Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Review 2022: Price, Pros, Cons

Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine Review

Nothing beats the kick of a good espresso to start the day or the soothing aroma of a warm cup of latte in the afternoon.

Yet, not everyone has the luxury of time to make themselves a barista-grade coffee.

That is why coffee lovers are sure to enjoy the Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine, a super-automatic coffee machine that is sure to hit just the right spot!

This metal box is sure to serve your coffee needs, ranging from an espresso to a Caffe lungo to a latte macchiato.

Paired with its unique features, it truly is a super-automatic coffee brewing machine!

What is a Gaggia 1003380 Espresso Machine?

The Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine is a super-automatic coffee-brewing machine made especially for those who know just how to brew their drink. This model has many features, such as a manual frothing wand, a removable brew group, and an auto-frothing milk carafe, to name some.

These features (and many more) allow you to have your drink brewing with one tap of a button or have your customized drink. This simple-looking metal box packs more than what you expect it to, a testament to never judging a book by its cover! This high-tech brewer is undoubtedly a high-tier super-automatic machine!


  • Allows for customized milk texturing
  • Removable brew group for easy maintenance
  • Comes with a burr grinder and bypass doser


  • Cleaning takes quite some time
  • Some of its plastic parts may feel flimsy
  • Milk and water heating are not as hot


Buttons and Digital Display

Right off the bat, the first things anyone will notice with the Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine are its buttons and digital display. There are eight buttons on the front, each giving a different type of brew, hot water, or steam dispensing. The last button is a clean cycle button.

The controls are coated with a material that doesn’t show any fingerprint stains, allowing the machine to stay and look clean on the outside.

Another feature of the super-automatic machine is its small but interactive display. This allows users to navigate through settings and brew options easily. This makes it easier to make customized coffee cups, giving the user near-total control of the machine.

gaggia accademia review

The text or symbols on display correspond to the brewing settings, like making an espresso or a latte.

Setting the display is also not cumbersome, as all it needs is the pressing of a few buttons to get just the right settings. The show also supports different languages so that its buyers can enjoy all its features without having to worry about misunderstanding anything!

Apart from this advantage, the display also shows the user’s possible errors when the brewer is malfunctioning. It offers a symbol that indicates a specific type of error, such as a lack of water, a lack of coffee ground, or when the grounds drawer and drip tray need emptying.

Cleaning Cycle Options

The Gaggia brand understands how tedious it is to clean the containers of a brewer constantly. Thus, they provided a cleaning cycle option on the machine and a dedicated button at the machine’s front. This option can be selected before or after the user wishes to brew and is recommended to be chosen when the brewer has not been used for quite some time.

The cleaning cycle allows the user to take over the container cleaning process as they wish, making the device even more user-friendly. This option takes care of cleaning the milk carafe quickly so that cleaning the device is made much easier before and after brewing. This lets users have their coffee preparations done faster and easier.

Additionally, the process is also claimed to be used for sanitation of the device’s circuits, especially when it has been inactive for a long time. This ensures that the device produces clean coffee, free of dust and harmful bacteria, as any coffee should be.

Hopper and Bypass Doser

Gaggia knows that many people have their preferences, even when it comes to choosing coffee grounds or freshly ground coffee beans. For this reason, they decided to integrate a bean hopper and doser to their machine, giving the user much more choices for their coffees.

The hopper can hold whole coffee beans and leads them to the ceramic burr grinders. Since not all coffee beans are the same, the hopper also includes a dial that sets the grinder’s grinding capacity. It is also separate from any moving parts, so the user is safeguarded from any injuries by contacting the sharp grinder.

The doser lets users decide the proportion of their ground coffee, which also helps determine the brew’s strength, apart from the drip speed, of course. This continues to promote the machine’s customizability, something expert coffee brewers are sure to take delight in.

Auto-Frothing Milk Carafe

The milk carafe is also one of the features that stands out at the front of the device. This plastic container doesn’t seem much but adds some great features to the machine. This seemingly fragile container helps with providing users the optimal frothing for brewing their milk-based drinks.

It is more than just a regular container, as it is highly capable of giving users high-quality milk froth.

gaggia accademia reviews

The feature title “auto-frothing” is not there for no reason, as the machine does provide an automatic-frothing carafe. Milk-based brews will quickly come to life with just the press of a few buttons, and coffee needs are sure to be met!

It is always best to read and follow the instructions on the manual provided to safely use the milk carafe and keep it from getting destroyed quickly. Otherwise, the milk carafe will not be able to provide you with its full capabilities.

Manual Frothing Wand

Of course, it wouldn’t be a user-friendly device if the user didn’t get to choose to do things exactly how they would like it. Gaggia accepts that its automatic features are not to everyone’s liking, which is why they decided to include a manual frothing wand to the already-super super-automatic 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine.

The manual frothing wand lets the user choose precisely how frothy the user wants their milk to be, ranging from an airy froth to a micro froth, depending on how one would like it! Adjusting the frothiness to suit one’s preferences may take some time to get used to, but it would most definitely be an excellent experience for coffee enthusiasts.

The manual frothing wand is already a part of the dispensing spout and can be accessed through the beverage menu. The beverage menu is also where the user can choose to create their drinks, aside from the preset machine settings.

Removable Brew Group

Many espresso machine enthusiasts acknowledge that a brew group is essentially a standard feature to espresso machines. Still, they also know that having a removable brew group is an extra feature that makes maintenance, and the automatic coffee life immensely better.

The brew group is considered the central part of any espresso machine, as it processes the coffee grounds, tamping, pre-soaking, brewing, and more. Being such an essential component of the machine, it also requires utmost care and the best maintenance.

Yet, maintaining this component doesn’t always have to be difficult, as proven by those non-removable brew groups. The Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine offers a removable brew group made to make it much more accessible and easier to maintain. This also allows users to quickly inspect the product’s internal mechanisms and predict what is wrong with the machine.

Pre-Brewing Cycle

Aroma, strength, and flavor are essential to having the right coffee, and it is often challenging and time-consuming to factor these in when manually brewing. Additionally, many automatic espresso machines also have a preset to the brew’s strength, and the aroma and flavor are quite often sacrificed to achieve such a feat.

However, this Gaggia machine is proving to be different by offering a pre-brewing cycle with three levels. Each unique cycle correctly and delicately mixes the coffee grounds and water to capture the flavor and aroma that the user desires, permitting them to have the brew that suits their needs.

The pre-brewing cycle can also be accessed through the beverage menu and set before the drink’s actual brewing. It is integrated into the settings when choosing a brew, allowing for less tweaking and more coffee making.

gaggia accademias

Large Water Reservoir and Water Filter

Having a water reservoir shouldn’t be a question because coffee cannot be made without water. The question lies in how much water can be placed in the reservoir, as this determines how much coffee it can make in a day. The 1.7L water reservoir on the Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine is sure to satisfy heavy coffee drinkers, as it is sure to fill up even 500mL tumblers or flasks!

The quality of the water being used also affects the quality of the coffee being produced. The accompanying Intenza water filter pairs well with the 1.7-liter water reservoir, as the Intenza Aroma System has three settings for soft, medium, and hard water. It does not come pre-installed, but the installation does not take too much time, so filtering the water being used becomes quick and easy.

Adjustable Coffee Dispenser

May it be a quick morning shot or a saved latte, the perfect coffee deserves to go in the ideal container. Everyone has a dedicated container of varying sizes. Many espresso machines offer only a specific height for their drip spouts, making users tilt tall containers at awkward angles.

The adjustable coffee dispenser eliminates this problem, allowing users with tumblers and glasses to place their containers directly under the spout. The spout’s lowest height can get to is 3 inches, which is perfect for cups and shot glasses. The highest it can get to is at 6 inches, making it great for tumblers and tall cups.

Having an adjustable height for the drip spout will make cappuccino brewing easier, giving the brewer less chances of destroying a perfect milk froth. This feature offers an advantage to those owning varying sizes of containers and nitpicky cappuccino brewers or latte artists.

Flow Knob

Standard flow espresso machines have a set flow rate for their drip, and though this may seem reasonable to some, it sacrifices the potential of getting the desired caffeine strength from the coffee grounds. This allows the user to brew only one type of coffee, and they may find themselves disappointed with their brew, especially when it doesn’t hit the spot.

The flow knob at the front of the machine allows Gaggia Accademia users to extract their coffee beans at just the right strength. They can easily have their very own strong espresso shots or light coffee at the twist of a dial from this. The flow knob coincides with the user’s settings, so over-extraction should no longer be a concern to most.

Programmable Coffee Quantity

Having excess water or coffee grounds not only provides a waste but sometimes also a nasty stench and quite the mess to clean up. Though the machine has its integrated cyclic cleaning functions, it does not cover all the machine’s components. There are still some parts – such as the filter or the doser – that need manual cleaning, as the machine cannot do it.

gaggia accademia

The programmable coffee quantity allows users to choose whether they want a single cup of coffee to ten cups of coffee (for a party or themselves)! This also prevents any waste of coffee from being produced, as the user can easily estimate how much they need. May it be for a coffee break or a meeting, the Gaggia Accademia can cover the coffee needs of as many as ten people!

Gaggia Adapting System

As was already mentioned above, not all coffee beans are the same, and each one holds a unique flavor to the other. This implies that every bean needs its treatment to get the optimal flavor, aroma, and kick it can give. The Gaggia brand understands and keeps that fact in mind, so they integrated the “Gaggia Adapting System” into the Accademia espresso machine.

This feature allows the contraption to adjust its settings automatically to cater to how the coffee beans should be treated to get their maximum potential. However, this does not happen in an instant, as several drinks need to be brewed for the machine to adapt to how the beans should be treated, much like an AI!


Having an integrated grinder with it, the machine can completely grind all the beans in its hopper to get just the right dose. The Opti-Dose feature gives users the chance to select just how much coffee beans the machine should grind by inputting their desired dose. This is only available when whole beans are used, as there is also an option to be chosen when pre-ground coffee will be used for the brewing.

This feature promotes the ease of brewing that is provided by the many features of the machine. It is perfect for those who like to be specific with their doses and surely make any coffee enthusiast feel satisfied with their purchase.

Who is this product for?

Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine Reviews

Versatility, ease, and choice – these are only some of what the Gaggia Accademia has to offer. This espresso machine was not made just for any coffee fan, but for those enthusiastic coffee lovers.

One may think that such a machine only belongs in a fancy and classy café to make service faster and efficient, but something like that never means that it doesn’t belong in a home. Surely, coffee lovers would want to start their day with excellent homebrew, and that is precisely what the machine can give. Classy as it may seem, this simple-looking espresso machine is sure to look good on your countertop!


No machine is perfect, and indeed, the Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine has faults of its own. To some, it may seem flimsy and imperfect, but truth be told, not everybody is going to like a single contraption, as people will always find faults in it. However, the Gaggia Accademia offers features like no other, most of which aim to make the coffee experience faster while maintaining the quality.

The Gaggia Accademia has its fair share of cons as it has its pros. People may think that the machine is a tad too classy and have no need for it, but they fail to keep in mind that quality coffee goes a long way into the day. If the cons don’t seem to bother you, then what else is stopping you from getting barista-grade coffee at the comfort of your own home?


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