10 Best Mini Fridges for College Dorm 2021 (Reviews)

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Fridges comes in different shapes, sizes, and capacities. This article particularly focuses on the best mini fridge with freezer for dorm.

Though it may seem very easy to find a fridge for dorm, not all fridges are suitable for that use.

You need to keep drinks and other beverages for cool drinks on-demand, at the same time, you must also store some food supplies.

Unfortunately, with the common dorm fridges, they are only capable of chilling drinks and storing lunches for a few more days.

So, our team made a thorough research and gathered ten of the best mini fridges with freezer perfect for dorm use.

Through the process, we also established a useful buying guide to help you choose the best product for your needs.

Shall we get started?

10 Best Mini Fridges for College Dorm 2021

Our Pick

RCA RFR835 2-Door Fridge and Freezer

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09/26/2021 04:43 am GMT

Space-saving, compact, and environmentally-friendly. These are just some strengths in the portfolio of our first mini fridge with freezer — RCA RFR835 2-Door Fridge and Freezer. It’s neat with its black finish and flush back design. No matter how hot the weather outside maybe, you can dial into the right temperature of the fridge using its adjustable thermostat.

This is a two-door fridge — the top door opens the freezer while the bottom door offers various compartments in the fridge. In the chiller, you have tons of rooms, including pullout glass shelves and a vegetable drawer compartment. Additionally, on the fridge door, you can find a beverage can dispenser and another space for 2 L bottles.

Overall, this fridge measures 22 × 20 × 34 inches — perfect for limited space like dormitory, bed, or office. Let it settle for 24 hours when using it for the first time, for best performance.


  • Lightweight, quiet, and easy to set up
  • Inexpensive with plenty of rooms for food and drinks
  • Freezer is great and very efficient


  • Temperature setting is inconsistent, sometimes inaccurate
  • Must settle it upright for 24 hours before using for the first time
  • Most users found dents on this fridge


Also Great

Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator

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09/26/2021 03:53 pm GMT

With a mission to provide outstanding products in the refrigeration and conditioning markets, Midea mini fridges with freezer are a must-check. And for dormitories, the best mini fridge with freezer from this global company is the Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator.

It’s a small and compact standalone fridge with a 5 cu. ft. freezer capacity. Unfortunately, it can’t be used to store frozen foods or make ice cubes. However, it has a spacious chiller where you can arrange all your supplies on its three adjustable shelves.

You can also manipulate the adjustable mechanical temperature control which you can set between 32 to 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Like most mini fridges, it has a reversible door that can be opened either from the left or from the right.

It features height-adjustable legs to set it up properly and minimize noise. Lastly, it’s rated as energy-efficient and low noise with only 42.0 dBA level of noise.


  • Absolutely keeps your food and drinks cold
  • Has big capacity chiller with adjustable shelves
  • Chills everything super-fast and consistent


  • Doesn’t have a spacious freezer to stock frozen supplies
  • Could be very loud after several months of use
  • Inconsistent details of the measurement with the actual fridge



BLACK+DECKER BCRK25W Compact Refrigerator

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When you have maxed out your space in your dorm and you still need to have a fridge, BLACK+DECKER BCRK25W Compact Refrigerator comes to the rescue. This dorm fridge only needs a space of 18.5 × 17.52 × 26.61 inches. Since it has a full-width freezer, you can store frozen supplies and ‘ready to eat’ meals.

It has small and compact footprint, but this 2.5 cu. ft. fridge allows you to arrange anything and everything neatly. It has two full-width glass shelves and another two full-width door shelves — giving you more space than you need. Additionally, the slide-out glass shelves can be adjusted so you won’t waste any space.

This refrigerator is versatile — it has adjustable thermostat control and leveling legs. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you can set up the door to your preference. Similar to a full-sized fridge, it has everything you need — perfect for limited space like dorm, office, or bedroom.


  • Full-width freezer compartment is an advantage
  • Plenty of space where you can stack different drinks and supplies
  • Keeps everything nice and cool, freezer is great, too


  • There’s no light inside the fridge
  • Majority of the negative reviews is about the dents
  • Isn’t long-lasting, problematic after months of use


AstroAI Mini Fridge

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09/26/2021 03:22 am GMT

You might wonder why AstroAI Mini Fridge is included in the list of the best mini fridge with freezer for dorm? Clearly, the AstroAI is just a mini fridge, but it is very efficient in keeping things cold (when you want them cold) or warm (when you set the fridge to Warm). Two great advantages of this mini fridge — it’s portable and keeps the temperature of your food and drinks inside after the fridge has been turned off.

Depending on the ambient temperature, it can go cooler to 0 °C or as warm as 66 °C. It’ll stay cool between 86 °F (30 °C) – 64 °F (18 °C) within one hour, 86 °F (30 °C) – 50 °F (10 °C) if you’ll wait for two hours and 86 °F (30 °C) – 37 °F( 3 °C) for three hours.

It keeps things cool without freezing them. Designed to be used indoors and outdoors using standard wall socket and 12V cigarette lights in your vehicle, AstroAI is a must-check.


  • Has 4-liter capacity with 5.5 × 5.3 × 8.07 inches inner dimensions
  • Does keep things cool without freezing them
  • Lightweight and you can bring and use it outdoors


  • Very tiny fridge — some users might need more space
  • Shallow and the cans easily roll out
  • Doesn’t work well, especially to store and keep food supplies


Daewoo FR-044RCNR Retro Compact Refrigerator

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09/26/2021 02:15 pm GMT

Some college dormitories are very strict when it comes to appliances. Thankfully, the Daewoo FR-044RCNR Retro Compact Refrigerator meets most University dorm room standards — energy-efficient and space-efficient. It’s designed with functionality in mind, so you can get the most out of this refrigerator.

This free-standing fridge has 4.4 cu. ft. capacity to store fresh food and beverages. It’s frost-free and has a reliable freezer compartment for frozen food and other stuff. It has a soft dial and easy controls, plus it has enough room to accommodate fresh fruits, soda, dairy products, water bottles, etc.

You can see the multifunction tabletop where you can place a microwave and some other important things. Other special features of this retro fridge are the metal decoration, LED interior light, and real wire bin. With its red finish and seamless curves, this is an elegant fridge for dorm that is also budget-friendly.


  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise, yet keeps things cool
  • Beautiful and functional, has enough space for anything
  • Has sturdy shelves and compartments


  • Freezer compartment has a few limitations
  • Doesn’t go as cold as you want it to be
  • Door only opens to the right, no reversible hinge


WALSH WSR35S1 Fridge

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09/26/2021 03:17 am GMT

One of the advantages of having a mini fridge in your dorm or your bedroom is the accessibility of ready to eat food and drinks. Yet, you don’t only consume one type of food, fruits, or beverages, do you? That’s why the WALSH WSR35S1 Fridge is an interesting add-on to any college dorms, office, or bedroom.

With a space-saving dimension of 19.13 × 21.10 × 32.80 inches, you can store food, soda, beer, and other beverages. It has two removable and adjustable slide-out glass shelves allowing you to organize your supplies properly. Apart from the shelves, the door has several bottles/can bars and compartments to help you store tons of drinks.

It has adjustable mechanical thermostat control you can dial from 0-7, which gives you a temperature range between 32 to 47 ℉ for the refrigerator compartment. Likewise, the chiller may have temperatures between 27 ℉ to 37 ℉. Lastly, its 0.5 cu. ft. freezer helps you store some frozen food efficiently.


  • Temperature control works well, very reliable
  • Spacious chiller, but don’t take too much space in your dorm
  • Creative soda can rack at the door frees up more space


  • Doesn’t go super cold as what some people would expect
  • Kind of noisy when the compressor kicks on
  • Doesn’t come with an ice tray, if you need it


EdgeStar Convertible Refrigerator

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Don’t need a freezer all the time? How about a convertible refrigerator that functions efficiently as a freezer when you need it to? The 1.1 cu. ft. EdgeStar Convertible Refrigerator could be the best freezer and mini fridge for dorm, bedroom, game room, and office use.

It’s a stainless-steel freezer and probably, one of the smallest zero-degree freezers you can find in the market. Likewise, it has a true stainless-steel reversible door that can swing from left or right to suit your needs and convenience.

Additionally, the door has a factory-installed door lock to keep your food and drinks safe inside the fridge/freezer for an extra layer of security.

Thanks to its amazing full-range thermostat, it can be used as a refrigerator to store drinks and meals or a freezer for ice cream and the like. It’s a compact fridge with 17.125 inches deep and a wire shelf to maximize the limited interior space.


  • Extremely quiet, yet it cools/freezes things fast
  • Practical and very easy to use
  • Solid stainless-steel construction — very sturdy


  • Still, has very limited space, especially that it has a compressor
  • Frost builds up, you need to manually defrost it
  • Locking feature isn’t secure — can be opened with an Allen key


COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator

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09/26/2021 03:10 am GMT

If you want a two-door refrigerator, we give you another option — the COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator. It has 2.25 cu. ft. cooler and 0.95 cu. ft. freezer capacity. It’s a well-designed premium fridge with a freezer that helps you eat fresh food and thirst-quenching cool drinks.

The lower compartment, the refrigerator, has removable and adjustable glass shelves to help you organize your food and maximize the space. There’s a huge pullout transparent sterile box for fresh fruits and vegetables at the bottom part. The door has can and bottle rack which you can use to stack soda, condiments, and other beverages.

It has adjustable feet to keep its level wherever you move the fridge. It also has a reversible door so you can open it from the left or right — perfect, especially for very limited dorm space. This is a standalone fridge/freezer combo with the lowest freezing temperature of 5 ℉ and a cooling temperature range of 32 ℉ to 50 ℉.


  • Freezer is large enough to store not just ice cube trays
  • Quality fridge with a robust stainless-steel look
  • Door closes well, keeps everything cold enough


  • It’ll start making a loud buzzing noise after months of use
  • Poor temperature control — needs proper setting
  • Starts having condensation drips from freezer at the back


Danby DCR031B1BSLDD Mini Fridge

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09/26/2021 03:07 am GMT

Having a fridge with separate freezer and cooler compartments is a better choice for everyone these days. So, Danby, the appliance specialist from the US offers us its DCR031B1BSLDD Compact Refrigerator with Freezer. It has 3.1 cu. ft. total capacity refrigerator and an independent 0.87 cu. ft. freezer compartment.

This is rated energy-efficient and passes the standard of most University dormitories. It’s a neat add-on appliance to any space because of its stunning spotless-steel finish. There is one full-width tempered glass shelf where you can store fresh fruits and vegetables.

To the door side, you can see an integrated door shelving capable of securing a tall bottle and racking soda cans. This glamorous fridge/freezer combo has a reversible-door feature, like most fridges on the list — for convenience.

The integrated door handle adds a bit of class to this appliance. Lastly, its high-tech mechanical thermostat keeps your food fresh anytime you want to have a bite.


  • Really nice fridge and the freezer has enough room
  • Great performance, gets things cold with right initial setup
  • Good size with sufficient shelving in the cooler side


  • Kind of noisy, louder compared to other models
  • Misleading instructions, it’s manual defrost, not automatic
  • Easily dents and seems to be made of cheap metal


GE GME04GGKWW Compact Refrigerator

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If you don’t need a spacious freezer, you can check out GE GME04GGKWW Compact Refrigerator. It maximizes the space for the refrigerator so you can stuff it with everything you want to keep fresh and cold. This 4.4 cu. ft. unit includes a reliable 0.47 cu. ft. freezer for small frozen items.

Though it doesn’t have the typical box compartment for fresh fruits and vegetables, you can easily store them on its three removable shelves. Unfortunately, the glass shelves aren’t adjustable, but they are well-spaced so every corner can be utilized. With this interior design, you can thoroughly clean the fridge without missing a spot.

There are four different door shelving where you can easily and securely stack soda cans, tall bottles, containers, and boxes. You need to manually defrost the freezer according to schedule to avoid sudden condensation drips. As a product from a trusted appliance brand, you’ll enjoy top-notched performance and functionalities.


  • Spacious, yet doesn’t take too much space
  • Good-looking fridge, sleek and very quiet
  • Gets cold like it’s supposed to


  • Could be better if it has interior lights
  • Not made of stainless steel, rather just some vinyl wrap
  • Not a choice for those who want bigger freezer section


How to Choose the Best Mini Fridge with Freezer for Dorm

School dormitories have stricter standards when it comes to appliances, like refrigerators. So, we thoughtfully and thoroughly make this roundup article considering these dorm requirements. Apart from getting the best mini fridge with freezer for dorm through this list, you need to refer to the guidelines of your specific dormitories.

Size Matters

Dorm fridge, especially if you need a freezer compartment, shouldn’t be big, considering that your dorm space is limited. The standard-size for dorm fridge is about 2 cu. ft. to around 4.5 cu. ft. Mostly, they are small square models rather than the tall ones.

Shelves and Compartments

Since you can’t just bring in any fridge to your dorm, you must also consider the capacity and shelves. Some models have removable and adjustable shelves — which are great since you can maximize the space.

Additionally, look for mini fridges that have door bins and dispensers so you don’t need to take too much space for soda cans and other beverages. We especially recommend units that have door-mounted dispensers wherein you can vertically stack standard cans — very space-efficient.

Fridge Types

There are three types of fridges — thermoelectric, compressor, and absorption. Especially in dorm rooms that you might be sleeping next to your fridge, you need a unit that doesn’t produce disturbing noise, humming, or buzzing.

Thermoelectric and compressors may be louder because they use fan and compressor motors, respectively. The absorption fridge is the quietest of the three. Hence, you must check the type of the fridge you are eyeing and check if it will be noisier or not.


This is a requirement for most dormitories. When shopping for energy-saving products, you must check if it is ENERGY STAR®-certified. If it is so, then you are assured that they won’t add too much to the electric billing of your dormitory.

At least an inch clearance around the unit makes a difference in the efficiency of your fridge.

Again, aside from your preferences, you must know that there are rules and standards in each dormitory pertaining to appliances. However, if you are only allowed to bring in a small and compact mini fridge, don’t panic. You can still stack all the necessary food and drink supplies by considering the steps laid out in this YouTube video.

Our Top Pick

Our Pick
RCA RFR835 2-Door Fridge and Freezer
You can support us by making purchases from our links. We may earn commissions from it, at no additional cost to you.
09/26/2021 04:43 am GMT

Even though you have a space-limited dormitory or office, you can still get a nice mini fridge with freezer. In this article, our ultimate choice for the best mini fridge with freezer for dorm is none other than the RCA RFR835 2-Door Fridge and Freezer. From the design to the capacity, and the multiple rooms inside, it’s a perfect fridge for dormitories.

This two-door fridge has a nice black finish that fits any space. It has an adjustable thermostat and compressor cooling system to get satisfyingly cool beverages every time. No matter how hot the weather may be, you can always relax and quench your thirst.

The highlight of this mini fridge with a freezer is the fridge side. It’s divided into various compartments, so you can place nearly any food and drink you have. Although it has complaints of inconsistent temperature settings, this inexpensive fridge is perfect to cool and store drinks and food supplies for days.

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