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Coffee Pairing Ideas: 25 Delicious Combinations

Coffee Pairing Ideas: 25 Delicious Combinations

Admit it. Some of you cannot start your day without your precious cup of coffee. That’s what coffee means to most people, especially to coffeeholics.

It’s what wakes you up every morning and keeps you alive until the end of the day.

From breakfast even up to dessert, coffee has become a familiar habit in our daily lives. The best way to enjoy a cup of coffee is by pairing it with the food that goes with it.

But not all food can bring out the taste and aroma of coffee when paired. Here’s a classic list of the best coffee pairing ideas.

coffee food pairing

25 Coffee Pairing Ideas – Foods that Go Well with Coffee

Pairing Coffee with Donuts

A crowd-favorite, donuts are easily a popular choice for coffee. Its sweetness can offset the strong and bitter taste of coffee, especially those made with more milk ingredients. It comes in all sorts of colors, plain or sprinkled or glazed.

Pairing Coffee with Bagel

coffee food pairing
Variety of Authentic New York-style bagels with seeds in a paper bag

Bagels are another perfect food to pair with coffee. It may be plain, toasted, or filled with cream cheese or toppings. They’re a perfect fit for your cup of coffee.

Pairing Coffee with Coffee cake

This sweet cake is the perfect pair for your coffee. It comes in various flavors and textures and is meant to be enjoyed with your hot cup of coffee. Try a different combination like a sour cream coffee cake, brown sugar, cinnamon, and walnuts in the middle.

Pairing Coffee with Grilled cheese

coffee food pairing
Toasted crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside hot grilled cheese sandwiches

The grilled cheese sandwich is another best food to pair with coffee with its crispy, toasted bread and gooey, melted cheese, which easily goes well with your strong cup of coffee.

Pairing Coffee with Croissants

You can pair coffee with croissants. Take it from the French? Cafè au lait pairs so much better!

Pairing Coffee with Muffins

Most muffins work with coffee well as most doughnuts do. Others say that Costa Rican and Mexican coffee beans are particularly good with muffins.

Pairing Coffee with Bacon

Ahhh, bacon. Remember that not all coffee pairings have to be sweet. Savory food can also work just as well or even better. Bacon is known to be one of the most favorite breakfast foods around as it goes exceptionally well with coffee. The salty, savory, and fatty flavor of this goodness can flawlessly complement a strong cup of coffee.

Pairing Coffee with Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are another popular option for breakfast that goes perfectly with coffee. You can easily make one with just a bit of salt and pepper or stuff them up with some vegetables and other goodies.

Pairing Coffee with Crepes

coffee food pairing

The crepe is something that coffee sets off splendidly. Some are sweet, while others can also be made with savory stuff like cheese and meat. Most of them do stand out with the correct type of coffee.

Pairing Coffee with Dark chocolate

Coffee plus chocolate is almost always a hit. Dark chocolate has an excellent coffee pairing. The complexity and a tad of bitterness of the dark chocolate give a simple contrast to a sophisticated coffee.

Pairing Coffee with Tiramisu

Maybe the best pair for your coffee. You can never go wrong when you pair your coffee with food that brings out its best flavors. The espresso or coffee that’s present in the tiramisu perfectly fits the bill.

Pairing Coffee with Caramel Flan

This rich, salty-sweet caramel flan flavor works perfectly well with some Indonesian and Guatemalan coffees.

Pairing Coffee with Pancakes and Maple Syrup

A classic favorite, you can pair your pancake with Kona and Nicaraguan coffee to complement the maple flavor.

Pairing Coffee with Cinnamon Buns

Who does not love a good cinnamon bun? The bun’s caramel and chocolate filling are perfect for Colombian and Guatemalan coffee.

Pairing Coffee with Smoked salmon

If you want some bold flavors that would go well with your coffee pairings, smoked salmon is recommended. The salmon’s salty and fishy flavor can hold it’s own using a bold coffee.

Pairing Coffee with Berries

You might think that berries with coffee are not a great idea. They can be eaten alone or as part of your sweet dish. They make a good complement to coffee.

Pairing Coffee with Shortbread

Shortbreads have that buttery, dense texture of shortbread that is perfect with your café breve, Costa Rican, or Brazilian coffees.

Pairing Coffee with Hard cheeses

Hard cheese and a cup of coffee may seem like a weird pairing, but it is a good combination. Just stay away from softer cheeses that have delicate flavors. They can get overwhelmed by the strong taste of coffee, but harder cheeses like cheddar can easily hold their flavor.

Pairing Coffee with Scones

We usually find scones paired with tea. But they are not just for tea! You can pair fruit scones with coffee from Kenya or Haiti. And unflavored scones are perfect with Costa Rica or Nicaragua coffee.

Pairing Coffee with Tapioca or rice pudding

If you are into tapiocas and rice pudding, their sweet and milky flavor goes well with your strong cup of coffee. The vanilla and cinnamon blend well with the bold and smoky flavor of a darker coffee roast.

Pairing Coffee with Oatmeal cookies

These types of cookies are perfect with light to medium roast coffees.

Pairing Coffee with a Peanut butter and banana sandwich

The sweetness of the banana and the creaminess of the peanut butter are perfect on their own. Add in the flavor and aroma of a nice cup of joe, and it is out of this world.

Pairing Coffee with Bran muffin

You need fiber. You need bran. Plus, bran muffins are uber delicious.

Pairing Coffee with Biscotti

coffee food pairing
Biscotti with nuts on a wooden background decorated with leaves mint. selective focus

This is the most popular baked good anyone can enjoy with coffee in America. It comes in various flavors to suit any palate. Try some classic, cherry, chocolate, and other flavors. A full-flavored biscotti is also perfect with your espresso.

Pairing Coffee with Omelets

Coffees from Sumatra, Java, and Indonesia can the full and strong flavor of this savory brunch food.

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When taking your daily cup of joe, consider what type of food you’re going to pair it with.  As a rule of thumb in pairing coffee with food, follow your palate.

If the combination is good for your tastes, that’s all there is to it.  Keep in mind your food pairings and keep on discovering.

The important thing is, you’re enjoying your daily cup of precious coffee with or without a food pairing.

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