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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Coffee Alarm Clocks: Barisieur, Atomi, and Other Alternatives

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Coffee Alarm Clocks: Barisieur, Atomi, and Other Alternatives

If you struggle to get up in the morning and can’t function without your daily cup of Joe, it is about time you get your hands on the best coffee alarm clocks.

These multi-functioning devices are a blessing in disguise and make waking up a total pleasure. They not only wake you up with the sound and fresh aroma of coffee beans but also brew you a fresh cup of steaming coffee while you are wiping the sleep out of your eyes!

However, just because a coffee maker is programmable does not mean that it is automatically a good choice for a coffee alarm clock.

A good coffee alarm clock should also be well-designed, easy to use, and able to make delicious coffee.

Fortunately, we have rounded up this list of the best coffee alarm clocks to help you find a stylish and functional pick worth your money.

So, are you ready to wake up with coffee beside your bed?

If yes, continue reading to find the best coffee alarm clocks to make your morning routine easy and delightful!

The Best Coffee Alarm Clocks That Are Worth Your Time

1. Barisieur Coffee Maker Alarm Clock

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker

The Barisieur is an elegant coffee and tea brewing alarm clock that features intuitive controls, USB phone charging port, milk fridge, and hand-finished wood and hand-blown glass craftsmanship, allowing you to experience the ultimate coffee and tea making with brew-to-wake and brew-on-demand functions

Capacity: 2 Ounces
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 10.3 inches
Special Feature: Timer
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07/06/2024 07:53 am GMT

The Barisieur Coffee Maker Alarm Clock is undoubtedly the best option on this list. This brand by Joshua Renouf took the world by storm on its release in 2016 and, to this date, is unbeatable in the domain.

This Coffee Maker Alarm Clock boasts elegant craftsmanship with hand-blown glass and hand-finished wood. It also features an old-school alarm clock design but with the addition of a coffee brewer on the top.

A little compartment with a built-in refrigerator keeps your milk jug cold throughout the night. You should not underestimate this unique feature, especially if you like your coffee with milk.

Since Barisieur is built as an alarm clock, it does feature an alarm and relies not only on the coffee smell to wake you up. You can choose your preferred time for when you want the brewing to start relative to the alarm.

For example, you can set the machine to start brewing 5 minutes prior to the alarm, at the same time, or 5, 10, or 15 minutes after the alarm.

There is also a ‘Make’ button that you can press to make yourself a cup right then and there.

Barisieur also comes with an auto turn-off and auto-dimming function with a light sensor to ensure you sleep peacefully without any distracting lights.

Designed to brew the best-tasting coffee possible, this coffee alarm clock includes a wide showerhead that gently pours over water onto your coffee grounds, ensuring even and full immersion of the grounds. At the same time, the two-layered mesh filter allows the coffee oil to pass through and helps create a full-bodied beverage without sediment or grittiness.

Barisieur also has a powerful 500W induction boiler that gets water boiling in just a few minutes and helps extract full flavors.

On the flip side, this coffee alarm clock can only brew a single 220 ml cup at a time and is not a good option for more large households.

However, there is no denying that Barisieur is an excellent – albeit slightly pricey – option for coffee aficionados who wish to kickstart their day with high-quality coffee, and that too without leaving the comfort of their bed.


  • Brews delicious coffee
  • Also doubles as a tea maker
  • Can store up to a week’s worth of coffee and refrigerates milk
  • Includes a USB charging port


  • One of the priciest options on the list
  • Large and bulky

2. Hamilton Beach Drip Coffee Maker With Programmable Clock

Hamilton Beach 5 Cup Compact Drip Coffee Maker
$21.44 ($4.29 / Count)

The Hamilton Beach Compact Drip Coffee Maker is the perfect solution for making just the right amount of coffee for your daily needs. With its programmable clock and full-size features, this coffee maker offers the convenience of a larger machine in a compact design that easily fits under cabinets, making it ideal for smaller kitchens.

Capacity: 25 Fluid Ounces
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 8.1"D x 5.8"W x 10.3"H
Special Feature: Programmable
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07/06/2024 08:08 am GMT

The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is another reliable appliance that can double as your morning alarm clock. It comes at a decent price point and features a small footprint so that it does not hog your counter space and leave room for other kitchen essentials.

Hamilton Beach’s user-friendly control panel lets you set the timer up to 24 hours ahead with its easy-touch programming so that your coffee is ready in the morning when you wake up. There is also an auto pause and pour function that automatically stops the brewing when you remove the carafe, enabling you to pour a cup without making a mess.

Clean-up is also a breeze with the Hamilton coffee clock. The brew basket and entire carafe are removable and dishwater safe. Additionally, this coffee maker’s auto-shutoff feature turns it off after 2 hours, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are safe from any unfortunate accidents or mishaps.

In short, the Hamilton Beach Drip is the best coffee maker to invest in if you want a quality machine with a timer. This versatile unit will suit any kitchen and makes an excellent replacement for an old brewer as well as the first choice for a new home.


  • Can be programmed to brew on a timer
  • Brews a full pot and also single serving
  • Gives you the option to choose from bold and regular strength
  • Great value for money


  • No insulated carafe
  • Takes quite a long to brew an entire pot

3. Atomi Smart Coffee Maker

Atomi Smart Coffee Maker

The Atomi Smart Coffee Maker with Burr Grinder offers an unparalleled coffee experience with its 8 different grind options, 12-cup carafe, and the ability to brew pre-ground coffee, all controllable through your smartphone via Alexa or Google Assistant. With the added convenience of customizable schedules and brew settings, this coffee maker is perfect for coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

Capacity: 12 Cups
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 8.75"D x 12.5"W x 17"H
Special Feature: Integrated Coffee Grinder
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Smart coffee machines may not give you bedside coffee, but they are a great way to prepare your brew before you open your eyes. And this smart coffee maker by Atomi is no different.

Headlining a refined, clean design with a stainless steel finish, Atomi Smart Coffee Maker can complement any different modern, contemporary, or classic kitchen themes.

This machine also enables you to customize your brew settings, such as cup sizes ranging from 2 to 12 cups and a strength selector with regular and strong coffee options. Furthermore, the pause and serve feature of Atomi temporarily stop it from brewing, allowing you to get a cuppa any time.

The system also has built-in WiFi connectivity and is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control. In addition, you can pair it with the Atomic Smart App for simple wireless monitoring and operation.

The best part about it? It allows you to set daily and weekly brewing schedules, reminder notifications, and audible alarms to alert you when your coffee is ready. There is also an integrated commercial-grade burr grind with eight different tweakable settings you can change from your cell phone. 

The only flaw of this model is that it has limited warming abilities, so you might find yourself making rounds to microwave time and again to keep your java hot.

Otherwise, considering all its benefits, there is no denying that the Atomi Smart Coffee Maker is an attractive option for coffee connoisseurs to get their morning dose of caffeine.


  • 2-in-1 coffee maker and grinder
  • Can brew up to 12 cups at once
  • Smart App compatibility and voice assistance for remote operation
  • Allows you to set daily reminders


  • Mediocre warming function

4. Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

The Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker is a stylish and SCA certified coffee maker that delivers barista-quality coffee. With its WiFi-enabled SmartHQ app, Alexa and Google Home compatibility, and customizable brewing options, this coffee maker is perfect for coffee lovers who want a convenient and personalized coffee experience.

Capacity: 2.8 Pounds
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 12.5"D x 7.3"W x 14"H
Special Feature: Thermal
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The Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker is another top-grade innovative coffee machine you can use as a coffee alarm clock. It is undoubtedly one of the best-looking drip coffee makers out there, but don’t be fooled by its compact footprint and sleek, upscale look into thinking it is all show and no go.

Right off the bat, this Café drip coffee maker is backed by the gold cup standard SCA certification, which means it brews consistently delicious coffee every time.

Moreover, you can customize your brew just the way you like it through its four unique brewing modes: Bold, Medium, Light, and Gold, along with other settings like brew size and temperature adjustments. You can either do this manually or through the companion app.

Too tired to press the buttons? Fret not, since this coffee alarm clock’s voice assistance further allows you to set up routines and alarms by simply saying the magical words.

There is also an auto brew feature that you can use to set the timer, ensuring that you wake up to hot, fresh and perfectly personalized coffee every time.

Overall, the Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker is a beautiful coffee alarm clock that should be on your priority list if you want to get barista-quality coffee drinks right from your kitchen.


  • Makes café-style premium coffee
  • Comes with WiFi integrity and a dedicated app for touch-free, wireless operation.
  • You can store your favorite settings for the next time
  • Brews up to 10 cups at a time


  • The water tank is not detachable, which results in messy cleaning

5. Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Sometimes a traditional drip coffee maker with auto brew settings can supplement as a great coffee alarm clock, allowing you to schedule your cup up to 24 hours in advance. And the Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is undoubtedly the best at getting this job done.

This modern, stainless steel appliance does not look or feel as fancy as other coffee alarm clocks, but if your primary goal is to wake up to fresh coffee, they are your best bet.

This higher-end programmable drip machine is a valuable workhorse with several sought-after features that give you plenty of control for customizing your pot of Joe.

It can whip up to 14 cups of coffee and suits everyone, from large families to avid hosts to those who live alone. A unique 1-4 cup setting automatically brews up your required number of cups with a more potent taste and balance than the standard brew setting.

You can also choose between the bold and regular flavor profiles and multiple temperature adjustments to ensure your coffee meets your desired taste.

The Cuisinart machine also has a temperature-adjustable hot plate, an auto shut-off setting, and a permanent filter that you will find yourself using repeatedly. And there is even a self-cleaning button that you can press to decalcify the machine’s interior within just a few minutes.

As with other coffee maker alarm clocks, you will still need to do some prep work, like grinding the beans and filling the water and beans the night before so that the Cuisinart Coffee Maker has your coffee ready the next day before you open your eyes.  


  • Programmable settings to suit your routine
  • Produces strong, consistent coffee
  • Temperature control keeps coffee hot
  • Adjustable brew strength to fit the taste according to your liking


  • Some may find the water reservoir challenging to fill
  • The carafe may start to leak after a few months

Buying Guide

Investing in a bedside coffee machine is an excellent way to maximize your comfort and get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning.

But how do you ensure that the product you have chosen promises to excel at both comfort and taste of the coffee?

Well, here are a few factors you must always consider when looking for the best coffee alarm clock out there.

Brew Capacity

First, let’s talk about the importance of investing in a machine with a suitable brew capacity. For example, if you intend to use the maker for brewing only a single cup of coffee in the morning, then go for a single-serve coffee alarm clock model. We advise you to purchase a 100-cup capacity coffee maker if your goal is to serve guests in formal meetings or large gatherings.


An ideal coffee maker clock should be ready to serve piping hot beverages at any time. To do this, the machine must have an adjustable temperature scale and a thermal carafe. A stainless steel body is also fit for keeping the drink hot for longer, thanks to the material’s excellent heat retention capability.

Brew Speed

Let’s be honest; nobody likes standing idle while waiting for the coffee maker to brew the coffee beans. Not only this, the consistency of the ground coffee beans ultimately decides the taste of your drink. Therefore, always look at the estimated speed of a brewing cycle in a coffee alarm clock.

Additionally, ensure that the water flows right during the percolation process to prevent your drink from becoming too bitter or bland.

Type of Carafe

Like a stainless steel body, a carafe helps store the heat inside the coffee to keep it warm for extended periods. These carafes are made from either thermal or glass material. While a glass one is lightweight, cheaper, and easy to use, it is less efficient than the thermal carafe at maintaining the drink’s temperature for long-term use.

Ease of Use

There is no point in purchasing a heavy-duty, advanced coffee alarm clock if you can not use it. For this reason, always go with a simple machine to operate, clean, and maintain after use. Some of these machines’ most notable user-friendly features are auto shut-off, a self-cleaning cycle, a warming plate, and versatile grind and brew options. You can also look for a water filter that helps filter out impurities and offers pure, chlorine-free coffee water.


Lastly, you need to consider the price of your desired coffee alarm clock and see if it’s worth the money. Since these programmable machines are available for a wide range of prices, it is always a good idea to read the reviews of any product and look at its integrated features to deduce if it is genuinely worthy of your attention and money.

Remember that you must stay moderate here because sometimes a cheap price tag compromises quality and a short lifespan. Equally important is to not overspend just for the sake of a renowned brand name on the appliance.

Editor’s Pick

Considering all the above factors, our top pick in the best coffee alarm clocks category is the Barisieur Coffee Maker. This high-quality machine delivers the best of both worlds and offers the most delicious cup of tea and coffee without getting out of your bed. Instead, it promises to brew an energetic and refreshing drink while you wipe off the last bits of sleep from your eyes and prepare yourself for another hectic day.

If the structure of this coffee alarm clock feels too sturdy for you or its price is way out of your budget, then you can take a look at our other high-rated products and pick an option that goes best with your personal preference and requirements.

Just remember that passion, skill, and practice are as important as investing in the right alarm clock coffee maker. So keep experimenting with different techniques and ingredients to kickstart your day with the best cup of coffee!

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