10 Best Electric Tea Kettles with Infuser 2021 (Reviews)

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Tea lovers know that you can only have a taste of real tea using loose leaves.

And, to brew tea using loose leaves, you need the best electric tea kettle with an infuser.

The infuser holds the leaves inside to achieve perfect steeping time for a strong tea.

But, why an electric kettle?

There are different good reasons why electric kettles make their way to a great number of households. There’s convenience, where you don’t need to monitor when your water is going to boil.

They automatically shut off when the water comes to a rolling boil and you can also adjust the kettle to your desired temperature.

In this round-up, we’ll give you ten tea kettles with an infuser that fits every tea lover’s criteria of the best.

Trimming down this list to ten products is very challenging for us, yet our buying guide helped us do it.

Hence, we are also sharing with you how we choose our tea kettles — not just to enjoy a great tea, but the process as well.

The Best Electric Tea Kettles with Infuser 2021

Our Pick

Buydeem K2423 Tea Maker

Making a relaxing and healthy tea to give to one’s guests or to enjoy by oneself is hassle-free with this electric tea kettle. It has five pre-programmed temperature settings and an auto keep-warm feature to make tea-making a breeze.
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09/26/2021 09:02 pm GMT

Of course, you don’t want to over-steep your tea, that’s why you need Buydeem K2423 Tea Maker. It’s a 6-in-1 hot tea maker with an infuser to make different kinds of tea — black tea, Oolong, white tea, green tea, and so on. Since it has preset programs for different tea, all you need to do is press the dedicated button to your desired hot drink.

It’s made of premium-quality food-grade German Schott Duran glass tolerant to up to 150 degrees heat. The stainless-steel removable infuser helps keep out tea leaf residues from your drink. You can savor a great cup of tea and just enjoy different health benefits of your favorite drink.

It’s a smart tea maker with cordless design, allowing you ease and convenience when preparing and serving tea. It’s quick to boil and it’ll automatically keep your tea warm up to 60 minutes. This tea maker is programmed to shut-off automatically to save energy and make you worry-free.


  • Makes flavorful tea without the bitter taste
  • Preset temperature for different types of tea is accurate
  • Beeps when your water or your tea is ready


  • Minimum of two cups per boiling cycle, can’t make just a cup
  • Perfect for tea brewing and boiling water — limited functions for its price
  • Tea will have a bitter taste if you’ll boil it again to your desired temperature


Also Great

Megachef Electric Stainless Steel Light Up Wired Tea Kettle

With its unmatched elegance, advanced tea infusion technology, and user-friendly interface, this electric kettle is every tea lover’s trustworthy companion. The kettle is one of the most affordable tea infusers on the market without going cheap on its advanced features.
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09/26/2021 01:58 pm GMT

A practical and budget-friendly tea kettle is what most tea lovers look for, especially a kettle with the best infuser. For electric tea kettle, we offer you the Megachef Electric Stainless Steel Light Up Tea Kettle. It’s among the cheapest on the list, but its performance is never cheap.

It’s a 1.8 L glass kettle with cordless design that lets you prepare any of your favorite tea drinks. The design and finish fit most kitchens and the bright LED lights just make tea brewing more entertaining. Lights turn on while the water is still boiling and will automatically shut off (and the machine, too) when the boiling point is reached.

If you want to prepare tea from loose tea leaves, go ahead and place them in the removable micro-mesh tea steeper. Likewise, if you just need to boil water for other purposes, simply remove the steeper and use the electric tea kettle like your regular kettle. Serve well through its drip-free spout.


  • Boils water quickly and looks pretty with the LED lights
  • Seems to be of quality and BPA-free
  • Minimal noise when boiling and easy to operate


  • The lid won’t stay close and won’t open wide
  • Some users wished the opening was a bit bigger
  • Be careful, the handle gets warm



Comfee’ MK-17G01B-E5 Electric Kettle

The MK-17G01B-E5 ditched the conventional dedicated temperature buttons for easy-to-use handle-based temperature controls. These buttons allow tea lovers to adjust the water temperature to their preference, ensuring the best-tasting personalized tea drink one can have.
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09/26/2021 12:58 pm GMT

Don’t want more buttons? The Comfee’ MK-17G01B-E5 Electric Kettle gives you a few digital controls, plus a nice LED readout on the handle. Instead of dedicated buttons for different types of hot drinks, you can set it to whatever temperature you prefer.

You can’t expect this cheaper electric tea kettle to be packed with so many features including auto shut-off, boil-dry protection, and the ability to stay warm in two hours. In 3-8 minutes, you can have a potful (1.7 L) of hot water. It has a built-in infuser made of food-grade stainless steel where you can put tea leaves for efficient steeping.

The overall design of the kettle makes serving and operation so comfortable. The durable, high-quality Borosilicate glass housing has water lines so you can accurately determine the exact water level. It has a removable scale filter to purify your water and the silicone loop for leak proof can be removed for thorough cleaning.


  • Built-in infuser is large enough to accommodate loose tea leaves
  • Controls on the handle are very convenient and accessible
  • Boiling is fast and convenient


  • Instructions aren’t written in perfect English — might be confusing
  • Tea particles get into your tea; filter can keep it from going into your cup
  • Beeps every time you press the buttons, could be annoying


New House Kitchen Electric Glass Kettle

The combination of rapid-boiling technology and an ingenious LED lighting notification system makes this electric kettle an excellent tool for making fantastic teas. Its advanced tea infusion system and 60-minute stay-warm feature eliminate any tea-making guesswork.
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No more guessing when your hot water will be ready or when you’re going to enjoy your tea. The New House Kitchen Electric Glass Kettle lights up the LED lighting when water is still boiling. Not only that, it makes you know that your tea or hot water is ready, it’s an attractive add-on to your kitchen.

It features Rapid Heat technology that boils water faster than a microwave or any stovetop kettle. With the tea infuser, you can directly use loose tea leaves to enjoy full-flavored tea from black to green tea. To keep the taste of your hot drinks, the infuser can be washed thoroughly with warm water and soap.

Made with borosilicate glass, this kettle will never get too hot and your tea will stay warm up to 60 minutes until you decide to drink it. With a cordless design and 360-swivel base, this kettle is so convenient to use. Lift, pour, and enjoy!


  • Nice LED lighting when water is boiling, turn off when it’s ready
  • Boils water faster compared to other alternatives
  • Just a great size for small spaces — 1.8 L capacity


  • Doesn’t keep water or tea warm for longer
  • Kind of hard to clean the bottom of the kettle
  • No temperature control for different types of tea


ICOOKPOT Glass Tea Kettle

The 16 intelligent programs built into this electric tea kettle ensures effortless beverage and food preparation for everyone in the home. This kettle helps prepare teas, infant milk, baby food, oatmeal, and instant noodles and soups with a mere button press.
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09/26/2021 11:52 am GMT

If you have enough space and you have a crowd of tea lovers to serve, an electric tea kettle with infuser is the best. And, for ease of preparation, you need a kettle with huge capacity, like the ICOOKPOT Glass Tea Kettle. A potful, 2 L capacity will help you serve several cups of tea.

It gives you 16 smart built-in programs mode — from different types of tea to making baby milk, soup, noodles and even boiling eggs and oatmeal. It has a safety lock feature so it will not be accidentally used by your child. The delay mode (with a maximum delay of 24 hours) serves you well, especially if you want a hot tea in the morning.

All options are properly labeled, so you won’t be confused. It has a big MENU knob you can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to select the function you need at the moment. It has a wide mouth for easy refilling and you can remove the infuser to get more room for water.


  • Allows temperature-controlled water heating for various functions
  • You can clean easily and thoroughly
  • Works fast, especially when making a cup of tea


  • If “Keep warm” feature is activated for long, could boil your tea
  • Doesn’t have a manual timer — can only rely on preset time
  • The bottom of the kettle easily gets rusty


Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker

Breville was not kidding when it named the BTWM800XL tea maker, One-Touch. This electric kettle does everything anyone needs to make an excellent cup of tea for everyone to enjoy, including adjustable temperature settings and an auto-descending tea basket.
You can support us by making purchases from our links. We may earn commissions from it, at no additional cost to you.

Wake up to the flavorful aroma of your favorite tea in the morning with Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker. It’s fully automatic and it does all the dirty jobs so you can just enjoy a great cup of tea. Simply press that Auto Start button and it will make tea at a preset time.

It’s made with durable and stain-resistant German-made Schott glass, you are assured of its quality. It eliminates the guesswork in traditional tea maker — you can pull a consistent cup every time you want a tea. Just press the Basket button and the tea basket will descend into the water, gently agitates the tea leaves for maximum infusion, and perfect steeping.

You can program this electric tea kettle according to the temperature you want and the strength of the drink you need. Likewise, you can also just select from one of the 5 pre-programmed settings for quicker preparation.


  • Enjoy perfect tea in every cycle with adjustable temperature settings
  • Easy to clean, especially the interior
  • Accommodates even the most delicate green tea leaves


  • Some leaves will be stuck in the infuser
  • Good thing you can customize, presets are just weak for some
  • Automatically shuts off even if you activate the “Keep Warm” function


Chefman Electric Glass Kettle

This electric kettle is perfect for anyone who loves a cup of tea or a quick bowl of instant noodles on a Netflix marathon. Its 1.8-liter capacity and LED lighting should make steeping tea leaves and boiling water a cinch.
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Chefman Electric Glass Kettle is similar to the New House Kitchen Electric Glass Kettle that we already discussed above. From the design, the capacity of 1.8 L to the LED lighting when boiling, they are identical — except for the logo. This kettle is a bit cheaper and lightweight too, as it only weighs 2.64 lb.

This kettle is made with Borosilicate glass which remains cool when boiling — durable and stain-resistant. Its removable micro-mesh tea infuser helps you achieve more precise steeping. It features Rapid Heat technology so you can enjoy your tea sooner.

The advantage of getting this electric tea kettle is the convenience of both left-handed and right-handed users. It has advanced safety features — auto shut-off and boil-dry protection.

Like most of the kettles here, it has cordless design — you can easily lift it off the base for easy filling and serving. It’s easy to clean too, just wipe off with a soft, damp cloth.


  • Nice design, especially the durable glass and LED lights
  • Large mesh infuser is great if you love using loose tea leaves
  • Heats water well and fast compared to microwave or stovetop


  • Many users complained about the leaks
  • Can’t pour your tea well because of poor spout design
  • Automatic shut off function may not work


Willsence Electric Tea Kettle

With a removable tea infuser basket, preset temperature settings, and a large borosilicate glass, this electric tea kettle is perfect for the modern tea-loving household. It has enough features to make tea preparation as effortless and convenient as possible.
You can support us by making purchases from our links. We may earn commissions from it, at no additional cost to you.

Another great electric kettle with best tea infuser is the Willsence Electric Tea Kettle. Although it’s a bit more expensive than other kettles, it’s more than worth it. It has highly sought-after features like 24-hour auto-start function, preset temperature settings, premium build, and nice LCD display.

This kettle is made of borosilicate glass, which you have read several times in this article to be durable and resistant to heat. The removable stainless-steel tea basket allows you to prepare tea from tea bags or loose leaves. It will beep when the water boils, but you can enter into Silent mode if you don’t want it.

It has a child lock feature — safety to avoid misoperation, plus the auto shut-off function for boil-dry protection. All parts that may come in contact with your tea are all BPA-free and food-grade quality. It has a capacity of 1.7 L with easy-to-read markings on the glass body.


  • Nice looking kettle and seems to be well-made
  • You can set “Keep Warm” time to up to 60 minutes
  • The lid can be completely removed and can be used without the infuser


  • Instructions weren’t that clear and accurate
  • For herbal tea, water (tea) will spurt from the spout upon boiling
  • Setting up is annoying — requires several button presses


Aicook Electric Tea Kettle

This electric tea kettle has the longest keep-warm time among all tea infuser kettles on the market, with 120 minutes. The electric kettle’s beautiful design also complements any modern kitchen’s décor while delivering the right water temperature for one’s drinks.
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09/26/2021 07:34 am GMT

If you can make great tea with a machine that is less hassle to operate, that would be a great advantage. The Aicook Electric Glass Tea Kettle allows you to prepare any type of tea with just a press of a button. And, it has five (5) precise temperature presets for green tea, white, Oolong, coffee, and black tea.

It certainly has a few enticing features that the rest of the competitors can’t give. You can enjoy hot tea — at the temperature you prefer — for up to 120 minutes with the “Keep Warm” feature. Even if you interrupt the brewing cycle by lifting it off from the base, it’ll not shut off and will continue the brewing process within 10 minutes.

It’s made of high-quality, food-grade borosilicate glass with a removable tea basket. The tea infuser has its dedicated lid for easy filling with tea leaves. This glass kettle is easy to use and delivers its promise of a good cup of tea.


  • The “Keep Warm” feature for 120 minutes is great
  • Can prepare any tea, coffee or just hot water
  • Great performance and features given its price


  • You can’t keep black tea warm like other hot drinks
  • Automatic shut-off may not work and it keeps boiling your tea
  • It’s problematic to prepare black tea


CHULUX Electric Glass Kettle

The CHALUX is perfect for anyone who wants an affordable yet high-performance electric kettle for making great tea to serve guests and visitors. It comes with color-coded LED temperature indicators and a 2-hour keep-warm feature for more amazing drinks.
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CHULUX Electric Glass Kettle is the perfect choice for those who want a more affordable kettle with infuser. It’s crafted with amazing features you can only find in more expensive kettles. Particularly, this is a 2-in-1 kettle to help you prepare tea or just hot water.

It’s made with food-grade material with seven LED light indicators corresponding to the temperature of the water. It starts with blue lighting for water temperature 23 ℉-104 ℉, then, light blue, green, yellow, purple, light green and red if it reaches 194℉-122 °F.

Like the Comfee’ MK-17G01B-E5 Electric Kettle, it also has 1.7 L capacity, which will boil in 3-7 minutes. A lot of tea lovers pickup CHULUX over the other because you can keep it warm (122 ℉-194℉) for up to two (2) hours. Temperature settings can be adjusted at an 18℉ increment to get the right temperature for the tea you want to prepare.


  • Fast in heating water and keeping it warm
  • Amazing smart design — LED light colors to change with the temperature
  • Audible beep — not annoying, when the temperature is reached


  • Can only prepare 1.5 L if you will use the tea infuser
  • You might run into leaking at the bottom, handle with care
  • Can adjust only in increments of 18℉


Buying Guide

If you want to experience the real taste of tea that has been enjoyed for centuries, you need the best electric tea kettle with infuser. Although there are so many products in the market, not all can deliver the ultimate tea experience. To save you from stress and confusion in choosing which is the right product for you, we give you this quick buying guide.

Spacious Infuser

There are different types of infusers. But, if you’ll use loose leaves more often, the best infuser you should pick is the tea baskets. This is spacious enough to give the tea leaves more room to expand and release their potential benefits, explained Cup and Leaf.

best electric tea kettle with infuser

Mesh is Fine Enough

You don’t want any tea leaves or other particles to get into your cup of tea, do you? Check if the mesh is fine enough not to allow small leaves to get into your drink. Although some kettles still have filters, it’s important to check the mesh of the infuser and the filter to ensure just smooth tea to drink.

Temperature Control

Different tea varietals require a different water temperature to get its optimal flavor and taste. Green tea and spring tea should be infused at lower temperatures, 160 °F to 170 °F according to The Kitchn.

Yet, if you want to prepare herbal tea or black tea, you might need to boil water up to 212 °F. With that being said, you need a kettle in which you can set the temperature of the water you need. If it has preset temperatures, it’s fine, but when you can dial the exact temperature you want, it’s a big advantage.


Even if you have a great tea infuser and other features of an electric tea kettle, if the size won’t serve you, it’ll give you just a little advantage. If you are a family of tea lovers, of course, a larger kettle is better. Since we include the capacity of the tea kettles on the list, it’s easy for you to compare.

You already know the tips on how to pick the right electric tea kettle with infuser that’s best for your needs, there’s only one thing left to learn. That is, to make the most flavorful tea you never had before. Check out this YouTube video on tips and tricks and how to extract and taste real tea from loose leaves.

Our Top Pick

Our Pick
Buydeem K2423 Tea Maker
You can support us by making purchases from our links. We may earn commissions from it, at no additional cost to you.
09/26/2021 09:02 pm GMT

Rather than just using tea bags and pouring water in it, you can enjoy the process using the best electric tea kettle with infuser. The advantage of having a tea basket or infuser is that you can use loose leaves to get the maximum health benefits and flavor of your tea. For us, the best machine for the job is the Buydeem K2423 Tea Maker.

This is a 6-in-1 hot tea maker that can accommodate different tea preferences — from green to black. Since it has preset programmed drinks, all you gotta do is press a button. It’s quick to prepare your drinks with the capacity to keep it warm in 60 minutes.

You are assured of its quality and longevity because it’s made of food-grade German Schott Duran glass. It’s safe and it promises just a great-tasting cup of tea. Whenever you feel stressed and occupied, come home and relax with a flavorful cup of tea.


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