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Should You Add Butter in Coffee? 19 Science-Backed Reasons Why It’s Healthy

Should You Add Butter in Coffee? 19 Science-Backed Reasons Why It’s Healthy

Butter is a common kitchen ingredient for various reasons. It’s common to find butter in food….. but coffee?

You read right that butter can be added to your morning cup.

Before you shove off the idea of adding butter to your coffee, there are some health benefits you don’t want to miss with this combination.

Check out science-backed studies on how butter in coffee is healthy for you.

Great for weight loss

Adding butter to coffee isn’t something new for people who are into the ketogenic diet. One of the most popular coffee trends is bulletproof coffee.

This coffee recipe has coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. Breakfast in this cup is a great way to approach weight loss. 

A study suggests that the addition of MCT oil and butter in coffee increases fat oxidation rates that may help promote weight loss.

Its metabolic effects directly promote a decrease in weight as you drink bulletproof coffee often.


Increased energy

Coffee without the butter is already energizing, but adding the smooth goodness of butter to your drink makes the energy boost last long.

Butter delays the energy spike that you feel with every sip.

If you want to be more energized in the later parts of the day without chugging more cups of coffee, adding butter to your morning coffee is something you might want to consider.


Increased focus

Coffee makes you focused on work, but buttered coffee makes you concentrate and think on your task more because it does not cause unwanted coffee crashes in the middle of the day.

The result of drinking buttered coffee? Increased focus without having to drink a second cup of coffee for the day.


Better satiety

Butter is rich in fatty acids, and a piece of scientific evidence shows that it stimulates your satiety hormones.

This only means that you will feel full most of the time. It also has appetite-suppressing effects, making you crave less in a day.


Prevents various diseases

Coffee is a great morning drink when you are health conscious. And adding butter makes it a healthier option than adding the usual sugars.

This combination prevents a lot of diseases like Parkinson’s disease, liver problems, and even type 2 diabetes.


Sustained caffeine effects

If you want the effects of caffeine to last longer than usual, butter on coffee is the answer. It paces down the release of caffeine so the result will be an extended time for you to feel energized.


More nutrients present

Using butter on coffee has a lot more health benefits than your think.

Adding grass-fed butter has more nutrients than other coffee additives like sugar, cream, or regular butter. It has around 6x more linoleic acid, making it a healthier alternative.


Better performance

Better work performance has been noted in people who drink buttered coffee.

People on the go tend to be more productive, without having too many breaks and spending more time on office hours because of sustained mental and physical energy.


Prolonged fasting

Buttered coffee isn’t only great for those under the ketogenic diet, but it also works wonders for those who are into intermittent fasting.

Adding butter makes one feel fuller, with sustained energy levels.

People on intermittent fasting would prefer this drink to sustain their hunger cues.


Cancer prevention

One of the best benefits of buttered coffee is cancer prevention.

Grass-fed butter has more linoleic acid, and this makes it a great drink for cancer prevention.

Research shows that conjugated linoleic acid, something very abundant in grass-fed butter, has multiple mechanisms in preventing cancers.


Fat burning effects

Aside from keeping your appetite suppressed, butter coffee also has fat-burning effects.

It is high in fatty acids, and without high levels of sugar, it is a great drink that has fat oxidation effects. Buttered coffee increases metabolism, with fat-burning effects.


Nutrient-dense drink

Drinking plain coffee can make you feel unsatisfied because it’s just a plain drink.

Buttered coffee is packed with other nutrients, making it a denser option than your usual to-go drink.


Improves cognitive function

Butter is rich in fatty acids and its breakdown results in the production of ketones.

The brain loves to use ketones as energy, so it is natural for buttered coffee to improve cognitive function.

It is great for the brain to use fatty acids instead of sugar and induce a state of ketosis.


It very stimulating

Coffee is naturally a stimulating drink, and adding butter makes it a drink that will stimulate you longer.

The slow release of caffeine will make you feel stimulated longer. Butter compliments coffee well, so you get a stimulating taste as well.


Decreased gut infections

Butter contains fat that is rich in glycosphingolipid.

A study showed that these glycosphingolipids have the unique ability to ward off gut infections.

Incorporating these fatty acids that decrease infection in the gut also imposes an increase in the immune response.


Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6

The amount of omega-3 and omega-6 in butter is high.

Adding this to coffee does not alter its composition, so butter coffee will have a great number of antioxidants and fatty acids, both from the coffee itself and butter.


Mental clarity

There is no doubt in coffee offering mental stimulation.

Buttered coffee on the other hand stimulates mental clarity.

It does not cause the crashing effects of regular coffee so you don’t have to worry about having to work with a clouded mind.


Improved skin complexion

Vitamin A is a great ingredient for the skin.

Butter naturally contains high amounts of vitamin A, making buttered coffee a great drink if you want to have improved skin complexion and overall condition.


Tastes great

Nothing will make you feel better than having a drink at hand that tastes great. Buttered coffee is one of the best things you can try as a great pick-me-up drink in the morning



Adding butter to coffee may be an odd thing to do in the morning. However, there are undeniable health benefits that come with buttered coffee.

It is a great drink for those who are weight-conscious and for those who want to feel stimulated without having a mental crash.

If you’re wondering how buttered coffee tastes and feels like, give it a try now.

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