gaggia anima prestige review

Gaggia Anima Prestige Review 2022: Price, Pros, Cons

It is a dream-come-true for aspiring baristas or a simple person who is fond of delicious coffee to have an efficient coffee machine at home.

One of the renowned coffee machines in the industry is the Gaggia Anima Prestige .

Indeed, it will be beneficial for doing some practice, experiment, and treat at the very comfort of your home.

The Gaggia Anima Prestige espresso and coffee machine is reliable and needs less human intervention to function well.

It is programmable so the users can set the brewing process according to their preference.

It also has six buttons to choose from that indicate the coffee machine’s temperature and strength capacity.

In terms of aesthetics, sturdiness, and, most of all, high standard performance, no need to look away from this Gaggia Anima Prestige espresso and coffee machine.

It is the right choice if you are looking for a coffee machine that can serve you delicious coffee quickly, whether it is day or night.

What is Gaggia Anima Prestige Automatic Espresso Machine?

The Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic espresso machine is a highly recommended coffee machine by experts and even simple people who just gain first-hand experience using this appliance. It is renowned for showing-off an excellent performance in core brewing, frothing, and grinding. This durable single boiler is also much appreciated for its lower cost but equally competitive labor capabilities.

This model is a complete package. Not just it looks stunning due to its space-saving modern design, it is also dependable to last a long-life span. Its entire housing is made of a high-quality ABS Thermoplastic. But above all this, many users adore Gaggia Anima Prestige’s automatic coffee machine because of its programmable operating system and electricity-efficient feature.

Overall, this humble model shines the brightest because of its good quality and superb features. Having this at home will give you pleasure by brewing barista-quality coffee whenever you crave for.


  • Conforms to the user’s preference in terms of coffee temperature, volume and strength through reliable and programmable pushbuttons
  • Energy-efficient brought by its low power consumption when at standby mode
  • Showcase timeless design, which is also known for strength and sturdiness


  • The outer frame of this model is made of plastic, which is less durable than stainless steel units
  • Cost more than the other competing models with the same capabilities
  • Lose lid on the bean hopper that may cause aroma leakage
  • Needs more time in maintenance such as in cleaning and descaling

Full of Automated Tasks Options

In the hustle and bustle of life where everything is fast and moving, sometimes, sipping a steaming cup of coffee to get started is a time-consuming task. Luckily, the Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine has been invented to provide busy people with their coffee cup in just a few minutes without compromising the taste.

Good thing that the Gaggia Anima has an automatic performance that makes brewing a fun time rather than a kind of house chore. It has fabulous brew settings to pamper every member of a small group’s cravings in the room.

This model has an option for three types of temperature, so the users may opt to sip coffee depending on their temperature preferences. Further, it has a customized setting for the drink’s force and flavor, which is called the five dose size settings.

Moreover, it also allows the proper amount of espresso to be brewed, which may rely on the sizes of cups to be used. What is more interesting is that the grinder can also be set according to the user’s taste. You may also add extra saturation to the coffee grounds before brewing.

All these one-touch buttons are beautifully displayed in front of the Gaggia Anima, so these are also accessible whenever their service is needed.gaggia anima prestige reviewPannarello Wand Style

The steam wand of an espresso machine is one of almost all caffeine lovers’ most favorite parts. It is the piece of metal that can be found incorporated with the steam arm. This is the small part that is responsible for making the frothing fun and straightforward.

The Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine has a fantastic Pannarello steam wand-style that helps to froth various milk types. It is made of stainless steel, so rest assured that it is sturdy, scratch-proof, and artistic. This will satisfy any user by producing delicious foam and pretty latte arts.

This frother type is also loved by many because it is very convenient to clean aside from the fact that it blends well with the entire coffee machine and other home decors.

Effective Grinder

The Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine boasts a high-quality grinder which some unit doesn’t have. That makes this item more cost-effective because it can save the user some money buying a separate grinder.

Its grinder is made of ceramic, which looks elegant while being known for being highly efficient. You can count on this model to grind every bit of bean quickly and smoothly. It possesses five settings to choose from, depending on the grind preference of the consumers.

Another sign of good performance that this model showcases is that it works properly, yet it never clogged up.

Temperature settings

People are different from each other. Hence, they like different colors, texture, and smell. People even differ in the way they want their coffee to be served, especially on temperature. Therefore, it is fascinating that the Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine has a setting in operating the coffee’s temperature.

It can produce coffee in three different temperatures depending on the preference of the consumer. Settings vary from 177.5°, 182.9°, and up to184.5°.

Bar pump

The Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine works excellently when it comes to extracting the flavor and aroma of every bean put in it. Its secret is no secret at all. A 15- bar pressure pump is the key to its successful brewing, which produces the most flavorful coffee you could ever taste.

The most favorite bar pump is the 9-bar pressure pump since it is often used in premium coffee machines. But this Gaggia unit will change the minds of many caffeine lovers.

It can create more substantial extraction pressure for the entire coffee machine, which runs for up to 15×14.7 psi. That means more force to get the most of the beans to maximize its flavor.

Water Reservoir Capacity

gaggia anima prestiges

Many can relate to how coffee can be enticing that you wish you can have endless cups. This Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine cannot give unlimited cups of coffee, but surely it can provide more caffeine than other average coffee machines can. No worries because it will pamper your caffeine cravings up to your late-night lesson reviews or overtime at work.

The water reservoir of Gaggia Anima can store for up to 60 oz of beverage, which is equivalent to plenty of cups of glorious espresso or latte. On the other hand, its bean hopper is made to hold 8.8 oz of beans while its milk carafe can fill at least 0.5 Liters of milk.

Further, its drip tray can store a maximum of 24 oz of water. No wonder this model is less messy to use. Besides, an estimate of 15 bags of used coffee will fill its internal bin.

Ergonomic Design

Beauty with a purpose is how the Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine can be described. In just a single glance, one can quickly notice the elegance of this model. Although some said that it is made of an ABS Thermoplastic, which may be a premium quality than stainless steel material, Gaggia Anima is competitive when it comes to aesthetics.

Physically, its color is a combination of sleek black and silver finish. It does have a little stainless-steel part on the front part, which adds to its attractiveness. This item will undoubtedly blend perfectly with various home interior designs and other home furniture or appliances.

The next excellent attribute of Gaggia anima is that it has a heavenly compact frame with dimensions of 13.38″ H x 8.7″ W x 16.93″ D. Hence, this modern coffee machine is a space saver. No need to think deeply about where to place and hide it. Some users also testified that this item could be easily transported.

But above all else, most people may appreciate this model because the materials used to manufacture this may not be like those of other branded coffee machines, but its quality is competitive. An advantage of a plastic housing is that it is lightweight and rigid.

Energy Efficient

Do you know that while enjoying your favorite espresso or latte through this programmable electronic Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine, you don’t have to pay a higher electricity bill? Unlike other machines that consume power like beasts, this model is made for thrift energy consumption.

To maintain a low energy consumption level, the Gaggia Anima turns to its standby mode if there is no operation for an hour. Its energy will be -1 watts when in standby mode to lessen electricity consumption.

Moreover, this model has an automatic turn-off feature after some inactivity or set up to stop working at a certain period. It reduces the energy being used and adds safety to the household.

gaggia anima prestige

Ease of Cleaning

Appliance maintenance is one of the significant considerations because the more straightforward the cleaning process in a machine is, the better. It also goes into choosing the best coffee machine. Less time and effort in tidying-up is what most people are looking for in a coffee machine so they can immediately remove the dirt and dry it.

The Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine is made of plastic and a little stainless steel that almost labor less in terms of maintenance. This model can gain fingerprints when touched, but a slight wiping can remove it quickly.

Further, this model promised just a few steps to clean it, plus ordinary cleaning substances could already remove its dirt and other coffee residues. However, you shouldn’t place this model or its parts inside the dishwasher.

Good thing that some of the parts and accessories of this model are detachable, just like its brewing units. By merely removing said parts from the machine after accomplishing cups of espresso, these can be immediately soaked or run in the faucet for a smooth cleaning routine. This should be done occasionally or as the need arises to keep the quality of output and preserve the longevity of the life of the machine.

What adds to the user convenience is its automatic rinsing feature and descaling cycle process. Coffee machines are generally prone to molds and other impurities that can be harmful to health, so regular maintenance is necessary. Molds can significantly grow on the milk carafe.

The good news is that this model contains an automatic cleaning cycle over its milk carafe, ensuring freshness and safety of milk in it.

Who is this product for?gaggia anima prestige reviews

The Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine is appropriate for people who like a high-quality coffee machine but doesn’t have a lavish budget. As mentioned earlier, this item honestly cut-off its materials from stainless steel to high-grade plastic so the manufacturer can focus on the automation of its performance while maintaining its affordable price.

It is also for those individuals who are looking for extreme convenience. This item is less mandated by human intervention since it boasts six dedicated programmable buttons for various operation options. Therefore, if you have a hectic schedule and like to sip coffee in the morning quickly, this one is the right choice for you.

Further, this item is for fashionable people who think of their home interiors and appliances aside from their daily outfit. Gaggia Anima doesn’t look cheap, although its price is lesser than the other competing models. More so, it showcases both humility and elegance, which fits either classic or modern homes.

This model is also for people searching for a sleek size coffee machine that may fit inside their small spaced apartment or condominiums. Gaggia Anima is a space saver that can be easily stored inside a cabinet or simply stay on top of the table.

Also, it can add happiness to people who want a coffee machine that is less maintenance. Indeed, this one has removable parts and accessories that can be washed on water faucets and easily dry-up.

However, this unit may just serve a small group at a time since its water reservoir can only hold 60oz of water to warm-up. Hence, if you want coffee machines with a large serving capacity, this model may not be suitable for you. But for those who are just living solo or with one to three companions who are fond of coffee altogether, then this Gaggia Anima will do wonders for them.

To sum it up, the Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine is for those individuals who have eyes for affordable items yet possess more excellent capabilities and beautiful features.


The Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine has few disadvantages and more advantages. It is all presented earlier in this article, but the final judgment is all yours.

To recap all the precious qualities of Gaggia Anima, it is good to point out that this item is budget-friendly because it costs cheaper than the other units with the same qualities. But it assures you that its performance is not affordable. The material used to make its housing may be plastic, but its automated features are highly functional.

On the poor side, its bean hopper lid is not fully tight and matches. Hence, it may not be suitable for storing coffee beans for a long time. But if that is not an issue, this model won’t give you another problem.

To provide more peace of mind, Gaggia Anima offers a 2-year warranty for customer service.

Overall, the Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine is an excellent choice with all its programmable features, affordable price, and quality that is made to last.







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