Home Espresso Machines Jura WE8 Automatic Coffee Machine Review 2023

Jura WE8 Automatic Coffee Machine Review 2023

Jura WE8 Automatic Coffee Machine Review 2023

Office workers deserve a good break from their daily chores. Providing them with an amazing cup of joe should help them feel more energetic about their tasks.

And if you are more than ready to elevate your employees’ coffee drinking experience, then it is time for the Jura WE8 Professional Espresso Machine.

This is a trustworthy appliance that can produce enough beverage for a small office with the creativity of a professional barista.

It has everything you expect from a professional coffee machine.

The Jura WE8 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine

Editor's Pick
Jura WE8 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine
Have both peace and coffee with the Jura WE8 Coffee machine as it brews and grinds beans for every drink quietly. It also has a unique aroma and flavor extraction mechanism and can provide 8 coffee recipes with customization.
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Coffee aficionados have high regard for Jura WE8 and its products. Established in the 1930s, this Swiss company has always been known for the innovative technologies that it integrates into its coffee machines. These machines have become the workhorses that baristas, coffee purists, and aficionados turn to whenever it comes to making excellent coffee.

This is exactly what you will get with the WE8 Professional. It is an espresso machine that automates almost every single aspect of the coffee making experience. It has a water capacity that is more than enough to provide drinks for a small office environment. It is also a good choice for commercial establishments that want to surprise its clients by offering them up to 8 different programs that they can access in mere seconds.

The brewing capabilities of the WE8 are beyond what ordinary coffee machines can provide. There are an impressive number of technologies that work in perfect harmony with each other. Jura engineered these technologies to produce a beverage that tastes like it was prepared by a seasoned barista and not a machine.

The WE8 will keep on brewing your favorite coffee recipes for up to 25 times before it needs cleaning. And when it does, the machine will never require that much effort on your part. Jura made sure that you will never complain about maintaining the machine in its optimum operating condition. You can program a maintenance cycle to ease everything.

Jura products are known for their superior quality craftsmanship. Because of this, they tend to be pricier than other brands. Regardless, the customizability and high capacity of the WE8 makes it very competitive enough that it can outmatch the most expensive units of other brands.


  • Simple operation
  • Produces 8 remarkable coffee recipes
  • Uses a unique flavor and aroma extraction technology
  • Allows for ample customization
  • Comes with a smart technology for ensuring high quality water
  • Quiet and very efficient grinder
  • Sufficient capacity for homes and small offices
  • Smaller footprint compared to other Jura professional super automatics


  • Plastic casing
  • Not ideal for small countertops
  • Milk spout located far from the coffee spout
  • Fingerprint-magnet

Aesthetics, Footprint, and Form Factor

The Jura WE8 has a very elegant finish. We were impressed at how professional the machine looks. Its design belies the fact that it has a plastic casing. You get the impression that Jura used only stainless steel and aluminum in the WE8’s construction. Our only gripe is that its mirror-finish tends can be a real magnet for fingerprints. It is important to wipe the machine’s surfaces after every use to keep it looking brand new. Otherwise, you will get a machine that is full of smudges that people will stay away from.

The overall appearance of the WE8 is one of classic European styling. There are no fancy decorations and unnecessary bling. The lines are as straightforward and clean as you can get. Some people may not like the simplicity of the WE8’s aesthetics. We sure love it.

We were surprised at the size of the WE8. Jura classifies it as a professional espresso machine. However, its footprint is smaller than your average office coffee machine. This baby sits in a space of 11.6 inches by 16.5 inches. It is deep. However, its width is smaller than other machines. This makes it easy to squeeze the WE8 into tight spaces. This machine is tall at 17.5 inches; although still shorter by a few inches compared to other Jura professional machines.

You will love the WE8’s uncluttered appearance. The large TFT display has the same functionality as the touchscreen of your mobile device. And in case you prefer the more robust feedback of a physical button, the WE8 provides you with six of these. The dual coffee spout is great for making instant beverages for two.

There is an additional spout on the rightmost panel of the machine. We find the arrangement to be somewhat contrary to what Jura claims as a one-touch operation. The milk spout is quite far from the right coffee spout. You will have to move your cup from one spout to the next if you wish to enjoy a cappuccino, latte macchiato, or a flat white.

Features and Functionalities

Jura intended the WE8 for professionals and other people working in environments other than the home. It does not surprise us that this machine has more features to offer than your conventional coffee-making machine.

Ingenious Brewing Technologies

There are several innovative technologies in the WE8 that work together to provide an amazing drink. First, there is Jura’s IPBAS technology that prepares your coffee beans for the extraction process. The Pre-Brew Aroma System bathes your coffee beans in the amount and temperature of water that are ideal for the chosen beverage. Pre-infusing coffee beans is almost similar to marinating your meats. You get to infuse all the flavors of the different ingredients into the meat. The difference here is that the process allows for the more efficient extraction of the coffee bean’s full flavor and aroma profiles.

The second technology that works to produce an amazing brew is the Pulse Extraction Process. Jets of carefully-calculated hot water get sprayed into the coffee grounds. This provides two very important benefits. It shortens the brewing time, so you get a remarkable drink within seconds. The technology also extracts the flavors and aromas of coffee with greater intensity. It produces coffee that will make you think you bought from the coffee shop.

The Intelligent Water System also aids in the production of a stunning brew. The water tank comes with an ingenious filtration system that removes unwanted chemicals from the water. Removing these chemicals can help provide you with a water that gets sprayed through the coffee grounds.

There is also the Flavor Preservation Cover. This is a very minor feature of the WE8, but one that ensures the freshness of the beans in the compartment. You will want this technology to safeguard the fine qualities of the 17.6-ounce coffee beans in the hopper.

Easy-to-Customize Programs

Jura decided to pre-program on the WE8 six of the most popular hot beverages today.

These include the three coffee-only recipes Americano, espresso, and ristretto. There are also three milk-based beverages that include the flat white, cappuccino, and latte macchiato. There is also the option for hot water, in case you want tea. An additional program for milk foam exists to add a creamy top to your other beverages.

While these programs are already predetermined by the WE8’s algorithm, Jura still allows for ample customization. Adjusting the coffee strength, water volume, and beverage temperature are effortless. You get to personalize your beverage and store it into the WE8’s memory. And if you have the Jura Operating Experience app, you can have all of your saved preferences on your iOS or Android device.

Customizing the WE8’s maintenance cycles is also never a hassle. This is perfect for those who prefer not to devote too much time and effort in the cleaning and maintenance of the espresso machine.

Enough Coffee Production Capabilities for Small Groups

The WE8 is perfect for small offices as well as for very busy households. In fact, this unit can also be a welcome addition to a coffee drinking station at a restaurant, a bar, a salon, or any other establishment that wants to wow its customers.

This machine has a water reservoir that can hold 101 ounces. This translates to about the same number of single shot espressos or about 30 cups of your ordinary pressure-brewed coffee. The hopper accommodates 17.6 ounces of your choice beans. Too bad, there is no additional compartment that can further expand the bean capacity of the WE8.

We find the ratio between the capacities of the reservoir and the hopper to be adequate. This will help reduce the frequency of refilling the hopper. Of course, everything depends on how many people will be dialing in a very strong coffee in their drinks. The stronger the coffee selection is, the faster is the consumption of the coffee beans.

While the coffee bean hopper has an amazing capacity, the machine’s bypass doser is modest at best. It can only accommodate abut a couple scoops of decaf. It would be more pleasing to have the bypass doser compartment to have a larger capacity. But then again, Jura wanted people to experience the joys of drinking freshly brewed coffee and not necessarily instant coffee.

Ultra-Quiet and Efficient Grinder

For a professional-quality machine, the WE8 has a surprisingly quiet grinder. We believe this is a great breakthrough in coffee machine design. You do not want to annoy the other people in the office every time you make a hot beverage.

What we find remarkable about the WE8 is its grind settings. There are 7 different levels that allow you to pick one that suits your taste. There are more expensive machines that can only offer up to 5 grind settings. And for that, we are compelled to give our thumbs up to Jura for integrating more grinding capabilities in the WE8.

Smart Connectivity

We love the Smart Connect feature of the WE8. We know that smartphone users will also love this coffee machine feature. While the app itself still requires some serious updating, the implications are endless. Imagine having absolute control of the WE8 even if you are in another room.

Our only wish for now is for Jura to come up with a true wireless coffee machine. The Smart Connect feature is not often sufficient for very mobile users as it only uses Bluetooth technology. We are sure integrating a wireless internet capability into the WE8 will make the machine even more appealing.

Operation, Cleaning, and Maintenance

The WE8 Professional comes with a very simple user interface. Gone is the control knob found on some Jura machines. In its stead is a 6-button array that complements the WE8’s TFT touchscreen display. Smartphone users will have no problems navigating through the menus and customizing their beverage. Jura created the WE8 with maximum convenience in mind.

Mastering the controls can take a day or two. Since there are only six coffee recipes to tweak, you should be able to operate the machine with the precision of a barista in a few days. That is how easy it is to operate the machine. Some people may find tweaking the different settings to be quite challenging. However, Jura programmed the WE8 to have an easy-to-use interface. This will help reduce the learning curve that some people may need.

As a professional espresso machine, the WE8 is replete with all the programs you need to keep it functioning as efficiently as possible. There is the self-rinsing feature that takes the hassle of cleaning the milk and coffee systems off of your shoulder. The moment you power on the WE8, it already performs a self-rinsing routine. You also get this action right before the machine powers itself off.

The WE8 also features a flushing technology for its milk system. We all know that milk does not have a long lifespan. It spoils fast. And if the milk in the WE8’s system does not get flushed in a timely manner, you can have a macchiato, a flat white, or a cappuccino that does not taste as amazing as you would have imagined.

To make the maintenance of the WE8 easier, we recommend installing the CLEARYL Smart water filter. This will trap all the nasty chemicals in water. Not only will it make maintenance so much easier. The filter will also guarantee cup after delicious cup of hot beverage.

Who this Product is For? / Should You Buy This?

The Jura WE8 is great for almost anyone. We have to emphasize the term “almost”. There will always be people who will find some of the features and functionalities of the machine to be less than adequate or even more than what they are prepared for.

It is true that the WE8 has a smaller footprint and a more compact form than other espresso machines. However, it still requires a considerable amount of space. As such, this machine is only good for those who have adequate countertop space.

The machine also requires some tweaking of its programs. It would be wise to put the machine in an area where the people are already familiar with the basic operation of such a machine. You do not want someone to accidentally reprogram the appliance. You also do not want people staying away from the machine because of fear of looking ridiculous for not being able to operate the machine the correct way.

Likewise, we do not recommend putting the WE8 in an environment where it can get overworked. Keep in mind that the WE8 can only produce about 30 cups of regular coffee or about 90 to 100 espresso shots. You do not want to push the machine beyond its capabilities.

On that note, we recommend the WE8 in small environments. It should fit well in a small office setting or any establishment that has a modest number of people who want to enjoy good coffee. Households will also benefit from the offerings of the WE8, provided their members are power drinkers. It would be a waste of resources to get the machine if you cannot maximize the benefits that the WE8 provides.

Should you buy the Jura WE8 Professional then? Everything depends on how you feel about the recommendations we shared above. If you think that you are a power drinker or have enough people in the room to maximize the potential of the machine, then you should get the WE8. The same is true if you have a fascination for the recipes that this machine offers.

Get the Jura WE8 here.

The Competition

Jura WE8 vs Jura Z8

People who demand absolute precision in their coffee drinks should always get the Z8 or any of Jura’s Z-line machines. Aside from getting access to more specialty coffee recipes, the Z8 also has touchscreen functionality for improved convenience. The Z8’s programming is also perfect for those with very demanding tastes.

Jura WE8 vs Jura E8

Consider the WE8 as the updated version of the E8. It can produce more coffee for everyone. The WE8 is perfect for those who wish a thicker crema in their beverages or an espresso shot with a fuller body. The E8 can also produce such beverages, but at a slightly lower quality.


There is no perfect coffee machine. Regardless of how advanced the technologies integrated into the machine’s design, there will always be some people who are less than pleased. Fortunately, the Jura WE8 has enough advanced features and functionalities that you seldom see in products at this price. True, the WE8 does not provide an impressive number of coffee recipes. However, the way the machine consistently delivers excellent coffee is more than enough to get this creation for your small office.

Get the Jura WE8 here.

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