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How to Make Coffee Taste Good? 15 Simple Tips

How to Make Coffee Taste Good? 15 Simple Tips

Imagine drinking a cup of bad coffee in the morning. Terrible right? So how can you make great-tasting coffee?

What if there’s an easy way to make your coffee taste better like the way your barista makes it at your favorite coffee shop?

This guide provides you with tips on how to make coffee taste good and delicious every morning (and all the time!)

Choose high-quality coffee beans

The secret to a great-tasting cup of joe lies in good and fresh coffee beans.

Coffee beans are grown in different ways, resulting in different flavors. Hence, it’s important to find fresh and high-quality ones.

Tip: Always go for specialty-grade or high-quality coffee. They usually come with a seal, certifying that it has been tested by “quality graders.”

Compared to other beans, specialty-coffee has natural sugar and come in exotic flavors and notes, enabling you to taste sweet, sour, or even bitter notes on your coffee.

Avoid old coffee

Coffee beans are only good for about 2-3 weeks before they decline. Hence, beans in grocery stores tend to be old coffee.

To avoid that, you should buy fresh coffee beans from your local roaster.

Get the whole bean

Compared to coffee beans, ground coffee loses its freshness way earlier than the bean, giving you bitter coffee.

While this might mean you need to manually grind the beans, it is so worth it.

Consider proper storage

Whether ground or bean, it is important to store your coffee properly to retain its flavor, taste, and aroma. Store them in airtight containers and in a cool and dry place.

Read our guide on 10 Best Coffee Storage Containers.

Choose a Good Coffee Machine

Sometimes, coffee tastes bad due to a subpar coffee machine. While expensive coffee makers or French press doesn’t always guarantee amazing coffee, they could be a good investment.

Automatic coffee makers are good since they make your coffee for you. However, a manual coffee maker gives you complete control over the brewing recipe, and water temperature.

We Recommend: Breville Barista Express

Sometimes, you need to look into the water

Coffee consists of 98% water, meaning that the water quality will affect its taste and flavor.

Avoid using tap water since most local water supplies are hard water, which can result in a bad-tasting pot. Hence, filter your tap water using water filter machines, etc.

Using filtered water could make coffee taste more delicious since the hard minerals are gone. Also, filtered water prevents it from tasting dull.

Consider the brewing Time 

The time you brew also affects the coffee’s flavor and taste. Ideal brewing time depends on the coffee maker you’re using. Check this brewing timetable to get started.

Ensure proper brew Temperature

Aside from filtered water, another tip is to be mindful of how hot the water is. Hot water is needed to make coffee, but it’s actually better to pour cold water to your ground coffee first since it could bring out the aroma, making the coffee taste better.

Then, let your coffee maker heat it up. For amazing coffee every time, the coffee maker should have a brewing temperature between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit to extract the sufficient flavor and taste.

An under-195 degrees brew will produce sour coffee while an over-205 degrees brew will give a bitter cup of coffee.

Adjust the Grind

The coffee grounds’ texture can also affect the taste. Experiment with a different coffee grind every brew and take notes. A too-fine grind makes it bitter while a too-coarse grind makes for sour coffee.

Remember the water-to-coffee ratio

An important tip to remember is to use 1 gram of coffee for 15-18 grams of water when making coffee at home.

This ratio gives the right amount of strength and flavor for your coffee brew. You can always adjust the ratio by adding more water or coffee to suit your tastes.

Here’s a good calculator to use for water-to-coffee ratio.

Use sugar, creamer or other alternatives

Adding sugar or creamer can do wonders for your coffee brew. Even without adding sugar or cream, coffee will improve with some healthy alternatives:

  • Butter/ coconut oil
  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Dairy like almond/ coconut/ soy milk
  • Honey
  • Salt
  • Syrups
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder

Bonus tips: 

You can even make your own syrups and creamers. Add a few drops of almond or vanilla extract to milk for a creamer. For syrup, add 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of water (or more depending on the sweetness level). Then, mix in honey, an extract, berries, etc. to get the flavor.

Invest in a good frother

If you’re more of a latte person, invest in a frother to get a creamier and frothier consistency for your coffee.

Cold-brew your coffee

Make a cold brew by soaking ground coffee in cold water for about 12 hours and strain out the grounds after.

Then, you can either make iced coffee or heat it up for hot coffee.

Add flavor to beans

Add the sweeteners, spices, or other ingredients to the coffee beans before you grind them. This allows it to soak up the flavors and result in amazing coffee.

Use left-over coffee

Pour leftover coffee into the ice tray to make coffee ice cubes. Use them the next time you make an iced coffee to get a more flavored cup.


How to taste your coffee properly?

Tasting your coffee properly is to understand the extraction stages. Every coffee drink you have, imagine what stage it falls.

  • Stage 1: Acids are the first to be extracted, giving it bright, sour, and tangy flavors.
  • Stage 2: Next are the natural oils and compounds, resulting in a diverse flavor profile and mellower tastes.
  • Stage 3: Ideally, you should stop the coffee pot from brewing after natural sugars are extracted.
  • Stage 4: Only the acids and tannins remain, making it bitter.

What other ways can I do to make my coffee at home taste good? 

Channel your inner barista and experiment with different coffee, water ratios, temperatures, etc. and jot it down in a coffee journal.

Regardless of the tips, it’s your preference that will dictate the coffee pot.

Nothing beats an amazing and hot cup of coffee. Hopefully, this free guide helped you make coffee at home the way your barista does at your favorite coffee shop. Happy brewing!

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