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Blonde Roast Coffee – How Did It Roast To Fame?

Blonde Roast Coffee – How Did It Roast To Fame?

Have you ever heard of blonde roast coffee?

If not, it’s time to learn about this delicious and unique flavor.

In this blog post, we will give you all the information you need on blonde roast coffee so that next time someone asks for your opinion on what they should order at your favorite café, you’ll be able to suggest blonde!


An Overview on Blonde Roast Coffee

Blonde roast coffee is a light-medium roasted coffee that has hints of caramel and hazelnut.

It’s also referred to as blonde because the beans are lighter in color than traditional roasts, which gives it a more delicate flavor profile.

Blonde roast coffee is popular among people who prefer lighter roasts and want a hint of flavor without the heavy taste.

The blonde roast beans are also less acidic than traditional roasts, which makes it easier to drink for those with sensitive stomachs or sensitivities to acidity levels in their drinks.

blonde roast

Starbucks Blonde Roast: How It Roast to Fame

Ever since Starbucks started to offer blonde roast coffee on its menu, it’s become more popular than ever! They’ve even released a blonde espresso option as well.

The Starbucks blonde roast is a lighter coffee that is roasted for a shorter amount of time than other roasts.

This creates an even and smooth taste with very little acidity which makes it perfect for iced blonde espresso as well.

The blonde roast offers the same amazing flavor you love from Starbucks, but without the dark flavors found in their standard coffee or espresso blends.

It is described by one blog as, “an easy-going and light character that’s perfect for any time of day.”

Taking blonde roast coffee to the next level, they have also released a blonde iced coffee.

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Is Blonde Coffee The Same as Light Roast?

Blonde coffee is often confused with light roast.

Light roasts are made from coffees that have been roasted to their second crack, which typically occurs between medium and dark brown.

Blondes might be blonde in color (in contrast to the deep chocolate of a darker roast) but they tend not to have as much acidity or body either—so it’s really just about personal taste preference!

As you’re deciding what blonde roast style you would like it can help if you know your preferred flavor profile: for example do you enjoy floral notes?

You may want an Ethiopian blonde blend such as Harrar blonde.

If fruity flavors suit your fancy try Brazilian blonde Santos, or if earthy tastes are more your thing, look into Costa Rican blonde Rio Pacuare.


Taste Profile

In general, blonde roast coffees have more body and texture than other types such as French Roast or Breakfast Blend because they are less acidic.

Blonde roasts tend to be smoother on the stomach for some people since it has lower levels of acidity which can provide relief from heartburn in particular.

It also typically contains less caffeine than darker roasted coffees with heavier flavors.

The blonde roast coffee beans are roasted at a lower temperature than the darker roasts.

This leads to less difference in taste between blonde espresso and regular blonde drip coffee as opposed to other coffees that can span from being very bitter or sour (due to high levels of acids) with notes like caramel up front to tasting milder with woody undertones.

The end result is an olfactory experience that elicits memories of waking up on Christmas morning, baking cookies, or watching snow fall while drinking some hot cocoa by your fireplace.

These flavors are balanced out because they’re also light in color, so any blonde roast coffee can be enjoyed in the morning as well.

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A blonde roast is not as acidic as other roasts, which means it might be a better option for people suffering from stomach ulcers.

Blonde roasts are also less caffeinated than darker roasted coffee and therefore gentler on the stomach.

  • Blondes coffees don’t have acidity like dark beans do so they won’t affect your digestive system in the same way
  • They’re usually lighter bodied with more contrast variations between oils/solids inside of them. This makes blonde roast coffee easier to hold onto when you drink one since nothing slides off

**Note: this distinction only applies to certain types of blonde roast coffee – such as Kenyan Roast or Ethiopian Coffee Bean***


Is It Healthy?

The quick answer is: it depends.

It’s important to note that blonde roast coffees are typically roasted for a shorter time than other types of coffee.

This means they have less caffeine and more acidity which can be good or bad depending on your needs.

For example, if you enjoy drinking black coffee, blonde roasts might not be for you because their lack of body will leave you wanting something richer in taste.

But many people find blonde roasts to produce fewer negative side effects like jitters from the extra caffeine while still providing plenty of flavor with medium sweetness levels and low acidity so these brews may suit your palate better.

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Potential Benefits

Some blonde roast coffee drinkers say these brews have less of a “coffee” flavor and more of a “toasted grain” like taste.

Because they are not dark roasted, blonde roasts typically contain slightly more protein than other types because the beans haven’t been cooked as long destroying some proteins in the process.

They also provide lower levels of acidity which can be good for people with sensitive stomachs who don’t tolerate acidic drinks well or those who prefer their coffee without cream or sugar



Is Blonde Roast Strong?

The blonde roast coffee is strong in taste, but not caffeinated.

These coffee beans are roasted longer than the dark roast and blonde espresso, but not as long as the light roasts to produce that distinct flavor.

Some people might describe them like this: “blondes” taste more subtly nuanced,” while “darker roasts have richer flavor notes.”

That means they’re less bitter than darker roasts because their flavors haven’t been extracted for so long before brewing; therefore, it’s easier to drink more without feeling jittery or irritable.


How is Blonde Coffee Different?

Blonde coffee is a lighter roast that produces sweet, subtle flavors.

This type of brew balances fruity and floral notes with hints of caramel sweetness.

Blonde roasts are also less acidic than dark roasts because they use different varieties of beans and have longer brewing times to develop the flavor profile.

So blonde coffee has more mellow flavors which make it popular for all ages including children and people who prefer milder tastes like tea drinkers or those who don’t drink coffee but want to try something new without getting too caffeinated.


Is Blonde Roast or Medium Roast Stronger?

Blonde roasts are less intense than dark and medium roast coffee because blonde beans have more sugar content.

This means they require a longer brewing time to release the flavor, so blonde flavors will be much lighter in taste with subtle hints of caramel sweetness.

Medium-roast coffees tend to balance acidity with mellow fruitiness for an “American” type taste.

These coffees tend to have a more sour, tangy, rich flavor that can be enjoyed black or with milk and sugar.


Is Dark roast stronger than blonde roast?

Dark roasts have less sugar than blonde and medium roasts because they use different varieties of coffee beans that don’t need as much time to develop flavor profiles.

This means the taste is more intense with rich flavors like caramelized sugars and a deep smoky flavor with hints of coffee bitterness.

Blonde roast is a lighter, more mellow blend that has less acidity than dark or medium roasts because blonde beans have more sugar content and require a longer brewing time to release the flavors.



If you’re looking for a lightly roasted coffee that still has the rich, deep flavor of traditional dark roasts, then blonde roast coffee is your best bet.

The light color and milder taste will be perfect if you want to start drinking more coffee but need something easier on stomach than heavy black coffees can sometimes have.

While many people prefer their morning joe with some cream or milk in it (or both!), there are lots of options when it comes to adding dairy products into your cup.

You might find that just a little bit makes all the difference!

What other facts about blondes did we miss?

Let us know below!

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