10 Best Jura Espresso & Coffee Machines 2022 (Reviews)

Jura machines are one of the best coffee makers in the world.

They produce excellent quality espresso and coffee, with a variety of features to enhance your experience.

But, which machine is right for you?

In this blog post, I will give you an overview about Jura’s 10 best models, which include both espresso and coffee machines.

You can also read reviews from customers who have bought these products before deciding which one is right for your needs.

Here are the best Jura espresso & coffee machines

Jura Z8

Editor's Pick
JURA Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine
A single button press is all it needs to produce 21 café-style coffee beverages, including 16 programmable drinks for utmost convenience. The Z8 offers exceptional caffeinated creations at their chosen coffee ground consistency, ideal temperatures, preferred strengths, and desired creaminess.
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Who doesn’t want simultaneous coffee and milk preparations?

Jura has a machine that prepares your favorite latte or cappuccino without needing to lift a finger for the milk frothing. The Jura Z8 is an automatic coffee machine that gives you up to 21 different beverages with a single touch of a button. With this number, 16 of them are programmable according to your preferences.

It comes with two Thermoblock heating systems and two pumps so you can have a quick operation to enjoy your coffee immediately. It’s Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) assures optimum extraction time for ristretto and espresso. You also have a professional Aroma grinder that promises up to 12.2% more aroma along with consistent coffee grounds — not capsuled.

It has aluminum all-body with a 4.3-inch high-resolution color touchscreen display, surely, it’s a sophisticated add-on to your kitchen. It has a 2.4 L grooved water tank accessible to the side and a bean hopper with holding capacity of 280g. It measures 9.1 × 9.1 × 9.1 inches and weighs 13.4 kg.

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  • Easy to use and doesn’t demand too much daily maintenance
  • Coffee tastes really good and froths milk to perfection
  • Solid construction and all materials used are of quality


  • Its touchscreen display is less intuitive
  • Not everyone can have it, it’s way expensive


Jura A1

Runner Up
Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine
The astounding combination of reliable coffee-making performance, sophisticated looks, and affordability make this coffee machine worth the buy. Its Thermoblock heating mechanism, Aroma grinder, 15-bar pressure brewing system, and simple controls are enough to produce consistently delicious coffee shop-quality beverages.
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Not all elegant-looking coffee makers are expensive. If you look at Jura A1, you’ll be impressed not only of its sophisticated looks and features but with its price. This super automatic espresso machine has a piano black with silver details that just looks stunning and beautiful.

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Even though it doesn’t come with an expensive price tag, it is still capable of serving a consistent drink every time you need coffee. It comes with Thermoblock heating system and 15 bar pump, plus the freedom to choose between two levels of coffee strength. Also, take advantage of the Aroma grinder to get a perfect shot — every time.

It looks sleek, but it requires a bigger space with its 20.5 × 12.7 × 18.6 inches dimension weighing around 23 lbs. With it is a 37 oz water tank, 4.4 oz bean container, and 9-serving ground container. As a super automatic coffee machine, Jura A1 has great cleaning and maintenance protocols that will automatically execute or remind you.


  • Easy to operate, quick to be ready and easy to clean
  • Can get nice crema in your coffee
  • With P.E.P. and Aroma grinder mostly found in expensive machines


  • Can’t get more than 8 oz of coffee per serving
  • Smaller water tank, bean hopper, and grounds container
  • Limited when it comes to milk-based coffee options


Jura Impressa XS90

Also Great
Jura Impressa XS90 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center
This machine has the characteristics of a reliable commercial-grade coffee maker at a modern home-friendly price. It has a six-level precision grinder, a simple user interface, a smart pre-brew aroma technology, and a dozen pre-programmed coffee choices for effortless coffee-making.
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Brewing 50 cups of coffee a day using the non-commercial coffee machine could be challenging. But, for Jura Impressa XS90, it’s never a problem.

It has a big water reservoir with a 1.5-gallon capacity accessible to the side, a 10 oz coffee bean container, and a dregs compartment that holds up to 40 portions. Such coffee maker with big capacity is ideal in the office or for a big family.

You don’t need to stick to espresso or latte if you can have more options — 12 of them — at the touch of a button. It has an Intelligent Pre-brew Aroma System, plus a six-setting precision grinder to have the best coffee grounds in the coffee that you want. With an active bean level monitoring system, you’ll never run out of coffee beans.

The dialogue system compliments its minimal looks with easy-to-understand red symbols along with few buttons. Unfortunately, it’s kind of hefty at 34 lbs with 15.5 × 16 × 18.5 inches dimension excluding the bean hopper.


  • Large capacity water tank and coffee bean hopper
  • One-touch operation with up to 12 different coffee options
  • With Thermoblock heating and high-performance pump


  • The machine has a steep learning curve
  • Limited grinding settings for a very capable coffee maker
  • Not ideal for limited-space kitchen and counter



Jura GIGA 5

Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine
The black accents in a silver sea make this coffee machine one of the most elegant products one can place on a countertop. Its noiseless ceramic burr grinder initiates the preparation of a dozen café-style coffee at a button press.
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A coffee machine that induces your craving for coffee, the Jura Giga 5 is just too beautiful to resist. It has an aluminum body with black accents inviting you to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee. Yet, it has features as irresistible as it looks.

You have two high-performance grinders and two heating systems. So, you’ll get a consistent coffee shot because of its precise grinding. Its variable dual spout has four outlets that lets you prepare milk-based drinks without lifting a finger.

If the Jura A1 is too limited for those who love adding milk to their coffee, then, the GIGA 5 is your best choice. It has a patented multi-chamber system that froths milk the way real baristas do it. And, with 12 coffee recipes available, you’ll never run out of options.

Go and treat yourself with the best coffee machine using the Jura GIGA 5. The TFT display with rotary selection is easy to operate so you will have more time to enjoy your favorite coffee.


  • 12 different specialty drinks with options to personalize your drinks
  • Quiet and noiseless operation with a ceramic burr grinder
  • TFT color display makes it easy to navigate and access more options


  • Seriously on the expensive side
  • Cleaning and maintenance could be challenging
  • Doesn’t give the best coffee, espresso might be weak for some



Jura WE8

Jura WE8 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine
Enjoying espressos, ristrettos, flat whites, latte macchiatos, cappuccinos, and seven other coffee styles is easy with this machine. Its customizable programs, aroma extraction technology, milk frothing system, and large-capacity tank make it the ideal coffee-maker for modern homes and offices.
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Jura seems to love number 12 because most of the automatic coffee machines we include here comes with 12 specialty drink options. The Jura WE8 is not exempted. This professional coffee machine is capable of preparing specialty coffee like cappuccino, latte macchiato, ristretto, flat white, espresso, and more.

Like most of Jura superautomatic coffee machines, this also comes with an exclusive Pulse Extraction Process conical burr grinder, programmable options, among others.

You can personalize each coffee drink by changing the brewing strength and volume. Its milk frothing system has a dual spout, which will automatically switch over from steam milk to milk foam.

This eco-friendly coffee machine has a 101 oz water tank and 17.6 oz bean container, with an overall weight of 22 lbs. It has a total dimension of 17.5 × 11.6 × 16.5 inches, which is smaller compared to other Jura super-automatics. It’s easy to use and operate through its TFT color display with buttons.


  • Easy to clean and has simple operation
  • With ample customization, good for office settings
  • Quiet integrated grinder with aroma extraction technology


  • Still taking up space in the pantry
  • Body isn’t stainless steel — made of plastic casing
  • Milk spout is far from the coffee dispensing spout



Jura E6

Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Machine
Offering an exceptional balance of affordability and value, this Jura creation should fit right in the home of budget-conscious folks. It offers enough customization options to create personal versions of six café-style coffee beverages for everyone to enjoy.
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If you’re looking for a machine that’s best for coffee lovers on a budget, Jura E6 is a perfect choice. It’s not that cheap, yet not that expensive. You get just enough features without spending too much — a perfect balance between value and price.

The Jura E6 can make you six different specialty drinks including cappuccino, espresso, milk foam, etc. Like the automatics Jura machines mentioned above, you can also customize this coffee maker according to your liking. It offers state-of-the-art espresso technology with the exclusive pulse extraction process (P.E.P.) that lets you enjoy the brewing and extraction processes.

It has simple buttons with TFT color display that allows you to easily navigate the settings and customization. This 17.3 × 11 × 13.8 inches machine has a sleek design with dual coffee and milk spouts so you can prepare two drinks at a time. With the new interchangeable milk spout and integrated maintenance programs, you’ll have a machine that will surely last long.


  • With 63.6 oz water reservoir easily accessible on the left side
  • Coffee has unique superior taste
  • With comprehensive maintenance and cleaning protocols


  • Some users complained about the milk foam being thin and not hot
  • No coffee powder chute to make decaf or other coffee drinks
  • The machine is plastic and may feel cheap



Jura Giga W3

Jura GIGA W3 Proessional Automatic Coffee Machine
The W3 is the perfect choice for coffee-loving homes and offices because of its 75-cup maximum coffee production and excellent Swiss craftsmanship. It also offers 31 programmable specialty caffeinated beverages, making it a wonder workhorse in the modern home.
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Jura GIGA W3 is worth checking out. It has a 169 oz water tank that lets you prepare about 50-75 cups of coffee per day. Such huge water capacity is being complemented with its 35.3 oz bean container with aroma preservation cover.

Surely, you’ll get it because it’s capable — but, wait, there’s more. As a product of Switzerland, you’ll expect excellent design, elegance, and precision craftsmanship — and it exceeds anyone’s expectations. With the touch of a button, you can easily maintain, operate, and customize settings according to your preferences.

There are a total of 31 programmable specialty drinks that you can easily navigate through its TFT color display via its Rotary switch on top. Aside from customizable drinks, it also features adjustable air intake and electronically controlled stepper motor to provide the optimal temperature for milk foam. It’s kind of heavy at 40.1lbs with an overall dimension of 14.6 × 21.7 × 19.6 inches.


  • Navigation of the settings is easily learned
  • Makes good espresso and has tons of drink options
  • Has onscreen maintenance and cleaning prompts so you won’t forget


  • Hot water isn’t hot enough, especially for brewing tea
  • Takes more place on your countertop
  • High price tag makes budget-buyers shy away



Jura Impressa C60

Jura Impressa C60 Automatic Coffee Machine
Making luscious lattes and silky cappuccinos is never a problem with the Impressa C60. It has customizable programming settings, height-adjustable spout, a large reservoir, and a fine foam technology that creates a thick and creamy foam on latte-based drinks.
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05/28/2022 09:07 am GMT

Operating with 15 bars of pressure, you’ll get a well-extracted espresso using the Jura Impressa C60. It’s made of black ABS plastic with stainless steel accents — exudes elegance from all sides. It’s completely programmable and customizable with just a single switch.

To perfect your espresso-based coffee drinks, it comes with fine foam technology that lets you create silky milk foam — every time. You can also use different cups with its height-adjustable spout. With these, you can easily make cappuccinos, espressos, and other specialty drinks in a few minutes.

You don’t need to worry if you don’t remember turning off the machine as it has an auto-shut-off feature. At 16.1 × 11 × 13.6 inches overall dimension and 21.2 lbs weight, it’s ideal to find a place dedicated to it in your workplace or kitchen. The 1.9-liter water tank is just enough to give you and your family a dose of your favorite coffee whenever you need it.


  • Deliver dry puck for easy cleaning and disposal
  • Machine tells you the things you need to do for maintenance
  • Impressive coffee taste and it’s fairly easy to operate, too


  • Ground coffee overflows even at recommended measure
  • Sometimes the bean hopper won’t feed beans, need a slight poke
  • Control buttons are less responsive



Jura Z6

Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Maker
With its stunning chrome-accented aluminum design, bringing the Z6 home makes perfect sense for anyone who appreciates hassle-free café-style coffee. Its user-friendly controls, ingenious pre-infusion technology, and Pulse Extraction Process allow anyone to make fantastic coffee without worries.
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If you are impressed with Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) from some of its automatic coffee machines mentioned above, you’ll also be impressed with Jura Z6. The world’s first coffee machine to introduce the P.E.P., you’re always assured of perfect espresso each time you pull a shot. Inspired by the best baristas and craftsmen in the world, the Jura Z6 will surely stun you.

Made with aluminum casing and chrome accents, it’s as beautiful as the coffee drinks it can prepare. It has an impressive control panel with buttons/dial combo you can easily navigate through. Whether you need to prepare a shot of espresso or cappuccino, you can easily slide in up to six inches mug with its height-adjustable dispensing spout.

It’s also equipped with automatic pre-infusion technology for optimal extraction. The 9.9 oz bean container on top comes with a sealed hopper to preserve the freshness and aroma of your beans. It weighs 25.4 lbs and has an overall body dimension of 12.6 × 17.72 × 14.76 inches.

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  • Adjustable spout height to accommodate travel mugs
  • Produces satisfyingly hot milk
  • Has more efficient integrated grinder


  • No cup warmer, just run hot water to preheat cups
  • It needs to rinse before and after each coffee session
  • Can’t be placed under wall-mounted cabinets



Jura Impressa J9

Editor's Pick
Jura Impressa J9 Coffee Machine
The J9 is Jura’s first machine to feature a TFT display, making coffee customization effortless, even for a newbie. It has a commercial-grade grinder, five coffee strengths, and two temperature settings for making the best possible coffee in the home.
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An all-in-one coffee machine from Jura is best for most coffee lovers with varied coffee preferences. The Jura Impressa J9 is the first of its kind to have a TFT display, so you can easily scroll and navigate through drink options and settings. The rotary dial allows you to make an easy selection to bypass lengthy lines in coffee shops and simply enjoy barista-quality coffee with a few taps.

It comes with an integrated commercial-grade grinder fed by a 9 oz bean hopper on top. The design is seamless and all you can see here is top-notch craftsmanship from the Swiss manufacturer. With a 71 oz water reservoir, you can prepare several cups of espresso before refilling.

We want to highlight the fast-heating stainless-steel-lined Thermoblock with 15 bar pressure pump to prepare the best coffee from automatic coffee machines. The heating system has two temperature settings and five coffee strengths. It’s really exquisite and perfectly fits any countertop.


  • Not only nice-looking but makes great-tasting coffee, too
  • High-tech interface with easy controls
  • Large-capacity water tank, bean hopper, and dregs container


  • Need to build some skills to get the perfect coffee grind
  • No cup warming tray, just run hot water into your cup before brewing
  • Though it’s stunning, the casing is mostly made of plastic



Buying Guide

Jura’s line of coffee machines are well-sought after because they are easy-to-use, feature-packed, and self-explanatory operation.

They are also sophisticated with an aroma of elegance and premium quality, whether you put them in your kitchen or your office.

Jura coffee machines website

There are a few things you must consider if you are eyeing for the ultimate home or office semi automatic or automatic coffee machines.

We’ll lay out four most important considerations, but your choice will seal the deal. The four factors are the following:

Simple Controls

Digital displays are better and easy to understand than indicator lights. And, indeed, it’s true.

Thankfully, you can find easy-to-navigate screen displays on most Jura machines.

Having a rotary dial/switch instead of a lot of buttons makes the operation no-brainer.

Coffee Quality

With automatic and superautomatic machines, human error and inconsistencies are limited.

So, you are given the best quality coffee — every time.

And, while the problem for some super-automatics lies on weaker coffee, they are easily programmable to let you prepare the right dose for you.

The good news is, aside from being highly programmable, Jura machines also have tons of specialty drink options.

Cleaning and Maintenance

For longevity of the machine and best-tasting beverage each coffee session, Jura machines are equipped with self-cleaning protocols.

It usually happens at the start and end of each session.

Although some machines may perform slower, automatic self-cleaning will help you save more money on maintenance and always ensure a clean system.

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Integrated Grinder

The size of the coffee grounds is the primary deciding factor whether you get well-extracted coffee or not.

With Jura superautomatics, each Jura machine is smart enough to give you the perfect coffee grounds for the kind of coffee you need.

No need for a separate grinder.

It lessens the preparation time; you can indulge in your favorite coffee faster.

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Is Jura a good brand?

Yes, Jura is a good coffee machine brand. In fact, their S8 model won the Best Fully Automated Coffee Machine award for 2021 by ProductReview.com.au, and the ENA 8 also won the Red Dot Design Award.

Are Jura machines worth the money?

Yes, Jura machines are definitely worth the money. You may be spending more compared to a regular coffee machine, however, Jura machines often last longer as they are more durable.

Editor’s Choice

We Recommend
JURA Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine
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The biggest selling point on this list is the capacity to prepare coffee and milk simultaneously. Who wouldn’t want that? Jura Z8 does it and it has tons of drink options .

Editor's Pick
Jura GIGA W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine
You can support us by making purchases from our links. We may earn commissions from it, at no additional cost to you.

Well, if you need more than 21 coffee options, then, go for Jura Giga W3 with 31 options.

In terms of compactness and weight, this machine won’t give you much burden — probably one of the lightest and slimmest on the list. One of the two in the list with a dual heating system for quick recovery time, you’ll surely want it. Lastly, it definitely makes a good cup of coffee.


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