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The Best Mexican Candy Shot Recipe

The Best Mexican Candy Shot Recipe

The Mexican Candy Shot or the Lollipop Shot but also known as Paleta Shot in El Paso, is a regional drink that no one really knows the origin of.

It takes its name from a watermelon flavored Mexican candy Paletas that is sometimes crushed and dusted with chile powder around the edge of the shot glass.

There is no standard recipe for this Mexican Candy shot, and even the alcohol base is disputed.

When you order this cocktail on the west coast, chances are it will be tequila-based, and on the east side, it’s rum.

To keep with its Mexican origin, we use tequila in making our version of this cocktail.

Since Mexican candies are starting to gain fans and are becoming more popular (as they should have been!), here is a treat for the more adult fans of the candy.

We follow the recipe perfected at The Black Orchid Lounge in El Paso.

This sweet and a little spicy Mexican Candy cocktail is delicious and easy to make and will indeed wow guests at your next house or dinner party.

Mexican Candy Shot Recipe

The Best Mexican Candy Shot Recipe


  • 2 oz of tequila: the higher the alcohol content you use, the stronger it will taste
  • 1 oz of Mango juice: as an added flavor note, storebought mango juice will do
  • 1 oz of Watermelon juice: or any alternative liquid with a pink color
  • Lime juice: added as a garnish
  • Sugar: can be used on the rim of the shot glasses or added to the concoction for a sweeter shot.
  • Tabasco: a signature ingredient of the Mexican Candy shot or any other hot sauce
  • Tajin seasoning: optional for the rim of the shot glasses
  • Ice cubes


    1. The first thing to do is rim the edge of your shot glass with the Tajin seasoning using a lime wedge to wet the shot glass' rim a little.
    2. There's also the option of using salt or sugar on the rim of the shot glass but keeping it accurate to a Mexican Candy shot that is spicier; we used Tajin seasoning.
    3. First, put some on a flat surface like a plate or a clean bar and press the shot glass not too hard on the mixture.
    4. Tajin seasoning has salt in them already, but you can add more to fit your preference.
    5. If you are using freshly blended juice, strain the pulp to filter the liquid, this step also goes for the lime.
    6. If you are using storebought juice or schnapps, there is no need for straining. 
    7. When the mango juice, watermelon juice, lime juice are all sifted out, add them to the cocktail shaker together with the tequila, Tabasco, and a sprinkle of salt.
    8. Add sugar if you want your shot to taste a little sweeter. 
    9. Add ice to the cocktail shaker and secure the lid of the shaker tin.
    10. Then hold the shaker with both hands and shake vigorously, counting slowly to ten or when you can't hear any ice anymore. 
    11. Strain your Mexican Candy mixture into the chilled shot glasses you prepared earlier. 
    12. Serve and enjoy!
Nutrition Information:

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 34

Tips and Tricks

  • To chill a shot glass, put an ice cube in it, and set it aside as you mix the shot. Simply pour the water out of the chilled shot glass when you’re ready to use the glass.
  • The ratio of tequila to juice is 1:2.
  • The standard fruit juice needed in this recipe is watermelon juice, but as an alternative, any pink juice will suffice: strawberry juice, guava juice, or raspberry juice, you get the picture.
  • We use natural juice over artificially flavored schnapps for a fruity and fresh shot. But if it’s not available, storebought juice is okay. In the absence of fruit juices, a watermelon pucker or a watermelon Schnapp is a good alternative.
  • Tequila is actually a type of mezcal, and when mezcal takes the place of tequila in a Mexican Candy shot recipe, you get a smokier taste to complement the fresh watermelon juice.
  • Premade the shots with jello, and you can have Mexican Candy Jello Shots!

Other Spicy Alcoholic Drinks To Try

Other than the spicy Mexican Candy Shot drink, here are other hot and spicy but delicious alcoholic beverages to try:

  • A spicy, tangy, and sometimes savory with the addition of Worcestershire sauce — a Bloody Mary is what you drink in the morning after a heavy party. 
  • Devil Cocktail usually has a dusting of cayenne pepper; once served is a spicy cocktail made of the combination of creme de menthe and brandy. 
  • Sweet Heat cocktail has a strong flavor of ginger and habanero peppers. 
  • If looks can be deceiving, this cocktail is an example —it comes in looking like an innocent pastel green mojito, but Tabasco hot sauce is the main ingredient of it. 
  • Habanero Blood Orange Margarita requires making the habanero puree ahead of time, but it will be worth it! 


What is a Mexican Candy Shot made of?

This fourteen-year-old cocktail shot of unknown origin is famous as a refreshing and spicy drink throughout America.

There are no standard and fixed ingredients in making this shot, but tequila, a little spice, and any pink fruit juices are the staple.

However, the way you make your Mexican Candy shot, it should just be sweet and spicy to qualify as one.

What are Paleta Shots made of?

Paleta shots and a Mexican Candy Shot are essentially the same.

It’s just a regional name for the shot. Paleta is a Mexican sweet and spicy watermelon lollipop that can be dipped and covered in chile powder.

It is usually a childhood snack for children growing up in southern Texas and northern Mexico.

Despite its name, paletas are rarely used in a Mexican Candy shot.

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