Breville Barista Pro Review (2021)

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Breville Barista Pro is an automatic stainless-steel espresso machine everyone should know. With its barista-quality performance and outstanding features, you can make your favorite espresso-based drink at the comfort of your home. While working at the office, you can also have a cup of coffee using this machine.

Coffee enthusiasts looking for a distinguished and reliable espresso machine have this model as one of their options. It is one of the kitchen products from Breville. Do you want to consider adding this machine to your kitchen appliances?

What are its features, functionality, and advantages? In this review, you will get to know about this model in detail.

What is the Breville Barista Pro?

The Breville Barista Pro is an automatic stainless-steel espresso machine that focuses on user experience. With its improved heat-up time and workflow, you can have your coffee in just a few seconds.

With this machine, you can have a full flavor of your espresso coffee beverages every time. And if you want to enhance the flavor of your drink, this model makes it possible.

So, are you ready to satisfy your cravings for espresso-based beverages? You may not find it affordable, but having this machine at home or in your office will save you time and allows you to make the coffee you want.


  • Faster heat-up time for an excellent workflow
  • All-in-one espresso machine, perfect for beginners and small countertops
  • Comes with a powerful steam wand, ideal for latte art lovers


  • The grinder makes a loud noise
  • Not affordable for everyone
  • Not ideal for cafes and coffee shops


Knowing the espresso machine’s features before making your purchase will make you feel grateful by the end of the day. Since manufacturers continue to produce various espresso machine models, expect each model to have their unique features.

And as a customer, you need to know if the unit you choose is of high quality and performance, reliable, and satisfies your expectations. Also, make sure that it guarantees years of barista-quality espresso beverages.

Breville is among the leading global brands that deliver innovation and ensures that all its products can enhance people’s lives. Among the kitchen products it offers are espresso machines.

So, is Breville Barista Pro worthy of being an investment? It may not be the most affordable espresso machine on the market, but check its features and find out.

Below are five main features of this automatic espresso machine. You can compare it with other models to know if it will be your top choice.

breville barista pros

Intuitive Interface

Through the machine’s intuitive LCD, you can see every information you need and the coffee-making progress. It serves as your guide during the grinding and extracting process. So, if you are a beginner in operating an espresso machine, this model’s feature will fascinate you for sure.

Since not all espresso machines come with an intuitive interface, users will find it useful for custom brewing. So, do you want to know what’s going on while the machine makes your favorite coffee drink?

With Breville’s Barista Pro, expect precise information for a perfect cup of coffee. On this machine’s LCD screen, you can check the grind size and shots. Thus, making coffee with this machine is easy, giving you clear instructions.

Innovative ThermoJet Heating System

With this machine’s fast heat-up time, you can have the coffee you crave within a few seconds. It ensures the optimum temperature of every drink, giving you the best espresso machine-made coffee.

And through this technology, both brewing and steaming are well-managed. Since Breville aims to satisfy customer’s needs, adding this feature is a success.

So, if you cannot wait even for a few minutes to have your coffee, consider yourself lucky when you choose to buy this espresso machine. It is an ideal option for coffee lovers with busy schedules.

Built-in Conical Burr Grinder

When you choose this machine over other options available, note that it comes with a dose control and works with only a single touch. With this feature, you can also adjust the grind size and dose to make sure you always have a full-flavored coffee.

With its 54mm portafilter that can contain 19-22g of freshly ground coffee, it ensures a consistent quality cup of espresso beverage.

Instead of buying a separate coffee grinder, having this machine with an integrated conical burr grinder will help you save money. It is also an ideal option for those with limited counter space.

So, if you are looking for an outstanding, reliable, combo, and all-in-one espresso machine, the Breville Barista Pro is for you.

Digital Temperature Control (PID)

Water temperature affects coffee extraction. If you want your coffee to have a rich and full flavor, it should have the right temperature during the brewing process. With this feature, it ensures the right temperature of water for optimal espresso extraction.

And through its low-pressure pre-infusion, you can expect a perfect flavor for every cup.

Try comparing different models of an espresso machine, and you will find out that not all come with this feature. It is more of an add-on that ensures a stable water temperature throughout the brewing process.

Advanced Latte System

With the machine’s powerful steam wand, you can hand texture milk foams for your favorite latte drink and other espresso-based drinks with milk foam. Through microfoam milk texturing, you can have the flavor that you want. Moreover, it allows you to experience making latte art.

Since latte art is widespread globally, this espresso machine’s advanced latte system is an advantage. So, if your favorite espresso-based beverage is a latte or cappuccino, you can create milk foam and some latte art using the machine’s powerful steam wand.

Beginners will love this machine for sure. It is easy to operate, and you can practice the art of making milk foam. If you want to improve your latte art skills, this machine will help you.

And when it comes to steam pressure, it is more efficient than other espresso machines.

So, what else makes this machine attractive and worth buying? Some additional features of this model include the following:

Water Tank

The machine also comes with a water tank. It has a 67 fluid ounces capacity, which can make up to 8 cups of your all-time favorite espresso beverage. With its water tank capacity, you can enjoy drinking coffee the whole day.

Bean Hopper

This unit’s bean hopper can contain 1/2 (0.5) pounds, which is more than 200g. If you want your coffee to have a rich and full flavor all day long, this espresso machine can make it possible.

Programmable Shot Control

With its programmable shot control, you can always have the perfect taste of coffee you love. You can choose either a single or double shot, depending on your taste preference.

Low-pressure Pre-infusion

With the 9-bar extraction pressure, expect every cup of creamy espresso beverage. And since this model works on a low-pressure pre-infusion, the results will not disappoint you. Coffee enthusiasts will be glad about having an espresso machine with this feature.

Tools and Accessories

It also comes with the necessary tools and accessories, such as a cleaning kit, milk frothing pitcher, drip tray, and filter baskets. With this model, you only must turn it on and wait for this machine to deliver your coffee.

breville barista

Although not everyone can afford its price, it will be perfect for those looking for an espresso machine that has the following features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Innovative ThermoJet heating system
  • An integrated conical burr grinder
  • Digital Temperature Control (PID)
  • Advanced latte system
  • A water tank with more than 60 fluid ounces capacity
  • A bean hopper that can contain 200g of coffee
  • Programmable shot control
  • Low-pressure pre-infusion
  • Tools and Accessories
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • A more comprehensive range of grind sizes

On the other hand, you will not appreciate it if your standard in choosing an espresso machine is too high. The Breville Barista Pro delivers high-quality coffee for sure. But, if your coffee taste is more sophisticated, you will not find this machine impressive.

Espresso machines on the market have one or more downsides. And this model is not an exception. Aside from being expensive and small, it also creates a buzzing sound during the brewing process, which some may find irritating.

But unlike the Barista Express, this model’s noise levels are lower.

Moreover, note the following advantages of having this model. It will help you decide whether you are willing to pay for its price. When you compare this automatic espresso machine to other models, including from the same brand, you will notice the following:

Faster Heating System

Some of you might have bought the Breville Barista Express. If you compare these models, the Breville Barista Pro has a faster heating system. The water takes only 3 seconds to heat, while other models will let you wait for about a minute.

If you are in a hurry, it will be an advantage to have this espresso machine.

Improved Steam Pressure

When you make milk foam using this machine, the waiting time is only 45 seconds. Unlike the Breville Barista Express that takes a minute to make milk foam, you will be impressed more by this model’s improved steam pressure.

A more comprehensive range of grind sizes

With this machine, it has a range of 30 different sizes, more than the Barista Express. According to your preference, you can choose the grind size for every cup. It also allows you to customize your drinks using the different grind sizes.

Easy-to-Use Controls

With its more intuitive interface, it is easier to navigate the functions of this machine. Moreover, it has fewer buttons, which makes it easy to use. You can notice it even at first glance when you look at this model’s design.


When it comes to this espresso machine’s overall design, you will find it attractive and elegant. It has a shiny exterior for a clean look. Aside from the stainless-steel version, this model also comes with other color designs.

The first features of the machine you will quickly notice are the control panel, portafilter, and steamer. These parts are on the machine’s front area. But you cannot find the pressure gauge of this model in front, making it different from the Barista Express.

On top of this machine, you can see the integrated burr grinder. And on the side, you will find the knob, which allows you to choose the grind size.

nd of course, there’s the water tank at the back of the machine. It has a handle and comes with a replaceable water filter.

With this machine’s exceptional number of features, users will find it more convenient. There are also some tips to help you and serve as your guide when using this automatic espresso machine. If you choose to buy the Breville Barista Pro, keep in mind the following tips:

Tips to using it properly

breville barista pro reviews

Refill the water tank regularly

Before using this espresso machine, make sure to fill the water tank with water. When it is almost empty, refill it first to avoid burning the tank. Regular cleaning of the water tank is also necessary.

Choose the right voltage

With this model having 120V, it will be the best option for US and Canadian customers. Other models with 220-250V are also available for foreign markets such as Europe and Asia. So, make sure to choose the right voltage compatible in your area.

Flush cleaning cycle

When it’s time to clean the machine, you will notice a flush alert on the screen. Once you see it, make sure to follow the cleaning instructions.

Descaling cycle

If you live in an area with hard water, you will notice a mineral build-up that reduces the brewing performance and taste of espresso. You will see a descaling alert on the screen when it’s time to descale the machine. Make sure to use the right descaling agent.

Exterior Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the machine’s exterior is also necessary. Use a clean wet cloth whenever you clean it. Other parts also need regular cleanings, such as the steam wand, portafilter, and milk jug.

Clean these parts, including the filter baskets and drip tray using warm water. You can use a dishwashing liquid.

Before making your final decision of whether you will buy this espresso machine or not, take some time to answer the following questions.

  • Are you a beginner, an intermediate user, or a coffee connoisseur?
  • Which type of customer are you? Do you always consider the quality of a product regardless of its price?
  • Are you looking for an espresso machine with an elegant design?
  • Do you want your machine to have easy-to-use controls?
  • Are you looking for a quick and efficient machine?
  • Do you prefer your machine with a digital display?
  • What do you think about the features of this model?

Since various models are available on the market, buying a suitable model for you can be quite challenging. But you know your taste and preferences.

If you find the features and advantages of this model beneficial, you will be among those who can enjoy using it. And if you want to keep it functional for a long time, handle it with care.

Who should buy this product?

Breville Barista Pro Review

Everyone who loves coffee can have this automatic stainless-steel espresso machine. But the question is, do you have the budget? If budget is not your concern, you can buy this product.

With its outstanding features, you can have the best espresso machine investment.

It is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to make a perfect coffee cup at home. If you are an aspiring barista, you can improve your skills using this machine. Having this machine at your office will also save you time.

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate user, or a coffee connoisseur looking for an espresso machine right for you, consider this model.


The Breville Barista Pro may not be the most budget-friendly espresso machine on the market, but overall, it will be among your best investments. Coffee lovers and aspiring baristas will love the impressive features of this machine.

With Breville’s new model, you can spend all your time making your favorite espresso beverages at home. It is a multi-functional espresso machine, giving you less work when you make coffee. When it comes to operating and cleaning this machine, it will not eat your time.

So, if you want an automatic stainless-steel espresso machine with outstanding features, include it in your kitchen appliances.


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Digitally advanced with an intuitive interface, the Breville Barista Pro offers a barista-quality performance and delivers a quality pour at home. It has an innovative ThermoJet heating system, integrated grinder, digital temperature control, and adjustable settings. With this automatic all-in-one and top-rated espresso machine, your coffee is at its best.

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