Home Espresso Machines Breville Milk Cafe BMF600XL Review 2023

Breville Milk Cafe BMF600XL Review 2023

Breville Milk Cafe BMF600XL Review 2023

If you are ever tired with the usual and straightforward brew you get in the morning, a way to upgrade your coffee game is investing in a milk frother. 

This is the secret to all your coffee shop drink, and as soon as you have your milk frother, a realm of beverages will open up for you, and the few bucks you save is a plus too. 

Here, we review the Breville Milk Café milk frother, we tell you all about its features and drawbacks, and we will let you decide whether or not this is the one for you. 

Editor's Pick
Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother
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  • Large volume milk frother
  • Versatile milk frother
  • Smooth and silky frothed milk


  • Reports of breaking lid
  • Pricier than other milk frothers
  • Reports of cracking the base lid

Breville Milk Cafe BMF600XL Review 


Key Features

  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 23 fluid ounces
  • Made of: Stainless Steel
  • Overall weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.4″ W x 6.1″ D x 10.3″ H
  • Settings: Manual pouring, dial
  • Power needed: 500 watts
  • Voltage: 110 to 120 volts
  • Warranty: 1 year

Hot Chocolate

The best thing about the Breville Milk Cafe milk frother is that it is not entirely made to just froth milk.

The Breville Milk Cafe can make hot chocolate and other flavored hot milk.

You can add the cacao powder directly to the milk jug to make hot chocolate or add powdered strawberry syrup to make cold strawberry milk.

No individual stirring is required!

Multiple Cups

The Breville Milk Cafe uses a stainless steel milk jug with a large capacity of 23 fluid ounces that could make up to three cups of cappuccinos or lattes in one heating cycle.

This feature will make it easier to warm milk for bigger batches for the family in the morning or entertain guests in the afternoon.

Temperature Adjustment

Milk frothers included in some espresso machines and coffee makers can sometimes limit the user to automatic and pre-programmed milk heating temperatures.

With the Breville Milk Cafe milk frother, baristas and coffee connoisseurs who want more flexibility in their coffee making and milk frothing will have the avenue to do so with Milk Cafe’s adjustable temperature control dial.

This Breville milk frother uses the induction heating mechanism that evenly distributes heat along the bottom surface of the stainless steel milk jug, making for a smooth and evenly heated milk at your command.

Another wonderful thing about the Breville Milk Cafe is the ability of this milk heater to give you cold milk or any cold beverage with the cold-stir option.

This will give you the freedom to turn your hot milk chocolate into a summer-appropriate drink with a turn of a knob!

This Breville milk frother is genuinely a do-it-all piece of appliance.

Automatic turn-off

The Breville Milk Cafe milk frother has an automatic on and offsetting that turns the machine off when your desired milk temperature is already achieved.

In this way, it will stop the cooking of the milk and avoid it being burnt and overcooked.

It will save you electricity and give you perfect milk for your cold, hot, or warm beverage.

Separate Disc

Different beverages call for different types of milk foam and milk texture, and the Breville Milk Cafe noted that.

This Breville milk frother has in its package two separate discs or whisks to achieve making two types of foam and milk texture: thick and creamy froth characterized by the foam in cappuccinos and one much thinner and still smoother, usually seen and used on lattes.

Who is it for?

The Breville Milk Cafe milk frother is for beginners looking to upgrade their coffee-making skills at home; it is easy enough to operate and can be used for your gourmet hot chocolate or even your chai teas for everyone in the family.

The Breville Milk Cafe milk frother is also for the connoisseurs and the barista looking for a trusted milk frother from a trusted brand; the Milk Cafe also has enough advanced features like the cold stir and the frothing disc to satisfy the professionals and intermediate alike.

It could also be for business as the capacity of the stainless steel milk jug is big enough to cover three or even more deliciously crafted drinks.

Potential Drawbacks

A potential drawback of the Breville Milk Cafe milk frother is its price tag, which can be a bit much for the average buyer. Judging from most of the low star rated reviews, there is a bit of a problem with the lid. 


The Breville Milk Cafe milk frother is a state-of-the-art milk frother and is probably one of the best out there. 

Breville continues to improve and develop its wide range of specialty appliances, and this Breville milk frother doesn’t disappoint in terms of features and versatility. 

You pay for what you get with this machine. 


What does the Breville Milk Café milk frother come with?

The Breville Milk Cafe milk frothing machine comes with the power base, a dishwasher safe stainless steel milk jug, a jug lid, a measuring cup, and two frothing disks or separate whisks for both a cappuccino and a latte.

Is the Breville Milk Cafe milk frother worth it?

With all features and advantages of this milk frother combined, we could confidently say that the Breville Milk Cafe milk frother is probably the best milk frother out there that money can buy.

It is beautifully designed, considering two primary froth textures that you can find in a latte and a cappuccino.

Buying your milk frother will give you access to a whole new realm in your home coffee making.

If you consider all the trips to coffee shops and how much you spend on them, the cost will add up and make investing in a milk frother the smarter choice.

Can you froth vegan milk with the Breville Milk Cafe milk frother?

The good news is yes; you can froth vegan milk using the Breville Milk Cafe the only catch is it might take longer to form bubbles.

Non-vegan milk is high in protein and fat; this is why dairy milk can froth much easier and almost effortlessly.


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