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Jura E6 Review 2023

Jura E6 Review 2023
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Another super-automatic espresso machine that prepares coffee in a few seconds is the Jura E6.

It’s among the bean-to-cup coffee makers with almost the same features as the premium Jura Z8.

With programmability options, intelligent water system, P.E.P. brewing and more, this is really a great machine for its price.

Many sought for the very expensive Jura Z8 (review here), yet, here’s a cheaper alternative — Jura E6.

Still, a super-automatic espresso machine that lets you prepare coffee without the long wait, it sure is a product worthy to be explored.

Here’s our in-depth Jura E6 review and why Jura E6 is also a great purchase, even for professional baristas.

What is Jura E6?

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Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Machine
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Jura E6 has a simple, yet intuitive and sleek design. Although this is still a super-automatic espresso machine, you are more hands-on than other models.

It features premium features only found in expensive coffee makers. With a press of a button and a turn of a dial, it’s easy for you to brew and steam milk in seconds.

The integrated burr grinder is reliable to give consistent coffee grounds. With pre-infusion of the coffee using the machine’s intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System, it promises more efficient coffee extraction. Plus, with the P.E.P. technology, there is nothing better than having a great cup of coffee in just seconds.

Jura E6
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  • Still comes with the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technology for deep natural flavor
  • It has beautiful and sleek design
  • Fully customizable and savable, with settings easy to change
  • Makes really hot espresso with rich crema
  • Creates cappuccino with a velvety and creamy texture
  • It comes with fine froth technology
  • With energy-saving mode for energy efficiency
  • Can be connected wirelessly
  • Has touchscreen control panel to access settings easily
  • Easy to use with an on-screen step-by-step guide
  • Bean hopper and water tank have large capacity


  • Mostly made of plastic, which made it less durable
  • Milk temperature won’t go any hotter
  • Can’t use pre-ground coffee, no slot for it
  • No option to use coffee pods/capsules
  • Limited choice of coffee drinks

Design and Specifications

Most Jura coffee machines are indeed a head-turner and Jura E6 is no exception. It’s elegantly looking with dominating black plastic casing and silver side panels. This combination makes it stunning wherever you place it.

Jura E6
credits: winningappliances.com.au

A 9.9oz bean hopper is located at the top of the machine with transparent aroma preservation cover. A capacitive 63.6oz removable plastic water tank on the left side with freshness cover. At the right size, there’s a switch for hot water and steam preparation.

There is a grinder adjustment switch (with cover) on the top towards the rear side of the machine. A dedicated filler funnel next to the grinder adjustment switch where you place the cleaning tablet during the cleaning the machine.

The TFT screen display shows different settings of the machine. It has multifunction buttons to the sides which functions vary depending on what is displayed on the screen. In front, it has height-adjustable coffee spout and fine foam frother. The cup platform can be pulled to open the coffee grounds container and underneath is the drip tray.

It has a slim profile with 11 x 17 x 13.5 inches dimension and 21lbs weight. Like most products in the US, it operates at 120V with 1450W power rating. It has a 15bar pump and Thermoblock boiler made with stainless steel-lined aluminum.

Jura E6
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In just one minute and 58 seconds, the machine will be ready to be used. It has pre-infusion technology with programmable settings like Dose, Milk Temperature, Shot Time and Temperature.

Features and Functionalities

Jura E6 has some features worth mentioning to help you with your purchasing decisions. Among them are the following:

  • Built-in Grinder — It comes with Aroma G3 burr grinder that is super-fast grinding, yet very quiet. You can adjust the grinder one of the seven fineness settings that will also affect the grinding time. You can use the grinder adjustment switch to do it. Since it features a refined burr set, you are assured that you get even grinds with higher efficiency.
  • TFT Screen Display — Comes with a clear and user-friendly screen display, making the operation simple. It has buttons to the side dedicated to espresso, cappuccino, coffee, and milk foaming. Navigation is fairly easy since the buttons to the side function depends on what’s displayed on the screen. This isn’t a touchscreen display, but with the help of the six buttons to the side, you can easily operate the machine — just follow the prompt on the screen.
  • One-Touch Cappuccino — Since it comes with Capuccinatore/siphon milk system, preparing a cup of cappuccino is just a button-press away.
  • P.E.P. Brewing — As the name suggests, instead of a constant flow of water through the coffee, it’s pulsed through right before the pre-infusion starts. It intensifies the aroma to give greater intensity and shorter brew time. The noise at the beginning of the brewing operation is made by the P.E.P. technology.
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System — This lets you prepare your drinks between five and 16 grams of coffee. It pre-infuses the coffee before brewing, so you can achieve the best possible extraction. You have the freedom to adjust the coffee temperature and the volume depending on your liking.
  • Intelligent Water System — with RFID technology, the machine will automatically detect if there’s a water filter being used. If you’re not using any filter, it’s recommended to use the CLEARYL Smart/Pro Smart water filter. This eliminates the limescale, chlorine and other heavy metals that’ll alter the flavor of your coffee. Using the filter also extends the lifespan of this machine. Simply install it and this feature will do the rest.
  • Fine Foam Technology — Without any manual operation on the steam wand, you can froth the milk whatever you like — foam or airy. Simply use the TFT display, scroll through the settings and then, decide the texture of the milk. The machine will do what it’s designed for.
  • JURA Smart Connect — You can connect the machine to your smartphone through the Smart Connect device, which you need to buy separately. With this, you can make selections and changes on the machine remotely using your phone. You can also make changes with the settings without the need to do it on your machine. It’s convenient and makes the operation much easier.

There are still other excellent features of E6. However, the above-mentioned ones are essential to making a satisfying cup of coffee.

Setup and Operation

Out of the box, place the machine in a place that is not sensitive to water. If you have limited space, just make sure that the ventilation slots will not be covered. This is to avoid overheating and possible damage to the appliance.

When using the machine for the first time, it’s important to test the water hardness level. This is to ensure that the water is safe for the coffee machine so it won’t alter the taste of your coffee. Not only is this a necessity for Jura E6, but for any coffee machine, even if you’ll use a water filter.

Jura E6 Review and Advanced Usage Guide

Complete setup instructions for first-time use can be found in the instructions manual. The machine will also display easy-understandable prompts on the TFT screen for you to be guided along the way.

Fill the bean hopper with fresh coffee beans and lock the aroma preservation cover in place. Likewise, fill the water tank and insert in back to the machine, then, lock the water tank cover.

If you’ll use milk, you can connect the machine to the stainless steel frothing container using the milk pipe. Connect the pipe to the fine foam frother and place the other end to the milk container. It’s recommended to use a milk cooler or vacuum milk container to keep the milk temperature at 39–46°F (4–8°C).

Jura E6
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To start brewing, just select the coffee drink you wish to have. After you press the button corresponding to the coffee drink, preparation starts and the coffee strength is displayed on the screen. The default amount of water will be dispensed unless you’ve changed the preset settings.

It automatically stops, finishes your coffee drink and the machine is now ready to be used again!

If you want to change the preset settings on parameters like coffee strength, temperature and water amount, you can to the Programming mode. You can make changes to the ‘Clean’, ‘Descale’, ‘Expert Mode’, ‘Choose language’ and so on.

To change preset settings for each specialty drinks, go to the ‘Expert Mode’. You can change the coffee strength, water amount and temperature. A detailed guide is included in the product manual.

When turning off the machine, it’ll prompt with ‘Clean the milk system’ if you are preparing milk. Then, it’ll go into the cleaning process with message displays in between. Otherwise, shutting down will happen after 10 seconds.

Brewing Capacity and Process

Since Jura E6 has a dual spout, you can brew two cups of coffee simultaneously. The machine gives you message prompts to keep you guided when using it. Turn it on and it says, “Welcome to JURA.” The next message goes like this, “Machine is heating.” Then, “Machine is rinsing,” as it automatically rinses the system before each use.

Jura E6
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If you want to pull a shot or any coffee machine, ensure that the water tank has sufficient water. If the machine displays “Fill bean container” or ‘Empty coffee grounds container’ and other prompt, it’s important to address it before you can proceed.

Once everything is fine, the start screen will be displayed. If you want to prepare espresso, simply press the button associated with that coffee drink. But wait, you need to put cups below the spout first before pressing the button (you can use one cup or two cups). For two espresso cups, you need to press the ‘Espresso’ button twice (one-second interval). The same process goes when you prepare two coffees.

To prepare cappuccino, it’s important to connect the milk jug to the milk frother via the milk pipe. You can do it without the need to move a cup or do manual milk steaming. Just make sure that the cup in under the dual spouts (the coffee spout and the fine foam frother). Then, press ‘Cappuccino’ and turn the switch at the right to steam when the ‘Switch open’ message is displayed.

‘Milk foam’ message is displayed when the machine prepares the milk. Once the preset amount of milk is reached, the operation will stop. Turn off the switch by turning it back to its original position. Your cappuccino is now ready, enjoy!

Jura E6
credits: www.harveynorman.com.au

Cleaning and Maintenance

Espresso machine needs to be cleaned every after use. Coffee and milk residue can cause alteration of the coffee flavor and quality. So, as a general rule, wipe out spills and mess with soft, damp cloth after using it.

You need to empty the drip tray and the coffee grounds container at the end of the day. Clean them with warm water to remove stubborn residues. Do this when the machine is still on, otherwise, the coffee grounds counter won’t reset to zero.

JURA E6 - Cleaning the machine

To improve the performance and extend the lifespan of this coffee machine, Jura integrates several maintenance protocols, and prompt the user to do so. The tasks involve rinsing and cleaning the machine, rinsing and cleaning the fine foam frother, changing the water filter, and descaling.

Again, there are message prompts and instructions to make maintenance easier. Cleaning the fine foam frother should be done daily if you’re preparing milk. Descaling the machine will run for 40 minutes. Ensure it’ll not be interrupted or it may damage the machine.

Descaling the water tank, on the other hand, needs you to use JURA descaling tablets and leave it there overnight or for several hours. Then, rinse it thoroughly. If you’re using the filter cartridge, remove it before descaling. You can refill the water tank with cold water once the process is complete.

Accessories and Add-ons

Unlike other espresso machines, this only comes with a few accessories bundled with your purchase. Among them are the Jura CLEARYL Smart filter cartridge and six multi-pack two-phase cleaning tablets. A 20oz stainless steel frothing pitcher will be given upon purchase.

Jura E6
credits: www.winningappliances.com.au

Additionally, it comes with 1-pound Capresso East Coast Blend Coffee Beans (medium roast). You’ll also have 3oz ceramic tiara espresso cup and saucer. There aren’t many add-ons on your purchase, but you know you can easily purchase additional accessories with JURA on the internet at www.jura.com.

Who this product is for? / Should You Buy This?

Jura coffee machines are built to last. However, for a bean-to-cup coffee maker, Jura E6’s price is a bit high. It’s really important to understand why are you paying a huge amount for a Jura product.

Actually, it’s a reliable coffee maker at home, although it’s expensive, you will soon realize that it’s all worth it. If you are a coffee addict who isn’t satisfied with one or two espresso shots a day, this machine is the best for you.

Rather than making trips to local café shop each time you want a cup of coffee, you can make cappuccino, espresso or just coffee in the convenience of your home. So, you can save time and save the money you might spend at local café — in the long run.

So, this espresso machine is suitable for those who are frequent coffee drinkers. It’s quick to brew and always ready whenever your coffee craving strikes you. Furthermore, it has premium features you’ll never want to miss.


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Jura E6
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Jura E6 Review Verdict

Based on the thorough Jura E6 review we’ve made, Jura E6 is a great bean-to-cup espresso machine. You got options mainly for cappuccino, espresso, and coffee. Hence, if you’re an espresso lover or a cappuccino addict, this one is perfect for you.

It’s easy to operate with the TFT screen, plus prompt messages to guide you through, this machine is really for everybody. You can do away with instant coffee and use this machine to prepare your drink in just seconds (after it’s ready to use)! There’s nothing more exciting than smelling the aroma and tapping your fingers to the table, thinking when the coffee be ready.

However, for those who want their milk to be hotter, we got a problem here as most users complained that they just get lukewarm milk. Also, if you expect coffee options like those in Jura Z8, then, you’re just wishing for the moon. This is an espresso and cappuccino coffee maker with a few more features and nothing more.

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Other Jura Products to Consider

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