What is a Macchiato Coffee? Facts, Benefits, & Recipe

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Are you a coffee lover who is up for a challenge to taste all the different coffee recipes? What are the recipes that you enjoy drinking at every coffee shop you visit? Some of you might have tasted a cappuccino, iced coffee, cafe latte, and flat white coffee.

But have you tried a macchiato coffee? What is it?

Can you benefit from drinking a cup of it every day? If yes, what are the benefits? Find it out in this article and know some of the facts that you probably don’t know about this coffee.

The Macchiato Coffee

Macchiato Coffee

Most coffee terminologies are Italian, and one of them is the macchiato. It is also among the foundations of Italian coffee culture. Is there something hidden in its name? This coffee’s name means marked or stained milk.

It is to distinguish an espresso topped with a small amount of foamed milk from an espresso coffee.

In most coffee shops and even at some restaurants, you can’t see the macchiato listed on their menu. It may not be on the menu, but you can order a cup of it without hesitation. They serve an authentic macchiato.

Since this coffee recipe has variations, it is best to specify your order.

Facts About this Coffee

Are you one of those who feel that their day is not complete without drinking a cup of coffee? As for the macchiato, do you know why many coffee enthusiasts love it? Read on the following facts about this delicious coffee recipe.

cup of macchiato

It is a strong-flavored coffee compared to the regular cappuccino.

For coffee lovers who prefer their coffee to be strong-flavored (more coffee and less milk), this recipe won’t disappoint you. Although it has other variations, it is well-known for its strong coffee flavor.

Macchiato variations are available.

Some might think that this coffee drink has no variations. But some of its variations include caramel macchiato and latte macchiato. If you want to order this coffee at a chain coffee shop, you must specify your order.

Its original form is the espresso macchiato.

Before the availability of the latte macchiato and other variations at cafes and coffee shops, coffee lovers in Italy enjoy a cup of espresso macchiato.

There’s a difference when you order a cup of it at a specialty coffee shop and a chain.

Now that baristas throughout the world can customize the drink, you must specify whether you want an espresso macchiato, a latte macchiato, or a caramel macchiato.

Everyone’s perfect macchiato is different.

If you make a macchiato drink at home, you can add some flavored syrup to garnish the drink. And you can also add a liquid sweetener to make its taste sweeter. For your health, it is better not to add too much sweetener and flavored syrup.

You can add smooth-textured milk foam on top.

>In its original form, this drink does not require foam. And later, adding foam on top became popular. By only looking at it, you might think it’s a latte drink.

Macchiato recipes are different in all countries.

Every master Barista can customize coffee drinks, including the macchiato. If you travel to a foreign country, visit a coffee shop or cafe and order a cup of macchiato. Don’t be surprised that the taste of the drink is quite different from what you used to drink.

It is easy to make with only two ingredients, espresso and milk.

If you are in the mood to make a simple yet delicious coffee at home, you can make a cup of macchiato. Espresso and milk are the main ingredients for this drink.


Hot or cold macchiato coffee is available in many coffee shops and cafes.

With these options that you have, you can choose to have a hot macchiato in the morning and a cold one in the afternoon. Iced macchiato is quite popular these days.

The espresso macchiato can be an alternative drink in the morning and your perfect drink in the afternoon.

If your favorite morning coffee is not available at a coffee shop you visit, try this drink. It could be your second favorite drink.

Who Can Drink It?

A Macchiato Coffee

Do you prefer a coffee recipe that is softer than espresso? This drink is for you. It has a taste that is in between espresso and cappuccino, a perfect alternative to your favorite latte.

Do you want your coffee a bit sweet and creamy? Macchiato coffee is well-known for that. And if you are fond of milk foam, you should try it.

It contains a lower calorie content compared to other sweet and espresso-based drinks, making it one of the best options for health-conscious people.

It is an exclusive afternoon coffee that you will surely love! So, if you prefer drinking coffee in the afternoon, the macchiato is especially for you. If you love its taste, you can drink it whenever you want but in moderation.

The Benefits of Drinking Macchiato

Do you doubt that this coffee offers some health benefits? With those liquid sweeteners and flavored syrup, you will take in a lot of fats and calories for sure. But you still have the option not to add any of those sweeteners with high-calorie content and sugar levels.

If you are conscious about your health, and you want to drink a cup of coffee, what coffee recipes are best for you? You may not be a coffee lover, but you are craving for coffee. Do you think a cup of macchiato provides you with health benefits? Find it out below.

Among the coffee recipes available, some can provide you with benefits. Do you have hypertension, yet you can’t avoid drinking coffee? According to studies, macchiato helps in keeping your blood pressure in control.

If you drink it in moderation, it won’t be harmful to your health. Instead, you can take advantage of its benefits. Studies have shown that this coffee recipe can also make you mentally alert.

You may also try the caramel macchiato that helps prevent osteoporosis and can neutralize toxins in the body. So, hesitate no more and enjoy a cup of it.

coffee macchiatos

Exploring the Different Types of Macchiato

Some of you probably don’t know that macchiato coffee has two types. If you want to order this coffee, they might ask you if it’s an espresso macchiato or a latte macchiato. And if you have no idea about these types of macchiato, it’s time to explore!

  1. Espresso Macchiato (Long Macchiato)

Anyone can already guess that this type of macchiato has more espresso coffee than milk.  You can add more milk to your cup as a complementary. It is easily recognizable due to the strong taste of espresso. Expect your coffee to be in a short glass.

This coffee recipe is also known as the long macchiato because it contains more coffee (a double shot of espresso) than milk. If you prefer strong-flavored coffee, order a cup or two of this coffee.

  1. Latte Macchiato (Short Macchiato)

If you compare it to espresso macchiato, this type is sweeter and with layered espresso. By the name of this coffee recipe, expect a milk foam on top. Expect your coffee to be in a tall glass.

It has a distinguishing mark called “macchia.” The steamed milk is poured on the glass first, and then the espresso. If you compare it to the cafe latte, this drink has more foam on top.


Iced Macchiato Recipe

Here's a simple yet delicious coffee recipe for you to try. It’s a perfect afternoon coffee drink, especially in summer.


  • Espresso machine or stovetop espresso maker
  • Blender
  • Glass cup


  • Espresso coffee or dark roast
  • 1/2 cup if you use brewed coffe Milk
  • Ice
  • Liquid sweetener
  • Flavored syrup (optional)


  • Prepare the ingredients and equipment.
  • Make the espresso. Use a dark roast as an alternative.
  • Turn on the blender and put all the ingredients.
  • Pour the espresso or brewed coffee.
  • Blend all the ingredients for at least 2 minutes. Make sure all ingredients are well mixed. No chunks of ice should remain.
  • Pour the iced macchiato into the glass cup.
  • Garnish it with your favorite syrup (optional).
  • Serve and enjoy.


In case you don't know how to use the equipment, you can check the manual and follow the instructions.

The Takeaway

Now that you know what a macchiato coffee is, you can add it to your favorite coffee drink. It may be quite like other espresso-based coffee recipes, but you can recognize it.

How? It is more of an espresso and a small amount of milk. And it is well-known for being stained with foam.

You don’t have to be confused with the espresso macchiato and latte macchiato. Through the amount of coffee, milk, and liquid sweetener used, you can recognize the drink. Keep in mind that whenever you want to make a cup of macchiato, it’s more on espresso than milk.

Have fun in making it!


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