Breville Barista Touch™ Review (2021 Update)

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Packed with intuitive touch screen display and pre-programmed settings, the Breville Barista Touch surely delivers barista-quality coffee. It has a built-in grinder, easily adjustable controls and automatic milk frother that lets you grind, brew and milk faster than ever.

With its stainless steel construction, you have a long-lasting espresso machine. 

Breville Barista Touch is an espresso machine that’s worthy to be reviewed and to get to know better.

Made for coffee lovers who want to achieve barista-quality coffee at home, this comes with everything you need along with its expensive price tag.

So, is it really the best coffee machine for you or there’s something out there that’s even better? Check our in-depth review below. 

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What is the Breville Barista Touch?

The Breville Barista touch espresso machine comes with pre-programmed café drink menus and responsive touchscreen display that lets you make adjustments a breeze. Although it’s a semi-automatic machine with an integrated conical burr grinder, having an automatic milk frother saves your day.

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Breville Barista Touch Espresso Maker, 12.7 x 15.5 x 16 inches, Stainless Steel
  • Clever Automatic Customize: Intuitive touch screen display simplifies how to make your favorite café coffee in 3 easy steps Grind, Brew and Milk; You can easily adjust the coffee strength, milk texture and temperature to suit your taste; Then save the setting with your own unique name. Create and save up to 8 personalized coffees
  • Automatic Micro Foam Milk Texturing: Auto steam wand, allows you to adjust the milk temperature and texture to suit your taste; Delivering barista quality micro foam that enhances the flavor of the coffee and is essential for creating latté art

With this machine, you can enjoy your coffee quick and easy. So, if you like to prepare milk-based espresso, flat whites, lattes or cappuccinos in the morning, this one is the perfect product you can have. It’s simple and its elegant design can be a great add-on to your kitchen or office. 


breville barista touch


  • User-friendly and very easy to use
  • Espresso machine and grinder combo, perfect for beginners
  • Save as much counter space because of its small footprint
  • Comes with a great automatic steam wand for nearly hands-free operation
  • Very responsive touchscreen display, easy to navigate
  • Able to save up to eight personalized coffee drink settings
  • Really makes good quality coffee
  • Easy to clean and descale
  • Can produce consistent results 
  • Seems to be built with quality 
  • Purging the milk in the wand is a great option for easy cleaning


  • A little expensive than other models of the same features
  • No preheating option for the mugs
  • The coffee puck sticks to the group head instead of staying in the portafilter
  • Dispenser area needs LED light to see the amount of coffee being dispensed 
  • Water reservoir isn’t accessible at the front 
  • Have some problem with the heating system, water temperature can’t go up to optimal rating
  • Large-sized cups won’t fit, so you need to use espresso cups to pull out more dose of espresso
  • Uses an unusual water filter that’s hard to replace


Design and Specifications

Made with brushed stainless steel body, this espresso machine is designed for quality and longevity. It has a BPA-Free water tank of 67oz capacity, so, you can enjoy several cups of coffee before the need to refill it. It can be filled at the machine or can be removed so refilling water isn’t much of a problem. And, since it has a water filter, it eliminates impurities and keeps them from getting into your coffee.

The built-in conical burr grinder is also made of stainless steel with a bean hopper on top having a half-pound or 8oz capacity. The whole beans will be fed into the grinder from the bean hopper directly to the portafilter. It has a wheel to the side which allows you to dial the grind size – in 30 steps – which will be reflected in the screen display. 

With 14.5 x 16.7 x 17.6 inches dimension, it’s not that big for your kitchen counter. Operates at 110-120V with 1680 Watts power rating. It has a ThermoJet heating system made of stainless steel-lined aluminum. 

The drip tray can be accessed in front, while behind it is a box that holds the tools and other accessories. It’s a compact grinder and machine combo that has everything you need to brew a better-tasting coffee at home. 

breville-barista touch

Features and Functionalities

It’s very easy to fall for a particular product because of its features, buttons, and controls you could see. Or, if you think the design is quite enticing, especially with sleek design and nice screen display. However, it’s also essential to at least pay attention to the features and functionalities of the machine, as well as, what’s great about this product that isn’t found in other products.

So, for the Breville Barista Touch, it has four major features that you will love. 

  • Intuitive Touch Screen Display – Nothing beats a good and easy-to-read screen display of the settings in your coffee maker. And, to make it a bit interesting and elegant, touchscreen display is awesome, especially for those who are accustomed to touchscreen displays on smartphones, smart TV and even smart screens in café shops and other stores. For this coffee machine, you get to easily navigate between coffee drink options and personalize it according to your preferences. At the tip of your fingers, you’ll be able to customize your espresso the way you want it.
  • Personalized Coffee Settings – It’s very important to have full control on how you brew your coffee. Hence, this coffee machine offers personalized and programmable functions. You can get custom drinks and save up to eight different coffee drinks you can save with the name you’ll give them. Additionally, you can program the milk temperature, shot time, milk foam, dose and so on.
  • Automatic Milk Frothing – Having a great latte art and achieving barista-quality milk-foam requires you to achieve the perfect milk temperature and the right texture. Fortunately, Barista Touch has an automatic micro-foam milk texturing feature that helps you create latte art and achieves a great-tasting espresso and other milk-based drinks. It’s totally hands-free so, it’s very convenient to use. 
  • Hands-Free Operation – You can easily get your coffee grounds straight to your portafilter with this espresso machine. Since the portafilter rests well in the cradle, you can grind directly to it. Since the grind time is being set per coffee drink, it’ll eventually stop once the time is over.

Additionally, it has a few more features that you might like, which includes the:

  • Built-in Conical Burr Grinder – This allows you to decide the grind size and the amount of the coffee grounds you want. In this way, preparing espresso is more about personal and you can experiment the machine with all the controls to achieve the perfect grind size the right amount for a more optimal brewing and coffee extraction.
  • Fast Heat-up Time – With its innovative ThermoJet heating system getting the optimal temperature just require you three seconds. As quick as that and you’ll ready to brew your coffee.

Setup and Operation

This isn’t the kind of espresso machine that you can easily get a coffee from, maybe using a coffee pod or capsule. As you know it has an integrated burr grinder that lets you grind your favorite coffee beans. So, this means, it’s not the kind of machine that you can easily operate right out of the box. 

Though the operation isn’t that complicated as those manual coffee machines, still it has a steep learning curve. And, for starters, using this espresso maker isn’t a piece of cake. Perhaps, it’s wiser and better to consult experts, get some advice and have him walk you through each setting and, probably the whole process.

Specifically, the water tank isn’t easy to figure out how to open. And, since it’s located at the back of the machine, putting it under your kitchen cabinet without clearance requires you to pull it out every time you add water. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s easier for you to pull out a great-tasting coffee, every time. 

breville barista touch reviews

Grinding can be done automatically or manually. If you like more challenge, you go manual by just pressing the portafilter and hold it in place. You can leave the portafilter on the cradle if you want a hands-free operation. 

Brew temperature is controlled by the digital temperature control (PID), so you get the right and consistent temperature, perfect for optimum espresso extraction. You can set it to be a bit hotter or colder. The machine has an automatic pre-infusion system that soaked the coffee grounds wet, slowly builds up pressure during the brewing period to deliver deeper aromatic extractions. 

Brewing Capacity and Process

Making your favorite cup of coffee each morning is made easier with the intuitive touchscreen display. Preparing your coffee boils down to three simple steps – Grind, Brew and Milk. Again, since, it has a single broiler, you can only get one shot at a time – you can’t get a pitcher of coffee.

First, simply swipe and select from the five pre-programmed café favorites – espresso, latte, Americano, flat white, and cappuccino. Then, you can either use the default settings or customize your coffee drinks. You can change the grind duration to get a single, double or timed duration extraction. 

Aside from the default drinks, you can also add up to eight custom drinks, which you can name them and save them. You can change the grind time, milk temperature and froth level. Then, you can set the brew time and save your settings. After that, your personalized and customized drinks will be added in the options on the touchscreen display. 

Next, with auto-grind you can easily get ground coffee in the duration already set in the drink you choose. And, as mentioned, the coffee grounds will go straight to the portafilter. After that, you can get the portafilter, tamp it and level it with the Razor™ Precision Dose Trimming Tool.

You are now ready to brew your coffee. Insert the portafilter to the group head, then, select Brew. You can choose either single or double shot extractions, plus, you can also choose timed extraction or go completely manual. Once your coffee drink is ready, you can immediately start the automatic milk frothing. 

Now for the coolest part! You got options to adjust the milk temperature from 110 up to 170°F and choose from the eight froth density levels. With different froth levels, you get fine micro-foam (1) to airier froth (8). Simply add the milk between the lines, then, place it back covering the temperature sensor and press the Milk button. 

Frothing will stop once the milk reaches the temperature you’ve set. You can remove the pitcher, wipe the wand and when you push it down, it’ll start automatically purge to run hot water through the wand to clean it. Then, you can add milk to your coffee. As quick as that and you’ll have the coffee that you’ll like.

This isn’t a commercial-grade product where you can make several cups of coffee throughout the day. You can make two cups of coffee/milk per operation, but you can’t do brewing and milking at the same time. Furthermore, since it has the fastest heat up capacity, you are assured of a freshly brewed coffee right up each time you crave for it. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike other espresso machines, Barista Touch is fairly easy to clean and descale. From the bean hopper to the grinder, then, to the portafilter, you got no spills on the coffee grounds. Since its body is made of brushed stainless steel, you can easily wipe off dirt and spills if there are. 

For the steam wand, you can simply wipe it with a clean cloth and it’ll start automatically purge once you push the wand down. Automatic purging is very efficient since it runs down hot water through the wand so it’ll be clean and ready for the next frothing. You can also wipe out the portafilter and clean the drip tray.

However, if you want to have in-depth knowledge of the cleaning and care of this machine, you can check out the instructions manual. These few simple steps might also be helpful for you to extend the life of your coffee machine. Water filters need to be checked for change, a prompt will also be displayed on the screen. 

breville barista-touch

For the descaling, check the manual for more guided instructions, but it’s recommended to descale your machine every 2-3 months. It’s also essential to clean and soap out the water tank, drip tray and the pitcher every few days. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe out dirt and spills from the stainless steel casing. 

Accessories and Add-Ons

In addition to a more convenient operation, the Barista Touch comes with a few more accessories that are very useful in making a great coffee. You’ll get a 54mm full stainless steel portafilter with two single and two dual-wall filter baskets – pressurized and non-pressurized. It has 480ml stainless steel milk pitcher that you can use when frothing milk.

It has a tamping tool that is stored magnetically in a place in front of the machine. Then, with the Razor™ Precision Dose trimming tool you can level your coffee perfectly for consistent results. It also has a water hardness test strip to test the water you’ll use and the ClaroSwiss water filter to remove dirt from the water source.

Also comes with a cleaning kit that you can easily hide in the box behind the drip tray. So, even though you got lots of add-ons, you can easily stock them at the back for a more neat and clean coffee machine.

Who this product is for? / Should You Buy This?

Everyone is going to love Barista Touch. Beginners can opt for automatic grinding, one-touch brewing and then, very easy milk frothing. Yet, for real coffee lovers, they can experiment with the grinding options, brewing features and still the automatic milk frothing and texturing. 

Whether you are interested in espresso makers or just want a machine to help you prepare a cup of coffee in the morning, this is the one you need. Although for some who just buy stuff and then put it in the corner, Breville Barista Touch is so expensive to just stay at the side and not use it. 

Hence, anyone willing to spend a thousand bucks should buy this espresso machine. Yet, if you are eyeing for something of commercial-grade quality, look for more. But, if you’re looking for a good coffee maker and grinder, this combo really saves you a lot than buying an espresso machine and a grinder, separately.

breville barista touchs


Overall, Breville Barista Touch is easy to use, easy to clean and quick to make coffee. Whether you’re a coffee addict, new to coffee makers or just want to have an espresso machine at home, this one is a great buy. However, it’s also worth noting that it really comes with a price. 

With features and functionalities very easy to get used by, you can also make experimentations to achieve the best coffee taste that will satisfy your palette. Moreover, since it allows you to save personalized and customized coffee drinks, just a few taps on the screen gives you a great cup of coffee any time of the day.


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Quick Review: Packed with intuitive touch screen display and pre-programmed settings, the Breville Barista Touch surely delivers barista-quality coffee. It has a built-in grinder, easily adjustable controls and automatic milk frother that lets you grind, brew and milk faster than ever.

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