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Nespresso Pixie Review 2023

Nespresso Pixie Review 2023

The Nespresso Pixie might not have all the bells and whistles people look for in a modern espresso maker, but it executes the job splendidly.

This compact and elegant Nespresso machine has sufficient features to satisfy the cravings of an espresso lover who wants nothing fancy from his drink.

The Nespresso Pixie machine has a powerful 19-bar high-pressure pump for maximum coffee flavor and aroma extraction inside its minuscule yet eye-catching form factor.

Check out this Nespresso Pixie review to learn if this espresso maker is worth having in the home.

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Nestle Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

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  • High-pressure pump better than Centrifusion technology
  • Hassle-free operation with one-touch user controls
  • Compatible with other coffee capsule brands


  • Small water tank
  • Limited cup size

Nespresso Pixie


Key Features

  • Brew Sizes: Lungo (5 oz) and Espresso (1.35 oz) with a customizable espresso shot
  • Coffee Type: Nespresso capsules with third-party compatibility
  • Water Reservoir: 24 oz
  • Control Interface: Two-button interface for two cup sizes
  • Brand Partners: DeLonghi, Krups, Breville, Magimix
  • Brewing: 19-bar high-pressure pump
  • Auto-off: Yes, after nine minutes
  • Heating Time: 25 seconds
  • Drip Tray: Yes, folding drip tray
  • Dimensions: 12.8 inches (H) x 9.3 inches (D) x 4.4 inches (W)
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Other Features: 10 used capsule container


19-bar High-pressure Thermoblock System

Nespresso uses two technologies for extracting optimum coffee flavors and aromas into each cup of espresso: pump and Centrifusion.

Being an earlier design, the Nespresso Pixie espresso machine features a 19-bar pressure pump.

The high-pressure pump forces hot water through the ground coffee in the Nespresso capsule, ready to fill a demitasse or a lungo cup.

Two Espresso Sizes Plus a Customizable Option

The Nespresso Pixie offers two cup sizes (1.35 oz and 5 oz) with their respective control buttons on the top of the machine.

One can get a great espresso cup with a simple button press and waiting about 25 seconds or so.

It is also straightforward to enjoy lungo shots with the Nespresso Pixie espresso machine.

While the Nespresso Pixie has limited cup sizes, it provides a customizable option.

If one desires more espresso (greater than 1.35 oz) or lungo (greater than 5 oz), one can press and hold either the espresso or lungo button and release it after reaching the desired espresso volume.

Elegant, Space-saving Design

The Nespresso Pixie only measures 4.4 inches across, making it one of the slimmest espresso makers one can ever have.

Dormers, office workers, students, and travelers will never have issues using the Nespresso Pixie in their place because it will sit nicely on a study table with enough room to spare for books and a laptop.

It also has an ultra-modern design with a retro-esque feel to its front and side panels.

The black finish with chrome accents can put the wow factor in any space.

Coffee Pod Compatibility

Unlike the Nespresso VertuoLine coffee makers, the Nespresso Pixie does not have DRM code-scanning technology.

It is one of Nespresso Pixie’s best selling points because it can accommodate a wide variety of Nespresso capsules and other coffee capsule brands.

Other Nespresso coffee makers (particularly the VertuoLine) will not work with third-party or unlicensed coffee pods; the Nespresso Pixie does.

Unfortunately, the Nespresso Pixie does not make regular coffee, only espressos.

Drip Tray and Water Tank Capacity

Although the Nespresso Pixie can only accommodate a 5 oz cup for the lungo, one can remove the drip tray and use a tumbler, travel mug, or a bigger cup for more home espresso goodness.

One can always return the drip tray after use.

The Nespresso Pixie’s water tank capacity is modest at 24 oz.

However, one must look at the standard espresso size, which is 1 oz to 1.25 oz per cup.

People can enjoy up to 17 espresso shots (1.35 oz espressos) with this machine.

The machine can also make at least five lungos before requiring a water refill.

Who Is It For?

The Nespresso Pixie is perfect for espresso drinkers who want their drinks to be as close to a barista-prepared beverage as possible.

The espresso machine’s 19 bar pressure pump with thermoblock technology mimics the espresso-making machines of many coffee houses, something the Nespresso VertuoLine’s Centrifusion technology cannot replicate.

This Nespresso espresso maker is ideal for tiny homes, dorms, and other places with limited space.

Moreover, the Nespresso Pixie is suitable for those who want a straightforward, fanciless espresso they can enjoy in less than a minute.

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Potential Drawbacks

Although the Nespresso Pixie espresso machine features a 19 bar pressure pump with thermoblock technology for maximum coffee extraction, we find its performance inconsistent.

Sometimes the espresso machine delivers less-than-spectacular espressos and lungos with a less pleasant crema mouthfeel.

Some Nespresso Pixie reviews say the Nespresso Pixie only exerts about 9 bars of pressure during extraction instead of its 19-bar rating.

The espresso extraction temperature is also less than ideal, 185 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 200 degrees.

The observation is more pronounced with successive espresso extraction.

Another potential drawback is the Nespresso Pixie’s 24 oz water reservoir, which some people might find insufficient.



The Nespresso Pixie is the epitome of Nestle’s ecological and innovation excellence, proving the world does not need a feature-rich and fanciful coffee machine to make espressos even connoisseurs appreciate.

While it has a small water tank capacity and a limited cup size, the Nespresso Pixie impresses the coffee-loving world with its cutting-edge design and retro-esque styling.

When it comes to making espressos, the Nespresso Pixie is superior to Nespresso’s VertuoLine combination coffee and espresso makers.

Its ability to accept Nespresso capsules and other coffee capsule brands is also noteworthy.



How old is the Nespresso Pixie?

The Nespresso Pixie is now ten years old.

Nestle Nespresso introduced the Nespresso Pixie espresso maker to the espresso-loving world in 2011, together with the Zenius, Lattissima+, and Aguila.

Does DeLonghi make Nespresso Pixie espresso makers?

Yes, Nestle Nespresso partnered with De’Longhi to create its Nespresso Pixie line of super-compact and easy-to-operate espresso machines.

However, De’Longhi is not the sole creator of Nespresso Pixie espresso machines, but also Breville, Krups, and Magimix.

Does Nespresso Pixie make regular coffee?

No, the Nespresso Pixie espresso maker only makes espressos, unlike Keurig coffee machines with dual functionality.

If you want a Nespresso machine with espresso and coffee-making capabilities, you can try the VertuoLine coffee and espresso makers.


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