Home Espresso Machines Jura Z8 Review 2023 – Is the Expensive Price Tag Worth It?

Jura Z8 Review 2023 – Is the Expensive Price Tag Worth It?

Jura Z8 Review 2023 – Is the Expensive Price Tag Worth It?

One of the best super-automatic coffee machines, Jura Z8 will soon be your personal barista. Is it worth it for you? Read this Jura Z8 review to know more.

It has a touchscreen display with self-explanatory graphics for ease of operation.

It features Jura’s patented P.E.P and supports J.O.E. for iOS and Android apps in the US. With 21 coffee options, who don’t want this machine at home?

Swiss-made, so you can ensure the great quality of Jura Z8 and its reliability to deliver café-grade specialty drinks.

It’s designed for household use with a wide variety of coffee drinks to choose from.

But, are you willing to spend the whopping $4000 on a home coffee machine? Check out our Jura Z8 review on why it’s worth buying.

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Jura Z8 Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine
Customize and save recipes with the Jura Z8 Coffee Maker. Connect it to the Jura app for an automatic fine foam with thicker or thinner cream on every cup.
Capacity: 1200 Milliliters
Material: Stainless Steel
  • An easy-to-use coffee machine, delivers perfect coffee and milk froth – every time.
  • It’s way expensive and has a bigger footprint.
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The Jura Z8 Review

The Jura Z8 comes with sleek and very interesting design and curvature. Not only does it look good on any countertop, but it’s also the first Jura coffee machine that supports Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E.) both for iOS and Android app in the US. It gives you various drink options delivered quickly.

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Also, boasts an integrated coffee grinder, customizable drinks, smart connectivity and the patented Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), this is a great espresso machine for anyone’s home. It’s touchscreen-operated with easily understandable display settings so everyone can use it, even coffee snobs.

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  • Fully automated and delivers you coffee quickly
  • Touchscreen control panel with comprehensive graphics
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can customize and save your coffee recipes


  • It’s way expensive and not all will have the chance to use it
  • Comes with bigger footprint, requires more counter space
  • Need to buy more accessories to use all its features

7 Features We Like

Unlike most common espresso machines, Jura Z8 comes with unique, spectacular features, which are all very useful. Here are some:

1. J.O.E. Support

Among the first Jura machines that features Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E.) for iOS and Android app in the US.

With this feature, you can access drink options and machine maintenance from afar.

With the JURA app, you can access its online portal with the privilege to watch maintenance videos, instructions, buy cleaning accessories and more.

Since it supports wireless connectivity (via Bluetooth), you can wirelessly connect it to a Cool Control Wireless milk cooler, for example.

2. P.E.P. Technology

This patented pulse extraction technology ensures that all the natural flavor of the coffee is optimally extracted.

Under the hood, you get the technology working right before the extraction commences, which combines coffee with hot water to achieve full-bodied brews.

3. Integrated Grinder

It’s equipped with AromaG3 grinder that is twice faster than previous models. This releases the aroma of the freshly roasting coffee from the machine.

Since it also comes with fine foam technology, you can change the thickness of the milk to add to your coffee.

So, you can’t help yourself but wait for the process to finish and have that aromatic delicious cup of coffee.

4. CLEARYL Smart Water Filter

Equipped with an RFID water filter that will let you know when it’s time to swap to a new filter. If the filter is activated, a blue filter symbol will appear at the top of the display.

5. Intuitive Touch Screen Display

This feature helps you easily navigate through Z8’s array of drink options. For more tactile navigation, you can use the rotary switch easily accessible at the top right corner of the machine.

The drink options are displayed in two pages with graphics and corresponding coffee label. For even more coffee options, use the rotary selection switch.

6. Various Drink Options

There are 21 options you can choose from. You can have Ristretto, Espresso, Coffee, Caffe Barista, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, and 1 portion milk.

You can also access the Caffe latte, Americano, Jug of coffee, Hot Water, Flat White, Hot water for black tea, Hot water for green tea and 1 portion of milk foam.

Furthermore, when using the Rotary Switch, you can have 2 x Ristretto, 2 x Espresso, 2 x Coffee, 2 x Caffe Barista and 2 x Americano.

7. Programmable Milk Settings

You can change the milk temperature and texture according to your liking. This feature is pretty great if you are preparing latte or creamy cappuccino.

Jura Z8 FAQs

Is the Jura Z8 worth it?

Yes, the Jura Z8 is worth every single dollar you spent. Not only does it look polished and sleek, but more importantly, it serves the best coffee. It offers various coffee options such as americano, espresso, and ristretto, all at the comfort of your home. 


 Why are Jura coffee machines so expensive?

Jura coffee machines are expensive simply because these machines make rich and flavorful coffee every time. These coffee machines use the Pulse Extraction Process in brewing coffee. This process is one of its kind, optimizing the extraction time, extracting rich flavors with every roast. 


What is the difference between Jura Z6 and Z8?

While Jura Z6 only offers 13 different beverage options, Z8 has 21 drinks to choose from. Jura Z6 has a single thermoblock system, while the Z8 has a dual thermoblock system that can steam and brew simultaneously for your convenience.


When was Jura Z8 released?

The Jura Z8 has been receiving good reviews. It is gaining popularity for its great-tasting coffee with a wide range of beverages. 

Verdict of Jura Z8 Review

Ideal for truly passionate coffee drinkers, Jura Z8 allows you to prepare a wide variety of coffee drinks at your fingertips. With a very intuitive touchscreen control panel, you can easily make changes to parameters and settings you want to change. Plus, it has smart connectivity, so you can connect it to your smartphone with the Jura app via Bluetooth connection.

Now that everything is clear to you, the high price tag may not be the deciding factor for you anymore, right? With a product that’s packed with all the features you need in a super automatic coffee machine, your money will all be worth it. Not only that, you’re going to enjoy barista-grade coffee quality at the convenience of your home.

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