Keurig K-Slim Review – A K-Cup Coffee Maker Worth Buying?

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker Review

If you’re a coffee-lover who also has a knack for choosing aesthetically pleasing kitchenware, you might want to consider looking into the Keurig K-Slim coffee maker.

The Keurig K-Slim is a single-serve coffee maker that’s sure to be the star of your kitchen.

Thanks to its space-saving slim design, the K-Slim will save you a ton of counter space.

Along with the other Keurig series of coffee makers, the Keurig K-Slim machine is a marvel of innovation that uses K-Cup pods.

The Keurig K-Slim’s licensed K-cup pods offer an array of flavors such as cinnamon, coconut, and chocolate.

Besides the licensed K-cup pods, the Keurig K-Slim also supports unlicensed K-Cup pods as it has no pod-scanning limitation.

With its 46 oz water reservoir, the Keurig K-Slim can provide various cup sizes namely 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz.

Slim, compact, and pretty to look at – the Keurig K-Slim is definitely a purchase for your kitchen.

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Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker
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  • Slim, space-saving design allows for maximum use of counter space.
  • Energy-saving quiet brewing that automatically shuts off.
  • Ease of use K-Cup pod technology that provides high-quality cups of coffee.
  • A removable drip tray for easy cleaning.


  • No temperature control or brew strength customizability.
  • Accommodates only three cup sizes.
  • No replaceable water filter kit.
  • Available only in one color.


Key Features

  • Dimensions: 12.14″ H x 4.76″ W x 15.2″
  • Fits travel mugs 7 inches and under
  • 3 cup sizes: 8, 10, and 12 ounces
  • Color: Black
  • Pod type: Keurig K-cup pods; not for Vue pods, K-mug pods, K-carafe pods, or Rivo pods
  • Water reservoir capacity: Up to 46 ounces, removable

Keurig K-Slim

Countertop-friendly Slim Size Design

As its name says, the Keurig K-Slim is a coffee maker built for small kitchen spaces.

Whether it be in a house, apartment, or studio room, the K-Slim can fit almost anywhere.

This innovative space-saving design by Keurig allows the K-Slim to provide you with fast, good coffee without the excess bulk of a typical coffee maker machine.

The Keurig K-Slim is a device straight out of the future.

It boasts of a tiny dimension of just 4.8 inches in width and 12.1 inches in height that can maximize even the most cramped of counter spaces.

One-Liter Water Reservoir

While brew sizes on the Keurig K-Slim coffee maker are limited, it holds an advantage at how large its water reservoir is.

Because it holds more than a liter of water, the Keurig K-Slim’s water reservoir can serve more cups for a longer time up to the last brew.

This saves a lot of time having to refill the water reservoir, as, despite the Keurig K-Slim’s slim design, it can still accommodate a reasonable amount of cup servings.

Removable Drip Tray

This is an easily overlooked feature in many coffee makers because a removable drip tray ensures that no water stagnates in the coffee machine.

The Keurig K-Slim’s removable drip tray can hold a considerable amount of water before getting full, in case of any accidental coffee spillovers.

This feature promises you and your kitchen a mess-free experience.

Adding to its ease of use and cleanliness, the Keurig K-Slim’s removable drip tray is definitely a perk if you’re looking for a coffee maker that’s easy to maintain.

Quick and Quiet Coffee Brewing

Thanks to the K-Cup pods, the Keurig K-Slim ensures that you get your high quality cup of coffee in record time.

Preparation time is also cut in half as the Keurig K-Slim eliminates the need for coffee beans – just set the pod of your choosing, pick out your cup size, and then you’ve got a nice hot cup of coffee going.

And don’t worry about any noise, the Keurig K-Slim isn’t just pretty, it’s pretty quiet too – thanks to Keurig’s new innovations on coffee maker machine technology.

Easy-to-use Buttons and Display

Ever been intimidated by those large, bulky coffee makers? Well, the Keurig K-Slim is the total opposite of that as its sleek and user-friendly.

Utilizing easy-to-understand display graphics that complement the slim design of the Keurig, the buttons on the K-Slim not only look good, but they also respond very well too.

Safe to say, the Keurig K-Slim’s controls can safely be used by anyone.

This ensures you that you don’t need a large, bulky machine to make a good cup of coffee.

Brew Size Options

The Keurig K-Slim can accommodate mugs up to 7 inches tall – which means that travel mugs and single-serve cups are welcome to this slim design.

Because of this versatility, the Keurig K-Slim allows three different-sized serving options namely 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz.

While a little less than other coffee machines, the Keurig K-Slim’s ability to provide these different sizes is a great factor considering its slim, space-saving design.

Who is the Keurig K-Slim for?

Tiny, quick, and quiet – the Keurig K-Slim is a coffee machine for people who like compact, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient kitchenware.

It fits right into any corner and takes up very little counter space.

The K-Slim also maximizes servings with its 46 oz water reservoir – which can serve up to 4 to 5 cups of coffee.

Compared to traditional coffee makers, the Keurig’s K-Cup pod coffee is much easier to prepare on the fly.

If you’re the type who’s always in a hurry and just need that single-serve coffee ASAP, the Keurig K-Slim will suit your lifestyle.

Keurig’s K-Slim coffee brews quietly and efficiently for that richer brew.

So, if you’re the type who likes a peaceful environment, you might consider getting the Keurig K-Slim so nothing interrupts your calls or gatherings.

For tiny homes and apartments, the Keurig K-Slim can fit right in because of its simple, compact design.

Also, if you hate complicated clean-ups, fret not because the Keurig K-Slim’s drip tray and water reservoir are easy to access and refill.

Potential Drawbacks

The Keurig K-Slim is a pretty straightforward coffee machine so it does have its limitations.

For one thing, you can’t froth milk with the Keurig K-Slim.

If you’re a big latte fan, the Keurig K-Slim coffee might not be up your alley.

While the Keurig K-Slim has three brew sizes to choose from, these may not be sufficient for some customers who prefer large serving cups.

Also, while the Keurig K-Slim may have a fairly large water reservoir, this can not be removed and might come as a hindrance when the time comes to refill it.

If the Keurig K-Slim is set up in a corner, refilling the water tank may be a challenge.

Speaking of positioning, the Keurig K-Slim and its small size are matched with an even smaller power cord.

Good luck trying to find the right spot for the Keurig K-Slim, or better yet purchase an extension cord ahead of time.

The K-Slim coffee maker is a simple machine so customizing drinks and brew strengths are not really its specialty.

The K-Slim coffee maker also lacks temp control, which is standard in other coffee makers.

Perhaps the most major downside of the K-Slim coffee maker is that it doesn’t come with a water filter kit.

Replacing the water filter of your Keurig K-Slim coffee maker will be an added purchase – given that you can find that filter that actually fits in the K-Slim coffee maker.



Editor's Pick
Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker
You can support us by making purchases from our links. We may earn commissions from it, at no additional cost to you.

The K-Slim is a decent, practical purchase for those who want instant coffee from a pretty little machine.

Owing to its design, the K-Slim is definitely something that sits aesthetically well in any kitchen.

With the innovative K-Cup pod, coffee becomes less of a chore and more enjoyable thanks to this futuristic single-serve coffee maker.

Because of its reasonably-sized water tank, the Keurig K-Slim makes for a decent coffee brewer that can serve K-Cup pod after pod when it has to.

Most coffee makers will demand a lot of maintenance, but the K-Slim will be easy to clean and use.

As long as you are aware of its capabilities, the K-Slim single-serve coffee machine will do wonders for your home.

It may not be an overtly fancy coffee machine that you can whip up specialty drinks in, but with just a few buttons it can give you a quick, no-nonsense caffeine fix.



Does K-Slim need a filter?

Yes, and it even accepts the universal K-cup filter which you can brew stronger drinks in.

The filter for the K-Slim helps remove any unwanted coffee grounds that may seep in from the K-Cup pods.

The Keurig K-Slim package doesn’t come with a water filter kit, but you can purchase it in designated retailers.

How does the Keurig K Slim work?

The Keurig K-Slim makes coffee using K-Cup pods that come in various flavors.

The pods are inserted in a designated compartment on top of the K-Slim, you prepare the correctly-sized cup underneath, and then you select the brew size of your choice.

The Keurig K-Slim will then process this flavor pod into coffee – using the water stored in the water reservoir.

Does the Keurig K-Slim take regular K-Cups?

Yes, in fact, this is the standard cup size for all the single-serve coffee brew sizes.

While you can utilize other cups and mugs for the K-Slim, K-Cup are made to fit into the Keurig K-Slim machine.

What is the difference between the Keurig Mini and the Keurig K-Slim?

Both the Keurig Mini and the Keurig K-Slim make coffee using K-Cup pods.

However, one big difference is that the Keurig Mini has a small water tank which you have to refill after every cup of coffee you make.

Compared to the K-Slim which has a large water reservoir that keeps a decent amount of water good enough for 4 to 5 cups of K-Cup pod coffee.