that for you.

It’s not just for you, but for family and friends with up to six different profiles that you can store in this machine.

Additionally, it comes with 15 preprogrammed coffee beverages that you can make in just a press of a button.

Or, if you are a barista, you can customize your espresso or cappuccino, for example, by adjusting different settings.

Read our thorough Saeco Xelsis review to prepare coffee instantly, yet achieve café-quality in every cup of coffee you have at home.

The Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Editor's Pick
Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine
The wide and easy access grinder on top makes this coffee machine suitable for people on the go. It can provide drinkers with 15 different beverages and other specialty coffees. The interface is easy to use and can take note six different profiles for their customized coffee preferences.
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It’s the ultimate coffee maker for busy coffee lovers. Saeco Xelsis coffee machine is a super automatic espresso machine that lets you prepare any coffee beverage in the way you like it. It’s fully programmable, which you can easily control with your fingertips.

Falling in the price range as most superautomatic coffee machines and crafted by experts in Italy, Saeco Xelsis is a real must-have. Even though you have a busy lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite coffee every time you crave for it. With all the features and functionalities of this coffee machine, spending more money on it is your best investment.


  • Has a great professional display on the front panel
  • Comes with a built-in grinder on top — wide and easy access
  • With an option to brew decaf or other specialty coffee
  • Movable brew spout to accommodate different cup sizes
  • Has 15 different coffee beverage options
  • Very intuitive interactive touchscreen display
  • Can have up to six profiles for different users
  • More customization options per user
  • Maintenance prompts and other warnings


  • No auto-on, which is the usual features for most super automatic machine
  • The cup holder on top isn’t that hot
  • Since it’s primarily made of plastic, some seams feel plasticky
  • High maintenance, especially on emptying the drip tray
  • Super automatic coffee machines aren’t for everyone — it’s expensive
  • Milk steam is just slightly warm, you need to microwave it
  • Descaling process might be tricky and could be problematic
  • Options and controls could be intimidating at first
  • Ceramic grinder doesn’t work well, sometimes
  • Adjustment of the grinder settings is only one notch at a time

Design and Specifications

The moment you see the machine, you’ll surely want to have it already. The design, the footprint, and the overall finish are so elegant, it’ll stand out on any kitchen countertop.

Though it’s mostly made of plastic, it has brushed finish and stainless steel-y looks so you won’t see any stain or fingerprints on the surface of the machine. It’s quite big, yet compact —  11 inches wide, 15.5 inches high and 20 inches deep. Be very careful when moving this machine around as it’s quite heavy, around 25.8 lbs.

If you have a low-ceiling kitchen or if you place it below wall-mounted kitchen cabinets and storage, refilling water isn’t a problem. The water tank can be pulled from the front. Although the bean hopper is at the top, it has a wide opening so refilling coffee beans won’t be that challenging.

Of course, you must ensure sufficient clearance at the top to utilize the cup holder that can be found in front of the bean hopper. The bean hopper, by the way, can accommodate up to 12 oz coffee beans with the integrated ceramic grinder. The grinder is quiet, plus it has 12 different grinding settings you can choose from.

If you don’t want to use coffee beans, you have the option to use pre-ground coffee. Next to the bean container is a pre-ground coffee compartment where you can use alternative coffee grounds. Unfortunately, if you’ll use this alternative, you can’t adjust the strength of the coffee you want to prepare.

Before we go into the most exciting part of the machine’s design, let’s finish all the compartments and peripherals first. Again, the 2-liter water tank can be pulled from the left of the adjustable dispensing spout. To the right of the spout is the coffee grounds container that contains all the coffee wastes and pucks.

The adjustable coffee and milk dispensing spout has an internal cappuccinatore where you can connect the flexible milk tube. The tube is connected to the milk container for steaming milk and creating milk foams. This machine has a sleek drip tray with the pop-up sensor when the container is full.

On the right side of the unit is a service door where you can access the brew group and clean it when necessary. If you need to pull out the brew group and clean it, the user’s manual has every detail you need to keep the machine in an optimal condition even with frequent use.

Now, we are left with the pop-up display look of the front panel of the machine. The control panel is professional-looking with the intuitive 3.5-inch touchscreen. The icon displays are easy and straightforward to use.

Unlike other coffee machines with tons of buttons, here, you only have the On/Off button to the left and the Start/Stop button to the right. To select the coffee that you want to brew it, simply navigate through the touchscreen, swipe to display more options, and tap to select — as simple as that.

Features and Functionalities

You don’t pick just any coffee maker that you like without checking what its capabilities are, right? So, to give justification to the price tag of this product, Philips Saeco, the manufacturer of Saeco Xelsis, makes sure that it’s feature-packed.

15 Preprogrammed drink options — On the touchscreen display, you can see 15 different coffee beverages, which you can further customize. Make the most out of your favorite coffee beans and milk by trying different types of coffee preparations every day.

Coffee Equalizer — Not only that you can enjoy different coffee every time, but you can also tell the machine the exact proportions and how you want your coffee to be extracted. You can fine-tune the settings to adjust the volume, coffee temperature, milk foam, amount of milk, strength, etc. What’s more interesting is, you can choose to change the milk and coffee order in your milk-based coffee drinks.

Custom Profiles — Family or friends may have different coffee preferences. With Saeco Xelsis, you don’t need to worry about grinding, measuring, and tamping your coffee ground every time you want a coffee. All you go to do is make a few taps, adjust the parameters to your preferred settings, and then, save.

The machine can accommodate up to six different profiles and can save more than one customized coffee drink for each profile. So, if you and your partner or friends have different coffee preferences, just set it up once and save. Get the exact dose of your favorite, espresso, cappuccino, or macchiato — every time.

Large Bean Hopper and Ceramic Grinder — Remember, the quality of your coffee doesn’t only depend on how well your machine extracts coffee from the coffee grounds, but with a lot of factors. One of which is the quality of coffee beans you choose and how fine and consistent is the coffee grounds.

With the ceramic grinder, you can brew coffee from freshly ground coffee. With this, you can extract the best aroma and taste of your favorite coffee beans. And, if you need to prepare more drinks, don’t worry, just pour the beans into the bean hopper once and brew to your heart’s desire.

Two Drinks at Once — No need to take turns if you and your partner want the same coffee. You can prepare two cups of your favorite espresso, cappuccino, and latte macchiatos.

Perfection in Every Cup of Latte — Not only that the Saeco Xelsis is good at making espresso or frothing milk for you, but you can also achieve excellent milk foams. With the Latte Perfecto Technology, you can choose to fine-tune settings to create great milk foam texture to finish your latte or cappuccino.

HygieSteam Feature — This is one of the best features we see in this coffee machine. The machine will steam-clean the entire milk system every after use. All you gotta do is to initiate the process and the machine will do the rest. No clogging, the machine is primed and ready for next use.

Setup and Operation

Operating this coffee machine is as easy as using your smartphone. The moment you recognized the touchscreen display, you know everything now is on the tip of your fingers. Indeed, the process is very simple, yet, there are still a few things that you need to learn and to watch out.

Saeco Xelsis is designed and crafted with utmost quality, so ensure to follow the right operating procedure to make the most out of this espresso machine. Connect this to a suitable power outlet and use appropriate accessories so the machine can serve its purpose.

Everything is displayed on the touchscreen display — from the cleaning maintenance to warnings and possible errors. You have to pay attention to the messages it displays and follow the recommended procedures to ensure long-lasting and best performance.

With the adjustable milk and coffee dispensing spout, you can use small espresso cups or bigger cups, around 5.6 inches high. Always remember to push the spout all the way up if you want to remove the water tank and the coffee container.

When using the coffee machine for the first time, you need to wait some time before you can fully change settings according to your preferences. You need to at least brew around five coffees initially so the machine can complete its self-adjusting process. And, it’s advisable to wait until making 100-150 cups of coffee or equivalent to a month of use before you can make adjustments to the grinder settings.

You must pay close attention to the grinder settings — it’s not designed for heavy use. So, each time you adjust the grinder settings, you shouldn’t turn the knob to more than one notch at a time. And, each time you adjust the grinder setting, you have to brew a coffee.

Aside from the cumbersome setting of the grinder, everything is perfect and works great.

Let’s have a quick tour of the icons and controls on the front panel. Tap the DRINKS on the left side of the touchscreen display to give you the 15 different programmable drinks including hot milk and hot water. Right below it is the PROFILE which gives you up to six different customizable profiles.

To the upper right of the display is the CLEAN option which pulls up different cleaning procedures, including HygieSteam, Deep Milk Clean, Brew Group Clean, and Descale. If you’ll press the SETTINGS, it’ll display tons of settings you can control, including Water Hardness, Stand-by time, Water tank light, Coffee Spout light, Brightness, Language, AquaClean, etc.

Brewing Capacity and Process

As mentioned, the machine can brew two cups at once, but you can’t accommodate bigger cups — only as tall as 5.6 inches. Hence, you might also be mindful of this limitation when setting the volume of your drinks.

Since it’s a superautomatic machine with a built-in grinder, all you gotta do is load your favorite roasted beans, select the drink you want to prepare, and manually trigger the START button, the rest is done by the machine. No need to insert portafilters or manually stop the process, as the machine can be programmed to automatically stop.

Let’s say, you want to prepare your favorite cappuccino. You just have to tap that option on the screen, which brings you to the customization option wherein you can adjust the strength, the volume of coffee and milk, temperature, taste, milk foam, and order (milk first, coffee first). Once everything is set, place a cup under the dispensing spout and hit the Start/Stop button.

It’ll not start right away as it’ll adjust according to your settings. First, it’ll grind just the right amount of coffee it needs for your drink, then, it’ll only process at the temperature you set. As you know, the temperature is everything in your coffee drinks.

Wait a bit, maybe around a minute or two and you can enjoy your favorite coffee. You can see from the screen that it has the option for two cups of coffee if you want to. Pressing it will let you prepare two cups of coffee — for you and your partner.

The coffee will dispense at the back portion of the spout, so you must push your cup to the back. And, if you are making milk-based coffee, it doesn’t dispense that much water into your coffee when steaming — which is a big plus for superautomatic machines. Finally, you can achieve a nice foam finish to your coffee — a double thumbs up for Saeco.

Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the best features of this machine when it comes to cleaning is the HygieSteam. Every after milk steaming/frothing, you can run a quick, yet effective cleaning of the milk system to prevent clogging. All you gotta do is go to CLEAN option, select the HygieSteam, and follow the instructions.

The cleaning will start in seconds. Make sure you take the pipe out of the milk carafe and attach it to the milk spout holder. Steam will go through the pipe and out of the dispensing spout. Once the HygieSteam is done, the milk system is clean and you can prepare your next coffee.

There are warnings and maintenance reminders that will pop-up on the screen, so you won’t forget to do regular routines to keep the best performance of the machine. For descaling, it’s recommended after 5000 cups of coffee, yet, if you regularly change the AquaClean filter, you can ensure best-tasting coffee every time. With each filter, you can enjoy up to 625 cups before the need to replace it.

For general cleaning, always use soft dampened cloth when wiping the parts of the machine. Don’t use abrasives to keep the beautiful finish of the coffee maker. Only use or perform recommended cleaning procedures for the brew group and milk system to prevent damage and malfunction.

Accessories and Add-ons

Superautomatic espresso machines not only come with exciting features, but it also has a lot of accessories included in the package. It comes with a milk container including the milk tube and lid, so you can put it inside the refrigerator when not in use. The flexible milk tube is also provided — this connects the milk tube to the cappuccinatore.

It comes with a cleaning brush, grease tube, and water hardness test strip. The test strip is very useful when you set the Water Hardness level of the machine. You also have a measuring scoop to be used when you prepare drinks using pre-ground coffee.

The AquaClean filter is also provided and complete installation of this can be read in the user’s manual. This filter is very useful to reduce limescale deposits, at the same time, filter water to preserve its natural flavor.

Who is this product for? / Should you buy this?

People who are using smartphones and gadgets in everyday life can surely appreciate superautomatic coffee machines like the Saeco Xelsis. Just like how easy scrolling and tapping is on your smartphone, you can operate the machine in the same manner. You don’t need to read the manual for the basic operations.

Individuals who are very busy with their lifestyle can benefit from the quick brewing and easy customization of each cup of coffee. There are also profiles wherein you can save your preferred drinks and settings — perform it every time you crave for your favorite coffee. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an auto-on function that automatically prepares coffee every morning.

Overall, if you are the kind of person who craves for different coffee beverages every time or, if you and your family have different coffee preferences, the Saeco Xelsis Espresso machine is a good pick. You can also get just hot water or hot milk if that’s what you only need for the day. However, if you think it has too many features or too little, Saeco has a lot of other superautomatics at different price ranges.

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Philips Saeco sees to it that the price of the Saeco Xelsis speaks of the features and functionalities you can get from it. From the design and finish to the customizable options, this is a perfect coffee machine for home or office use. Though it’s only designed for household use, it can also be used in the office.

It’s integrated grinder is quiet and the overall process doesn’t take that long. Whenever you need an espresso punch to keep you going during the day, Saeco Xelsis is at your service. Or, if you need a soothing milk-based drink after a job well done, sit down and relax as Saeco Xelsis will prepare it for you.

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