Home Beans Should You Freeze Coffee Beans or Not? (Best Way to Store)

Should You Freeze Coffee Beans or Not? (Best Way to Store)

Should You Freeze Coffee Beans or Not? (Best Way to Store)

Coffee enthusiasts have divided opinions on whether they should freeze coffee beans or not.

If you want to keep the original flavor of coffee for a long time, that is quite challenging.

But for the love of coffee, you should know what to do.

Some coffee drinkers choose to buy more beans and store them.

Proper storage of the coffee beans is necessary to keep it for a long time. And one of the known efficient ways to store coffee beans is through freezing.

Does it have advantages? And will it affect the quality of your coffee?

Before you decide, read on this article to know if you should allow the coffee beans to freeze.

Should You Freeze Coffee Beans or Not?

Every coffee consumer has reasons for choosing to buy more coffee beans. Whether you have the cheapest coffee beans or the most expensive type, you want to prolong the life of your beans for sure.

There is nothing that pleases the coffee lover than having a fresh coffee. So, be ready to explore the option of whether you should freeze your valuable coffee beans or not.

But, what does anti-freezers tell you about freezing the coffee beans?

Some of the reasons why many coffee pundits do not agree to freeze the coffee beans include the following:

  • Freezing the coffee beans will degrade them after thawing.
  • Beans will absorb water from the freezer.
  • Beans will absorb other odors from food in the freezer.
  • Whole beans will crack.
  • The flavor oils in the beans break down.

Freeze Coffee Beans

Freezing the coffee beans for some is not the best option because of the elements that affect the quality of the coffee.

But still, some recommend it, especially when you cannot consume the coffee immediately.

The use of an airtight container for storing coffee beans is essential.

So, if you decide to freeze the beans, use the appropriate container.

For recommendations, check out our guide on Best Coffee Storage Containers.

Also, do not forget to thaw the beans first after bringing it out from the freezer.

Since coffee is known to be hygroscopic, it can be affected by its surrounding. It can absorb flavor, smell, or moisture that can easily affect its quality and taste.

That is why you should be sensitive about where you should keep your coffee and what to use in storing it.

By considering these things, the coffee beans can last even for a couple of months.

Storing Your Coffee in the Freezer 

With the correct knowledge and experience, you can freeze your coffee beans.

It is one of the best ways to make your coffee last longer.

Though the quality of the beans may deteriorate after freezing, it is not that bad.

Proper Way of Storing Coffee Beans    

Proper storage of coffee beans is necessary. Make sure not to place it anywhere to avoid wasting your coffee.

The following are things to consider when storing coffee beans:

  1. Keep coffee beans away from any source of light

The light from any source like the lamp or sun can give the photodegradation effect to your coffee beans.

You will not enjoy taking a sip when the taste has been changed, not for the better. But you can use opaque containers to keep the coffee beans safe from the light.

  1. Keeping the coffee beans away from hot temperatures.

Avoid exposing the coffee beans to hot temperatures.

It is because the molecules in your coffee beans will break apart, resulting in the rapid growth of bacteria.

So, if you want to store them for a longer time, keep them far from any source of heat.

  1. Use an airtight container

It is the enemy of almost any food, including your coffee beans.

You can avoid this when you use a good quality airtight container that ensures no oxygen comes in and out of the container.

By doing so, you can have a good taste of coffee beans after freezing or weeks in storage at room temperature.

For recommendations, check out our guide on Best Coffee Storage Containers.

  1. Consider the humidity.

Consider the humidity when storing the coffee beans.

It can cause the growth of bacteria that can immediately affect the level of moisture that will destroy the flavor of your beans.

Freezers and refrigerators have a high level of humidity that speeds up the decaying process in coffee.

Once your coffee absorbs the moisture or becomes damp, you will be sure they will not remain in good quality, especially when molds already appeared in them.

And it is among the reasons many are against freezing the coffee beans.

If you need more information on how you can properly store your coffee beans, check out this guide from National Coffee Association.

Alternatively, you can watch this video right here:

The Bottom Line

Now that you have the idea of what freezing the coffee is, you can decide how to store your coffee.

When you purchase coffee in bulk, you can choose to keep it in a freezer for quite some time. The flavor and quality of the coffee remain as long as you store the coffee properly.

No matter what variety of coffee you buy, you can choose to freeze it or not. But keep in mind the things you need to consider when freezing the coffee beans.

If your primary goal in freezing the beans is to make it last longer, you have to follow the tips in storing it.

And do not forget that using the right container can keep the coffee safe from its enemies. Have a great coffee experience!

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