Home Espresso Machines Breville Oracle Touch Review 2023 – 9 Features We Love

Breville Oracle Touch Review 2023 – 9 Features We Love

Breville Oracle Touch Review 2023 – 9 Features We Love
breville oracle touch

A fully-automated espresso machine that lets you prepare quick coffee drinks, Breville Oracle Touch is the right product for busy coffee addicts.

It comes with everything automatic from grinding, brewing and milk frothing.

So, all you got to do is swipe and select, then tap and you’ll have your coffee.

Despite the expensive price tag, many are still buying this fully-automatic Breville Oracle Touch.

This is probably because it has achieved a perfect balance between café-quality coffee and convenience with everything operable at your fingerprints.

But, is it really worth your money?

Why don’t you discover it yourself as we take you to our in-depth review on this product?

What is Breville Oracle Touch?

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Breville Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Convenience and quality meet in the Breville Oracle Touch. The 4-inch touchscreen allows for easy control and customization of drinks. Traditional espresso machine features, automatic dosing and self-tamping grinder, and automatic milk steaming create a cafe-quality experience.

Capacity: 2 liters
Special Feature: Programmable, double boiler
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 15.4" x 14.7" x 17.8"
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The Breville Oracle Touch is a feature-packed fully automatic coffee machine that lets you prepare your drink in three simple steps — grind, brew, and milk. It’s touchscreen-operated and automatic, so all you need to do is swipe and select. Not only is using this espresso machine convenient, but it delivers great-tasting café-quality coffee.

This machine features automatic grinding, dosing and tamping, automatic milk texturing, precision temperature control and so on. In addition to that, the colored touchscreen display makes the operation easier. You can easily change the coffee strength, milk texture, and temperature to brew a perfect coffee you’ve always wanted.


  • Comes with a dual boiler that you can brew and steam simultaneously
  • Can choose between automatic and manual processes
  • Has built-in tamper, so it’s got consistent pressure and result every time
  • With automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and steaming


  • Some users complained that water filter replacement is not available
  • Warm-up time is much longer than other super-automatic espresso machines

Features We Love

Since the price is quite high, you’d expect more from it. But, Breville sees to it that you’ll be happy and excited each time you’ll use this machine. So, it is packed with more functions and features that you don’t expect to be present in a single espresso machine.

Breville Oracle Touch

Among its amazing, yet very efficient features and functionalities are the following:

Built-in Conical Burr Grinder

With this integrated burr grinder you can easily get the perfect coffee grounds to achieve the natural and full flavor of your coffee.

With just a press of a button, you can grind the same amount of coffee grounds every time.

Automatic and Hands-free Grind, Dose and Tamp

This is among the most wonderful features of this machine. The ability to enjoy hands-free dosing and tamping.

As mentioned, the grinder gives the exact amount of coffee grounds every time (unless you change it.)

So, there’s the automatic dosing. For the automatic tamping, it has a built-in tamper as well — a “tamping fan” that applies a certain pressure on top of the ground coffee, then, levels and smooths it.

Hence, when you take out the portafilter, it’s all set for brewing — no spills, no mess and no need to do anything manually aside from inserting it into the group head for brewing.

Triple Heat System

First, it has a dedicated steam boiler which comes with the integrated Heat Exchange that helps achieve thermal stability.

Second, there’s a dedicated espresso boiler with precise digital temperature control (PID) technology that delivers the optimal water temperature for brewing.

Lastly, an embedded heated group head-PID controlled element that keeps the thermal stability during the whole process.

Automated Touchscreen Display

Simply swipe and select, then, enjoy — that simple! Select from the drink menu whether you like espresso, long black, flat white, latte or cappuccino.

Then, you can actually change the coffee strength, milk texture, and milk temperature.

You can save your changes and make it your own — you can name it and access it the next time you need your favorite coffee.

Hands-free Milk Texturing

Oracle’s steam wand automatically steam milk to the desired temperature and adjusts the amount of air so you can get just the perfect froth from silky smooth latte to creamy cappuccino.

Not only that, it’ll remember your preferences so the next time you want a cup of coffee, you just need to select the drink you want and the machine will recall everything you set for that type of coffee.

Lastly, after you’re done, it’ll start automatic purge to clean the steam wand with warm water after it’s back in its downward position.

Simultaneous Coffee and Steam

Now with this machine you can easily do brewing and milking simultaneously. It comes with two boilers; one is for espresso extraction while the other is for milk texturing. So, it’s very fast and easy.

Precise water temperature

The temperature of the water is kept to the optimum level to achieve a balanced-tasting espresso.

Even a slight change of 2°F makes a difference in your coffee. So, Breville sees to it that it’ll never happen to Oracle Touch by having a digital temperature control (PID) technology onboard.

Optimal water pressure

High pressure during coffee extraction leads a bitter-flavored coffee. Hence, Oracle Touch is equipped with the Over Pressure Valve (OPV) that limits the maximum pressure during extraction.

This feature is only available in some commercial espresso machine.

Moreover, it has low-pressure pre-infusion that gives a gradual increase of the pressure so coffee grounds will gently expand for the best and even extraction.

Sufficient steam pressure

The steam wand will automatically texture your milk to your desired style and temperature. Hence, you can achieve café-grade silky milk-foam that will surely enhance the flavor of your coffee.

So, a perfectly extracted coffee, plus your silky milk-foam will give you the best coffee you’ve never had before.

There are still a couple more amazing features of this machine. We can actually go on and on, but, since you can’t appreciate them if you don’t know how to use them, we’ll show you how to set it up and of course, to actually use it.

Who this product is for?

The Breville Oracle Touch lets you make your favorite coffee in an instant — with less waiting time and less intervention.

For busy people who only have a minute to spare to get their coffee, this is the best coffee maker for your kitchen or office.

It operates with less mess, hence, it you can place it on one side of your table.

Not only does it eliminate the hassle and the long wait for a good cup of coffee, it delivers its promise of a great-tasting coffee.

The kind of coffee you crave to have from an expert barista, you can do it from home.

With simple swipe and select, it’ll serve you just the perfect cup of coffee you need.

In addition to that, it also has features and accessories not included in some super-automatic espresso machines.

It has a lot of add-ons included so you can brew your first cup of coffee without the need to buy some more accessories.

However, this convenience and premium quality cup of coffee doesn’t come without a price. Frankly, this espresso machine is way expensive for beginners.

However, if you think your money will be worth it, go on. After all, not only will you get a café-grade coffee, you can also improve your barista skills since it allows you to go manual.


Having the Breville Oracle Touch at home is like having a magical coffee gene right next to you. It gives you the kind of coffee that you like, any time of the day. So, if you feel like you need to strengthen up and do more on a busy day, this espresso machine will surely come to the rescue.

Breville, as an Australian home appliance company has never failed to impress its consumers and coffee snobs. Whether you’re a busy man trying to keep up with your day with a cup of coffee or a real coffee addict, this fully-automatic espresso machine won’t fail you.

With all the features and functionalities you need to make coffee easier, yet, tastier, spending $2000 for an espresso machine like Breville Oracle Touch is worth it.

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