Home Coffee Knowledge What is an Americano? A Simple & Quick Recipe for Beginners

What is an Americano? A Simple & Quick Recipe for Beginners

What is an Americano? A Simple & Quick Recipe for Beginners

Café Americano always has a familiar ring to it. Even if you haven’t tried it yet, you may have seen and heard it in your favorite TV show as the protagonist’s favorite drink.

You might have seen it on the menu of your favorite café while you are grabbing your favorite cup of joe.

But have you experienced just standing inside a coffee shop looking at the menu, wanting to order another type of drink different from what you usually have and then glancing at the Americano not knowing whether to get it or not?

Yes, it is a popular type of coffee, but you don’t know anything about the drink and what’s in it. If you have experienced it or want to add another coffee recipe to your coffee palate, Americano is an excellent choice.

What Is an Americano?

To put it merely, Americano is just a shot of espresso mixed with hot water.

But what’s really in it and why is it popular among a lot of coffee enthusiasts?

Where it came from

Before we get into the recipe of an Americano and how to make one, let me first tell you the rumored story of its origin. It’s a rather patriotic story going way back in Italy during World War II.

The story goes on to say that American soldiers stationed in Italy could never get used to the strong flavor of espresso shots that Italians drink. They prefer the gentle drip coffee from home.

These soldiers then thought of adding more water to the espresso shots of Italians to imitate the taste of drip coffee, and that is how the Americano came to be.



Quick and Easy Americano Recipe

coffee for weight lossOwner @ Cuppabean
When making an Americano, you just mix a shot of espresso with hot water. Easy, right? Here's a step-by-step guide for beginners.
Servings 1


  • Espresso Machine
  • Coffee grinder
  • Espresso Shot Glass
  • Kitchen Scale
  • Kettle


  • 9 grams coffee beans
  • 240 ml. water


  • Choose your beans.
  • Measure out your beans.
  • Finely grind your beans.
  • Make the espresso.
  • Boil your water.
  • Add water to espresso, mix.

Easy Americano Recipe (Step-by-Step Guide)

Now you might be thinking of making your cup of Americano. Just mix a shot of espresso with hot water, and then you will have an Americano. Easy right? But before going into the process of making Americano, there are things that you need to prepare first.

What you need:

  • Espresso Machine to brew your coffee
  • Coffee beans of your choice
  • Electronic scale or measuring cup
  • Grinder for the beans
  • Water boiler

Now without further ado, let us start making your rich and flavorful coffee.

Step 1: Choose your beans.

To ensure a better-tasting coffee, you need good beans to start with. The brewing process amplifies both the good and flaws of the coffee, so you need to select high-quality beans for a great cup of Americano.

Step 2: Measure out your beans.

In brewing an espresso, a single shot will taste weak. A regular cup usually needs a double for that rich flavor that everyone loves. For a double shot, you need 14 to 18 grams of beans while a single shot of espresso requires 7 to 9 grams.

Step 3: Finely grind your beans

You need to grind your beans fine for a better-tasting brew. The grind quality dramatically affects the taste of your coffee.

Step 4: Tamp the grounded beans

Tamping is an essential process in brewing. Other espresso machines automatically tamp it for you, but other units don’t. Either way, tamp your espresso well.

Step 5: Make the espresso.

After tamping, put the portafilter onto the espresso machine and start brewing a shot of espresso, follow the instruction of your device on how to brew.

Step 6: Boil your water.

The temperature of your water affects the overall taste of your Americano. Too hot and it will need some time to cool down, affecting the brew of your coffee.

The typical temperature for boiling water is at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. But we recommend 160 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

Step 7: Pour the water.

There is a current debate on whether you should pour the water into the espresso or the other way around. But it makes only a minor difference.

You can experiment on what works best and which tastes better for you. The ratio of water to espresso is 1 part of espresso mixed into two parts of water. You can tweak it according to your preference.

You can also try an iced Americano for the summer. Just add water and ice instead of hot water. The ratio should be 1 part of espresso to 1.5 amounts of water then lastly add the ice.

Things to Consider When Drinking Americano Coffee

The quality of your coffee

Be mindful of the source of your coffee. Coffee is prone to exposure to different chemicals in their production and treatment.

It would be best if you considered going for organic coffee rather than an inorganic one to ensure the quality of your coffee and that pure and safe.

Americano and add-ons

When you drink Americano, you can choose to add more cream and sugar as you please.

But if you want to enjoy the health benefits of coffee, you need to stop adding anything.

Take sugar, for example, if you add artificial sugar to your coffee, you are exposing yourself to the risk of Type II diabetes. Drink your Americano as it is. Stay within the limits

Amount of Consumption

Consuming too much caffeine is bad for the body. Caffeine overdose is a thing; after all, it is still a stimulant drug that can adversely affect the proper functioning of your body.

Taking too much caffeine can cause restlessness, muscle twitching and even palpitations.

The limit for caffeine is 400 mg or up to 7 cups of Americano. Make sure to stay within the limit to keep your body well and healthy.

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After reading all that, you now have an idea of what is an Americano and what goes in it.

With this information, you don’t need to go to your favorite coffee shop to order your Americano because you can conveniently make it at home. You don’t just enjoy it, but you also save cash and time from lining up.

The next time you enter a coffee shop and want to try something new, you can confidently choose the ever-classic Americano. You can change the flavors, tweak some ingredients to fit your taste. Don’t be afraid to explore new flavors every day. Now enjoy your delicious Americano!

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