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Keurig K70 Review 2023

Keurig K70 Review 2023

The Keurig K70 Platinum was once Keurig’s most advanced coffee machine.

Its 72 oz water reservoir, various coffee cup sizes compatibility, and it is quieter than other coffee machines at that time was rare at that time, but it is what is expected now.

We want to think that other brands and units followed its footprints.

Here in this Keurig K70 review, we present to you the reason and drawbacks of this coffee machine and whether or not you need it in your life.


  • Easy K-cup use system
  • Can use other brands of pods
  • Easy to use


  • Might be hard to find a brand new model
  • Pods are costly

Keurig K70


Key Features

  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 72 fluid ounces
  • Made of:
  • Dimensions: 10.3″ W x 13.8″ D x 13″ H
  • Item Weight: 12 pounds
  • Settings: Manual coffee beans and pods insertion with button settings
  • Warranty: Discontinued model


Keurig Quiet-Brew Technology

The Keurig K70 Platinum has a Quiet Brew Technology feature that makes it less noisy than other brands and variants of coffee makers.

It is a big difference from its other counterparts but not a big enough difference to be called a ‘quiet’ coffee machine.

The good thing about this is, still, there really is a difference, so you would not have to wake half the neighborhood in order to get you a cup of coffee in the morning.

Versatile Coffee Machine

Unlike other coffee makers during its time, the Keurig K70 Platinum opens the option for you to choose between five sizes of coffee.

You can get an extra small cup of coffee with 3.25 fluid ounces, a small cup that is 5.25 fluid ounces, a mug size of 7.25 fluid ounces, and a large one for 9.5 fluid ounces and also amazingly, the Keurig K70 can accommodate your travel mug for to-go coffee given that it is somewhere below 11.25 oz.

It’s incredible how many sizes of coffee cups this coffee machine can manage, and with 72 fluid ounces of water capacity in its tank, this coffee cup can last you a week, depending on the number of times you drink.

Automatic On/Off System

Another plus for this oldie but still a goodie is automatic on and off system that is convenient to use if you don’t want to wait for the machine to heat up in the morning.

By programming your brewer to turn on in the morning, you can wake up to the smell of fresh hot, gourmet coffee, and the waiting time is limited.

Temperature Control Setting

The Keurig K70 Platinum is preset to brew at 192 degrees Fahrenheit, but the great thing is you can adjust it to accommodate your preference whether you want a colder cup or not.

Take it down a little, and you will eliminate the waiting time when the coffee is at a safer temperature to be sipped.

Who is it for?

The Keurig K70 Platinum is for people who want a fuss-free and straightforward cup of coffee in the morning.

This older model does not require a grinder or a milk frother to give you great-tasting gourmet coffee, tea, or even a hot chocolate in the morning or any time at all.

It does not have the innovations of some modern counterparts making it uncomplicated, especially for older persons.

Potential Drawbacks

The Keurig K70 Platinum is an older and discontinued coffee machine from the Keurig brand.

A potential drawback to this model and type is it can be hard to find this coffee machine brand new.

There might be some on the interweb but secondhand or even some with refurbished parts.

But if you manage to find one, you will not be disappointed by its versatility and straightforwardness.



Editor's Pick
Keurig K70 Platinum

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The Keurig K70 Platinum was at the forefront in advanced features when it came out in 2014.

It might be an earlier and discontinued model, but if you are someone who had it then and still works perfectly, giving you all that you need and more, you might want to have it for longer.

As the age-old saying goes, age is just a number, and it is valid for this particular Keurig coffee maker.



How do you clean a Keurig K70 Platinum?

Pod coffee systems like the Keurig K70 Platinum need to be constantly cleaned like all other pod coffee systems to have a smooth coffee experience between each cup, and cleaning them is relatively easy.

In declogging your Keurig K70, you have the choice of picking between using a descaling solution or vinegar.

First, make sure that you unplug the machine and then take apart the removable parts, wash those separately and then wipe the surface of the machine.

Now we move to clean the system itself; fill the water reservoir of your coffee maker halfway with your choice of vinegar or a descaling solution and then adding water until the canister is filled.

After that, you just run the machine generally without inserting a K-cup.

Keurig recommends doing this for your coffee maker every period of three to six months, depending on the water you use.

Is the Keurig K70 Platinum worth it?

If you are considering buying the best features you can find in a coffee machine in the year 2014, then yes, the Keurig K70 will work great for you.

The features of this particular coffee machine were revolutionary then but are pretty standard today.

The 72 fluid ounces water tank in this coffee machine could last the user a long time without having to refill the canister, and that is a plus.

How does the Keurig K70 Platinum work?

The Keurig K70 works just like any other pod-based coffee maker would by automatically doing it for you.

All you need to do is pour water in the canister, place your chosen K-cup pack in the holder, click a few buttons, and the machine will make your perfect cup of coffee for you.

Fuss-free and without hassle.


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