15 Most Famous & Largest Coffee Chains Around The World

most famous coffee chains


Coffee is a universal drink that many people worldwide are always yearning for; hence, coffee chains have been established to meet the demand.

Coffee shops also became the favorite bonding place where people enjoy conversation over a cup of steaming coffee. In this article, we give you the 15 of the most popular coffee chains around the world.



There is no argument with the fact that Starbucks is the most renowned coffee chain everywhere since it is also considered the biggest chain in the world. In the US alone, it already has 15,000 branches, while around the globe, it has 30,000 locations in its recent report.

This American owned corporation is on the top of the line in terms of roastery and coffeehouses operations. It started brewing the best coffee flavor on March 30, 1971, in Seattle, Washington, USA. The name of Starbucks was derived from the novel Moby Dick.

Among the products that its branches are serving are hot and cold caffe latte, espresso, and Frappuccino.

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Tim Hortons

tim hortons

Tim Hortons is one of the well-known coffee chains worldwide, founded 56 years ago in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. As of December 2018, this multinational food chain already gained 4 846 total numbers of locations worldwide. It operates in many other places like in the United States, Ireland, China, Spain, and Thailand.

Aside from coffee, the specialties of Tim Hortons are doughnuts and various fast food products. Further, Tim Hortons is formerly known as Tim Horton Donuts, Tim Donuts Limited, and the TDL Group. Burger King acquired this company in 2014, but it was also affiliated with Wendy way back in 1995.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

coffee bean and tea leaf

Another well-patronized coffee chain worldwide is the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This coffee shop was established 57 years ago by Herbert Hyman. As of now, this company already has 1,000 shops that can be found in 31 countries. In the Philippines, it is run by Jollibee Foods Corporation.

Initially, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf only sell coffee, but it started exploring other drinks in 1970 as it expanded to additional ten stores. Afterward, it also started serving special teas. This coffee shop’s most loved product is Ice Blended Coffee, described as a mixture of ice, chocolate powder, and coffee.

Costa Coffee

costa coffee

Costa Coffee is a British coffee chain founded in 1971 by Bruno and Sergio Costa. Its headquarters is in Dunstable, England. This famous coffee company already has 3,883 branches all over the world according to its latest report.

Originally, Costa Coffee is owned by Whitbread, but in 2019, it was sold to The Coca-Cola Company, and it is now available to 31 countries. This coffee shop is famous for various beverages such as hot and cold drinks, savory snacks, sweet snacks, cakes and pastries, and reusable cups.

Dunkin Donuts

dunkin donuts

The Dunkin Donuts is certainly known first for its various flavors of doughnuts and other baked menus. Little did others know that it also ventures in coffee products. And this company became successful in the food and coffee industry. It may be unbelievable, but it is second to Starbucks for being the world’s largest coffee chain.

As of 2019, it already has 12 971 shops across the globe that serves donuts and coffee. Indeed this company has gone far since it started in1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts. The man behind the founding of Dunkin Donuts is William Rosenberg. In 1990, Baskin-Robbins bought this company.



This brand started making its name in different countries when it was founded by Ann Brown in 1993. It was first launched in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and operated by McDonald’s. This is now the biggest coffee shop in Australia and New Zealand.

It is no surprise that the customers love the brewed and blended coffee flavors by McCafe because they use 100% coffee beans supplied by Rainforest Alliance Farms. Per its latest report, McCafe has 1,300 branches across the globe now.

Dutch Bros Coffee

dutch bros

One of the most famous drive-thru coffee chains in the world is the Dutch Bros Coffee. It is located in the United States, and its main branch remained based in Grants Pass, Oregon, since its founding on February 12, 1992. The infamous tagline of this company is “make a difference, once cup at a time.”

Founders of this company started selling coffee through pushcarts. Now, they already have 12,000 employees that operate in 300 coffee shops in the Western States. Some of the favorite products of Dutch Bros Coffee are coffee beans, beverages, tea, smoothies, and power drinks.

Gloria Jean’s Coffee

gloria jeans

Gloria Jean’s Coffee has accomplished so much since it was established in 1979 by Ed and Gloria Jean Kvetko. It was founded in Long Grove, Illinois, USA and its headquarters remain in Castle Hill, New South Wales Australia, since it was built 41 years ago. At present, this coffee tycoon already has 1,000 shops in 39 countries and is expected to grow more in the coming years.

This American-Australian coffee has 460 branches in Australia and is owned by one of the top coffee retailers US called the Retail Food Group. This coffee shop’s main product is hot and cold beverages. One of its bestseller beverages is its Iced Chocolate Chiller.

Caribou Coffee


Another famous coffee brands in the coffee and tea retail industry is Caribou Coffee, founded by its brainchild John Butcher. The humble beginning of this coffee chain was rooted in Edina, Minnesota, on December 14, 1992.

From a single branch, the Caribou Coffee machine has grown not just in America but all over the world. Now it has a total of 603 branches worldwide with an estimated revenue of $262 million. A German company now owns this top national coffee chains.

Tully’s Coffee

tullys coffee

Tully’s coffee was first introduced in the USA 28 years ago. The owner of this company was Keurig Dr. Pepper, who bought the brand in 2009. Its 300 stores welcome the customers with open arms on daily operations.

Some of Tully’s Coffee shops’ bestseller goods are hot and cold brew coffee, espresso, and pastries. Specifically, its most popular drink is Bellaccino.

Caffe Ritazza

cafe ritazza

Caffe Ritazza has achieved a wide range of fans in many places due to its four blends: Sorrento, Napoli, Capri, and Firenze. Aside from these most sought products, its stores also offer pastries, panini, and ciabattas.

This British Multinational coffee chain opens many branches in 21 countries with a total of 119 outlets. SSP Group operates this coffee shop. Its stores are mostly found in travel areas such as railways and airports.

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One of the oldest coffee empires in the world is the Bewley’s founded in 1840 or 180 years ago. It started brewing coffee in Dublin, Ireland, and now its branches are also doing well in the United Kingdom and the United States. The men behind the creation of Bewley’s are Samuel and Charles Bewley.

Bewley’s is not just after profit. It is also eco-friendly as if implemented using 100% recyclable cups in 2018. It is also known for having its coffee roasting that can process about 2,000 tons of coffee beans in a year.



Another legend in the retail coffee industry is the Lavazza, which derived its names from the surname of its founder Mr.Luigi Lavazza. This Italian seller of coffee items is founded in 1895 in Turin, Italy. Who would ever think that this coffee shop started its operations in a simple grocery store? Now, it has 3800 employees already and branches located in 90 countries.

Lavazza’s signature drinks are Caffe Crema, Super Crema, Qualita Oro, and Gran Aroma bar. But the bestseller among its products is its coffee that comes with chicken sticks on the side.

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Caffe Nero


People who have been in London, England may already have dine-in Caffe Nero to taste their best beverages. Although Caffe Nero means black coffee, its stores also offer various drinks such as Espresso, Frappe, Tea, and pastries.

Caffe Nero was established in England in 1997. Most of its branches are located in countries like the United States, Croatia, Turkey, UAE, Oman, UK, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, and Cyprus. It has 700 branches worldwide at present. The newest addition to its business venture is its coffee roaster, which is among the delicious qualities based on Allegra Strategies.

Coffee Beanery

One of the most sought after coffee in town is the Coffee Beanery. It has 120 stores worldwide, but many of its branches are located in the United States, Asia, and Europe. It was built in the Michigan United States in 1976 by Joanne Shaw.

This coffee chain is known for its flavorful coffee, tea, and smoothies. It also offers high-quality coffee beans by roasting the beans at the right temperature. Some of the unique offerings of Beanery Blend are the Black Velvet, Colombian Specialty Coffee, and CB Select.

There you have the most famous coffee world chains that you might want to visit soon.

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