Home Espresso Machines Jura D6 Review 2023 – To Buy Or Not?

Jura D6 Review 2023 – To Buy Or Not?

Jura D6 Review 2023 – To Buy Or Not?

Creating your very own espresso is better than lining up at your favorite coffee shop. You only need reliable equipment to produce an espresso shot in less than a minute like a Jura D6. You also get to tweak your drink. And if the machine can also make wonderful cappuccinos and Americanos, then you know that it is a good buy.

One such coffee machine is the Jura D6. This is equipment that can do more than save you from the inconvenience of going to your local coffee shop. Enjoy this Jura D6 review article to know more.

The Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Enjoying espressos, cappuccinos, and Americanos is easy with the Jura D6. The Swiss company made sure that the coffee-making process will never make you sweat. Above all, it guarantees that you will have your coffee in the shortest amount of time possible.

These qualities are already given whenever you talk about Jura products. These are like other Swiss brands that place a lot of emphasis on the functionality of their creations. For almost 90 years, Jura has been at the forefront of coffee machine technology. You cannot expect anything less than a well-built and high-performance machine from this brand.

Jura created the D6 with the espresso aficionado in mind. The company wanted everyone to enjoy their coffee with as minimum fuss as possible. As such, it integrated several innovations in the design of the D6. It starts with a very simple control knob that allows users to access a feature-rich menu. There are options for customizing the overall experience as well as making the maintenance of the machine easier for everyone.

Speaking of convenience, the D6 is also ready to accommodate the Smart Connect technology. This is very surprising, considering other more expensive models of Jura do not allow for such accommodations.

The company even included a smart filtration technology to ensure a cup of coffee that tastes a lot better than the one from your coffee shop. The Pulse Extraction Process technology also guarantees amazing drinks that come complete with the full flavors of coffee beans.

While the D6 is Jura’s most affordable unit, its price tag can still be considered at the higher end of the market. This can be a real concern for budget-conscious folks, especially now that other brands are also upping their game.


  • Comes with the Pulse Extraction Process technology
  • Very convenient to use because of its Smart Connect readiness
  • A fast and durable built-in grinder
  • Easy to program and operate


  • Only provides three recipes: coffee, cappuccino, and espresso
  • No bypass doser
  • Self-cleaning technology has several downsides
Editor's Pick
Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine
Capacity: 2.3 Pounds
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 9.1"D x 9.1"W x 9.1"H
Special Feature: Programmable
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Aesthetics, Footprint, and Form Factor

The D6 is a machine that should fit nicely in a small kitchen. Compared to other super-automatic espresso machines, the D6 does not require that much space on the countertop. It has an almost boxy appearance that requires a countertop that is at least 13.5 inches deep and 11 inches wide. Of course, you will have to add a couple of inches to these dimensions to allow for other accessories and as a means of adding stability and security to the machine.

This espresso machine is also not that tall. It will only require a vertical clearance of about 16.25 inches. It is a good thing that the machine does not come with an additional bean hopper at the top. However, you will still need to make ample room for the opening of the maintenance chute. This opening gives you access to the non-removable brew unit. You might think that its non-removable nature will make cleaning the brew unit very difficult. This is not true as Jura already gives you the remarkable cleaning properties of its Jura Cleaning Tablet.

The left side of the machine is the removable water tank. Refilling the tank can be done in one of two ways. You can remove the tank and bring it to the sink for refilling. Or, you can fill the tank right in the machine. Whatever you choose, we recommend keeping the filter that comes with the unit. This will help you guarantee better-tasting coffee as well as eliminate the hassle of descaling the unit.

You will see the coffee bean hopper on the D6’s right side. It features a cover that helps to preserve the freshness of your beans. Underneath the cover is the grind adjustment that can come in handy when tweaking the strength of your coffee. Unfortunately, this espresso machine does not feature what many people call the bypass doser. It is a feature that decaf-loving people truly appreciate.

On the D6’s front panel is the usual arrangement of controls, spouts, and trays. You get two large stereo-like knobs on both sides of the front panel. The left dial is what people will use to make their coffee. This is the knob where most of the action takes place. There is also text-only LED information above the dial and two LED buttons below it. The “P” LED lets you access the Jura D6’s different programs.

The spout is ingenious. Making a milk-based coffee beverage is so much easier with the Jura D6. Both the milk and coffee spouts are adjacent to each other, making the simultaneous processing of coffee and milk possible. The dreg box is sufficient enough to accommodate spent coffee grounds. The drip tray is also spacious enough to prevent any spills onto your countertop. And if these components will need emptying, the D6 will tell you.

Features and Functionalities

Jura D6 review

Being an entry-level coffee machine, the Jura D6 does not have the many advanced features that you can see from high-end Jura models. This does not automatically translate to a mediocre appliance. The D6 still has a few innovations that can outperform even the so-called high-end models of other brands.

Ingenious Pulse Extraction Process Technology

Jura patented the Pulse Extraction Process Technology to bring out the full flavor profiles of any coffee bean that you put into the hopper. Almost all Jura super-automatics have this feature. And just because the D6 is at the lower end of the spectrum does not mean that it no longer has this technology.

The PEP system in the D6 works as effortlessly as it does on other Jura products. The technology ensures the optimum extraction time needed to produce the perfect espresso. The coffee you get is one that has an almost-unbelievable aroma and a taste that is near-heavenly. There is no need to guess how long you should brew your beans. The machine’s algorithm already does the computation on the fly.

This technology works in tandem with the D6’s intelligent pre-brew system. The technology immerses the coffee beans in the right amount of water to start the process of infusion. This increases the efficiency of the extraction process, resulting in more robust coffee flavors and aromas.

Modest Programming

Purists may frown upon learning that the D6 can only dish out three different coffee styles: cappuccino, espresso, and coffee or Americano. While their concerns are valid, one has to remember that this is an entry-level espresso machine. Jura never designed it to whip up tens of specialty barista coffees. Its main audience is those who are casual coffee drinkers who prefer to drink the three very common styles of coffee drinks.

It is true that the D6 can only produce three coffee drinks. This is in addition to four other programs that include 2x coffee, 2x espresso, milk foam portion, and hot water. However, Jura also allows you to tweak certain characteristics of these drinks. You can modify the strength of the brew and tweak the volume and temperature of the water that will go into the making of your coffee.

One thing people should know about the programming of the D6 is its adjustability. We have encountered coffee machines that you can no longer make changes to its programming once it is already running. Jura gives you the flexibility of canceling the programming right in the middle of the brewing process. You can also adjust the strength of your coffee mid-brew.

Part of the programming efficiency of the D6 is the design of its user controls. Some people may not like the idea of having a single knob to control everything. However, there is beauty in having a single unit. It minimizes confusion and allows the user to focus only on mastering the different functionalities afforded by the knob.

Speaking of programming, also included in the D6’s program menu is the machine’s maintenance routines. Setting up the maintenance cycle is a cinch. We strongly suggest using the recommended settings to get the most out of the Jura D6.

Convenient Smart Connect Capability

Let us get this clear. The Jura D6 does not have a built-in Smart Connect capability. However, the D6 has a compartment at the front where you can connect the Jura Smart Connect receiver. This is a Bluetooth device that gives users access to the Jura Operating Experience or JOE platform. While this is going to be an additional expense, we deemed the feature worthy of consideration.

Our only gripe is the app itself. There have been issues with device compatibility. Some Jura coffee machines were not recognized by the JOE app, despite the mobile device having more than the minimum system requirements. Connecting to the JOE app will greatly improve the way you operate the D6. You could still be snuggling with your partner in your bedroom and you are already controlling the different actions of the D6 in the kitchen.

Durable and Efficient Grinder and Boiler System

It is understandable that Jura uses only a single boiler and a stainless steel type of conical burr grinder. Integrating another boiler and using a ceramic grinder can jack up the price of the D6 immensely. The good thing about the D6 grinder is that it comes with 5 grind levels. It is not that many. However, it is good enough for first-time users.

Very Convenient Frothing

Adding milk froth to your coffee is easy with the D6. Jura repositioned the milk froth spout alongside the right coffee spout. You do not have to move your cup from one spout to the other just to create a perfect cappuccino. Our only concern is that the D6 does not offer customization of the milk froth. We find the froth to be too dense for our liking.

Ample Water and Bean Capacity

The Jura D6 is meant for home use. It can accommodate about 64 ounces of water in its reservoir. The bean hopper also has a modest size of 7 ounces. The sizes of these compartments may be small compared to professional and commercial coffee machines. However, they are sufficient for casual coffee drinkers.

Operation, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Using the D6 cannot get any easier. Jura made sure that those who are new to coffee machines will never have a hard time making their own cup of coffee. Since this is an entry-level coffee machine, one can expect the D6 to have the most basic setups.

There is a large control knob that allows users to select the kind of beverage they need. Touching the “P” LED below the control knob lets the user access the different programs on the machine. It should take about a day or two to get well acquainted with the rest of the features and functionalities of the D6.

Do not expect the cleaning and maintenance routines built into the D6 to be as robust as those found in high-end Jura models. It does alert you to the state of the different components of the machine. For example, if the filter requires replacement, the machine will send out an alert.

Keeping the D6 in pristine condition is also as easy as dropping a Jura Cleaning Tablet right into the top hatch of the machine. The formulation of the cleaning tablet is enough to keep the different components of the brew unit in tip-top shape.

One very useful feature of the maintenance programming of the D6 is automatic descaling. One has to determine the level of hardness of your existing water and input this information into the D6. The coffee machine does the rest. It monitors the number of minerals in the system and alerts you when you already need to perform descaling.

The Jura D6 also automatically cleans its milk system. While this is commendable for a budget Jura product, we did find a few hiccups. First, it can be quite complicated to change the delayed start feature of the system. The system automatically cleans itself after about 10 minutes of the milk steam valve shutting off.

It is possible to delay this, but the steps are very confusing. Second, the D6 uses a lot of water in cleaning the milk system. Third, manually flushing the milk system will not deactivate the LED notification. You will still get that flushing notification.

Nevertheless, we still find cleaning and maintaining the Jura D6 to be a lot easier than other coffee machines.

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Who this Product is For?

Jura created the D6 for the newbie coffee drinker who hates going to and lining up in the coffee shop. It provides an excellent cup in under a minute, allowing you to enjoy your beverage on demand.

This machine is also great for coffee drinkers who want to enjoy more cappuccinos and espressos than they do their ordinary coffees.

The modest programming of the machine ensures the best possible experience at this price point.

If you prefer absolute precision in your coffee drink, then the D6 is not for you. The number of customizations afforded by the machine does not allow for much latitude when it comes to fine-tuning drinks.

The Competition

Jura D6 vs Jura E6

There really is not that much difference between the D6 and the E6 when it comes to operation, performance, and maintenance. However, the E6 comes with a color display and a larger bean hopper capacity. The D6 is lighter and has a slightly smaller footprint. The D6 is more affordable, too.

Jura D6 vs Jura E8

The Jura E8 costs almost twice as much as the D6 and for good reason. The E8 provides 9 more drink programs than the D6. This feature makes the E8 ideal for people who want to enjoy more coffee styles than what the D6 can provide. Also, the E8 is easier to clean.


What is Jura D6?

Jura D6 is a fully automatic coffee machine that is designed to make delicious coffee at home or in a small office setting. It features an intuitive interface, an energy-saving mode, and a range of customizable settings to suit your preferences.

What kind of coffee can you make with the Jura D6?

The Jura D6 can make a variety of coffee drinks, including espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte macchiato. You can also customize the strength, temperature, and volume of your drink to your liking.

What is the size of the Jura D6?

The Jura D6 has a compact design and measures 11.02 inches wide, 13.58 inches deep, and 16.3 inches tall. It can fit comfortably on a countertop or small table.

Is the Jura D6 easy to clean?

Yes, the Jura D6 is designed to be easy to clean. It features an automatic cleaning cycle that runs after each use, and the coffee spout and milk frother are easily removable for cleaning.

Does the Jura D6 have a warranty?

Yes, the Jura D6 comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you experience any issues with the machine during this time, Jura will repair or replace it free of charge.

Can the Jura D6 make coffee for multiple people at once?

Yes, the Jura D6 can make up to two cups of coffee or espresso at once, making it convenient for households with multiple coffee drinkers or small offices.

How does the Jura D6 compare to other coffee machines?

The Jura D6 stands out for its intuitive interface, customizable settings, and compact design. It is also known for producing high-quality coffee drinks with consistent flavor and temperature. However, it may be more expensive than some other coffee machines on the market.


The Jura D6 is an amazing coffee machine that one can depend on to produce good coffee every time. However, the choices of coffee styles are way too few for people who are already beyond the usual Americano, cappuccino, and espresso. The limited customization options will also not win the hearts of coffee purists. Regardless, this is a workhorse that is as reliable as any other espresso machine. And if you like the very simple operation and its hassle-free maintenance, you would get the D6, too.

Editor's Pick
Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine
Capacity: 2.3 Pounds
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 9.1"D x 9.1"W x 9.1"H
Special Feature: Programmable
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