Home Espresso Machines Jura Z6 Review 2023 : Price, Pros, Cons

Jura Z6 Review 2023 : Price, Pros, Cons

Jura Z6 Review 2023 : Price, Pros, Cons

There are many of us who do not accept substitutes. Only the best will do.

And if you are this kind of coffee-loving person, then the Jura Z6 is for you.

This is a machine that provides exceptional control over the different processes involved in making a good cup of coffee.

It has a very sleek design that houses all the right stuff to make good quality coffee.

The only thing that the machine cannot do is bring your cup to you.

The Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Editor's Pick
Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine
The Jura Z6 is every coffee lover’s dream with its very easy to use interface. It gives every user the control to customize every drink with a large capacity for more drinkers.
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Jura has been making premium-quality espresso machines since the early 80s. And, like all high-quality Swiss brands, Jura espresso machines are never for the low-budget families. The company emphasis more on the core functionality and overall design of its machines to give you a product that will stand the test of time.

This is exactly what you get with the Z6. It has a very steep price tag that can make the espresso machine out of reach of ordinary households. However, what it lacks in affordability, Jura made sure that you get only the best possible espresso making experience.

The Z6 is Jura’s very first coffee machine that integrates a unique extraction technology. This guarantees a cup of hot joe that has all the flavors and aromas you never thought possible from a home brew. The controls are easy to adjust and very intuitive. It comes with an automatic milk frother, too.

The Z6 makes it super easy to make up to 6 different kinds of joes for everyone in the household. You can even concoct your very own take on what a good cup of coffee should be.


  • Features a unique extraction technology
  • Interface is very easy to use
  • Large capacity reservoir that is perfect for large families
  • Allows better control of the coffee-making process
  • Provides customization of coffee
  • Automatic monitoring of the different aspects of coffee-making
  • Very easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Guarantees better tasting coffee every time


  • No cup warming tray
  • You must purchase a separate carafe for milk
  • The number of grind settings is not that many, considering its price
  • Single boiler system
  • Still more expensive than other brands.

Aesthetics, Footprint and Form Factor

The Jura Z6 comes with a sizeable footprint. While it is smaller and more compact than other commercial-grade coffee machines on the market, the Z6 will still need considerable space on your countertop.

The machine requires a vertical space of about 18 inches and a countertop space equivalent to 12.6 inches wide and 14.8 inches deep. You will have to measure your countertop to make sure you still have plenty of space left for your other items. The top-opening design of the Z6 also increases the vertical space requirement. You will still need to pour your coffee beans and water into their respective reservoirs. It is critical that the bottom surface of a kitchen cabinet is not too low to allow the optimal opening of both the coffee bean and water compartments.

We mentioned that Jura puts more emphasis on the functionality of its products than their aesthetics. We are not saying that the Z6 is ugly. The lines are simple and clean. The Z6 intends to do only one thing: give you coffee every time, anytime. It does not care so much about what people think about its looks.

This Jura espresso maker also happens to be hefty at about 26 pounds. The good news is that it is still lighter than other brands. It is also lighter than some models of Jura. What makes it lightweight is the combination of sturdy aluminum and ABS materials. While the side panels are made of plastic, you will still think that you have a coffee machine made of premium-quality materials. The elegant sheen of aluminum gives the Z6 that modern look almost everyone wants in their kitchen.

Features and Functionalities

One look at the user controls of the Jura Z6 and you know that you have an awesome coffee-making machine. The machine is not as aesthetically appealing as other brands and models. However, the Z6 offers more functionalities than your ordinary coffee drip. This appliance provides several features that can make the process of making remarkable coffee so much easier and more enjoyable, too.

Unique Coffee Extraction Capabilities

The Z6 is the very first Jura espresso maker to feature the brand’s proprietary Pulse Extraction Process technology. You can expect the machine to extract all the flavors and aromas of any coffee bean variety you put into the Z6. This allows you to enjoy the unique qualities of coffee that differentiate it from other beverages.

The technology ensures high quality coffee all the time. It also allows for the creation of specialty coffees. If you are a huge fan of ristretto, the Z6 can deliver amazing cups after amazing cups. You get the full-bodied flavors of coffee and only a little bit of its bitter mouthfeel. You will also get to experience a more naturally-sweet coffee without ever adding sugar in your drink.

User-friendly Controls

The Z6’s control unit is a masterpiece. The screen comes with a bright backlighting for a better view of the menus. The text is very easy to read and it also comes with a corresponding image. The buttons opposite the menus on the screen are quite crisp. They provide a very efficient way of navigating through the menus. There is also a large and simple control knob on the right front corner of the Z6’s top surface.

Making coffee has never been this efficient. You can choose up to six different “kinds” of coffee and have these displayed on the screen. Turning the control knob will allow you to toggle to the other coffee “variants” that the screen does not display.

Jura also integrated an auto shutoff feature in the Z6. What people like about this feature is that they can choose the length of time needed before the appliance will turn itself off. There is also a reset feature that makes it easy to restore the default settings of the machine.

Smart Coffee-making Programs

The Jura Z6 comes with an advanced coffee-making algorithm that allows users to create as many as 21 different coffee drinks. It already includes all-time favorites like espresso, Americano, and cappuccino. There is also the café latte, latte macchiato, and ristretto.

What makes the program so smart is that you can customize the different aspects of your drink. You can set the strength of the dose and even the temperature of the water. You also get to decide on the amount of water to use, including the milk and foam to put in your coffee. The user-friendly controls make it so much easier to tailor-fit your coffee to your needs.

This is where the learning curve can be very unforgiving for some people. One drink requires endless tweaking of the different parameters to get it right. You can now imagine how many experiments you will have to perform to find the ‘ideal’ settings for each of the 21 drinks.

After determining the ‘ideal’ settings for the drinks, however, everything is as easy and convenient as touching a button.

Hassle-Free Milk Frothing

Jura features an automatic milk frothing system. Purists will decry this feature as they will no longer have absolute control over the consistency of the milk froth they want to put in their coffee. For these people, no modern contraption can ever replace a good frothing wand.

Jura addresses this concern by giving you enough control over the making of the milk froth. While the process of making the froth is automatic, you still get to decide on the quality and amount of froth that the machine will produce. You do not get the kind of control that a frothing wand can provide. Nevertheless, the Z6 still offers a fair amount of control to help you create a froth that you deem is perfect for your cup of coffee.

Perhaps the only downside to the milk frothing functionality of the Z6 is the non-inclusion of a carafe. Other brands already include a carafe for holding the milk. You can always purchase one if you wish. Given its price, however, you would expect that the Z6 will already come with everything you need.

Large Capacity Reservoir

We must credit Jura for integrating a large, 81-ounce water compartment in the Z6. That is about 65 to 80 single espressos for everyone in the family. It makes a great device when you are planning on hosting a meeting at your house. You can serve shots after shots of single or double espressos for everyone.

We also find it very interesting that Jura already includes a pair of water filters when you buy the Z6. This is not only perfect for improving the service life of the coffee machine. It can also help improve the taste of your coffee by removing water impurities.

Unfortunately, filters do not last if the device that they are fitted into. Regular filter replacement can translate to additional cost. This can increase the overall operating cost of the already-expensive unit.

Built-in Coffee Grinder

It is nice of Jura to provide a built-in coffee grinder in the Z6. A conical ceramic burr grinder attaches to the 9.9-ounce coffee bean hopper. We were a bit puzzled as to why Jura created a hopper that has a smaller capacity relative to its water tank. People who prefer strong coffee will have to refill the hopper more frequently than they like.

We appreciate the inclusion of 6 grind settings in the grinder. Unfortunately, we have seen models that can provide more than ten different ground sizes. As such, fine tuning your coffee can be more challenging with the Z6 than with other brands or models.

On the bright side, adjusting the grind settings of the Z6 is easy. There is a small knob in the hopper that you can turn to choose the grind setting. Other Jura models require the use of a grind wrench whenever you need to change the grind settings.

Efficient Boiler

The Z6 features an aluminum boiler that is lined with stainless steel. Jura also integrated its Thermoblock technology in the Z6 to ensure faster and more uniform heating. You can enjoy your coffee in no time.

The problem is that this Jura creation only comes with a single boiler. We expected to see two, given its price. As such, you will have to use the same boiler for brewing your coffee and for steaming your milk.

You will also like the Z6’s temperature settings. Most machines on the market only provide a maximum of three temperature settings. There are ten temperature settings in the Z6. This gives you the chance to make the kind of drink that you want at the temperature that you prefer.

Unique Spigot Design

Most people often overlook the importance of a coffee machine’s spigot design. We can say that the Z6 has one of the most useful designs. It has a telescoping spigot that allows you to put a 6-inch tall glass on the platform. And if you prefer using a wide-mouthed cup, then you can appreciate the Z6 spigot’s ability to ‘butterfly’. These are very subtle features that are quite rare in other brands. It scores big in our book.

Operation, Cleaning, and Maintenance

It is unavoidable that the Z6 will require a bit of getting used to. After all, this is a machine that packs a lot of features in one very convenient and classic package. Jura did a great job making the operation of the Z6 a lot easier to master than other brands.

The initial setup of the Z6 can be daunting for most people. You will have to configure the right settings that will ensure the best possible cup of coffee according to your preferences. And if you are going to customize different drinks for different members in your household, then you can expect the programming to take more time.

Expect a learning curve that should last anywhere between one and two weeks for this. Once you have familiarized yourself with the different functions, mastering the art of making coffee using the Jura Z6 should already be easy.

While the operation of the Z6 is fully automatic, its cleaning and maintenance will still require tender care. The Z6 comes with removable components that should make cleaning and maintenance a lot easier. These include the dregs box, the milk tube, the drip tray, the grinder, and the brew unit, as well as a few other components. You can remove these components from the machine and give them a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning the machine itself is also easy. Jura already integrated a fully automated cleaning technology to help keep the machine in its optimum working condition. You will still have to activate the system, though.

There is no doubt that the advanced technologies embedded into a super-automatic espresso machine will require a more thorough maintenance. However, Jura designed the machine to make maintenance neither bothersome nor challenging.

Who this Product is for? /Should You Buy This?

Given its many fine qualities, the Jura Z6 is for people who demand perfection in their cup of coffee. The machine provides coffee that is not only bursting with every bit of the aroma of coffee beans; it guarantees exceptional flavors, too. It is like having a personal barista serving you excellent coffee whenever you need.

The Z6 is also for people who want maximum convenience. There is no need to second guess the correct temperature of the water and the coarseness or fineness of the coffee grounds. It is all a matter of touching the button and letting the machine do its job. One can also make a coffee that is very specific to one’s preferences without much hassle.

This coffee-making machine is also perfect for power drinkers. If you are the type of person who consumes coffee like water, then the Z6 is for you. The appliance also makes a good choice for large households.

We find no reason why you should not consider getting the Jura Z6 for your home. This is unless you find its price tag way outside your budget.

The Competition

Jura Z6 vs Jura Z8

The Jura Z6 shares many features with the Z8. However, the Z8 offers more drink options that makes it ideal for coffee aficionados. The Jura Z6 cannot steam milk and brew coffee at the same time. The Z8 can. The display of the Z8 also comes with touchscreen functionality for easier navigation of the menus.

Jura Z6 vs Jura S8

The Jura S8 is several hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Z6. This makes the S8 a good choice for people who want a more affordable super-automatic coffee machine. However, the S8 can only provide a limited number of coffee recipes to enjoy. If you love specialty coffees, the Z6 is a better choice.


The Jura Z6 is a reliable coffee-making machine that provides amazing cups of joe every single time. It has many of the remarkable qualities of a commercial-grade espresso machine designed specifically for the modern home. Unfortunately, the machine’s hefty price tag keeps it well out of reach of the average consumer. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best choices for those who want to focus more on other things in life while the machine makes them the best-tasting coffee every time.

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