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Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Machine Review 2023

Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Machine Review 2023

People have their own ideas on how to make the perfect espresso. Most, however, would rather queue at their coffee shop for a good brew.

If you are already tired of going to and from the café just to enjoy an espresso shot or two, then you should consider getting a super-automatic espresso machine.

The Jura E8 is one such machine that can deliver espressos and other coffee styles that taste even better than what a professional barista can prepare.

This is our review of one of Jura’s most wonderful machines.

The Jura E8 Espresso Machine

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Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Machine

Experience coffeehouse-quality drinks in the comfort of your own home with the JURA E8 coffee machine. Utilizing revolutionary PEP technology and a six-level AromaG3 grinder, the E8 delivers intense aromas and perfectly ground coffee every time.

Capacity: 1100 Milliliters
Special Feature: Programmable, Thermal
Material: Chrome
Weight: 22 Pounds
Dimensions: 17.3 x 11 x 13.8 inches
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Jura is known for its tradition of excellence. This Niedernuchsiten-based Swiss company produces many of the world’s most iconic coffee machines. There are units designed specifically for commercial establishments and those that are perfect for offices. Its consumer models are also exemplary pieces of engineering. One of these is the Jura E8.

The E8 Espresso Machine is one of Jura’s most trusted consumer models that the company first introduced in 2015. The latest version, the 2019 model, has almost the same characteristics and functionalities as the 2015 version. They only differ a bit in styling, tank capacity, and the number of beverage specialties that the machine can provide. Otherwise, you will not really be missing anything if you purchase the 2015 model of the E8.

This machine comes with an elegant look and a compact footprint that should fit most US kitchens. It can provide 12 different specialty coffees, including flat white, cappuccino, espresso, latte, macchiato, and ristretto. Programming and customizing these beverages are a must during the initial use of the machine. This will automate the process of making these beverages with the convenience of a one-touch operation.

The E8 also features Jura’s patented Pulse Extraction Process technology and the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System. Both works seamlessly in the making of excellent coffee. There is also a very efficient grinder and a single boiler system that can fast-track the brewing of coffee a lot better than some double boiler machines.

The TFT display provides both text and graphic information that makes using the machine easy. The cleaning and maintenance programs also help in keeping the integrity of the unit.

While the E8 is one of Jura’s ‘budget’ machines, its price tag is still considerably higher than other brands.


  • Elegant, modern look with easy-to-use display
  • Makes excellent coffee all the time
  • Provides modest customization of drinks
  • Produces a fine milk foam for lattes and cappuccinos
  • Comes with an automatic self-rinse feature
  • Features a ceramic burr grinder
  • Compatible with the Smart Connect Bluetooth dongle
  • Easy to clean


  • Insufficient grind settings for its price
  • Still expensive
  • Single boiler design

Aesthetics, Footprint, and Form Factor

You will be forgiven for thinking that the overall appearance of the E8 is overly simple.

While other brands have flashier and more futuristic design, the E8 has a more ‘functional’ aesthetics to it. The machine still looks lovelier than other Jura models. Our test unit came with a black-and-silver design that is perfect for modern kitchens where stainless steel is the principal theme. There is also the more conservative all-black design. Both variants of the E8 can add a different kind of flair to any kitchen. The spigots always feature a shiny chrome finish to make the machine sparkle in any room.

jura e8 espresso machine
credits: www.jura.com

Above the dual coffee spouts is a large LCD screen. Its black background complements the black color of the center tower. It gives the impression of a unified design. The buttons alongside the screen are also in black. You will think that the E8 does not have any control buttons. The screen provides easy-to-read textual information that Jura augmented with colored graphics. Unfortunately, there is no way you can adjust the brightness or contrast of the display.

This espresso machine requires a countertop space that measures 17.3 inches deep and 11 inches wide. The machine’s footprint makes it suitable in standard US kitchen countertops where the average depth is 25 inches. Of course, there are other factors that require consideration. The E8 has a top-loading bean hopper. If you are going to place the machine under a hanging cabinet, it would be wise to add at least 4 to 5 inches of extra vertical space. The E8 stands at a modest 13.8 inches. A vertical space of at least 18 inches would be fine.

Unboxing the E8 should be easy, unless 22 pounds is too heavy for you. Commercial coffee machines often have double the weight of the E8. It should be easy to move it in your kitchen if you do decide to place it in another location.

Features and Functionalities

We like to look at the Jura E8 as a wonderful compromise between a high-end commercial espresso machine and a reliable, budget-friendly consumer unit. And if you are wondering what you will be getting from the E8, here are the noteworthy features you need to know.

jura e8 espresso machine
credits: www.jura.com

Integrated Brewing Technologies

Jura included a few coffee brewing technologies in the E8 to make your coffee-making adventures more fascinating. Two of the most important technologies found in the E8 are the IPBAS and the PEP. One immerses the beans in water prior to brewing, while the other takes care of the optimal extraction of the beans’ full flavor and aroma profile.

The Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System delivers the right amount and temperature of water to the coffee grounds just before the machine brews them. The process softens the grounds and prepares them for brewing.

Super-automatic espresso machines, like the E8, use pressurized water to hasten the speed of producing coffee. What separates the E8 from other brands is the use of the Pulse Extraction Process system. The machine delivers short bursts of pressurized and heated water to the coffee grounds instead of a continuously flowing form. This results in a coffee that has a remarkable taste and an unbelievable aroma.

Innovative Brewing and Maintenance Programs

One of the main differences between the 2015 and the 2019 E8 coffee machine is the number of beverage specialties. The 2019 version offers 16 specialties, four more than what the 2015 model can provide. These additional beverage programs include espresso macchiato, espresso doppio, and hot water for special coffee and green tea.

jura e8 espresso machine

If you are not really a fan of these beverages, then the 2015 model of the E8 will suffice. You will still be able to enjoy coffee specialties like cappuccino, flat white, ristretto, espresso, latte macchiato, and Americano. Hot water and milk are also available.

The maintenance programs integrated into the E8 are almost the same with what other Jura coffee machines have. There is an automatic self-rinsing program as well as real-time monitoring of the critical components of the machine. It goes without saying that maintaining the E8 is as effortless as operating it.

Ample Personalization Options

The Jura E8 comes with enough personalization options that avid coffee drinkers will love. We were surprised to learn that the E8 provides 8 different levels of coffee strength. The maximum is 16 beans that should be perfect for coffee lovers who want their beverage strong and bold.

Adjusting the volume of the water for each beverage is already a standard. So is the temperature of the water. For a super-automatic that costs more than twice as much as the average coffee machine, we expected to see more customizations. However, ordinary coffee drinkers who could not care less about the intricate characteristics of their drinks will find the customization options of the E8 to be more than acceptable.

jura e8 espresso machine

Enough Brewing Capacity

The top-loading bean hopper of the E8 can hold 9.9 ounces. We strongly recommend getting the best coffee beans that you can find. This will help make sure that you get awesome drinks every time. Also, skip the only ones as they tend to clog the machine’s grinder burrs.

The E8 can also hold 63.6 ounces of water. It is not enough for large offices. However, it should be more than adequate for a large household whose members are average coffee drinkers. Like the bean hopper, the water tank has a top-loading design. You can remove it from its side mount for refilling in the sink. It also comes with Jura’s water filter. Again, the choice is yours if you want to use the filter or not.

Single Boiler and Grinder System

jura e8 espresso machine

Other brands of coffee machines with the same price as the E8 already feature a double boiler design. But we are talking about a Jura here. Integrating a double boiler design will surely jack up its price and make it more less affordable. A single boiler system takes more time to make coffee. However, Jura addresses this shortcoming by using the Thermoblock technology. The E8 will still make coffee slower than double boiler machines, but not very far behind.

We were surprised to see a ceramic conical burr grinder in the E8. There are more expensive Jura models that have a stainless-steel grinder disc. And with the integrated Aroma G3 technology, you can bet that the E8 will grind your coffee beans a lot faster than other machines. There is only one thing we feel inadequate in the E8. Its 6 grind settings may seem nice. For its price, it is not. We expected to see at least 10 grind settings from a machine with this price tag.

Clear and Easy to Use Display and Controls

We already mentioned that the E8 has a large TFT LCD screen that displays very easy to read textual information. There are also colored images of the different items that correspond to the text. The buttons on the right and left side of the screen allow for one-touch operation of programmed beverages. There are also two half-moon buttons on the milk spigot that correspond to the milk and hot water programs on the machine. Overall, we like the simplicity of the button layout. They also feel crisp and springy when pressed.

jura e8 espresso machine

Adding to the ease of managing the E8 is its Smart Connect-readiness. It does not come with the Bluetooth module, though. You need to purchase the small device yourself and install it into the E8. Once installed, you will get to control the machine even though you are not in front of the E8. You can also customize the settings and the different characteristics of your everyday beverage right on your mobile device.

Operation, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Making coffee is super easy with the Jura E8. This espresso machine is just like other Jura products that offers optimum use convenience. Operating the machine is always as simple as a one-button operation. However, setting it up for initial use requires a long learning curve, depending on one’s preferences.

People who are not very demanding in their beverages can use the machine straight from the box. One only needs to give the machine ample time to boot itself up and prepare the different components for the very first drinks. The E8 already has everything pre-programmed. However, it does help to set the hardness of your water before you run the machine.

For coffee drinkers who wish to personalize their drinking experience, the learning curve can last up to a week or so. This is expected because of the number of specialty beverages that the E8 offers. Each drink may require constant adjustment of its characteristics before you can say you have hit the magic spot.

We have yet to see a super-automatic coffee machine that offers hands-free maintenance and cleaning. And the E8 is no exception. One good thing about Jura products is that they always come with a neat maintenance program. This feature reminds you of the need for regular and routine maintenance. There is no need to create a logbook just so you will have an idea of when the next maintenance schedule will be.

Aside from an automatic self-rinsing function, the E8 also comes with a cleaning cycle indicator. It reminds owners of the need to add a Jura Cleaning tablet into the brew unit of the machine. Like all Jura machines, the E8 has a non-removable brew unit. That is why you will need to put one of those cleaning tablets that Jura formulated specifically for the purpose. The cleaning tablet removes any coffee residue that may have built up in your unit. The unit will alert you to the need for brew unit cleaning after the machine has completed about 200 cups of beverage.

It is also important to flush and clean the milk hose of the E8. You can do this by dipping one end of the milk hose in a container filled with a cleaning solution. Place another container under the milk frother spout of the E8 and run the machine’s clean cycle. An alternative will be to remove the hose and immerse it in a cleaning solution. It is imperative that you clean the milk hose every day.

Who this Product is for? / Should You Buy This?

First and foremost, Jura products are not for average-income households. There are brands that can provide these households with almost the same coffee-making experience that Jura products provide, but at a lower price tag. the Jura E8 is still an expensive espresso machine even though Jura positions it as a budget coffee machine.

jura e8 espresso machine

Next, always consider the footprint of the E8. It is smaller and more compact than other Jura models. However, it will still need plenty of space in the kitchen for people to maximize its performance. It is for this reason that only households with ample countertop space can purchase the E8.

In terms of the beverage itself, the E8 is perfect for anyone who loves specialty coffee, especially cappuccino. The one-touch cappuccino program of the E8 can make drinking cappuccinos hassle-free. Customizing one’s beverage is also easy with this machine. However, do not expect that the Jura E8 will give you a wide array of personalization options.

A power coffee drinker, a large household, and a person who prefers to use stout coffee mugs than tall ones will all benefit from having the Jura E8.

Jura E8 vs Jura E6

Cappuccino lovers will always choose the Jura E8 over the E6. The same is true for people who want more specialty coffee beverages as well as the ability to tweak their drinks with greater precision. Of course, the disadvantage of these pluses is a price tag that is almost double that of the E6.


The Jura E8 is far from a perfect super-automatic espresso machine. It is pricey for the average household and large for small kitchens. It does not offer enough specialty recipes to satisfy the needs of certain people. The machine also lacks the customization that very demanding coffee drinkers need. However, the E8 is a beautiful machine that can add a touch of elegance to any kitchen. It is also very functional when it comes to delivering consistently delicious coffee. And with the Jura badge on the machine, you get an appliance that will never fail you and your family.

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