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17 Barista-Approved Coffee Hacks That Will Change Your Life

17 Barista-Approved Coffee Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee early in the morning.

It’s hard to argue that it is truly difficult to start a day packed with paperworks and meetings without a delicious cup of joe to kick it off.

Many people opt to drop by coffee shops just for the sake of that professional barista coffee.

However, this pandemic has shut down many chances of visiting a coffee shop to get to work, especially since almost all work now is done at home.

Despite this downward development, one should still be able to have a well-deserved cup of tasty coffee at home.

So, here are some tips and tricks to help you brew coffee just like your favorite coffee shop does!

Use Whole Bean Coffee

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Using fresh, whole bean coffee allows you to keep more of that coffee flavor as compared to using packed coffee.

Grinding your own coffee beans allows you to make use of all the flavors that have escaped in the packaging process of store-bought grounds.

Roasting is Boasting

Roasting your own beans allows you to choose how dark your coffee will actually be.

The best thing about roasting your own beans is it helps you save money, as it can easily be done in an oven, a skillet, or a store-bought roaster!


Use a Kitchen Scale

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Now that you’ve actually decided to use whole, fresh beans, it wouldn’t hurt to measure how much you’d want to use.

Using a kitchen scale to measure your coffee will help you determine how much coffee is going into your drink by concentration, not just by volume.


Evenly Grind Your Beans

Using a Burr grinder can actually help you be more in control of the coffee you want to drink.

Having evenly ground beans will allow you to brew a well-balanced cup of coffee.

Store Your Beans Properly

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Believe it or not, sunlight alone can already cause your beans to go bad.

It’s best to store your beans in a container that shields them from sunlight, and even better than best when placed in a cabinet away from sunlight!

We recommend getting one of these coffee storage containers.

Warm Water for Warm Mugs

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There are days where you’ll really forget that you’ve brewed yourself a cup, especially when it’s from a coffee machine.

Keep your coffee warm by making sure to place your mug in a bowl of hot water to keep it warm before you leave it.


Waiting for the Coffee Bloom

The bloom is a phase in the brewing process where carbon dioxide develops from the grounds.

Pour a bit of hot water over the grounds and wait for any bubbles to form.

This will help you get all of the flavor hidden in your beans, as the water makes more contact with them.

Choose a Good Brewing Method

Brewing methods can either be expensive or inexpensive.

The easiest (and probably most expensive) option is the automatic coffee maker, which gives a sweet, light taste.

If you want darker brews, it might be best to stick with French presses.

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Clean Your Coffee Maker

“It’s a coffee maker! No one will see its insides anyway!”


Having a dirty coffee maker with an old filter can greatly alter the taste of every brew.

Make sure you clear out the filter and the carafe after a couple of days’ brew.


Use a Homemade Syrup

Syrups will take some extra cash when added to coffee by a professional barista.

However, there are many recipes online that will help you make your own syrup at home.

The best part about this is you can adjust it any way you like!


Use Coffee Cubes

Fan of iced coffee but don’t like how the ice makes it taste after a couple of minutes?

Easily maintain your iced coffee’s coffee taste by making ice cubes from coffee!

This way, your drink will no longer be watery, but much more coffee-like when the ice melts.


A Pinch of Salt Goes a Long Way

Salt in coffee sounds like such a disgusting mix.

However, adding sodium in the form of salt can actually help with the bitterness of the coffee.

This is a great alternative if you don’t want any sugar in your coffee. Just add a pinch (or to taste), and ta-da!

Espresso With a French Press-o

Espresso machines are way too expensive, and they don’t even usually taste that strong! 

Make your own espresso with a French press.

This way, you can have your shot just how strong you want it to be!


Cooking With Coffee

Coffee actually works very well in a lot of recipes.

Sometimes, you can add coffee grounds to your baking mix or even meat marinades!

This will give it a bitter kick to counter any unwanted strong tastes.


Shake, Cafe Cafe Dancer

Got some leftover coffee you just can’t have any more of?

Try putting it together with milk, ice, and some other ingredients in a blender! 

There’s more to coffee than just lattes, frappes, and espressos!


Getting Higher With Coffee

Some people like creamer, some people don’t.

However, did you know that you can actually make your coffee creamier with just a little bit of butter?

To add to that, butter can also help you get more energy to start the day with!


Bonus: Use French Press to Froth Milk

Here’s a quick hack most people don’t tell: you can use your French maker to froth milk.

Simply just put your preheated milk on your French press, and pump it up and down until you get your desired volume. Easy, right?

There are a lot of coffee hacks that can easily be discovered just by experimenting.

Never be too afraid to explore all the possibilities of coffee, because this drink has flavors in it that our taste buds have yet to discover.

Go crazy with your coffee, it’s for your taste buds anyway!


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