Jura GIGA W3 Coffee Machine Review 2022

Jura giga w3

Many offices today have a coffee machine to provide their employees a steady supply of good quality drinks.

Such a contraption is perfect for boardrooms and staff lounges. Professional-grade coffee machines are also great for large homes.

Unfortunately, picking the right machine to put in the kitchen can be challenging.

The machine should offer convenience in every aspect of the coffee drinking experience.

From preparation to brewing and even maintenance, the machine should be able to handle the increased workload with ease.

Thankfully, there are coffee machines that can handle such demands. One of these is the Jura GIGA W3.

The Jura GIGA W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine

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Jura GIGA W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine
Convenience is at the fingertips with the Jura Giga W3 Professional Coffee Machine. It can easily provide a hundred cups of coffee with 43 different coffee styles and 12 barista recipes.
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Choosing from Jura’s impressive line of coffee machines requires a careful consideration of what you want in an espresso machine. Quality is never an issue with this brand, since they have been making top rated machines for four decades. Unfortunately, the Swiss giant is also not known for making inexpensive equipment. That is why one must consider his budget whenever entertaining the idea of getting a Jura.

The GIGA W3 is no exception. In fact, it is one of the most expensive models of Jura. It is understandable that many people will be upset by the machine’s price tag. However, once you get to try the W3, you will be wondering why you did not get this sooner.

The Jura GIGA W3 is a professional-quality, commercial-grade coffee machine. It is not the kind of appliance that you would want for a small family; although, power coffee drinkers will benefit immensely from the machine. The W3 can produce hundreds of cups of coffee in one go. More importantly, you get to enjoy up to 43 different styles of coffee that already include 12 famous barista coffee recipes.

Brewing coffee is never a problem with the GIGA W3. Jura has everything figured out. From the preparation of the different coffee drink components to the creation of a masterful brew, Jura already has your back. The company is also thoughtful in integrating a remarkable cleaning and maintenance system in the W3. Cleaning and descaling the machine is a breeze.

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A machine that gives you barista-quality coffee is never compact. This is, in our opinion, one of the biggest considerations about the W3. It will not be great to have in a kitchen with very limited space. You can still get it, though, provided you clear your countertop of other things.

Very few coffee machines can offer the same level of convenience that the Jura GIGA W3 brings. And while its price can dissuade ordinary people from getting the machine, the W3 is at the pinnacle of modern coffee machines.


  • Professional-grade performance for large homes and power coffee drinkers
  • Very intuitive, convenient, and simple operation
  • Provides up to 43 different specialty and barista coffees
  • Grinds coffee beans the way baristas and coffee experts do
  • Already includes every accessory you need to make a great coffee
  • Excellent preservation of the aroma and flavors of coffee beans
  • Comes with an intuitive programming for effortless maintenance and cleaning
  • Allows customization of the pre-programmed coffee recipes
  • Very durable construction and elegant design


  • Pricier than most coffee machines on the market
  • Not ideal for kitchens with small countertops
  • The spigot may not accommodate all types of mugs and cups
  • Can be tricky to ‘master’ the ‘ideal’ coffee setting
  • Only 5 grind settings
  • No carafe for the milk


Aesthetics, Footprint, and Form Factor

The GIGA W3 takes Jura’s design philosophy to heart. The machine will sit well in a modern kitchen where the central theme is stainless steel. It has a sheen that can complement other contemporary appliances in the kitchen.

Do take note that Jura products are best known for their functionality than their aesthetics. The W3 does not have flashy details or intricate ornaments that can turn heads. What it is more concerned about is the way the machine can deliver cup after cup of fantastic coffee.

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There is a large TFT type of LCD in the top center of the appliance. It provides clear and vibrant images of the different coffees that the machine has in its programming. There are four multi-function buttons on either the left or right of the screen. On top of the appliance is a three-button array that includes the switch for the W3’s rotary grinder, a programming button, and the power button.

This full-auto coffee machine requires plenty of space. It stands 21.6 inches, notwithstanding the required space for opening the top lid. It also needs a countertop space of 19.6 inches and 14.5 inches. The machine will not be great for small kitchens. The bean container also sticks out from the top of the machine. A slim yet large-capacity water reservoir exists on the left side of the machine.

The cup platform is large enough to accommodate several cups at a time. There is also an integrated drip tray at the bottom of the appliance. The best part of it is that there is no need to check the drip tray from time to time. You will see an alert on the LCD screen about when you need to empty the drip tray.

Features and Functions

Underneath the GIGA W3’s simple design is an impressive array of features that even seasoned baristas will be proud to have. It is worth remembering that Jura designed the GIGA W3 to be one of its best performing coffee machines. Let us take a closer look at the different features and functionalities of this wonderful coffee machine.

Very Intuitive and Rapid-Fast Bean-to-Cup, One-Touch Brewing

Most coffee machines can prepare your espresso shot in more than a minute. The W3 does it in 33 seconds. What is even more remarkable is that you get two cups of your favorite espresso for the same amount of time. And if you want lattes for you and your partner, the GIGA W3 can have it ready in 1 minute, 30 seconds.

Prepping a pot of freshly brewed coffee for everyone to enjoy takes only 2.5 minutes. You can exchange pleasantries with your friends and officemates while the machine gets your coffee ready.

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The GIGA W3 simplifies the whole process of making excellent coffee. Unfortunately, it is necessary to find the correct settings that will give you consistent high-quality coffee every time. You can also program the W3 as to when it should start brewing and when it needs to shut itself off. And in case the machine is not in use, it will automatically go into standby.

Multitude of Coffee Recipes

One reason why the GIGA W3 is so expensive is that Jura already included 12 world-class barista coffee recipes in the programming of the coffee machine. This is in addition to the 31 specialty coffees that Jura made available at your fingertips.

Keep in mind, however, that these recipes may not sit well with your exacting tastes. That is where the W3’s customization options kicks in. You get to fine tune every recipe there is in the machine. Determine the strength of the coffee that you want or the ideal temperature that you prefer. You can also dial in your preferred characteristics of the froth for milk-based coffee recipes. In short, the W3 gives you access to more than 40 different types of coffee that you can personalize yourself.

Adjustable Air Intake

One key characteristic of the GIGA W3 is its adjustable air intake. A geared stepper motor controls the air intake. The feature heats the milk and produces the right quality of froth that is specific to a type of espresso-based milk beverages. A good example is in the making of a latte macchiato. The machine automatically pours hot milk into the cup. As soon as the hot milk is in the cup, the W3 pumps in the perfectly aerated milk froth. The final step is the filling of the cup with freshly brewed coffee.

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Professional-quality Grinder

Because of the commercial-like quality design of the W3, you can expect its coffee bean grinding mechanism to be durable and strong. Jura engineered the discs to be as durable as the machine itself. After all, this is the component of the machine that will be hard at work every time you start making coffee.

The only issue we see about the grinder is the number of its grind settings. The W3 only has 5 different settings. We expected to see more, given its price. Nevertheless, the machine does an excellent job of consistently providing you with an amazing cup of espresso.

Automated Milk Foaming Technology

Almost everyone loves a flat white these days. You get more coffee and less of the milk on top of it. Whatever milk-containing coffee type you fancy, the GIGA W3 can provide you an amazing cup every time. Almost all coffee machines already come with a milk foaming technology.

However, the W3 is one of the few that can truly provide you with a wonderful froth. It can automatically adjust the milk foam density according to the type of beverage you want. In case you want a thicker milk foam, you can also adjust it yourself. The machine also comes with an integrated frothing wand that purists look for in a coffee-making machine.

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Large-capacity Water Reservoir and Bean Hopper

Jura designed the W3 for office use. As such, you can expect its water reservoir and coffee bean hopper to accommodate enough ingredients for large groups of people. The water reservoir can hold 169 ounces, capable of producing about 150 or so of single espressos.

The hopper can hold 35.3 ounces of coffee beans. Overall, you can expect the GIGA W3 to produce anywhere between 75 and 100 servings of coffee, depending on the type and the strength of coffee that you need.

Efficient Dual Pump and Boiler Systems

Making 100 cups of good quality coffee consistently is a major feat. This sets the W3 far apart from its competitors. Its efficiency is made possible by the integration of a unique dual boiler system that features the Thermoblock technology. This system guarantees faster heating of the coffee and quicker steaming of the milk. Jura also throws in the CLARIS Pro Blue filter to keep the water as clean and refreshing as possible. There are no contaminants that can ruin your coffee enjoyment.

Fully-automated Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning a machine this large and complex can be intimidating. We are thankful that Jura decided to keep things fully automated. It has a self-rinsing feature that automatically kicks in the moment you push the power button.

And once you power off the device, the W3 will perform a thorough rinsing of its system before shutting itself down. Its colorful screen also displays alerts that will notify you of the need for cleaning and descaling. You can also clean or descale the system yourself anytime you want.

Ingenious Aroma Preservation Cover 

One feature about the GIGA W3 that we absolutely love is its aroma preservation cover. It may look like an ordinary lid. However, the cover was designed to lock in the freshness of coffee beans. You get to enjoy the full flavor profile and aromas of your coffee beans with this feature.

Operation, Cleaning, and Maintenance

One of the GIGA W3’s most remarkable characteristics is its ease of use. We like to call it the coffee bean-to-cup wonder machine. Fill the reservoir with water and pour your favorite coffee beans into the integrated hopper.

Place your cup under the spigot and select the kind of coffee that you want from its large, colorful display. Stand aside and hear the machine start to grind the beans and magically transform them into an amazing drink. We have seen coffee machines perform such processes. However, very few can compare to the efficiency of the W3.

While operating the W3 is easy, finding the ‘right’ characteristics for your coffee can take some time. With 43 different recipes that you can customize according to your preferences, it can take weeks before you can determine the best possible ‘settings’ for all of these coffee types. The good news is that it will be a simple one-touch operation once you have set your drinks.

Maintaining the GIGA W3 in tiptop shape is also effortless. Every time you start up the machine, it automatically rinses its system to give you a very fresh start. It also does this the moment you turn off the W3. The automatic self-cleaning technology ensures better-tasting coffee all the time.

There is also no need to manually descale the W3. If you have ample water in the reservoir, the machine will only require you to press a button. Jura also allows you to program a cleaning cycle. This is perfect for those who often forget to clean and descale their coffee machines.

Who this Product is for? / Should You Buy This?

The Jura GIGA W3 is very expensive and for good reason. The technologies integrated into its design remain unmatched in the coffee industry. The materials are of the highest possible quality. You must be a large organization, a wealthy person, or someone who has the budget to get the GIGA W3 in your kitchen.

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While its price is a limiting factor, the GIGA W3 can also present other issues that only certain people can address.

First, its size. This coffee machine is for people with large kitchens or those with ample space on their countertops.

Second, its large capacity. The W3 is perfect for large groups of people. Hence, its ideal use is in an office setting where everyone can get a chance to enjoy delicious coffee all day long. The GIGA W3 can still be a great addition to an ordinary home, provided you have power coffee drinkers in the family. It is not wise to get a large-capacity coffee machine if there are only a few people consuming one to two cups per day.

If you can address both issues, then you should buy the Jura GIGA W3. It is the closest thing you can ever get to employing a professional barista right in your kitchen. Its setup, operation, and maintenance are also simplified to make the W3 the most efficient coffee machine money can buy.

The Competition

Jura GIGA W3 vs GIGA 5

The GIGA W3 costs more than the GIGA 5. It also has double the water reservoir capacity and triple the bean hopper capacity of the GIGA 5. The W3 also provides more programming options for better customization of its more than 40 drinks. This makes the W3 a better buy.


Editor's Pick
Jura GIGA W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine
You can support us by making purchases from our links. We may earn commissions from it, at no additional cost to you.

We cannot think of a grave issue that will dissuade coffee lovers from getting the Jura GIGA W3.

Its professional build quality and reliable and intuitive coffee making performance make the W3 a great buy.

Sure, this coffee machine can be more expensive than a reliable and nice used car.

However, with the level of convenience that the W3 provides, it makes for the perfect coffee machine. You get to forever enjoy coffee the way you want it.

Value for Money
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