Home Espresso Machines Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine Review 2023

Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine Review 2023

Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine Review 2023

Sophisticated espresso machines are on the rise.

Each year, manufacturers outdo each other to design and deliver a machine that can be dubbed as the world’s best.

High-tech coffee machines now populate the shelves of retail shops. You can get some of them for a thousand dollars.

The true super-automatics, however, provide more than the usual coffee brewing performance.

These machines are the ultimate in terms of form and function.

And when it comes to design reliability and functionality, very few brands can match the Jura GIGA 6.

The Jura GIGA 6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Editor's Pick
Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine
Nothing is as smart as the Jura GIGA 6 Coffee Machine in terms of functionality. It brings artificial intelligence in its design, letting one have 28 specialty coffee recipes, smart preheating, and other automatic features in an instant.
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Jura is proud of its Swiss heritage. The brand has been at the pinnacle of high-end coffee machine design since 1931. Like Victorinox and other Swiss brands, Jura excels in the thoughtful design, precision workmanship, and unparalleled craftsmanship of its coffee machines. The GIGA 6 has all these characteristics to heart. It sits conveniently at the apex of espresso machine design innovation.

The GIGA 6 is a testament to Jura’s penchant for continuous improvement. We cannot believe how many cutting-edge technologies are in the GIGA 6. There is the built-in AI that simplifies coffee selection that is tailor-fitted to one’s preferences. Other noteworthy technologies include smart preheating, intelligent water system, automatic grinder adjustment, and automatic switching from milk to milk froth, among others. The Zero-Energy switch and Energy Save mode are also remarkable additions to an already-formidable machine.

Using the GIGA 6 for the very first time requires a lot of setting up the preferred parameters for each of the 28 programs. However, it becomes a one-touch operation the moment you have everything set. It also helps a lot that Jura already ditched the conventional button-activated LCD screen. In its place is a colored display that has all the functionalities of a touchscreen device. The brand also redesigned the controls at the top of the machine, giving it a more elegant and uncluttered look.

With all the coffee technology innovations seen in the GIGA 6, expect this machine to be out of reach of ordinary people. It is one of Jura’s most expensive. It is one of the heaviest, too. Its footprint will also require plenty of countertop space. However, its intuitive operation, reliable performance, and elegant design make the Jura GIGA 6 the best espresso machine money can buy.


  • Provides 28 specialty coffee recipes for everyone
  • First coffee machine to integrate Artificial Intelligence into its design
  • Comes with an intelligent aroma system
  • Includes three different brewing processes in one
  • Comes with the JOE app for remote access
  • Very intuitive and easy to navigate large, colored touchscreen display
  • Comes with dual boiler and pump system for improved efficiency
  • Grinder adjustments are fully automated
  • Already includes a carafe for milk


  • Very heavy
  • Very expensive
  • Mastering the ‘recipes can take time
  • No cup warmer
  • Requires meticulous maintenance
  • Smart app may not be compatible with certain mobile devices

Aesthetics, Footprint, and Form Factor

One of the things you will instantly notice in the Jura GIGA 6 is the absence of buttons on the sides of the screen. You will also notice that the LCD is larger at 4.3 inches compared to the other coffee machines in the GIGA series. The inclusion of a touchscreen display makes navigating across the different menus and settings very easy. The images are clear and bright, in case you are wondering.

Gone, too, are the array of buttons at the leading front edge of the coffee machine’s top. What you now have is a single large blue-backlit button that serves as the machine’s rotary switch. This button also replaces the programming button of earlier GIGA models. Flip open the panel that surrounds the rotary switch and you can access the on and off button. The power button is at the back of the machine.

At the back of the machine is Jura’s Smart Connect system that allows you to pair it with the brand’s downloadable app. This can further simplify the process of getting an awesome drink even though you are not in front of the machine.

The structural design of the GIGA 6 is not going to win the hearts of people who want artsy or fancy machines, however. It has a boxy appearance and is devoid of the curves of most contemporary coffee machines. You get an espresso maker that delivers just that – make excellent quality coffees. It does not really care if you think that the machine is ugly or unappealing. What matters to Jura is the enjoyment you get whenever you want coffee.

The GIGA 6 requires a counter space that is at least 19 inches deep and 12.5 inches wide. You can forget owning this super-automatic if you do not have this very basic space requirement. On the bright side, the GIGA 6’s footprint is a bit smaller than other Jura coffee machines. This machine also requires a vertical space of about 19 inches, which is, again, smaller than some other Jura products. It is also heavy at 39.7 pounds.

Features and Functionalities

If there is such a thing as an ultra-automatic, the Jura GIGA 6 would be it. This machine outperforms other so-called super-autos. And while it does not have a very striking appearance, its features and functionalities are more than enough to earn our respect and win our admiration.

Fast and Intelligent Brewing Technologies

There is a multitude of remarkable and ingenious technologies in the GIGA 6. There is the Pulse Extraction Process technology that guarantees the best possible coffee every time. The technology ensures the efficient extraction of all the flavors and aromas of each coffee bean in the machine’s hopper. It works well with the Aroma Preservation technology of the machine, too. Another notable technology that works in tandem with the PEP is the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System. Such a feature unlocks the magic of coffee beans to flood your nostrils with amazing coffee aroma.

The Jura Fine Foam technology also gives you the chance to make milk-based coffee drinks that you can only get from famous boutique coffee shops. This technology complements the HP2 milk system that Jura incorporated into the GIGA 6’s design. One can also adjust the temperature settings of the milk and milk froth up to 10 different levels.

The GIGA 6 also relies on a bevy of systems for brewing excellent coffee. While there are only three levels of brewing temperature, the GIGA 6 makes up for it by ensuring temperature accuracy. You get amazing coffee at the right strength and temperature.

The Artificial Intelligence built into the GIGA 6 also helps redefine your coffee experience. The technology keeps track of your drink preferences and custom settings. It uses this information to organize the menus on the screen without requiring your input. This is a smart way to let you enjoy the coffee of your life.

Excellent Customization

The customization options of the GIGA 6 can be dizzying to start with. While the GIGA W3 has more programs to work with, the GIGA 6’s 28 programs are still formidable to master. Nevertheless, Jura made sure that fine tuning each of these programs will be a cinch. Everything gets displayed on the bright 4.3-inch screen. And with the convenience of scrolling and swiping the screen, deciding on your preferred coffee settings is easy.

There are plenty of things to program with the GIGA 6. You can program it to turn on and off to help you get things going. One does not need to run to the kitchen to turn the machine on early in the morning. You can customize it to run as you like.

One thing we love about the GIGA 6 is the number of coffee strength settings that it has. Most super-automatics can only give you a maximum of 5 levels. The GIGA 6 doubles that. This is perfect for more precise fine tuning of your coffee. Once you are done tweaking your drinks, you can save them into the GIGA 6’s brewing controls.

Smart Connect Feature

It is obvious that Jura has stepped up its game with the addition of the Jura Operating Experience platform to the GIGA 6. Dubbed the JOE, the system offers better convenience for users of the coffee machine. The Jura JOE is an app that lets you control and manage everything that the machine does. So, if you forgot to set the auto on-off feature of the machine, you can still turn the GIGA 6 on with you still in your bed.

Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine

The JOE connects to the Smart Connect module at the back of the GIGA 6. Unfortunately, as ingenious as the technology is, we did find some issues with its compatibility. According to Jura, the JOE app requires a mobile device that operates on at least Android 5.1.1. We have units that have newer Android versions that the JOE app did not recognize. Also, the minimum Bluetooth version that the app can work with is 4.0.

If you do get the app to work on your phone, the Jura JOE system should be an invaluable tool. You get to manage the customizations and operation of the machine from within Bluetooth range. You also get to watch useful videos about the GIGA 6 on the app.

Large Capacity Espresso Maker

The 87-ounce capacity of the GIGA 6’s water reservoir is enough to provide drinks for everyone in the office. It should also quench the thirst of coffee-loving households. Pair it with the 19.8-ounce capacity of the bean hopper and you get a machine that is perfect for parties and other social gatherings.

We also love the pair of bean containers on the GIGA 6. It is possible to put two different varieties of coffee beans if you want to make crazy creations. The containers come with the aroma preservation cover of Jura to help lock-in the finest qualities of the beans.

The water container features the CLEARYL Pro Smart filtration system. The technology keeps track of water quality to make sure you only get fresh and clean water to go in your cup. The filter can be another source of expense on your part, however.

Dual Grinder and Thermoblock System

The large capacity of the GIGA 6 would be worthless if the machine does not have an efficient grinding and brewing system. This machine comes with two very smart, industrial-grade grinding discs that will further reduce the overall brewing process. What makes it so unique is that the grinder mechanism is so smart there is no need for manual adjustment. This is the central function of Jura’s Automatic Grinding Adjustment technology.

The dual grinder and hopper system of the GIGA 6 makes it a cinch to prepare two drinks at the same time. You can also program the machine to create drinks with different proportions of coffee from each hopper. The GIGA 6 makes it easy to come up with coffee styles that you can proudly call your own.

The dual boiler system also has Jura’s patented Thermoblock technology. Not only does this system guarantee faster brewing, it also ensures a more consistent water temperature for your drinks.

Operation, Cleaning, and Maintenance

It is understandable that using the GIGA 6 for the very first time will be very daunting. With so many customization options, you can spend several days up to a few weeks to set everything. One of the most challenging aspects of setting up the machine is the determination of water hardness. Jura lets you choose the level of hardness of the water in your system. Thankfully, the company gives you the tools to determine water hardness in your home. You can then connect the milk and other accessories that you may want with the GIGA 6.

The GIGA 6 allows you to perform different things during coffee preparation. You can change the strength of your coffee or even the amount of milk foam or water. However, changing the coffee strength during operation is only possible if you are making a single cup. Jura also allows you to stop the brewing process any time.

One thing we find upsetting about Jura is that the company does not provide a cup warmer with the GIGA 6. This will require a separate purchase, which can further increase the overall initial cost of owning the machine.

Once you have everything ready, it is all a matter of touching and swiping the color screen. Since most of us are already very adept with the use of our smartphones, going through the different menus of the GIGA 6 should never be a problem. This is where the real challenge begins. Imagine having 28 different coffee recipes that you will have to tweak to suit your preferences.

Maintaining the GIGA 6 is a breeze. The machine already features a self-rinse mode that washes and cleanses its brewing and milk components every time you switch off and power on the machine. Jura also recommends changing the water in the reservoir every day. Other daily maintenance requirements include the emptying and manual rinsing of the dreg container and the drip tray.

The GIGA 6 also requires periodic maintenance that you can perform every 3 months. During this time, you will have to replace the milk pipe and milk spout. The cup platform and the water tank will also require considerable cleaning.

Who this Product is for? / Should You Buy This?

The Jura GIGA 6 is for people who want only the best super-automatic coffee machine. The smart features of the espresso machine can redefine people’s perceptions of convenience. The touchscreen display makes coffee making a breeze, while the machine’s reliable and customizable programming ensures excellent quality coffee every time.

This machine is also for large families or those households with power drinkers. The GIGA 6’s large coffee brewing capacity makes it the ideal device to have in any setting that requires large volumes of coffee for everyone. On that note, the GIGA 6 should also feel at home in offices.

Of course, the GIGA 6 is only for those who have deep pockets. The technologies embedded in the GIGA 6 command a premium price that not all people can afford. This espresso machine is also ideal for homes with large kitchens.

If you do not mind its price and you are a heavy coffee drinker, then the GIGA 6 is the one to get.

View the Jura GIGA 6 here.

The Competition

Jura GIGA 6 vs Jura Z8

Aside from a built-in Artificial Intelligence, the GIGA 6 also has 7 more coffee programs and one more grinder than the Z8. This makes it more capable of meeting the demands of power coffee-drinking households. The Z8, on the other hand, is ideal for those who want a super-automatic without the hefty price tag.


The Jura GIGA 6 comes with state-of-the-art technologies that can add a flair of futurism to any modern kitchen. It is the best coffee machine for tech-savvy power coffee drinkers who do not mind paying a hefty sum upfront. The convenience that the machine brings is more than enough to offset any issues in price.

Get the Jura GIGA 6 here.

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