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48 Funny Friday Coffee Memes in 2023

48 Funny Friday Coffee Memes in 2023

It’s Friday! 

And you know what that means? 

Just one more day before you can enjoy your two sweet sweet days of freedom. 

However, before you get your head up in the clouds, imagining all sorts of fun you could get up to, you still have this day to power through. 

What better way to finish your long, exhausting week with a cup (or two) of delicious coffee? 

To further help you out, here are some of the most hilarious Friday coffee memes that can get rid of your nasty funk and help you get energized. 

Disclaimer: Some coffee drinks were snorted during the compilation of these memes.  

Guilty as charged.

Is it just me, or do Fridays also make you feel a bit lazy? 

Bonus points if you also scrunch your eyebrows and frown a bit while staring at your computer to complete that “busy” look. 

It just does!

There is currently no logical nor scientific explanation, but it just does!

But first, coffee. 

Let’s face it – we all need a delicious and steaming cup of joe before we can fully face our Friday demons. 


I am praying for all of us to have a stress-free coffee-filled Friday. 

Bonus if you are working on a half-day!

Good juju. 

Sometimes coffee is all we need to get some of that good juju. 

Raise your cup.

Pat yourself in the back and reward yourself with your favorite coffee drink for valiantly surviving the week!


There is something about Fridays that makes the coffee a bit sweeter, yummier, and more filling. 

Here’s to…

A cuppa on Fridays (or any other day really) can get your day and mood going. 

Good mood.

Let’s be honest, every cup always brings out a good mood. 

We made it!

Do you hear that? 

Time to celebrate with another cup of coffee!

I don’t know how I’ll survive. 

Without this bean juice, I wouldn’t know how to survive or function, to be honest. 

That Friday feeling. 

Fridays with your favorite brew make you feel some type of way, you know. 

Did someone order? 

Warning – may not be the most pleasant person to talk to before drinking a cup. 

Keep calm. 

Sometimes, your favorite brew is all you need to make it through your Friday calmly.

Friday coffee. 

I agree with everything stated in this picture. 

I have coffee. 

Forget love – sometimes coffee is all you need. 

Dreams do come true!

No, because this is how it sometimes feels – especially after a horrendous week. 

Coffee every day. 

To be fair though, is it a good day without having a cuppa?

Coffee kiss. 

Sometimes a cup is even better than a kiss!

Happy Friday! 

As challenging as adulting maybe, I’m thankful that it comes with coffee. 

Friday in a cup. 

With all its flavors and the numerous benefits it provides, a cup of coffee is a party on its own!

Enough said. 

An accurate description of how we all feel about coffee and Fridays. 

Current status. 

If it weren’t for all the bills I have to pay, I wouldn’t care at all, to be honest. 

Friday goals. 

After coffee, looking busy is my favorite thing about Fridays. 


Get a cup of your favorite brew and get ready to slay this Friday! 

Can’t stop me. 

With that burst of energy coffee gives you, no wonder you feel unstoppable. 

But on Fridays, you feel extra unstoppable. 

Let the games begin! 

Are you ready to conquer this Friday? 

Fave words. 

Ahhh, aren’t they just music to your ears?

Happy, happy, happy!

Nothing makes a coffee addict happier than a steaming cup of joe on a Friday morning. 

Thankful for coffee. 

I owe my very existence to this drink seriously. 

Two for two. 

So far, so good!

You’re welcome. 

Coffee plus Friday, and you have a recipe for something awe-inspiring.


Sometimes on horrendous days, I like to add a bit of alcohol to my morning coffee. 

Days with Y. 

In short, every day exactly. 

Another week. 

This meme is another way of saying that you deserve that second (or third, or even fourth) cup!


Fridays are the secret ingredient for a better-tasting cup of coffee. 

Round of coffee. 

Coffee happy hour? 

Sign me up!

Friday situation. 

Congratulations for staying strong and making it through the week. 

Have a cuppa to celebrate!

Everybody gets a coffee! 

This meme describes how Friday makes me feel sometimes. 

Coffee first. 

I mean people who can function fine without needing to drink a cup are a different breed.

Not Friday? 

Nothing hurts more than mistaking and then knowing it’s a long wait till Friday. 

Well, at least you have your cup of joe with you. 

Friday’s coffee.

Friday coffees just really hit the spot. 

A cup away. 

Hurry and drink your favorite brew to start your day with a smile! 


There’s something about coffee and Fridays that makes me undeniably happy. 

The other C. 

Sometimes the only C you need on Friday mornings is coffee. 

What time is it? 

Every hour is coffee guzzling time. 

Friday motivation. 

Sometimes it’s the cup of java that keeps you going, not the fact that it’s Friday. 

Friday realizations. 

All the more reason to be caffeinated on a Friday. 

Fridays, coffee, and you. 

Want to make your Friday coffees sweeter? 

Why not spend it with your significant other?


And after today, you have the whole weekend to rest!


It’s finally the weekend! 

Now, go ahead, pat yourself in the back for making it through this week and grab a cup of coffee (or two) to celebrate. 

Whether you had an awful week or not, you deserve to relax for the weekend. 

We hope you enjoyed this compilation of Friday coffee memes. 

Happy Friday!

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