Home Coffee Makers Best French Press Coffee Makers in 2023 (Reviews)

Best French Press Coffee Makers in 2023 (Reviews)

Best French Press Coffee Makers in 2023 (Reviews)

Remember, French press coffee is not a type of coffee, but it’s a brewing process.

It’s straightforward, easy and gives you the best result than machine brewed coffee.

It’s also energy-efficient, since it doesn’t need any electricity or other machine to brew your coffee.

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What you’re going to need is a reliable French press coffee maker, good coffee grounds and hot water (200 degrees).

Now, you can simply pour the coffee grounds to your coffee maker, add hot water and slowly press the plunger down.

Wait for at least 3-5 minutes and enjoy your coffee.

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It’s that simple! But, you need to find a great French press coffee maker, which our list showcases the best of the best.

Pick one that suits your taste and your budget and, then, start brewing!

The best French press coffee makers in 2023

  • Café du Chaetau French Press Coffee Maker
  • Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker
  • KONA French Press Coffee Press Maker
  • SterlingPro French Press Double-Wall Stainless Steel
  • Cantankerous Chef Rose Gold French Press
  • Coffee Gator Large French Press Coffee Maker
  • Brillante Small French Press Coffee Maker
  • L-BEANS French Press Coffee Maker
  • GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker

Café du Chaetau French Press Coffee Maker

Our Pick
Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker
This small and reliable device makes coffee shop-quality French press coffee in minutes with its robust construction and effortless operation. With a four-level filtration system, BPA-free materials, and a large 34-ounce capacity, making the perfect cup is never a problem.
Capacity: 8 Cubic Centimeters
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 2.20 lbs
Dimensions: 8.67″D x 6.3″W x 5.12″H
Special Feature: Permanent Filter
Product: Café du Chaetau French Press Coffee Maker
Capacity: 34 oz
Item Weight: 1.98 pounds
Features: A good French press coffee for the crowd, durable and versatile
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06/08/2024 11:03 pm GMT

If you are a French press lover, then, it’s not a question if you set your eyes on Café du Chaetau French Press Coffee Maker. Each metal is made of 304 grade stainless steel which makes it rust-free. The glass is made of thick borosilicate, which is known to hold boiling water for the French press.

It comes with four levels of filtration system, a perfect coffee maker for coffee, tea, espresso, cold brew and most of all, the French press coffee. All materials are BPA-free, so, even with hot water, you don’t need to worry about any negative reactions. It can accommodate 8 cups of coffee or 34oz.

Quality components and materials surely have lasting performance. It’s portable and small, enough to carry around when camping or when going on an adventure with friends and family.


  • Easy to use with understandable instructions
  • Dual mesh ensures all the coffee grounds are pushed down
  • The entire coffee maker is rust proof


  • You may find it hard to dump the coffee grounds from the plunger
  • Glass should be held tightly because it might slip and break


Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

In just four minutes, you‘ll have a freshly brewed French press hot coffee with Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker. All you need is to add coarse coffee grounds and hot water. Then, press.

It comes with 3-part stainless steel plunger and a mesh filter that perfectly extracts the oils and other flavors of your favorite ground coffee. Mesh filter is better over paper since it won’t absorb any of the coffee’s taste, unlike the latter. It has a very durable design with safety that keeps the coffee from spilling.

This machine allows you to extract all the elements of a coffee bean, including the essential oils and acid. It makes 8 cups of coffee with 4oz each serve. With excellent handle and durable body, it’s a perfect coffee maker to be used on-the-go.


  • Sturdy and well-made press coffee maker
  • Very easy to clean and completely disposed all the coffee grounds


  • Has small deposit of coffee grounds in the coffee
  • Takes longer time to brew
  • Glass may be easy to break

KONA French Press Coffee Press Maker

KONA French Press Coffee Maker
Stylish and elegant, this French press coffee maker produces café-quality coffee while giving coffee lovers another item to display on their countertop. It has a perfect-fitting plunger and a heat-resistant frame for worry-free French press coffee production.
Product: KONA French Press Coffee Press Maker
Capacity: 34 oz
Item Weight: 14.1 ounces
Features: Powerful and good French press coffee maker for home and office
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06/08/2024 11:08 pm GMT

Who wants a coffee maker with an extra level of protection for the coffee pitcher? This is among the reasons why KONA French Press Coffee Press Maker is loved by people; especially those who keep a handy French press as they go. This 34oz French press machine comes with an insulated outer shell for additional line of protection.

The chamber is actually a borosilicate glass coffee pitcher that is resistant to heat and is extra thick. So, it can handle hotter water temperature and more forceful presses. It’s BPA-free and you are sure that no plastic or any low quality material that will come in contact with your coffee.

Whether it’s ground coffee or tea leaf, all the essentials from each ground is being extracted into a cup of your favorite drink. It’s fairly easy to clean with the removable stainless steel filter screen system. Plus, it’s very quiet and doesn’t need electricity – perfect for office use.


  • Plunger fits perfectly to the glass, so no coffee grounds escape into your coffee
  • Heat resistant frame, making it easy to grip
  • BPA-free lid


  • Glass if fixed to the holder, can’t clean those parts well
  • Can only stay warm for around 20 to 30 minutes

SterlingPro French Press Double-Wall Stainless Steel

SterlingPro French Press Coffee Maker
This coffee maker is a dependable tool for any sensible French press coffee-lover, with its all-stainless steel durable construction and exceptional heat-retention capabilities. It has a mirror finish that belies its phenomenal coffee-making prowess and ease of cleaning.
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06/07/2024 02:03 pm GMT

All stainless steel French press coffee maker is an ideal choice. And, thankfully the SterlingPro French Press Double-Wall Stainless Steel is available in the market. As the name suggests, it has double wall 18/10 stainless steel construction that keeps the interior warm, while keeping the exterior cool. It’s classy and with its mirror finish, everyone will surely be intrigued by its beauty.

Its main function is a French press, but, you can also make tea, hot chocolate, even froth milk, and herbal drinks. Since its all stainless steel, it’s very easy to clean though you’re putting so many inputs in the machine.

It has 1L capacity, perfect for more servings. For a very affordable price, this is what every coffee lover should have. It’s also rust resistant and very sturdy – a French press coffee maker that’s built to last.


  • Very easy to clean – assembling and disassembling is a breeze
  • Solid built, durable, but very attractive
  • No glass parts, there’s no way you’re gonna break this thing


  • No measurement markings, you need to measure the water before adding
  • Stainless steel may accumulate some powder at the side through time

Cantankerous Chef Rose Gold French Press

Eye-catching design because of its unique rose gold finish, the Cantankerous Chef Rose Gold French Press is a complete head turner. It’s capable of preparing 1L of French press or 4 cups of 8oz each in just four minutes. It’s made with 2.5mm borosilicate glass that’s very durable and hard to break.

It has 3-part stainless steel plunger coupled with a mesh filter for a more efficient extraction. This means, you got to enjoy more flavorful coffee without any coffee grounds or altered flavor. So, you can enjoy every bit of the essential oil present in your coffee grounds.

The design makes it very easy to clean and all parts are dishwasher free. So, you can clean each part thoroughly to prepare for your next cup of your favorite French press coffee.


  • Elegant and most beautiful among the coffee makers on this list
  • The balance in the handle is perfect for comfortable pouring
  • Easy to use and to wash


  • Glass seems thin and breakable
  • Rubber end of the casing got broken, making it difficult to clean without getting cut by the metal

Coffee Gator Large French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker
Meant for a gang of coffee lovers, this coffee maker relies on its large-capacity chamber to deliver enough French press coffee for up to four people. One can count on it to extract the best coffee flavors with each press.
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06/07/2024 07:57 pm GMT

Made with vacuum-layered stainless steel, the Coffee Gator Large French Press Coffee Maker is another durable and reliable French press coffee maker. It has a double-layered filter for fuller flavor and prevents sediments from seeping into your coffee. It’s capable of producing 34oz of coffee in just a few minutes.

It’s capable of making your coffee (or tea) hot for an hour, which is undoubtedly longer than glass. The outside is very cool; you can’t even feel any heat on its handle. This is a good company at home or at work.


  • Pretty heavy and solid, very reliable
  • Easy to use and very quick to clean it thoroughly
  • Keeps coffee hot for an extended period of time


  • A little oversized and overweight too
  • A little more expensive than other products in this list

Brillante Small French Press Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for a handy single-serve French press coffee maker, then, the Brillante Small French Press Coffee Maker is your perfect choice. It’s compact and small, can only make 12oz of coffee.

It’s made of German-made glass coupled with a stainless steel plunger that’s powerful enough to make you a good coffee. It has a mesh screen at the spout that eliminates some other coffee grounds. So, making coffee from inconsistent coffee grounds is not a problem with this coffee maker.

The whole setup enables you to create a good-tasting coffee, even better than machine-made brews. This is good for office, home or while you are travelling and camping. All you need is good coffee grounds and a hot water to make a great French press coffee.


  • Small and compact, easy for storage and transport
  • Made of quality materials, BPA-free
  • Quick to brew, faster than traditional coffee makers


  • Works great with coarse grounds, not with fine grinds
  • Need to hold the glass in place otherwise you may knock it down and break it

L-BEANS French Press Coffee Maker

L-BEANS French Press Coffee Maker is a combination of 304 grade stainless steel and 3mm thick high borosilicate glass. Pouring in hot water won’t crack the glass because it’s durable and heat-resistant. It’s very elegant-looking and the handle is made of insulated material, which is comfortable to hold and won’t slip.

It has a visible scale, which makes you more accurate when adding water to your coffee grounds (especially if you’re following the golden ratio for French press coffee). The eagle beak design of the glass gives you even pouring without any chances of spilling.

It has a four level filtration system with built-in filters and pressure plate to give an optimal extraction of your coffee grounds. Simply press the filter slowly towards the bottom and wait for around 3-5 minutes before you enjoy your coffee. You can prepare up to 28oz (6cups or 800ml) of your favorite coffee in the comfort of your home or anywhere you may be.


  • Works really good, even for hot tea
  • Has an effective thermal insulation to keep the hotness of your coffee


  • None

GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker

Minimalist and a very elegant-looking GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker is what your kitchen and office needs. It’s a multifunctional French press coffee maker that is great for making coffee, cold brew coffee (even coarser grounds) and tea. It comes with France Borosilicate glass beaker carafe housed in a chrome housing for protection.

It has an 18/8 heavy gauge rod with a very reliable French press filter. The whole coffee maker gives smooth and richer coffee, very different from electric coffee makers. If using fine coffee filter, leave it for around 3-4 minutes to extract the natural oils and antioxidants from your coffee.

You can make 34oz of coffee (or tea) in one operation. Just make sure to add hot water (by hot, we mean around 200degrees) to ensure even extraction of your coffee. Since its Pyrex, you know of its quality, so enjoy!


  • Brews a very nice cup of coffee/tea
  • Plunger pushed all the grounds to the bottom, no sediments in the coffee
  • Classy and the handle is quite sturdy


  • Glass is not long-lasting
  • Some say that the housing has plastic coating and has rusts

Buying Guide

Coffee makers are made from different materials, ranging from glass to stainless steel(source). Others provide extra protection to the glass chamber being used for the French press.

But, how are you able to pick the right tool for you? Here are some of the things you need to examine in a French press before buying one:

Type of Filters

With the best filters used, your coffee can be sediment-free. Reddit:AskCulinary explains some of the filters used in this type of brewing process.

Best French Press Coffee Makers

Material and Design

Good design with good quality material is a perfect combo. It decides the longevity, temperature resistance and everything you might like or not like about your French press coffee maker.

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Editor’s Choice

Our favorite for the best French press coffee maker is the Café du Chaetau French Press Coffee Maker. It’s sturdy and well-constructed. It’s versatile and portable. Overall, it’s the best bang for the buck.

For a perfect blend of the French press coffee, use your favorite coffee grounds on this machine. You’ll be surprised by how this maker exceeds your expectations.

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