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Healthiest Coffee: 15 Drink Options for Health-Conscious Caffeine Lovers

Healthiest Coffee: 15 Drink Options for Health-Conscious Caffeine Lovers

Looking at the coffee offerings of coffee shops today will give you the impression that coffee is not a healthy beverage.

You often get a drink with calorie-rich and sometimes fatty ingredients enough to warrant more frequent clinic visits.

You can still enjoy that wonderful caffeine kick without undermining your health by choosing any one of these 15 healthiest coffee drinks. 

Here’s a list of healthiest coffee drink options

1. Black Coffee

You cannot have a healthier coffee than black coffee. Johns Hopkins Medicine says that coffee can help you live longer, improve your body’s sugar-processing abilities, and strengthens your DNA. 

You will also have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.

The secret to black coffee’s remarkable health profile is its two-ingredient composition: coffee and water.

2. Espresso

Espresso is also a healthy caffeinated beverage. It also consists only of two simple ingredients: water and coffee.

The only difference from black coffee is how caffeine goes into your cup. Black coffee relies on gravity to bring out the coffee ground goodness into your mug. 

On the other hand, espressos rely on pressurized steam to deliver a rich coffee taste with a delicious crema on top.

3. Americano

Some people cannot stand the powerful punch of espresso. That is why they always add water to their espresso in a tall glass to make an Americano coffee.

Healthiest Coffee
Healthiest Coffee

Diluting the coffee does not reduce its caffeine level, of course. If an espresso contains 80 mg of caffeine per shot, you can expect an Americano to have the same amount of caffeine.

4. Swedish Egg Coffee

With only three simple ingredients – water, coffee, and egg, Swedish egg coffee is a healthy coffee option you need to try.

The egg is one of the world’s best superfoods because of its nutrient density and health-boosting capabilities. Egg in coffee clarifies the drink, enhances caffeine properties, and extracts coffee ground bitterness.

5. Long Black

You can think of the Long Black as a stronger Americano. It has the same ingredient – espresso and water.

However, Long Black often requires two shots of espresso and hot water. Most baristas fill a mug with about three ounces of hot water before adding two ounces of espresso.

It remains a healthy option because it does not include any sweetener, although the caffeine is double an espresso. 

6. Doppio

An espresso is a healthy coffee drink because it only consists of coffee and water. You get caffeine’s antioxidant capabilities in a small 1-oz demitasse. 

A doppio is nothing more than the Italians’ fancy way of calling two servings of espresso. You get double the caffeine while also increasing its nutrient levels and antioxidant activity.

7. Ristretto

Here is another healthy coffee type that has its origins in espresso. If you double the volume of espresso, you get a doppio. If you shorten the coffee extraction time and limit the water volume that gets pressure-sprayed into your coffee grounds, you get a ristretto.

This drink has less caffeine content than espresso because of the shortened coffee extraction time.

8. Cold Brew Coffee 

Cold brew is almost similar to black coffee, except that you use cold water and let it steep for 12 to 24 hours. Cold water temperature slows the rate of caffeine solubility in the drink, leading to a coffee beverage with less caffeine content than black coffee. 

Healthiest Coffee
Healthiest Coffee

Some folks live to add cream or milk to enhance the flavor. However, you may want to stick to low-fat and low-calorie versions if you want to retain the healthy goodness of cold brew coffee.

9. Red Eye

The Red Eye is what you get when you mix a shot of espresso and about 6 ounces of black coffee. It is a caffeine-rich drink packed with antioxidants, nutrients, and other substances essential to optimum health.

However, it would be wise to limit your Red Eye intake to one or two cups per day because of its high caffeine content.

10. Macchiato

Coffee experts consider the macchiato a healthy drink because it only consists of three ingredients: espresso, water, and a teaspoon of steamed milk or two.

Unfortunately, most milk-based coffee drinks require whole-fat milk to enhance the coffee flavor. If you want a healthier macchiato, you may want to opt for barista-blend almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk.

11. Cortado

Like a macchiato, a cortado only requires a single shot of espresso. It also requires an ounce of warm, not steamed, milk. Baristas also love to top the drink with centimeter-high milk foam.

Always substitute whole cow’s milk with healthier milk alternatives to improve the cortado’s nutritional profile without sacrificing its unique flavors. 

12. Cappuccino

One of the most popular coffee drinks also happens to be one of the healthiest. Its basic composition is an espresso or doppio with two ounces each of steamed milk and milk foam.

Most cappuccinos come with a chocolate powder sprinkling. You may want to go easy on the choco or use a healthier version instead. Cocoa powder or dark chocolate will be nice.

13. Flat White

Aussies and Kiwis created this coffee drink that has become one of the favorites of American coffee drinkers. It is like a cappuccino, except that it does not have milk foam. It also uses more steamed milk.

Healthiest Coffee
Healthiest Coffee

The absence of the milk foam gives Flat White its, well, flat appearance. Nevertheless, it is a healthy coffee drink you can consume several times a day.

14. Caffe Latte

With eight to ten ounces of steamed milk drowning the effects of an espresso shot, the caffe latte is an absolute favorite of beginner coffee drinkers.

You can look at it as milk with a hint of coffee because of the ratio of milk to espresso.

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15. Café Au Lait

Do not mistake Café Au Lait for a Latte, although many people do. While they may look similar, they differ in their coffee base.

Café au Lait uses black coffee, not espresso. It also requires warm milk, not steamed. Moreover, the ratio is almost always 1:1. You fill your glass with one part of black coffee and add an equal part of warm milk.

Bottom Line

The 15 healthiest types of coffee drinks feature only a few ingredients, including coffee and water.

In most instances, adding skim milk or low-fat milk can add richness to the beverage without undermining your health. The bottom line is that healthy coffee should have as few sweeteners and other unhealthy ingredients as possible.

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