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Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine Review 2023

Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine Review 2023

Choosing a super-automatic espresso machine can be very challenging.

There are just so many products to choose from.

These products can range from cheap and mediocre knockoffs to the truly expensive ones that are beyond the reach of ordinary families.

And then there are those coffee machines that strike a wonderful balance between robust functionality and affordability.

The Jura S8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine is one such product. Read more about this wonderful machine before you decide to bring one home.

The Jura S8 Superautomatic Espresso Machine

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Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine
Get personalized beverages with the Jura S8 Machine. It can provide coffee lovers with 8 coffee recipes and 2 other coffee programs with a very intuitive display and user-friendly controls.
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Very few brands can come close to the coffee machine expertise of Jura. For almost 9 decades, the Swiss brand has been at the leading edge of coffee machine innovation. Their products have become the workhorses of many coffee shops and restaurants all over the world. The brand commands so much respect and admiration that it is not at all surprising why many consider Jura as the coffee machine brand equivalent of Rolex.

The S8 Superautomatic continues in Jura’s tradition of excellent craftsmanship and thoughtful engineering. It surprises many coffee enthusiasts because of its price that is a lot friendlier than other machines that has the same feature set. It is still expensive. However, when you consider the quality of its construction, the intuitiveness of its engineering, and the robustness of its feature set, you know that the S8 has an amazing price-to-value ratio.

Jura S8

This espresso machine features 15 beverage programs, including 8 different types of coffee styles. There are enough features that will allow people to employ their imagination in the creation of unique drinks. This is even though the machine only has a single boiler system. It also does not have a dedicated tank for creating a fantastic milk foam. However, Jura has everything well-thought out. The machine can still give you amazing milk froth for your latte-style drinks and other beverages that can benefit from the addition of steamed milk.

The S8 also comes with a very intuitive user interface. The large 4.3-inch high resolution TFT display has full touchscreen functionalities that eliminate the need for physical buttons. Everything can be had with a simple touch or a swipe of the colored interface. Controlling the different functions of the machine is also made easier with Smart Connect readiness. You will need to purchase the Bluetooth device, however.

This super-automatic has a 64-ounce water capacity and a bean container that can hold 10 ounces. It is enough coffee for everyone in a large household or a small office setting. Cleaning is a breeze, although the machine does have components that require a more ‘personalized’ touch.

Other interesting features include the Aroma3 grinder technology, Pulse Extraction Process technology, and the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System, among others.

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  • Produces 8 coffee recipes, including 2X programs and other beverage options
  • Provides adequate personalization of beverages
  • Allows creativity in the making of hot drinks
  • Very intuitive display and user controls
  • Good for large homes
  • Comes with Smart Connect feature
  • Quiet operation
  • Very easy to operate
  • Good overall value


  • Requires some maintenance
  • May not accommodate certain cup sizes
  • Single boiler design

Aesthetics, Footprint, and Form Factor

We love the elegant design of the S8. The central tower that houses the brew unit comes in a shiny black finish. The side panels feature a contemporary silver sheen that can complement any kitchen. The chrome accents of the spigots also give the S8 a touch of class.

Jura S8

The real gem in the S8’s design is the 4.3-inch touchscreen display. It is very responsive and comes with both image and text information to make menu navigation, programming, and selection so much easier. The overall aesthetics of the S8 gives you the feeling of a futuristic appliance that sits well in today’s kitchens.

While the S8 is lighter than professional coffee machines, it is still heavy at 28.5 pounds. Moving it from one location to another may require a helping hand. The S8 is surprisingly compact. It measures 13.7 inches tall, 17.5 inches deep, and 11 inches wide. It still requires considerable space; although it should fit nicely under standard kitchen cabinets.

Features and Functionalities

The Jura S8 has some of the features of a professional high-end Jura espresso machine without the prohibitive price tag. it would be wise to get acquainted with these features and functionalities before you make the decision of purchasing one.

Coffee Specialties and other Beverage Programs

The S8 sits between a commercial and a consumer type of coffee machine. Hence, you can expect the number of coffee recipes that the machine can provide to be a lot more than what your average espresso machine can dish out.

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For starters, you get fantastic pulled espressos any time. There is also the shortened version of the espresso, the ristretto, for those who wish a smaller volume of drink. The S8 can also deliver amazingly delicious pressure-brewed joe that will make you think you have a barista making the beverage right in your home.

Latte-style drinks are also available. There is latte macchiato, cafe latte, cappuccino, and espresso macchiato. And if you would like to join in the craze, there is a flat white option on the machine. In addition to these beverages, the S8 can also provide hot water for your tea and other applications. It can also dispense milk and milk foam to let you whip up your own creation.

Jura S8

We tried making hot chocolate with the S8 and the beverage was awesome. It was not as automatic as the making of the other drinks, however. The result was phenomenal, nonetheless. We put our favorite chocolate powder into our cup and placed it under the milk spout. We added milk and a bit of milk foam and we had the most amazing hot choco ever.

Innovative Brewing Technologies

There are two very remarkable brewing technologies in the Jura S8. First, the Pulse Extraction Process ensures a better tasting coffee. The system ditches the conventional way of flooding your coffee grounds with water. Instead, the PEP technology lets out short and powerful bursts of hot water into the coffee to ensure maximum extraction of coffee aromas and flavors. To maximize the benefits of the system, we recommend using only the finest quality coffee beans money can buy.

The second technology that never fails to impress us is the IPBAS. Jura calls it the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System. Coffee enthusiasts and experts call it pre-infusion. Right before the coffee beans head to the grinder, they are immersed in a warm water bath. This helps soften the outer shell of the beans and allow for the PEP system to work its magic.

Jura S8

Ample Customization Options

We commend Jura for integrating 10 coffee strength settings in the S8. We have seen more expensive Jura machines that can only offer less than half of the coffee dose settings of the S8. The implications of such a feature are immense. You can tweak your drink with almost the same precision as a professional or commercial machine.

The hot water functionality of the S8 also features 3 different settings. While this is a far cry from the 5-plus levels of high-end units, it is still a lot better than the two-level temperature settings of more expensive models.

The temperature and the coffee strength are not the only parameters you can tweak. The S8 also allows for the determination of the coarseness or the fineness of the coffee grounds. You also can tweak the amount of water in each of your beverage.

Other customizable programs include the water hardness level, self-cleaning cycles, and others. Expect to spend at least a few days to go through the different programs and gain enough proficiency to operate them on the fly.

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Single Boiler

This is perhaps the only considerable downside of the S8. Unfortunately, we cannot hold it against the coffee machine because of its price. Most of the coffee machines that have double boilers are very expensive. Add to this the Thermoblock technology that Jura uses in the design of the boiler and you will understand the company’s decision to use a single Thermoblock boiler.

Jura S8

The good news is that Jura improved the design of its boiler to make it more efficient in heating the water for both coffee brewing and milk steaming. You can expect the S8 to deliver good quality beverages a lot faster than having a barista prepare them for you.

For example, if you have 10 people waiting in line to get their coffee, a local barista can have all ten drinks ready in about 15 to 20 minutes. The same number of people lining up on the S8 can have their drinks within 5 to 10 minutes.

Aroma3 Grinder Technology

A very important component of a super-automatic is a built-in grinder. We were surprised to see the Aroma3 Grinder technology in the Jura S8. Not only is it more efficient, it is also quieter. This is perfect for those instances when you want to sneak out at night for a quick cup without waking up your partner.

There is another benefit to the Aroma3. It is a lot gentler to the coffee beans. The conical burr grinder will never burn your beans. You will not have that unpleasant taste of burnt coffee whenever you grind your beans.

Milk Frother

The Jura S8 does not have a built-in milk compartment. Instead, the machine uses an innovative pickup system that lets you put a separate milk container alongside the machine. There is a tube from the S8 that you can connect to the milk. With a press and a few swipes of the S8’s touchscreen, you can already treat yourself to an amazing milk froth.

Jura S8

Like any other super-automatic from Jura, the S8 provides very fine milk foam. Unfortunately, the quality of the foam pales in comparison to what you can get from a dedicated frothing wand. This is an aspect of the S8 that many coffee purists will frown on. However, given that the S8 is not really for coffee experts, its milk frothing capabilities are a huge hit to ordinary coffee drinkers.

Smart Connectivity

We would like to point out that the S8 does not have the Smart Connect feature already built into its design. However, it does have a slot where you can connect the Smart Connect Bluetooth device to increase the overall convenience of using the machine. The Smart Connect device allows you to control the machine within the range of the device. Unfortunately, the range is not that great.

Operation, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Setting up the Jura S8 is ridiculously simple. You can get it up and running without reading the manual. However, we do suggest taking time to read the manual or watch the instructional video before you set the machine for the very first time.

Most consumers will plug the machine straight out of the box. They then fill the reservoir with water and the hopper with their chosen beans. Next, they put their chosen milk in the machine’s dispenser and they are good to go.

However, there are a few critical steps that you should observe before using the machine the first time. One of these is the determination of the hardness level of the water you are using in the machine. You need to set the correct information in the machine.

The main concern of most people is the setting of the different parameters for their chosen drinks. While the user interface and beverage algorithm of the S8 are very intuitive, you will have to spend some time keying in the different characteristics of your beverage. Remember, there are 8 different recipes that require customization. You can always forego the customization option, of course. This can make the shorten the mastery of the machine.

Jura S8

While the S8 is very easy to use, we found its maintenance to be the real elephant in the room. The machine does not have a feature that automatically cleanses the milk system. You will have to activate the system manually, preferably after every use. It would have been better if the machine already performs the flushing without requiring any input from your part. But then, getting this feature will surely jack up the S8’s price. It is also imperative that you clean the milk canister every single day. The milk system also needs regular, periodic cleaning using a sanitizing mix.

As for the other components of the coffee machine, they are a lot easier to maintain. Regular emptying and cleaning of the bean container, drip tray, and dregs box is ideal. You will also pop in a Jura Cleaning Tablet into the S8’s brew unit. The filter will also require replacement. The water tank will also have to be descaled if you choose not to use the filter.

On the bright side, the S8 will notify you of the need to perform these maintenance tasks. You can also program it beforehand.

Who this Product is For? / Should You Buy This?

Anyone who loves coffee should consider buying the Jura S8. This is especially true for people who have always dreamed of owning a Jura super-automatic, but cannot do so because of the prohibitive price of the brand’s coffee machines. The Jura S8 is still expensive. However, it is about a third the cost of the most expensive Jura espresso machine. You get a luxury brand that has many of the features of a high-end unit and without ever breaking the bank.

The customizations that the S8 can provide also make the machine a good choice for coffee drinkers who have already learned to discriminate the various tastes and aromas of coffees. The machine is not for purists, take note. However, it should appeal to advanced coffee drinkers who are more than ready to elevate their drinking adventures.

The machine is also great for tech-savvy coffee lovers. It has enough programs to tweak and a user interface that serves more like an extension of one’s mobile device.

Again, the major issue here is the price. If you think you will only drink some of the recipes that the machine can create, then you will be better off with a machine that produces a limited number of coffee styles.

Jura S8 vs Jura Z8

The Jura Z8 offers more coffee recipes and a faster operation. It is, thus, a better choice for large households with more than one power drinker. The S8 is best for those who do not need an unusually large number of coffee specialties and those who are on a tight budget.

Jura S8 vs Jura E8

The Jura E8 has many similarities to the S8. One amazing advantage of the S8 over the E8 is its programming options. You get to enjoy more coffee specialties and customizations than what the E8 can offer. Moreover, tech-savvy folks will always prefer the functionality of a touchscreen over a TFT display.


The Jura S8 is a wonderful compromise between the compact size of budget machines and the performance of feature-rich high-end models. It is a mid-range coffee machine that never compromises on its performance, while also giving your kitchen a much-needed futuristic flair.

The delicious brews that the S8 provides can turn any modern home into a posh coffee shop in an instant. There is no worrying about a prohibitive price tag, either. This machine is perfect for almost anyone who enjoys coffee the way aficionados do.

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