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Cuppabean.com offers reviews, guides, and advice aspiring home cooks who want to buy the best coffee and other kitchen tools for their home.

Our Review Process

Our team spends hours and sometimes days writing the reviews.

First, we gather all the coffee gear/equipment/products and then compare them meticulously.

We want to ensure that you'll buy the right one and that you'll gain a positive experience with it.

We also scour the web for the top products and then find discussion forums to read about customers’ personal experiences and consult experts. From there, we come up with a ranking based on the research we did.

The team is independent and not compensated for reviewing any featured product. We want to offer you insights and guidance on choosing and comparing coffee makers, grinders, coffee beans, and other coffee-making related products.

Your experience with the coffee maker means so much. Our reviewers know that you're considering all the factors, including budget, features, and performance, when selecting a coffee gear. And by trusting us, you can be sure that every piece of review is unbiased and based on in-depth research and product understanding.

About the Team

Hey there! Rachael here from Cuppabean.com, and I’m a self-admitted coffeeholic (if it’s a crime, arrest me right now lol). So here’s a bit about myself.
I love coffee and I just can’t live without it.
In fact, here’s my coffee routine. I drink a cup in the morning before and after working out. I drink my third cup right before lunch, and fourth during my afternoon snack.

After drinking all these cups of coffee, I quickly regret what I have done and find it difficult to sleep at night.

But then I repeat this process every. Single. Day. With. No. Remorse.

If you’re reading this, chances are, you love coffee, too, and I’m delighted you do. I built Cuppabean.com for my love of coffee. I want to share my cup with you and everyone else who's into the coffee.

Through Cuppabean, we can all share our passion for coffee, even if we're miles apart.

On this website, I’ll be sharing tips, guides, tutorials, and anything about coffee, and I’d be happy if you would stick around and enjoy the journey with me.

Rachael Taylor

Founder, Managing Editor

As a writer, coffee is part of my everyday life.

I wake up with its amazing flavors and taste and I need it to fuel my creativity throughout the day.

Even more, I am so fascinated by its versatility and power that I started writing about it.

Therefore, now I consider myself quite the coffee connoisseur and I could talk your ear off for hours on the topic of coffee alone!

Mirela Niculae

Writer, Contributor

As a former Starbucks barista partner, I know the ins and outs of making coffee.

I can help you with making the perfect cup of coffee - from choosing the right type of beans, grind, temperature setting, and timing.

I'll also give step-by-step guides in using espresso machine, chemex brewer, french press, and other coffee-making equipment.

Isaiah Ram

Writer, Former Starbucks Barista

Affiliate Disclosure

Cuppabean is a participant of Amazon Affilaite program. We may earn commission from purchases made through links found on our site.

Let's Talk

Cuppabean.com is mostly supported by readers like you. Your honest feedback is super important to us.

Do you want to suggest some products for review? How about gear recommendations?

Or do you want to invite me over coffee? (And I hope you do).

Let me know by dropping me an email at rachael@cuppabean.com. Or you can contact us here.

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