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85 Benefits of Coffee, Based on Scientific Research

85 Benefits of Coffee, Based on Scientific Research

Oh the joys of Benefits of Coffee: God’s gift to mankind. Without it where would the human race be? In all seriousness, few beverages have done more for people than coffee has.

It wakes people up, brings communities together, provides energy, and generally helps people be the best version of themselves.

Besides the obvious benefits of energy and caffeine, many don’t realize that there are a number of direct and indirect benefits from consuming coffee daily.

Despite common myths and health legends about coffee you may have been told, there is a generous amount of data on the benefits of drinking coffee.

Many colleges, universities, and scientific groups have conducted research on the benefits that come along with drinking brew.

Without further ado, here are 85 scientifically-backed coffee benefits that occur when you consume coffee.

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75 Benefits of Coffee + 10 Additional Benefits


Benefits of Coffee
Benefits of Coffee

1. Boosts Your Energy 

How else do we start this list? This is one of the most well known benefits of coffee! Whether you’re just waking up or you’ve hit the 2PM afternoon slump, coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant known for increasing energy (1).

After consuming a cup of joe, the body experiences a boost of energy – great for when you’re trying to wake up or are in need of an afternoon pick-me-up. Better yet, drink a cup before a test or long meeting to help you stay away and focus on what’s going on.

2. Helps Drop Weight

Your metabolism is also affected by the caffeine contained in coffee. It speeds up your bloodstream and body processes causing thermogenesis which generates heat within your body (2).

This leads to dropping unwanted weight by burning more energy through your metabolism. Coffee can also curb hunger and help people lose weight by other means of consumption of the beverage.

3. Enhances Your Focus

A cup of joe can increase your focus and concentration through caffeine, which again, is a stimulant (3). This causes you to focus more intently on whatever is at hand. It also enhances the way you think and process information.

All this added focus and concentration will cause you to excel in school, work, and whatever else you’re putting yourself to, so make sure to drink more coffee!

4.Reduces Anxiety

Science shows that coffee naturally helps reduce anxiety (4). The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or struggling on a particular day, grab some coffee to help ease your mind and nerves.

While coffee can indeed give you the “jitters” in the short-term, it’s able to reduce stress and anxiety. This allows you to recollect and decrease anxiety and stress over time. If you particularly find yourself experiencing panic attacks with the grind of life and work, habitually add a cup of coffee to your afternoons.

5. Boosts Female Sex Drive

A cup of joe can work wonders for females, particularly in the bed! With the increase in blood flow to the nether regions, women are more likely to desire sex and have reported a higher libido after drinking caffeine (5). So drink up ladies!

6. Reduces Risk of Stroke

Stroke is a serious blood clot in which there’s a loss of blood flow to the brain, stopping nutrients and oxygen from reaching dependent tissue. Moderate coffee consumption is correlated with reduced risk for stroke by preventing blood clots, improving vessel flow, and more. (6) If you have particularly high blood pressure, introducing espresso to your system could help in the long run. If making one, check out our best home espresso machines here.

7. Reduces Risk for Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial cancer affects the lining of the uterus, and coffee may be linked to reduced risk for this cancer (7). Consuming four cups a day was connected to a decrease in 20% chance of endometrial cancer. If you’re a natural skeptic of some of the cancer research, just remember that 2.5 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day.

Scientists have had a lot of data and experimentation to work with.

8. Reduces Risk for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease attacks nerves and causes tremors and unwanted movement. Coffee contains caffeine, phenylindane, and other components that can curb this disease (8).  Drinking more today can prevent this disease down the line in later years.

9. Increases Your Life Expectancy

You can expect to live longer by drinking coffee! Why? Well, think of all the benefits of coffee on this list. It goes hand in hand with your life expectancy – coffee drinkers are more likely to live longer and lead on happier lives. (9)

10. Great for Your Liver

Java works wonders for your liver (10). It protects and fights off many different types of diseases and cancers, plus it promotes healthy bacteria. Skip the alcohol and opt in for coffee – your liver will thank you.

11. Highly Nutritional

Coffee contains many antioxidants and vitamins that are great for your body. Depending on the roast and preparation, one cup may have more nutrition than another. Some vitamins include Riboflavin, Magnesium, Potassium, and Vitamin B (11).

It may not contain a lot of nutrients, but multiple cups will definitely increase your intake and aid in nutrition.

12 Acts as an Antidepressant

Think about this one. In the short term coffee boosts your energy, reduces anxiety, and lifts your mood. Sound like an antidepressant to you?

Well, it is! And science shows that caffeine affects a person much like an antidepressant (without all the negative crash effects). (12)

13. Can Help Heart-Rhythm Abnormalities

Atrial fibrillation, known as heart palpitations or irregular heartbeats, was once thought to be caused or connected to coffee. New studies show that coffee doesn’t impact those with heart-rhythm abnormalities, and in fact may be connected to reduce arrhythmias. (13)

14. Low in Calories

Assuming you don’t load your coffee with a ton of creamer, sugars, or syrups, one cup can have as little as 15 calories in it (14). That’s almost as good as water, so if you’re trying to lose weight replace calorie rich energy drinks and sodas with coffee.

15. Relieves Muscle Pain

There’s evidence that coffee beverages can relieve and reduce muscle pain (15). Some doctors believe it actually reduces inflammation and speeds up recovery, while others think the perception of pain is reduced.

16. Gives You More Fiber

While it doesn’t contribute much towards the daily recommended intake, brewed coffee does indeed contain fiber. Fiber aids in your digestive health, dealing with cholesterol, and helping the body get all the nutrients it needs (16). Fiber also contributes to how often you need to use the bathroom and how healthy your stool is.

Though caffeine is mostly responsible for causing you to poop shortly after drinking a coffee beverage.

17. Helps You Stay Awake

If you’re getting tired or sleepy caffeine will help you stay awake! Studies have shown that people are able to stay awake longer and remain focused by consuming coffee (17).

So if you’re pulling an all nighter or trying to drive through the night, let coffee give you a helping hand in staying alert.

18. Stronger DNA Integrity

This one is quite an interesting benefit. DNA strands are less likely to break which is correlated to the amount of coffee that’s consumed (18). Damaged DNA could result in cancer, damage to cells, and more.

It’s interesting that there are certain compounds in coffee that keep DNA intact.

19. Causes You to Burn Fat, Faster

Coffee aids in weight loss through a number of factors, but if burning fat is your primary concern you’ll want to incorporate caffeine into your diet.

Studies show that people looking to burn fat had increased success through their metabolism being sped up by coffee (19).

So yes, there are many ways to lose weight…but few ways to lose it fast.

Coffee comes through for those looking to speed up weight loss.

20. Reduces Chance of Gout

Gout is a painful type of arthritis that is more severe than other chronic versions of arthritis.

Coffee has been linked to reducing the chance of developing gout, since the beverage is known to decrease uric acids (20).

Uric acids are normally pushed through the body, but if too much is produced, it can build up and form gout.

21. Improves Your Relationships with Others

Studies have shown that humans who drink coffee and interact with other fellow coffee-loving humans have better, more satisfying relationships (21). Now you know why there’s nothing quite like catching up with an old friend over a cup of rocket fuel.

22. Makes Your Bones Stronger

An interesting recent study showed that coffee drinkers had a higher bone density than those who abstained from the beverage (22). It also showed that there was a reduced risk for fractures and bone problems.

The study was conducted among 564 people and there’s more research currently underway to solidify this new claim for coffee.

23. Lower Chance of Developing Prostate Cancer

Coffee is linked to healthier men, specifically with preventing prostate cancer later in life. The regulation of insulin, healthy production of seminal fluid, and reduction in inflammation is all supported by drinking coffee regularly (23).

Studies show drinking coffee everyday can lead to a 60% risk reduction in developing prostate cancer.

24. Contains Rich Antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that fight off free radicals that can damage your cells, and coffee contains a lot of rich ones (24)!

Specifically, polyphenols and hydrocinnamic antioxidants are present in coffee drinks. Antioxidants can fight premature aging, DNA corruption, and a handful of other diseases against the body.

25. Reduces Thoughts of Suicide

Coffee makes people more happy and more satisfied. It’s linked to less depression and fewer thoughts of suicide (25). Make sure to drink up when you’re having a low day, and better yet, share a pot with a friend.

26. Extra Low in Calories

Besides speeding up your metabolism and helping you burn fat, coffee is incredibly diet friendly. Black coffee can contain as little as 5 calories and can support you in any efforts to lose weight (26). Be wary of sweeteners, sugars, milk, and other additives to coffee though.

These can quickly compromise any weight goals you’ve made for yourself.

27. Decreased Risk for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is caused by the immune system attacking nerves like your spine. Coffee is linked to a 30% decreased risk for developing this disease, if consumed in high amounts (27).

28. Boosts Short-Term Memory

Calling college students, exam takers, and presenters…there’s scientific evidence that coffee boosts short term memory (28)! So, maybe have an extra cup on the morning of your big exam or speech.

29. Reduced Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Unlike type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes can be developed later in life. Millions of Americans are annually at risk for developing it based on poor diets, but coffee may be one of many fighters against the disease (29). Caffeine raises blood sugar and insulin levels which fights off the negative effects of diabetes.

30. Increases Cognitive Capabilities

The mental focus from caffeine is known for increasing cognitive skills like retention, memory recall, and problem-solving (30). It may not give you the intellect of Spock, but it sure can give you an edge.

31. Gives You Faster Reaction Time

If you’re an athlete, you’ll appreciate this one. Coffee has been linked to increasing reaction and reflex times, making your muscles sharper at responding to stimulus (31).

32. Slows Down On-Set of Dementia

Many studies are showing more and more evidence that coffee helps the mind stay alert even through old age. You’re less likely to develop dementia or other mental blocks as you grow old if you drink coffee consistently. (32)

33. Fights Off Depression

Depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide are curbed by coffee and rightfully so. Coffee helps release ‘happy’ chemicals to the brain, and it literally transforms your mood (33). It’s not a solution for those needing extra medical care, but it can assist in helping people feel less depressed and happier.

34. Better Muscular Coordination

If you’re an athlete or pretty active, coffee can make you more focused on the field. Caffeine helps you focus, react faster, and causes your muscles to coordinate better (34). It’s like the legal, cool version of a steroid. Say no to drugs; say yes to more coffee.

35. Treats Headaches

Though controversial, there is scientific evidence that coffee drinks reduce headaches and help you get relief (35). Headaches often come from bulging, swollen blood vessels and caffeine helps dilate these in. Oftentimes you can experience relief within minutes of consuming a latte or macchiato.

Remember that over consumption can lead to dependency and trigger caffeine headaches. Moderation is key in getting the benefits of headache relief.

36. Mitigates Heart Disease

One of the most recognized benefits of coffee is its correlation to defending against heart disease. There’s a lot of data behind cardiovascular health and consuming caffeine (36). Some reports show decreases of 5% 10% and even 20% all linked to drinking a cup a day.

37. Helps Reverse Liver Damage From Alcohol

We know that coffee is good for the liver, but it’s also useful for reversing damage done to your organ by alcohol. Because alcohol is linked to cirrhosis, coffee has been tested to prevent the onset of this disease (37).

38. Protects Against Breast Cancer

Ladies, if you have any genetic history of breast cancer or are scared of developing it, you might want to start drinking more coffee. While the research isn’t extensive, there is a good link between breast cancer and coffee (38). Researchers believe it may have to do with the reduction of free radical damage and integrity of DNA strands.

It may also impact estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer, where women don’t receive enough estrogen. Coffee contains properties similar to estrogen that can supplement women and prevent cancer.

39. Stops Cavities From Developing

This benefit needs an asterisk beside it. If you consume your coffee with extra sugar, syrups, or flavors, you actually have an increased risk for cavities. However, black coffee drinkers can drink easy knowing there’s studies that show black coffee stops cavities from developing (39).

40. Can Prevent Gum Disease

Sadly, gum disease plagues people every year and it’s the number one reason for tooth loss in adults. Research shows that black coffee contributes to healthy gums and fights off plaque (40). Similar to cavities, added sugar and syrups have the opposite effect on gum health.

41. Reduces Back, Neck, and Shoulder, “Office” Pain

Do you sit all day at a desk and experience neck, back, and shoulder pain? Back pain in particular is one of the biggest sources of disabilities among people. One particular study showed a reported decrease in pain from coffee consumers than those who abstain from drinking it. (41)

42. Boosts Your Workout

Drinking a shot of espresso can improve your workouts thanks to the increase in energy and focus! If you’re struggling with sore muscles or any pain coffee can diminish the feeling of pain, boosting your workout.

Another caffeine benefit is caffeine can also release growth hormones like BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which helps motor function and keeps muscles from aging. (42)

43. Causes You To Be Perceived As More Approachable 

Want to make more friends or be perceived as a social person? Have a coffee in your hand! Studies show that people find coffee drinkers to be relaxed and down to earth, making you seem more approachable (43).

This is why many bloggers and youtubers amass large followings.

They’ll make videos while holding a mug, and it causes viewers to feel relaxed and as if they can trust this person.

44. Improved Blood Circulation

Blood pressure is temporarily raised after drinking espresso or coffee improving blood circulation (44). How does this happen? Caffeine causes blood vessels to narrow and tighten, circulating blood quickly throughout the body.

45. Improved Endurance

One unusual caffeine benefit is that it decreases your perception of certain things like pain and lack of energy (45). This causes you to push through any discomfort and not realize you’re “losing energy”. This is definitely a great benefit for athletes and trainers.

Glycogen is also responsible for helping refuel muscles during exercise and improving endurance capabilities.

46. Preserves Muscle Tissue

By drinking coffee you help your muscles avoid atrophy. The brain releases BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which supports your body and its muscles (46). In addition, glycogen is replenished faster due to caffeine.

Athletes should consume coffee to help their muscles recover after any strenuous exercise.

47. Boosts Productivity

Perhaps everyone’s favorite reason for drinking coffee is that it helps us get stuff done. Part of the reason we’re motivated to get things done while consuming coffee is people get a boost of energy that helps them focus on the task at hand (47).

This naturally boosts productivity as your blood vessels narrow, your focus is enhanced, and you feel like you can conquer the world.

The next time you need to wrap up a long project or knock out a handful of tasks, drink a coffee. In fact, you should start every morning with one so you can quickly plan to knock out your day.

48. Cleanses Your Palate

This is a really interesting one! Whenever you’re testing different perfumes or colognes at a store, you’ll often smell a bag of coffee beans to cleanse your pallet. There are even reports of people sniffing coffee bean bags between bites of food to “get the most” out of every bite.

How does this happen? Science suggests coffee refreshes fatigued olfactory receptors because of the many odorants (as many as 30) contained in coffee beans (48). Isn’t science cool?

49. Promotes Sustainability

While not a medical benefit for the human body, the reality is that coffee is a part of a global industry that impacts hundreds of thousands of coffee bean farmers.

This promotes economic sustainability and community and adds benefit to our world and indirectly (or perhaps directly) to yours (49). The coffee you buy is helping farmers provide for their families and encouraging global economics.

That should make you feel good about your coffee habits, and if that’s not a medical benefit we don’t know is.

50. May Encourage Male Fertility

There’s a number of ongoing studies linking coffee to sperm quality and production in men, though there are multiple arguments for both sides of the coin (50).

Studies in favor of coffee and fertility showed results of the quantity and quality of sperm and semen improving in men. One measurable benefit was the increase in motility for sperm, which had greater endurance compared to other sperms.

51. Caffeine May Curb Eye-Lid Spasm

Despite coffee making some people’s eyes twitch, there was a study done on patients who suffered from blepharospasm. In this study (51), coffee was proven to help keep their eyelids still and is linked to a decrease in developing blepharospasm by 40%.

52. Jump-Starts Your Metabolism

There’s nothing that quite jolts your body like a pot of brew in the morning. Caffeine is a stimulant which jump-starts your metabolism so you start burning energy faster (52).

It’s especially helpful for those trying to lose some extra pounds, and a high metabolism typically leads to a healthier lifestyle as you age.

53. Reduces Inflammation

If you’re dealing with any sort of inflammation in the body, coffee may be able to assist in reducing inflammation. It naturally contains polyphenols which are found in many fruits, veggies, and compounds and play a role with inflammation (53).

Whether muscle, oral, nerve, or other type of pain, be sure to consume some extra coffee to experience the healing properties caffeine can have on the body.

54. Contains Healthy Vitamins

Along with antioxidants, coffee contains some key vitamins for the body (54). Magnesium, potassium, and a number of others can all be found in coffee.

It may not be high in volume of vitamins, but it can quickly add up if you’re drinking multiple cups a day.

If you happen to drink more than 3 cups a day, you’re probably getting more vitamins than most Americans on average get, so good for you!

55. Freshens Your Breath

Freshens may be a bit subjective, but if you know you have bad breath and you can’t find a mint…drink coffee!

It’s properties are known to kill bad-odor causing behavior, plus it aids in fighting plaque and gingivitis (55). This way bad breath doesn’t return a half hour later.

56. Benefits Your Garden

While not a benefit for the body, it’s worth noting that coffee can be used as a compost and fertilizer.

This impacts the environment which leads to a more sustainable way of living (56).

Arguably, this environmental benefit indirectly affects your well being.

Maybe don’t throw those coffee grounds out next time. If you need coffee grounds, local coffee bars will often freely donate old grounds. Alternatively, here are  ways you can use your used coffee grounds.

Coffee is proven to increase high density lipoprotein, the ‘good’ type of cholesterol.

HDL is what gets rid of the ‘bad’ cholesterol and ultimately reduces your risk for heart disease, which is another indirect benefit of coffee.

Studies show that 3-4 coffees a day after a month can increase HDL by almost 8%. It really works! (57)

58. Helps You Stay Hydrated

Contrary to myths, coffee doesn’t dehydrate you. Yes, caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea increase blood flow to your kidneys and cause you to urinate more, but they nonetheless add to your total liquid tally.

So stay hydrated with coffee –  it keeps your body running on optimal performance and is good for your organs (58).

59. Can Prevent Damage to Your Retinas

Glaucoma, or loss of vision through old age, was shown to be reduced by coffee drinkers in a study at Cornell. Coffee may also prevent damage to the retinas and improve vision retention (59).

60. Prevents Tinnitus

If you want to protect your hearing and avoid tinnitus, look no further than coffee. Originally thought to damage people with chronic ear ringing, case studies showed that caffeine actually decreased ringing (60).

There is no current explanation behind why this happens, though scientists believe it has something to do with coffee’s effect on the nervous system.

61. Encourages Hair Growth

Starting to lose hair? Coffee promotes hair growth by blocking DHT, an agent from testosterone that kills hair follicles (61).

It won’t work wonders for bald people, but it’s good to drink if you’ve noticed your hair falling out lately. You can also use it on your scalp so your hair follicles can directly take in the caffeine.

People report stronger and wider hair roots.

62. Can Help Store & Create Memories

Coffee promotes healthy cognition and is known to assist in creating and storing memories (62).

While this is especially true for short-term memory, there is a correlation with long term memory as well. Tip – serve coffee at your wedding or important event so people will remember the day of the event.

63. Guards Against Skin Cancer

While some go as far as to rub coffee grounds on their face and skin, coffee is known to have skin-promoting features.

It can guard against skin cancer due to caffeine which protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation (63). It also contains purifying antioxidants that maintain DNA strands and mitigate damage from free radicals.

So if you’ve been afraid of coffee damaging your skin, drink on up. It’s good for your complexion and reduces the chance for skin cancer occurring.

64. Reduces Risk of Gallstones

Gallstones are hard pockets of bile stored up in the body and can cause pain plus create problems for your gallbladder.

A couple studies show that drinking coffee is directly related to a fewer chance of developing gallstones (64). One theory to why coffee reduces gallstones is connected to caffeie.

It supposedly can lower cholesterol found in bile, which high cholesterol may be the culprit in gallstones.

65. Reduces Hunger Cravings

One of the other many ways coffee helps people lose weight is through reducing hunger cravings and stopping from overeating. Drinking coffee can also hydrate your body and make you realize you were never actually hungry. Other molecules like Chlorogenic acids and antioxidants also play a role in curbing hunger and helping a person consume less food (65).

66. Can Treat Parkison’s Disease

Not only can coffee prevent Parkinson’s Disease but it’s also been shown to treat those with the disease. Certain studies showed that caffeine improved symptoms for those with the neurodegenerative disease. (66)

67. Improves Airway Functionality (Especially For Asthma)

If you or someone you know struggles with asthma or has difficulty breathing, there’s reason to believe that coffee can help you breathe better.

Though there’s not a ton of data behind why caffeine promotes better breathing, it’s understood that the airways are opened up for up to 4 hours after drinking coffee. (67)

68. Less Likely To Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction

Men, this one’s for you. If you want to make sure your sex life doesn’t suffer years down the road, start drinking coffee.

This beverage has polyphenols that relaxes certain muscles and promotes healthy blood flow to your nether regions. Problems like erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, and semen problems are all curbed by coffee.

Think of that – coffee directly aids in satisfying your woman every night. Rest easy in knowing you’re less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. (68)

69. Promotes Healthy Bowel Movements

Simply put, pooping is really healthy for you and your intestines. Coffee aids in this process because it’s a stimulant and ‘wakes up the stomach’ causing it to contract (69). If you ever feel constipated, drink a cup and you should be relieved within an hour.

70. Increases Good, Gastrointestinal Bacteria

Not all bacteria is bad, and the good sort thrive off coffee. There are trillions of probiotic cells in your intestine and they’re all vital to your body’s core functions. So make sure to drink more brew and keep your gut bacteria in tip top shape. (70)

71. Can Speed Up Recovery From Certain Surgery

You’re told to increase your fluid intake when you’re sick or recovering, but did you know that coffee can also speed up recovery? Specifically for colon surgery, coffee speeds up the bowel movement process and promotes health and recovery (71).

So if you’re planning on getting colon surgery be sure to load up on coffee after the operation – your gut will be grateful.

72. Reduces Risk of Kidney Stones

If you’re ever experienced kidney stones, you’re well aware of how painful they can be to pass through the body. In general, drinking more liquids purifies the bladder and reduces the buildup of substances that create kidney stones. Coffee, however,  plays a unique role in decreasing the risk of kidney stones drastically.

One study conducted over 8 years linked coffee consumption to a 26% reduction risk in forming kidney stones. (72)

73. Coffee Can Prevent Cataracts

Cataracts cause blindness and can develop the older you get. This study, performed on rats,  shows that caffeine consumption through coffee can actually prevent cataracts from ever forming in the first place (73). The data is linked to people who drink more than 50mg of caffeine a day, so know that you’re contributing to your eye’s heath the next time you’re sipping your morning coffee!

74. Can Help You Get Extra Protein

While not a significant source of protein on its own, coffee can be a vehicle to higher protein take. Many protein shakes on the market are typically unhealthy, high in calories, or taste really bad. But have you ever tried a protein coffee drink?

It may be the thing your body needs to make sure you get the right amount of protein. There are many awesome recipes to try out! (74)

75. Great for the Body, Hot or Cold!

There aren’t many beverages that taste good both hot and cold, but there is coffee and it’s good for your body either way. Brewing it cold releases more caffeine which provides many health benefits to the body, including speeding up your metabolism.

Hot coffee contains more antioxidants on the other hand, so you may as well drink both!  Water dispensers can help you brew both versions. (75)

76. Reverses Mental Fatigue

Studies show people are TIRED. Mental fatigue usually displays itself through lack of energy and concentration. Coffee drinking plays a role in providing energy and alertness to a person’s body. It can quite literally reverse the effects of mental fatigue and get you back to feeling focused, sharp, and clear-headed. (75)

77. Encourages the Brain to Learn

The brain and coffee have a great relationship. Research shows coffee boots the brain’s ability to maintain information, use short term memory, and recall patterns and shapes quicker than those without coffee (77). Apart from just recalling information, it encourages the brain to learn faster.

78. Increase Epinephrine Levels

Adrenaline is the same thing as Epinephrine, which maximizes the body’s processes. Blood pressure increases, pupils dilate, and a person’s metabolism is boosted by epinephrine, all because of the power of caffeine from coffee (78).

79. Lowers Risk for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma is one of the most common skin cancers and general cancers in the world. It originates from the basal skin cell but can be mitigated by coffee consumption according to research. Some studies suggest a decrease by almost 20%! (79)

80. Makes You Self-Confident

Dear introverts, now we know why you’re able to make it through the day. Coffee makes people more approachable, improves social interaction, and can make people feel more confident in who they are. All credit goes once again to caffeine, improving people’s self confidence since the dawn of man. (80)

81. Banishes Bad Odors

Coffee grounds can make any area you inhabit smell fresh and banish bad odor. Sulphate is removed from air when nitrogen reacts with carbon, and could be the solution you need to get your house or car free of nasty, unwanted smells (81). Also, people are generally attracted to the smell of coffee because it’s a pleasant, warm, nostalgic, and welcoming odor.

82. Source of Stress Relief

Everyone experiences stress, but few harness the power of espresso and dealing with it. Yes, coffee can aid in stress relief! Though it won’t fix all your problems, the drink is known to block receptors of adenosine in the brain. Simply put, these receptors play a part in manifesting stress and coffee helps inhibit these negative chemicals. (82)

83. Boosts Your Intelligence 

Your mental abilities are increased while drinking coffee, giving you more focus and concentration (83). But coffee also gives you other benefits like memory retention and communication with others. There are even studies that show people were able to recognize pattern changes quicker than those who didn’t drink coffee.

It also helps you learn faster as neurons fire faster in the brain. So if you have a big test coming up or a long presentation to give, try drinking some brew to help increase your smarts.

84. Can Make You More Creative

Another benefit contrary to popular belief, coffee can actually improve a person’s creativity. Research used to suggest that creativity was stifled by coffee but it’s just not true. Creativity is indirectly affected by the effects of caffeine causing people to stay on task, focus in, and get work done.

It negates the brain from wandering, which could take away from creativity, but it all depends on what your definition of creativity is. (84)

85. Prevents Rosocaea

Rosacea is a skin condition many people have but may not realize it’s to blame. It’s a pink and/or red discoloration of the cheeks…and let’s just say isn’t a sought after look! There are studies that show people who drink on average 4 or more cups of coffee a day are less likely to report the condition (85). And it wasn’t linked to caffeine.

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Brewing Thoughts

And there you have it! 85 scientifically-backed reasons and benefits to drinking coffee. Hopefully you learned something and now have more reasons (85 to be exact) to drink coffee. Be sure to share these benefits with friends and drink more coffee for yourself. The world’s a lot better with coffee in it.

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