Home Espresso Machines DeLonghi Eletta Review (ECAM45760) 2023 : Price, Pros, Cons

DeLonghi Eletta Review (ECAM45760) 2023 : Price, Pros, Cons

DeLonghi Eletta Review (ECAM45760) 2023 : Price, Pros, Cons
credits: www.delonghi.com

Are you a fan of milk-based coffee drinks, but don’t know how to achieve wonderful milk foams?

Don’t worry, there’s a super automatic espresso machine that’s designed for you.

De’Longhi Eletta ECAM45760B not only does milk froth automatically, but it also makes a perfect cappuccino or latte with a press of a button.

The sleekness of the chrome-finished espresso machine is a scene-stealer.

Its auto-on feature welcomes your day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. If you want that feature,  learn more through our thorough review.

What is DeLonghi Eletta ECAM45760?

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De'Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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06/12/2024 06:48 am GMT

A superautomatic espresso machine with a programmable auto-on function to wake you up with the aroma of your favorite coffee, the De’Longhi Eletta is something. Of course, such an elegant design comes with an expensive price tag. But, there’s more to the price tag.

This espresso machine has dedicated buttons for popular coffee beverages, as well as additional coffee options for a total of 11 choices. You can adjust the coffee temperature, strength, density, etc., to have a satisfying cup of coffee each day.

The most exciting part is, the automatic milk frothing — but, it also has a manual steam wand if you want to build some barista skills.


  • Produce nice crema for a tempting cup of espresso
  • Can make finer coffee grounds when set to the finest level
  • Auto-frothing wand produces hot steam milk
  • Cup warmer has the hottest temperature than others
  • Auto-on function for a fresh cup of coffee, when you wake up
  • Has adjustable froth level to get the right froth for your drink
  • Great milk system cleaning you can easily dial
  • Has angled up control panel for easy viewing and navigating


  • With all the good features, the price is quite high
  • Has tons of options which are confusing at first
  • Fairly slow to start, slower compared to manual espresso machines
  • Display could be better, especially with its price
  • Doesn’t have user profiles to save customized coffee beverages
  • Need to remove milk frothing system to take out the drip tray and grounds bin
  • Excessive cleaning time at start-up and shut down

Design and Specifications

De’Longhi sees to it that this espresso machine has professional looks with a design that fits into any kitchen. With excessive chrome-finished plastic housing plus an angled up view of the control panel for easy viewing, it’s one of its kind. Everything is well-made and thoughtfully placed to give users the convenience, especially that it’s a superautomatic machine.

De'Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine

It has nice chrome buttons around the 2-line display with touch sensor navigation buttons to the side. The display is just good enough, and we think for its price point, it could be better. Perhaps a better display completes the overall looks of the machine compared to the digital panel display on a blue background.

Anyway, on the good side, all the controls are fairly easy to use with one-touch operation for some popular coffee drinks. You have dedicated buttons for your favorite single and double espresso, cappuccino, caffé latte, latte macchiato, long, and hot water. When you press the dedicated button, the settings will automatically be displayed on the screen for adjustments on the fly.

For coffee beverages alone, you have a total of 11 including the options to make wonderful flat white, Americano, espresso macchiato, and more. Through the MENU you can set some parameters for making a nice cup of coffee, including the water hardness, time, auto-start, auto-off, energy saving, temperature, language, beep, and so on.

delonghi eletta
credits: www.delonghi.com

So much with the buttons and settings as you can slowly learn them every time you use the machine. Let’s go to the parts and components of this machine.

At the top, you can see a nice cup warmer grill, and next to it is the 400g bean hopper. The bean hopper has a rubber-sealed lid where you can store your coffee beans to preserve their freshness. A small bypass doser can be found which is capable of brewing one (1 measuring scoop) dose at a time if you’re using decaf or other pre-ground coffee.

The lower right portion of the unit is dedicated to the 2L water reservoir, which, when removed, gives you access to the removable infuser unit. De’Longhi recommends cleaning this unit with cold water at least once a month. The good news is, with a removable, manually cleanable brew group, you can save money for the maintenance.

Opposite to the 2-tone chrome design water tank is where you can insert the automatic milk frothing system. Or, if you want hot water or don’t want to depend on the automatic frothing unit, you can insert the hot water and steam connection nozzle in place of the milk container.

Now, the best is not just on the machine, but on its detachable milk frothing system, as well. Aside from giving you a 0.6L milk reservoir, it has froth adjustment, CLEAN dial and adjustable milk spout. It latched perfectly into the machine right next to the height-adjustable coffee spout.

We didn’t mention the integrated burr grinder yet. This new silent grinder has 13 different grinder settings to fine-tune the coffee grounds for different espresso-based drinks you can think of.

delonghi eletta coffee machine
credits: www.delonghi.com

A tall and slender coffee machine with a body dimension of 18.4 × 10.2 × 14.2 inches, you might want to decide a place for it in your kitchen. It weighs 24.47 lbs. With a short cord, you might want to put it right next to a compatible outlet. It works at 220/240 rated voltage with input power of 1450 Watts.

You don’t need to worry about turning the machine off and on, because you can set its auto-on and auto-shutoff functionalities. Unlike most superautomatics, maintenance isn’t a headache with the Eletta. However, you might wait around 47 seconds for it to become ready.

It’s not that much waiting, especially if you can enjoy a good cup of coffee after.

Features and Functionalities

Indeed the Eletta has a lot of good things to put on the table. Some of them are common to most espresso machines of the same category, but there are also unique ones. So, instead of discussing the common features, let’s talk about those that set it apart.

Freshly Brewed Coffee On Demand — The bean hopper of this machine has a rubber-sealed top that keeps the freshness of the beans. It has an integrated burr grinder with 13 different grinding levels to fine-tune the kind of grinds you want. And, since it has an auto-start functionality, you’ll get freshly brewed coffee right after you wake up to help you face the challenges of the new day.

delonghi eletta bean grinder
credits: www.delonghi.com

De’Longhi’s LatteCrema System — The milk container has an integrated automatic milk frothing system with froth dial. You can use no froth (just heating milk), medium froth for latte macchiato and flat white, and airier froth for cappuccino and espresso macchiato.

Aside from the convenience of hands-free milk frothing, Eletta is fast. The milk will start dispensing while the machine grinds the beans. So, after the machine is done brewing espresso, you can enjoy your cappuccino or caffé macchiato.

Manual Frothing for Real Barista — Not all coffee lovers actually love automatic milk frothing. A good number of people love to manually froth milk to make wonderful latte arts. Even though Eletta has an automatic frothing system, you can also do it manually using the hot water and steam connection nozzle.

Customizable Drinks — Each drink option is customizable according to your coffee addiction. You can easily adjust the temperature, strength, and the milk-to-espresso ratio. It’s automatically displayed when you select a drink and the wonderful thing is — the machine remembers your settings.

One-Touch Intuitive Display — We mentioned that the display of this machine could be better with its high price tag. But, if you are looking for a good and easy-to-understand display, this one has it. Plus, there are a few buttons with labels and understandable icons that let you make coffee with one press.

delonghi eletta close up
credits: www.delonghi.com

Surprisingly Hot Cup Warmer — The metallic cup warmer of this machine is probably the warmest you have in superautomatics. It’s a good thing — especially if you enjoy sipping your coffee with more hotness in it.

While you can find some of these features in other superautomatic espresso machines, De’Longhi puts them all into one capable and able espresso machine.

Setup and Operation

Just like any other superautomatic espresso machines, the setup isn’t that hard and daunting. But for those who are new to such machines, the functionalities could be overwhelming. Let’s get right to the buttons and controls, so you can appreciate how quickly you can make a cup of coffee with Eletta.


Most superautomatics have one-touch operation. This means that with one press of a button — whether it’s espresso or milk-based beverages — the machine will make it for you. It has preset/default values for the volume, strength, and coffee quantity that you can change anytime according to your preferences.

Delonghi Eletta espresso
credits: www.delonghi.com

Before getting into the super-easy operation, let’s discuss the control panel first. From left to right, you have the STANDBY button that lets you wake the machine when it’s sleeping.

The first button at the upper right next to the STANDBY button is the coffee quantity button, then, the aroma selection button to set the taste of your coffee. Below, you can see the CAPPUCCINO, CAFFE LATTE, LATTE MACCHIATO, MILK MENU, HOT WATER, STEAM, and the LONG icon for making long coffee.

Opposite to the coffee quantity button is the 1 CUP button and below it is the 2 CUP button — self-explanatory, but it’s for single shot and double shot espresso, respectively. Each time you press dedicated buttons for drinks the settings will be displayed so that you can change them on the fly.

Towards the LED display, you can see MENU/ESC, OK, and two navigational arrows. For more settings, you can hit the MENU and additional customization options will be displayed. The MENU button will actually bring you to more milk-based drinks, including espresso macchiato, flat white, and more.

Now that you know the buttons on this machine, it’s time to ready it for your first cup of coffee. Of course, you need to clean the machine when you use it for the first time. Clean the removable parts using the recommended cleaning protocol and prime the machine for optimum performance.

After you plug the machine, turn it ON using the main switch at the back. Remove the water tank and fill it with water up to the MAX line and put it back to the machine. Go through the easy-to-follow instructions for quicker setup.

Priming the machine means running hot water on it, so when you’re prompted for HOT WATER, simply press the OK button. Make sure to have containers below the spout as water will run through it and eventually stops. You’re now ready to make your first cup of coffee.

You can only see and taste the best results after 4-5 cups of coffee. And, if you want to make cappuccinos, it’s normal to get loud noise when boiling water. But, it’s only for the first six cups, after that, the noise will be lesser.

Let’s make some coffee.

Brewing Capacity and Process

Although superautomatics has overwhelming options and functionalities, it’s easy to operate with on-display instructions. Let’s get started!

As you can see, we didn’t mention portafilters or tamper — the machine does everything for you. What you need to do is to adjust some factors to brew coffee friendly to your taste buds.

Select the coffee taste — extra mild, mild, standard, strong, and extra strong. Just press the BEAN button to change. Then, set the coffee quantity by pressing the coffee quantity button (upper right) until you get to the desired quantity.

If you need to adjust the coffee grinding levels, you can do so using the grinding adjustment knob on the bean hopper. It’s recommended to pre-heat your espresso cups to get hotter coffee. Now, we’re all set to make our first espresso.

Put beans into the bean hopper and place mugs (maximum height is 5.5 inches) under the coffee spout. If you’ll make milk-based coffee beverages, insert the milk carafe to the machine and latch it in place. If you want to make espresso or long coffee, just press the corresponding button for your drink.

For milk-based beverages, adjust to the froth you want using the knob on the milk carafe and press the button corresponding to the drink you want to prepare. More options for milk drinks can be found using the MILK button. Press OK to make the selected milk drink.

eletta espresso maker
credits: www.delonghi.com

The machine has preset values if you don’t want any customization and it’ll stop according to how it’s set out of the factory. You can see the progress through the progress bar display. Yet, you can always interrupt the process by pressing any button.

De’Longhi Eletta guarantees non-mind-boggling processes and procedures because of the small, easy-to-read screen display. Furthermore, you can understand the machine – if it needs something to properly work — because it will tell you what it wants. Lastly, it’ll also display what it’s doing, so you know when to interrupt and when to just wait.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Most superautomatic espresso machines have discouraging cleaning procedures. While it’s good to get the system clean every time, sometimes it makes you wait for some more seconds before you can make a cup of coffee.

While preparing coffee cup after cup is no problem with this machine, you need to wait for its automatic cleaning at startup and shut off. Aside from that, the RINSING functionality does a good job of cleaning the coffee spout and the cappuccino maker/hot water spout.

The best part of the cleaning process is the CLEAN option in the froth dial of the milk carafe. Position the dial towards CLEAN and place a cup under the frothed milk spout — the machine cleaning prowess is underway. It’ll automatically stop after it has cleaned the milk system thoroughly.

No abrasive please, or using any other cleaning agents not recommended by De’Longhi. Your machine lasts longer if you’ll strictly follow cleaning protocols, which is detailed in the user’s manual.

The water tank, drip tray, and the ground coffee tank can be removed for easy cleaning. Like Saeco superautomatics, the De’Longhi Eletta has a removable infuser unit as well that you can clean from time to time to make a consistent cup of coffee. You can see recommended cleaning procedures in the manual.

If you’ve noticed, the user’s manual consists of detailed information on cleaning and maintenance rather than on coffee preparations. This is because your machine is as good as how you maintain it. And of course, don’t forget to descale, when it’s time to descale it!

Accessories and Add-ons

Getting freebies is interesting. With De’Longhi Eletta, you can use this small stuff to better the brewing capability of the machine. You have the “Total Hardness Test” indicator paper to check the hardness of your water and set it in the machine.

Then, you have the water softener filter (available for certain Eletta models) to remove unnecessary salts in your water. And, you have the descaler that you can use when it’s time to descale your machine.

Small things like the pre-ground coffee measure when you’re using the bypass doser and the cleaning brush. The good add-on is the cappuccino maker/hot water spout with a release button that dispenses water and steam. It doubles as your manual frother if you don’t like to depend on the automatic frothing system, this machine also has.

Who is this product for? / Should you buy this?

Delonghi Eletta Product line
credits: www.delonghi.com

The best way to make a cup of coffee in a lazy way. This is probably the best one-liner description for this superautomatic espresso machine from De’Longhi. Yet, it’s also a great coffee machine to address different coffee needs of the family.

Manual and automatic frothing, check. Automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and brewing, check. You can also make decaf and other specialty coffee.

What more? You can decide on the froth you want to make. If you’re a family of coffee and milk lovers, this machine is the ultimate choice you can have.

The drawback?

It’s quite expensive! Not all coffee enthusiasts want to spend too much just to get a coffee maker. So, if you’re an extravagant person or if you aren’t willing to spend more to get freshly brewed coffee each time you wake up in the morning, this machine is not for you.


Wake up with the sweet aroma of your favorite espresso in the morning with the De’Longhi Eletta ECAM45760B superautomatic espresso machine. It’s designed to make wonderful espresso, cappuccino, and other milk-based coffee beverages with a press of a button.

It’s programmable and can accommodate the high demand of coffee consumption per day. With a bigger water tank and bean hopper, plus the integrated burr grinder, you have a freshly brewed cup every time you want a punch. If your coffee addiction strikes just any time of the day and you need different types of coffee, spending more to get the De’Longhi Eletta is worth every penny.

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