Home Espresso Machines Keurig K450 vs K475 – Which is Better?

Keurig K450 vs K475 – Which is Better?

Keurig K450 vs K475 – Which is Better?

It is not surprising why Keurig remains the undisputed leader in single-serve coffee machines. After all, this American company introduced the world’s first single-serve coffee brewer in 1992, and it hasn’t looked back ever since. 

The K450 is the brand’s most trusted single-serve brewer. With the introduction of the K475, many K-Cup pod fanatics are wondering if it is worth ditching the K450.

This article will provide the answer that many single-serve coffee addicts need whether to get the newer K475 or stick with the tried-and-tested K450.

Keurig K475

Editor's Pick
Keurig K475 Coffee Maker

Offering a more sustainable option for single-serve coffee fanatics, the Keurig K475 makes customizable specialty coffees with rich, smooth, and flavorful characteristics. The machine has adjustable coffee strength and temperature settings and can make a large, 12-ounce cup for people on the go.

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Keurig K450

Keurig K450 2.0 Brewing System

A reliable single-serve coffee machine, the Keurig K450 provides coffee lovers with a delicious, smooth, and rich cup of specialty coffee with a few swipes on its touch screen display. It accommodates both K-Carafes and K-Cup Pods for maximum coffee versatility. 

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Form Factor

There is not much difference between the K450 and the K475, speaking of their physical dimensions. What may surprise people is their weight difference. They look exactly alike, yet the K475 weighs 13.7 pounds to the K450’s 8.5 pounds.

It would be safe to assume that the K475 packs more stainless steel components than the K450. On the bright side, the K450 should be suitable for people with diminished arm strength. Moving the coffee maker around the kitchen should never be an issue.

K-Cup Pod Compatibility

These single-serve coffee machines can accommodate a wide selection of K-Cup coffee pods in various flavors. One can also purchase third-party coffee capsules with the same physical characteristics as Keurig’s K-Cup pods.

Keurig K450 vs K475

However, this aspect is where the Keurig K475 leaves the K450 in the dust. This single-serve coffee machine can also accommodate refillable and reusable coffee pods. It is good news for aspiring home baristas. They can create their unique blend and coffee recipe, pack it into refillable coffee pods, and slide them into the Keurig K475.

One can look at the K475 as a wonderful instrument for stimulating one’s creativity, allowing users to make their choice coffee grounds. They can infuse different flavors, opening the doors to other opportunities.

Keurig K450 vs K475

Such an attribute also contributes to a greener environment. The majority of coffee capsule manufacturers use plastic in their products. One can imagine how many tons of plastic materials end up in landfills every year. With Keurig’s reusable coffee pods, one can do his part in minimizing plastic wastes.

Energy Savings

Coffee fanatics will love the K475’s energy-saving features, something the K450 does not have. One can keep the Keurig K475 running 24/7 without worrying about hefty electric bills. The single-serve coffee machine automatically goes on standby after a few minutes of non-use. 

Brewing Settings

While the K450 and K475 accommodates all kinds of K-Cup pods, only the K475 is capable of brewing a large, 12-ounce coffee serving. Such a feature is perfect for those who want to bring their flavored coffee with them as they commute to work. They can fill their travel mug with a delicious cup, sufficient to last them until they reach the office.

The K475 also has five dose strength and brew temperature settings. One can dial in his preferred coffee temperature and strength, ensuring the best-tasting coffee one can ever have.

The combination of coffee characteristics controls and large-capacity brewing also translate to better sharing of one’s favorite coffee drink. Users can make their beloved caffeinated beverage and share it with their friends, using a single K-Cup pod. 


Keurig offers a premium-quality carafe and water filter cartridge with a handle for every purchase of its single-serve coffee machines. Unfortunately, these accessories are optional for the K450. One has to purchase them separately, which further increases the K450’s overall price.

On the other hand, these accessories are already standard with the K475. One no longer has to shell out extra money to get them.


Keurig no longer produces the K450, although some retailers still carry this single-serve coffee machine.

The limited stocks also drive the K450’s price, making it even more expensive than the K475.

Given the Keurig K475’s advantages over the K450, its ready availability, and competitive price, it is a no-brainer which of these two single-serve coffee machines modern specialty coffee drinkers will want to get.

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