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What is a Latte? Here’s How to Make One at Home

What is a Latte? Here’s How to Make One at Home

Classic coffee recipes are sought-after by coffee lovers. Among those recipes that could always make your mouth watery is the latte. What is a latte coffee? Does it provide you with health benefits?

Whether you agree or not, it has the title king of coffee. Do you think your knowledge about this coffee is enough?

As you read through this article, you can have the answers to most of your questions regarding this coffee recipe.

Latte Coffee

The Origin of Latte

Everything has its origin. It is the same with the all-time favorite of many, the latte. You probably heard that this coffee recipe came from Europe.

But others might hold a debate and insist that it originated from the United States. And that makes many of us confused.

Why is it that the origin of this coffee leads many to confusion? In many European countries, it has been a part of their tradition to mix coffee and milk.

The latte recipes of today are espresso-based with milk. This popular recipe is considered an American invention.

Are you still confused regarding its place of origin? The only sure thing about the latte is the fact that it is available in most coffee shops throughout the world.

Knowing the Latte Coffee

When you enter your favorite coffee shop and order a latte, you enjoy the delicious combination of the ingredients for sure. But there’s more than just the combination of ingredients that makes you enjoy a sip of it.

You probably have a basic knowledge of this classic coffee. When you search the word “latte,” most of the results that you can see first is its basic definition, “coffee and milk.” There’s more than that, which you need to know.

You can make other coffee recipes by mixing coffee and milk. But you can’t jump into the conclusion that those are all latte. Then, how can you prove that the coffee you ordered or made is a latte?

Check the list of facts about this delicious classic recipe and try to make a cup of it later. It will serve as your guide to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of this famous coffee favorite.

Coffee Latte

  • The coffee size helps you determine if it’s a latte or not. The traditional size of this coffee is between 10 to 12 ounces. But you can always ask a barista to adjust its size if you want to.
  • It is flexible. Coffee enthusiasts love it because it is highly customizable. You can add flavorings to it.
  • Use tea as a substitute or alternative. Instead of coffee, you can also use your favorite tea to make a latte.
  • It is good for your health. It’s a great option for those who want coffee with low-caffeine content.
  • You can showcase your artistic talent. Making a latte is fun because you can practice your art skills.
  • You can make various latte recipes that you love. Creating your version of a latte can make your life change. You can add it to your menu if you have plans to establish a coffee shop in the future.
  • A flavorsome coffee recipe that suits your taste for sure. It is also one of the reasons why it is a bestseller in many coffee shops.
  • It is well-known for its soft and silky foam. The texture of the foam helps you distinguish it from other coffee recipes with foam.
  • This coffee recipe is different from a cappuccino. Those with less knowledge about the latte could hardly distinguish it from a cappuccino. Read: Latte vs. Cappuccino: What’s the Difference?
  • In making a latte recipe, the order of pouring the coffee would define your recipe. Various coffee recipes are made with different methods, including the order of pouring.

Benefits of Drinking Latte

Do you regard drinking a cup of coffee every day only as a habit? You can go for recipes that benefit you. Coffee is not as bad as what some people think. But always keep in mind that drinking it in moderation is necessary for your health.

Healthier options are available when it comes to lattes. Turmeric latte is one of them, and you should try it. What about the mushroom latte, or the carrot cake latte? Just by the name of these latte recipes, you can think that it can provide you some health benefits.

With the help of coffee, you can maintain your good health. Moreover, with a cup of latte every day, it can lower your risk of having cardiovascular disorders. Depending on the latte recipe that you drink, you can also lose some of that unnecessary fat.

Tip: When you order your latte, you can request the barista to use non-fat milk and no additional flavorings.

How to Make a Perfect Foam for Your Latte?

If you have the necessary equipment at home, you can practice making foam for your latte. When you do a couple of practice runs, you can finally make a perfect foam as if you were a professional barista. Check below for some tips.

  • Use cold milk instead of warm milk.
  • Instead of whole milk, use 1 to 2 percent of milk for a better foam texture.
  • Fill the pitcher with milk, but make sure you fill it with the appropriate measurement for your latte.
  • Make sure the steam wand is dry before using it.
  • Find the “sweet spot” to avoid creating large bubbles.
  • Use a coffee maker for better results.

Different Ways to Serve the Latte

You might have thought that a latte is served only through a latte cup. But don’t be surprised to receive a bowl of latte, not a cup of latte. And as you already know, latte art is now becoming more popular.

Every barista can show off their art skills when it comes to making your latte.

An image of a heart or a flower is among the various patterns that you see when you receive your latte order. During the summer season, iced beverages are popular. And one of the most ordered coffee recipes is the iced latte.

When you order an iced coffee, expect it to be unstirred. It is one of the various ways to serve it, and considered a coffee art. Many coffee shops today offer a cup of latte combined with tea.

Whether you prefer your latte to be cold or hot, you can have it.

You can also request the barista to add flavorings to your coffee, such as caramel or vanilla. Milk alternatives are also available. If you are planning to make a latte at home, you can use oat milk or even soy milk.

A Coffee Lattee


Latte Recipe for Beginners

If making various coffee recipes is your hobby these days, then you can also try a simple yet delicious latte recipe. Read on how you can make it and follow the instructions carefully. Try not to miss even one step while making this latte recipe.
Servings 1


  • Espresso Machine
  • Latte cup
  • Metal Pitcher or glass measuring cup
  • Spoon


  • 1 tbsp coffee
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 3 tbsp flavored simple syrup (optional)
  • 6 tbsp milk (or more)


  • Prepare the ingredients.
  • In your espresso machine, pour the water into the boiler.
  • In the machine's portafilter, place the coffee.
  • Use a tamper to press down the coffee. Make sure it is packed tightly.
  • If the coffee is already packed tightly, place the portafilter in the machine's group head. Make sure to lock it.
  • Prepare the latte cup and pull the shot.
  • After pulling the shot, you can add flavored syrup (if desired).
  • Use the pitcher and place the milk in it.
  • Steam the milk to make foam.
  • Pour the milk into the cup of coffee. You can pour it slowly and make sure the foam remains in the pitcher.
  • Use the spoon and fill the cup with the foam or bubbles on top.
  • Make a latte art of your choice. Serve and enjoy!


You should know how to use your espresso machine. Check the manual on how to operate it.


Side Note: Be sure that you’re using a good latte machine for this recipe. Don’t have one?

The Bottom Line

Now that you gained additional knowledge of what a latte coffee is, you can be confident that you have ordered the right coffee. The only matter that confuses you now is probably the place of origin of this coffee recipe.

Through the list of facts, you have found out that it is different from other coffee recipes with foam on top. Contrary to what others think, coffee enthusiasts can still benefit from drinking a cup of latte every day. If you are keeping a close watch of your diet, you can order healthier latte recipes.

When you make this recipe, try making a cappuccino, a Spanish latte,  or a flat white and compare them.

Find out what makes it different. And while making your latte, remember to have fun!

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