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What is Clear Coffee? What Happened to Them?

What is Clear Coffee? What Happened to Them?

Have you ever had clear coffee before?

You probably heard of the name and want to find out more about it which is why you are here.

Clear coffee does sound very intriguing, and it almost sounds like a dream, but it is very much real.

Clear coffee is perfect for our coffee lovers out there who enjoy their delicious cup of coffee but could very well do without staining their teeth.

But what is clear coffee, and what happened to them?

Yes, clear coffee exists, but you cannot usually see them on the menu of your favorite coffee shops.

So, what exactly is clear coffee?

Clear coffee means exactly what it is – a colorless coffee drink.

This beverage is a breakthrough drink in the coffee market as coffee-stained teeth can be quite the problem and hassle, especially for people who love their coffee black.

This innovative product was the idea of two Slovakian brothers, David, and Adam Nagy.


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The brothers like to have their coffee strong while maintaining their white teeth.

They only want to enjoy their coffee without worrying about coffee stains on their teeth, but they can’t find any product of such kind in the market.

That is why they decided to create one themselves – the clear coffee.

They go by the brand name CLR CFF which is Clear Coffee without the vowels.

The drink is made from natural ingredients, including high-quality arabica coffee beans and pure water.

They do not use any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or stabilizers in the drink, just the roast, and the water.

The result is a ready-to-drink colorless coffee containing the caffeine boost that you need. But with relatively fewer calories and, of course, free from any stain.


How is clear coffee made?

The Nagy brothers took around three months to find the perfect mix and recipe to turn clear coffee into a reality.

However, they chose not to disclose how exactly they make the coffee.

Their website and reports only go on to say that the brothers used “methods which have never been used before.”

There isn’t much one can get from that information, with the company intending to keep it as a secret for now.

That sounds sketchy as we can’t even begin to guess the process in the lab which somehow created this breakthrough product.

But they assure that the drink does not contain any weird chemicals in the mix with the 200-milliliter bottle containing only water, fresh coffee, and caffeine.


How does it taste?

Clear coffee isn’t a drink you can easily order in a coffee shop, and you might be very curious about how it tastes.

For those who have tried and have gotten a taste of clear coffee, some described it as having a taste similar to a “potent cold brew”, so it is at least something familiar to the taste buds.

Staff at Metro would describe it as a flavor similar to that when you forget to clean the coffee filter out and then decide to add cold water the next day.

They say it tastes more like “water, but an aftertaste of coffee”.


What happened to Clear Coffee?

You will not likely find clear coffee in your local market and even on online sites unless you live in the United Kingdom.

You might be wondering what happened to the company or if clear coffee is still around.

Clear coffee isn’t exactly the talk of the town, and they are a bit hard to find, but they are still very much around in the coffee industry.

However, clear coffee is mostly available only in the UK market, and if you want to try one for yourself, it might be hard to avail of one.

Simply put, nothing happened except that the company does not cover a big market which is why it is a bit difficult to get your hand on one of these coffee bottles.


Where are they now?


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Clear coffee is a company based in the United Kingdom, and its product is available only for the residents of the UK as well.

If you are from the UK, you can find clear coffee in a few coffee shops in London.

You can also find it on display in Selfridges and Whole Foods Market in the UK.

But the company does not have any distributors or wholesalers in the US or other parts of the world.

The limited market the company caters to is one of the reasons why it is hard to find clear coffee for consumption.

However, if you want to try this colorless coffee drink, you can find it online on their website and other online sites like Amazon.


Why choose clear coffee today?

If you enjoy your black coffee but don’t want to suffer from any stains, this clear coffee drink is perfect for you.

It is not a joke, and you should try it.

Every bottle promises the taste of coffee and the caffeine boost that you need to get your day started, but without having to worry about ruining your perfect smile.

But aside from its stain-free property, clear coffee also contains less fat without the extra sugar and sweeteners added to the mix.

It is made with high-quality roasts and pure water, and with the company’s brewing method, the result is a breakthrough coffee that you should try out.

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Now you know what clear coffee is – a clear coffee drink with the caffeine but without the stain.

It is quite a mysterious drink with its production process a well-kept secret.

But it is not a hoax, and yes, clear coffee is still available in the market, although it is a bit hard to find them outside of the UK.

If you want to try clear coffee for yourself, you can try grabbing it from their website and online sites like Amazon.

This breakthrough coffee drink might just be your next favorite.

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