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Lavazza Coffee Review | CuppaBean 2023

Lavazza Coffee Review | CuppaBean 2023

This article discusses the Lavazza coffee review and highlights its key features and differentiation from others.

Luigi Lavazza founded the company in 1895 in Turin, Italy as he sought to provide the best coffee for his customers.

What has a humble vision resulted in one of the biggest Italian coffee companies in the world with six large coffee manufacturing plants and an offering of 104 unique flavors.

Read on to find out if this Italian coffee brand is for you.

Lavazza Coffee – Pros

  • Various coffee products
  • High-quality Italian coffee
  • Low price point
  • Robust coffee flavor

Lavazza Coffee – Cons

  • Not sealable

Lavazza Coffee Review

Key Features of Lavazza Coffee

  • Company Origin: Italy
  • Coffee Bean Origin:  Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, Uganda, United States
  • Coffee Type: whole coffee beans, pre-ground and ground coffee, instant, coffee pods and capsules
  • Roast Level and Profile: light to dark roasts
  • Price Per Pod: around $0.55


High-quality Lavazza Coffee Beans

Lavazza only uses high-quality coffee beans to make their signature coffee roasts and blends.

The Italian company sources coffee beans from Brazil, Central America, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Uganda, and the United States.

With six manufacturing plants, Lavazza processes the coffee in Brazil, France, India, and Italy.

Lavazza is known to use both Arabica and Robusta beans, giving its unique flavor profile.


Coffee Roast Levels

Coffee roast levels are important since it affects the coffee’s flavor profiles.

It is this factor that determines the fruity or earthy tones you often hear in various coffee brand reviews.

Roast levels come in three levels, and Lavazza has coffee products that fall under each category, enabling it to cater to a large audience.


Lavazza Light Roast

Light roasted coffee give a distinct floral and fruity flavor along with a smooth and balanced texture and taste.

Many coffee drinkers even forgo the milk and drink the coffee as is due to its light flavor.

Light roasted coffee also has little to no caffeine, so you won’t have to worry about jittering after drinking a cup.

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend
$19.50 ($0.55 / Ounce)
Roast Level: Medium-Light
Composition: Arabica and Robusta
Tasting Notes: Brown sugar and hazelnut
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06/14/2024 07:08 pm GMT

Lavazza Medium Roast

Medium roasted coffee contains various undertones of caramel, chocolate, dates, dried fruit, and nuts.

These coffee types are often attributed to being smooth and full-bodied and most of them are meant to be espresso roasts.

While popular, these coffee roasts also tend to be more expensive.

Lavazza Caffe Espresso Italiano, Medium Roast
Roast Level: Medium
Composition: 100% Arabica
Tasting Notes: Fruit and flowers
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06/14/2024 07:23 pm GMT

Lavazza Dark Roast

Dark roast coffee is your strong, smoky, intense, and earthy tone due to its high caffeine content and longer roasting process.

They have a robust bittersweet flavor, tending to remain for a while in your mouth.

However, most of these coffee roasts still have that smooth quality.

Lavazza Espresso Barista Gran Crema
$17.99 ($0.51 / Ounce)
Roast Level: Dark
Composition: Arabica and Robusta
Tasting Notes: Honey and roasted coffee
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06/14/2024 07:28 pm GMT

Who is it for?

Most of Lavazza’s coffee comes in a light to medium roast with its signature fruity and floral tones and sweet tones.

As such, the brand is ideal for those who like sweeter and lighter coffees.

Nonetheless, Lavazza still has a wide selection of darker and richer coffee.


Potential Drawbacks

One drawback with this Italian brand is that some of its coffee bags are not sealable, potentially affecting the freshness of the beans or coffee.

However, you can easily solve this problem by transferring the coffee into an air-tight container or pack.

LaVazza "Rossa" Espresso - Breville Barista Express



Lavazza’s coffee products are considered one of the best in the world with over 104 rich coffee flavors.

You’ll surely find a Lavazza coffee brew that can fit your preferred roast level, tastes and preferences.

Their coffee also comes in various types for your choosing. Select from varieties like whole bean, ground and pre-ground, instant, coffee pods and capsules.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours today and experience Lavazza today!


What is the most popular Lavazza coffee?

The most popular Lavazza coffee product is the Super Crema based on reviews.

This whole bean coffee is the perfect balance between quality and price.

The Lavazza Super Crema is a medium-dark to dark roast coffee and is a blend of washed Brazilian coffee beans and other types from Central America and Indonesia.

Its popularity stems from its unique aroma and delicious taste.

When brewing, you can detect notes of brown sugar and hazelnut and once you drink a cup, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with its fruity undertones of almonds, dried fruit, and honey.

Lavazza’s Super Crema is also for its versality.

This Lavazza all-rounder was originally meant to be used for espresso; however, its flavor profile can work well with other coffee types.

Aside from espresso, many drinkers have also used this for lattes and Moka-pots.

What is the smoothest Lavazza coffee?

Based on reviews, numerous coffee drinkers dub the Gran Crema as the smoothest Lavazza coffees.

The Lavazza Gran Crema is a medium-roast and is meant for cups of cappuccino, espresso, and lattes.

Compared to the other Lavazza coffees, the Gran Crema is known for balanced and rounded taste and texture.

This full-bodied Lavazza blend does not leave a bitter aftertaste and its thick rich crema perfectly blends with both froth and steamed milk.

Lavazza proves to be a good brand to use in drip coffee machines.

Some of best Lavazza coffees for drip machines include the Crema e Gusto blend, Dek whole bean blend, and the Qualita Oro coffee blend.

The Dek and Qualita Oro coffee blends have fruity and floral aroma that you can instantly smell when brewing.

These coffee blends also contain chocolate, resulting into a somewhat sweet cup.

On the other hand, the Crema e Gusto has spicier and earthy flavors, giving it a darker but rich and smooth brew.

Is Lavazza good coffee?

Yes, Lavazza is one of the world’s leading Italian coffee brands for a reason.

Compared to other companies, Lavazza mainly targets the market of sweet-toothed coffee drinkers with their fruity and floral notes and sweet blends.

Nonetheless, Lavazza also provides stronger and richer roasts with their earthy tones and spicy notes.

With over 104 coffee flavors, there is sure a brew that can fit your taste buds.


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