Jura Z8 Coffee Machine Review (2020 Update)

Quick Review: The Jura Z8 Super-Automatic Coffee Machine has touchscreen display with self-explanatory graphics for ease of operation. It features Jura-patented P.E.P. and supports J.O.E. for iOS and Android app in the US. With 21 coffee options, it's one of the best coffee machines in the market today.

World’s first super-automatic specialty coffee machine, Jura Z8 will soon be your personal barista. It has touchscreen display with self-explanatory graphics for ease of operation. Features Jura-patented P.E.P and supports J.O.E. for iOS and Android app in the US. With 21 coffee options, who don’t want this machine at home?

Swiss-made, so you can ensure the great quality of Jura Z8 and its reliability to deliver café-grade specialty drinks. It’s designed for household use with a wide variety of coffee drinks to choose from. But, are you willing to spend the whopping $4000 on a home coffee maker? Check out our review on why it’s worthy of every single penny you spend for it.

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What is Jura Z8?

The Jura Z8 comes with sleek and very interesting design and curvature. Not only does it look sexy on any countertop, but it’s also the first Jura coffee machine that supports Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E.) both for iOS and Android app in the US. It gives you various drink options delivered quickly and café-quality.

JURA Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine
  • Americano at the touch of a button? Simultaneous coffee and milk preparation for the fastest caffé lattes ever? The groundbreaking Z8 introduces both of these innovative technologies while providing all the best time-saving features and bean-to-cup magic that JURA is known for
  • Two ThermoBlock heating systems and two pumps allow the Z8 to brew coffee and dispense milk simultaneously for the quickest caffé lattes yet

Also, boasts an integrated coffee grinder, customizable drinks, smart connectivity and the patented Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), this is a great espresso machine for anyone’s home. It’s touchscreen-operated with easily understandable display settings so everyone can use it, even coffee snobs.


  • Fully automated and delivers you coffee quickly
  • Touchscreen control panel with comprehensive graphics
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can customize and save your coffee recipes
  • Pull out consistent results every time
  • Delivers excellent coffee at your fingertips
  • Compatible with Jura app, connected via Bluetooth
  • Remote access to drink options and other settings from your smartphone
  • Comes with fine foam technology that produces thinner or thicker crema perfect for the selected drinks
  • Can change the milk and brew temperature, coffee strength and aroma


  • It’s way expensive and not all will have the chance to use it
  • Comes with bigger footprint, requires more counter space
  • Need to purchase additional accessories to utilize all its features
  • Jura has a new version of the Z8, so support is limited for this model
  • Powder chute for pre-ground coffee is not easily accessible if the machine is placed under kitchen cabinets


Design and Specifications

Jura Z8 has a stunning aesthetics with simplistic, yet head-turner plastic/metal casing. It has a bigger profile with 12.6 x 17.7 x 15 inches dimension, weighing around 25lbs. It needs quite a space on your counter, hence, consider its footprint before buying this machine.

It has a touchscreen display that saves your time than using buttons, knobs, dials, and switches. With this touchscreen control panel, you can easily select the coffee drink you wish to have and make a change in the parameters using your fingertips. Easy, swift and efficient.

credits: hips.hearstapps.com

You’ll have the option to brew single shot or double shot coffee and you can brew a full pot, as well. This is just among the 21 options you can select from the control panel. There are also two different milk settings to choose from — adding a milk splash or creating milk foam.

The machine comes with 2.4L water tank with soft blue light illumination, plus a filter cartridge that is easily accessible to the side of it. There’s a dedicated hot water spout near the height- and width-adjustable dual coffee spouts. It has an adjustable cup platform with drip tray right below it. If you’ll pull the cup platform, you can access the coffee grounds container (with a maximum capacity of 280g or 20 servings).

jura z8 review
credits: www.buyondubai.com

On top, you can see the On/Off button, the bean container with the aroma preservation cover like that of the Jura A1 and a rotary switch. You will also find a powder chute for ground coffee with cover and the grinder adjustable switch with cover, as well.

The 4.3-inch color screen display is where you can control pretty much everything, as previously mentioned. It has a clear layout, with several drink options and lets you save your favorite drink recipe. So, the next time you want a cup of your very own coffee recipe, all you need to do is swipe and tap.

Features and Functionalities

Unlike most common espresso machines, Jura Z8 comes with unique, spectacular features, which are all very useful in this day and age. You can enjoy:

  • J.O.E. Support — Among the first Jura coffee machines that features Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E.) for iOS and Android app in the US. With this feature, you can access drink options and machine maintenance from afar. With the JURA app, you can access its online portal with the privilege to watch maintenance videos, instructions, buy cleaning accessories and more. Since it supports wireless connectivity (via Bluetooth), you can wirelessly connect it to a Cool Control Wireless milk cooler, for example.
  • P.E.P. Technology — This patented technology of the Swiss maker ensures that all the natural flavor of the ground coffee is optimally extracted. Under the hood, you get the technology working right before the extraction commences, which combines coffee with hot water to achieve full-bodied brews.
  • Integrated Grinder — It’s equipped with AromaG3 grinder that is twice faster than previous models. This releases the aroma of the freshly roasting coffee from the machine. Since it also comes with fine foam technology, you can change the thickness of the milk to be added to your coffee. So, you can’t help yourself but wait for the process to finish and have that aromatic delicious cup of coffee.
  • CLEARYL Smart Water Filter — Equipped with an RFID water filter that will let you know when it’s time to swap to a new filter. If the filter is activated, a blue filter symbol will appear at the top of the display.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Display — This feature helps you easily navigate through Z8’s array of drink options. For more tactile navigation, you can use the rotary switch easily accessible at the top right corner of the machine. The drink options are displayed in two pages with graphics and corresponding coffee label. For even more coffee options, use the rotary selection switch.
  • Various Drink Options — There are 21 options you can choose from. On page 1/1 you have Ristretto, Espresso, Coffee, Caffe Barista, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, and 1portion milk. On page 2/2, you can access the Caffe latte, Americano, Jug of coffee, Hot Water, Flat White, Hot water for black tea, Hot water for green tea and 1 portion of milk foam. Furthermore, when using the Rotary Switch, you can have 2 x Ristretto, 2 x Espresso, 2 x Coffee, 2 x Caffe Barista and 2 x Americano.
  • Programmable Milk Settings — You can change the milk temperature and texture according to your liking. This feature is pretty great if you are preparing latte or creamy cappuccino.

Setup and Operation

There’s not much to setup after unboxing the espresso machine. A disconnectable power cord is there, so you just need to insert it back to the machine. For more information, you can visit jura.com for more up-to-date Z8 details.

Thanks to the touchscreen control panel, you don’t have to switch from buttons to controls and switches to set values of the coffee parameters. Everything you need to change and program is right on the screen. There are two ways of operating the touchscreen control panel.

First is the Touch. Using your fingertips, simply touch the display on the screen.

jura z8
credits: www.techguide.com.au

The second is Slide. Move your fingers across the display, left to right and top to bottom. You can go through the product selector view or switch between programs in programming mode. Also, use the Rotary Switch when the product selector view is displayed.

The 10oz bean hopper comes with a transparent aroma preservation seal that keeps the freshness of each bean even when it’s stored there for days. Fill the water tank with water (needs to check for the water hardness level) and put in back in place before you go with the brewing process.

During the grinding process, you can change the coffee strength using the Rotary Switch. You can also change the preset amount of water and milk during preparation, still using the switch. You can interrupt the coffee preparation or hot water dispense by pressing the ‘Cancel’ button on the Rotary Switch.

The brewing chamber can accommodate between five and 16 grams of ground coffee on its 15bar high-performance pump. You can add milk to your coffee using another container and attach it to the machine through a dual spout. It’s recommended to use a milk cooler or vacuum milk container to keep the milk temperature at 39–46°F (4–8°C).

Prepare everything and the machine will make you a great specialty coffee you want. No matter what your coffee choice is, you’ll always get luscious crema. Get a velvety texture coffee drink with Jura Z8.

Jura Z8 review
credits: www.techguide.com.au

The step-by-step process has a prompt on the screen so you’ll be guided along the way. Sufficient information is always provided, so you can easily follow through. All drink options have preset settings. But, if you want to permanently change settings, go to the Programming mode.

On the Programming mode, you got the chance to tweak machine settings, Maintenance Status, Product Settings, Auto switch-off, energy-saving mode, amount of water, Display settings, water hardness level, language, and factory reset settings. Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found in the user’s manual.

Brew Capacity and Process

With that very expensive price tag, you only hope for the best and quickest way to make your coffee. And Jura won’t disappoint you with the Jura Z8. Just ensure that you have coffee beans in the bean hopper and water in the water reservoir.

When you wake up in the morning, it’s like music to your ears to hear Jura’s gentle beep with the greetings displayed on the screen that goes, “Welcome to Jura.” Then, your heart will pump up with the next prompt that says, “Machine is heating.”

jura z8 coffee maker review
credits: www.buyondubai.com

The machine will automatically go to the programmed self-cleaning cycle before it presents the coffee options on the touchscreen display. Screen will display “Machine is rinsing,” during the self-cleaning cycle and it’ll automatically stop. Then, the machine is ready to use.

The standard start screen will be displayed with drink options on page 1/1. You can navigate with your fingertips or use the Rotary Switch to display more options. Let’s say, you want espresso to start your day.

Place a cup under the dual spot, before touching the ‘Coffee.’ Then, the process will automatically commence and stop once it’s done. The preset amount of water will flow through your ground coffee if you haven’t changed this setting.

credits: hips.hearstapps.com

Now, if you want to prepare latte macchiato, cappuccino and other specialty drinks with milk, no need to move the cup. Proceed with preparing a cappuccino, for example, by tapping the ‘Cappuccino’ on the screen. But before doing so, ensure that the milk is connected to the machine.

Espresso-based drink choices have a preset amount of milk and milk foam flow. So, if you’re not changing it, the preset cappuccino recipe is what you’ll get. Detailed instruction for other coffee preparations is also presented in the product manual.

Now, if you’re using decaffeinated pre-ground coffee, use the filter funnel to add the coffee into the powder chute. Don’t add more than two levels of ground coffee using the measuring scoop. The machine will display, “Not enough ground coffee” if there’s not enough coffee in the chute.

Once you close the cover of the powder chute, a message will be displayed, ‘Please select product.’ You can choose from the drink choices and continue with the same process. Preparation will automatically stop and you’ll have your coffee ready for you to enjoy!

Cleaning and Maintenance

For Jura Z8 to last longer, it’s necessary to follow the recommended daily and scheduled maintenance. It’s an SOP to clean the drip tray and the coffee grounds container every after use. You can rinse them with warm water. But, you need to do this when the machine is turned on.

You also need to dismantle and clean the dual spout with running water. And, you can wipe the surface and the cup platform with a soft, clean and damp cloth, like microfiber. If you want to clean the touchscreen display, simply disable it under ‘Maintenance status’ > ‘Lock display.’

Aside from the daily cleaning, you also need to change the milk pipe regularly, like every three months. The water tank also needs to be cleaned thoroughly (with a brush) and you can also descale the water tank. Complete descaling process can be found in the manual.

Jura integrated several maintenance programs to Z8 to keep it running and extend its lifespan. Among these programmed cleaning tasks are ‘Clean’ for cleaning the machine, ‘Descale’ for descaling, ‘Clean the milk system’ to clean the dual spout and so on. Refer to your manual to familiarize these activities and get step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions.

Accessories and Add-ons

Unlike the cheaper Jura A1, this premium espresso and cappuccino machine comes with a few useful features. It has a measuring spoon for the ground coffee, which is very useful when using pre-ground coffee and adds it to the powder chute. You’ll also have a filler funnel to easily fill the ground coffee to the chute. It also comes with a container for milk system cleaning.

Unfortunately, if you want to explore this machine, you’ll need to buy some accessories for specific functions and features. For example, you need to purchase a JURA cup warmer, since it’s not equipped with one, in case you really need this.

Who this product is for? / Should You Buy This?

Let’s be clear, it costs several thousand dollars, yet, Jura Z8 is primarily designed for household coffee and milk preparation only. It isn’t a commercial-grade espresso maker that can prepare several cups of coffee a day. Although it’s sleekness and beauty is a great compliment to your kitchen design, it’s also quite expensive.

So, is this really a worthy investment?

For hobbyists and real coffee lovers, it is. Some coffee addicts don’t gamble for cheaper products unless it can produce great coffee drinks. Only Jura Z8 meets the standards of the fussiest coffee drinkers — even exceeded it. Since it’s quick to brew and prepare the milk, you can enjoy the coffee while it’s steam-hot — the perfect temperature to enjoy a great-tasting coffee.

jura z8
credits: www.buyondubai.com

Operation is straightforward and repeatable for various coffee options. So, whether you’re a black coffee lover or a latte fanatic, Z8 prepares you everything coffee. It’s worth more than what you’ve paid for.


Ideal for truly passionate coffee drinkers, Jura Z8 allows you to prepare a wide variety of coffee drinks at your fingertips. With a very intuitive touchscreen control panel, you can easily make changes to parameters and settings you want to change. Plus, it has smart connectivity, so you can connect it to your smartphone with the Jura app via Bluetooth connection.

Now that everything is clear to you, the high price tag may not be the deciding factor for you anymore, right? With a great product like this that is packed with all the features you need in a home espresso machine, your money will all be worth it. Not only that, you’ll gonna enjoy barista-grade coffee quality in the convenience of your home.

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